Thursday, 6 January 2011

Roberto Mancini Has Just Killed Your Poxy Excuses And Mugged You Off!

If a team assembled together at a cost totalling over a trillion pounds, 1973 pure gold bars, 45 Ruby's, a diamond mine and a sack of potatoes come to you and play pure lock-down tactics then I think they are paying you the ultimate compliment.

Its either that or the club has an Italian manager in charge.

Of course its easy for us to mock Manchester City for coming to the Emirates with such a negative attitude but the truth is they came for that 0-0 result and that is what they have achieved.

I prefer to mock them with the fact that they have long grumbled about only having ten men when we whopped their rich asses 3-0 at the Eastlands earlier this season. Excuses, excuses in my book.

This time the match began and ended with an even amount of players on the pitch but still they couldn't defeat us. So that argument is done. They can no longer try to use the excuse of only having ten men in that loss.

City had eleven players until the final minute and despite this numerical fact their supporters have completely embarrassed themselves because Mancini has shown that even with an equal number of players on the pitch, he will do just whatever possible to avoid defeat.

Despite Manchester City's obvious lack of ambition, Arsenal showed the complete opposite and were very unlucky not to have won the game. On the other hand lady luck smiled on the Sky Blues all night, so much so, you would thought they were shagging her. If they had managed to have signed John Terry the other summer then they probably would be.

I thought Arsenal were excellent last night. So excellent in fact I could waiver the fact we only picked up a point when on another day it would have been three. Look at it like this, had a genie or Mystic Meg came to you in the summer and said these very words; "You will take 4 points from Manchester City this campaign" you would be happy right? I would have bitten her hand off there and then.

On that note its quite obvious how far they have come and that they are serious title contenders this season. Whether you like it or not, City are here to stay even if it means parking that big blue bus at every ground this season.

Arsenal too are very much in the title race and the signs are that the squad is beginning to believe it. Of course they will be frustrated at not winning last night but believe me if we perform like that for the rest of the season we have a great chance of winning the league.

Talking about Manchester City I have to add this. Until this sudden influx of Arabian cash came flooding in like a flock of mice who have spied a cheese sandwich I found Manchester City fans quite charming. I actually liked the fact they were humble but I'm afraid now some of this cash richness has gone to their swedes.

I remember the same happened to Chelsea fans (although Chelsea fans have always been arrogant). They began to think they were a huge club straight away and demanded to be cast in the same league as the elite. They became very arrogant.

I would hope that City fans wouldn't do the same. Use the example of Chelsea and do the exact same opposite. Yes you struck gold but be humble with it, and endear yourselves to people like you used too.

Other clubs supporters are not jealous of you and all your green, we just don't like it to rubbed in our noses every five minutes. Manchester City are more loaded than an AK47 or Amy Winehouse after visit to the bogs, we know that, but we don't need to be reminded of it.

Keep It Goonerish.................


Anonymous said...

Make you right! They are the Northern Chavs.

City Blue said...

So this is not pure jealousy?

You gooners need to get off your high horses. You are no longer the top side you were. Deal with it!

City are on the up and you are just running scared.

Wrighty7 said...

Running scared? From what I saw last night it appeared that you lot were running scared or should I say frightened to play football?

Anonymous said...

massive point. big psychological blow to arsenal. never seen the arsenal players look so frustrated, we broke their spirit. now we've got a few days to rest the players, wheel out dzeko and the reserves to play leicester at the weekend and then come out all guns blazing against wolves. CTID.

MOS said...

Is that the reserves that cost fortunes yet you moan because Silva was unavailable? Can't have it both ways!

Anonymous said...

running scared? are u drunk mate

Anonymous said...

It was nice of City Blue to come along and conveniently illustrate your last point Wrighty. And then then next City poster to prove your other one.

How can a side that has spent hundreds of millions on striker be so unambitious? Shameful.

Wrighty7 said...

Alas I think my plea of humbleness is beyond most of them!

Northern Chavs indeed!

Anonymous said...

we are just hitting our stride... and it bodes well for the rest of the season - I thought we looked really strong and played well as a team.

that was one of the best performances we've put in at the Emirates this season

nothing to do with their defence being impregnable just we were incredibly unlucky to hit the woodwork 3 times

visionary said...

wrighty, overall it was not a bad performance against city, fair dues we tried our best and played well. what gets me though is the collapse against relegation fodder and losing 2 goal leads etc
that's why no trophies are coming to the emirates and until arsene is held accountable, the problem will not be rectified

Wrighty7 said...

