Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Let Arsene Wenger Work His Magic Charm!

I'm assuming that Samir Nasri and Arsene Wenger will be having a chat sometime soon.

A nice face to face talk with hopefully no slimy agents any where near the vicinity. I'm sure a Rottweiler or Martin Keown could guard the door.

We all know that Wenger can be very persuasive when he wants to be.

Players in the past have had their mind set on leaving only to be 'convinced' by Le Gaffer to remain at the club.

In Samir's case he says he wants Arsenal to strengthen the squad before he signs a new deal.

That is the biggest load of waffle, and not the Birds Eye potato