I see what you are saying Visionary but I think now that this Arsenal squad is a different animal.

I think its finally suck in that we have to work harder than we have done earlier in the season and we are doing so.

I honestly believe we can win the title this season. If we graft like we did last night, against Chelsea and Birmingham then we will be very hard to stop.

Anonymous said...

City are a small club with a small club mentality. Fergie was spot on.

Ryan said...

never seen arsenal look so frustrated? i guess you don't watch arsenal too many times. sagna got worked up, yeah, other than that arsenal were well behaved all game. and i don't think it will be a massive blow to arsenal, you only have to see the fans reaction. normally when we lose points its because we played shit or threw them away, last night we comprehensively out-played a team which are supposed to be a team of world beaters to the point where their 'fantastic' defensive performance really only came down to your goal keeper and having 10 men (at times 11) behind the ball for 90 minutes.

i really dislike seeing teams who defend simply by putting their whole team behind the ball and getting creditted as though it was impressive. man city got a point fair and square and i have absolutely nothing bad to say about that. i just find it annoying how the lowest common denominator, as in, when in doubt get EVERYONE back gets heralded as impressive when it's the same 'genius' tactic any manager can employ with reasonable success, when you have a team that expensive all the more so. it's fair and 100% acceptable but it's not good and it's not impressive. it just shows fear of your opponent and an admission that you are a worse team that you don't dare to put something on the line by looking for a goal.

good defending isn't defending in numbers, it's defending from the front, forcing mistakes, being so organised that your back 4 can deal with threats without the help of 7 other players for 90 minutes.

like i said though, fair result, fair way to play. i don't mind the point because arsenal played great. but lets just not pretend city did something all that impressive last night, because any man and his dog can come up with the 10 men behind the ball tactic.

as has been said, we should simply appreciate that city were that scared of us. i suppose they wouldn't be so scared unless they knew that we were a team to fear. yet when you look at arsenal home and away vs city we've attacked because we know city aren't scary in the slightest. it's just 10 defenders plus a supremely talented tevez all by himself to carry you forwards.

Anonymous said...

i believe visionary was refering to was the wigan game. that was with this squad.

yes we were amazing in the first half last night, and also started brightly early in the second. but after Joe Hart's save from Van persie we barely had a shot on goal.

But when Man city stopped us playing to me to you, we didn't have a plan B. And the game was there for the taking. We brought the lazy russian on (wrongly in my opinion) and he played up front. Then we brought Bendtner on and he played out wide. What sense is that?

We have the best squad in the league, the team in the league, but I fear that tactical ineptiude will prevent us from winning it.

Anonymous said...


cb7 said...

Jealous of what? Most expensive team in premiership and by far most least when Newcastle and the baggies came they had a go, I'd be embarrassed to support that shit! And by the lack of the Northern cnts there last night maybe the penny is finally dropping...

Wrighty7 said...

I thought that 'Citeh' sold out home and away because they are the most loyal fans in the whole wide galaxy though?

cb7 said...

pigeon or whippet convention..

Wrighty7 said...

Indeed. I think there was a pigeon convention in Stockport last night. Perhaps they were there.

Anonymous said...

Mourinho once said of Spurs that they were scared and parked the bus.

What was the result. Chelsea took it as a compliment and won the league. Spurs shat themselves and blamed a dodgy lasagne. I should thank City for the compliment.

Del said...

BOYS! are u serious? If they were not so lucky we would ave won 4, 5 nil las night!
We were outstanding last night, and for once we know our starting eleven now. we ave onli got united at home to play.united ave to play citeh, chelsea n many other hard games.
They wont be playing west brom n blackpool every week.
LONNNNGGGGG way to go lads.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand lady luck smiled on the Sky Blues all night, so much so, you would thought they were shagging her. If they had managed to have signed John Terry the other summer then they probably would be.


dino said...

How about put it this way, if genie or Mystic Meg came to me in the summer and said these very words; "You will take 0 point by playing West Brom,Newcastle and Spurs at Emirates , I would of shoot her !

Anonymous said...

read this wrighty, its from a city fan.... :/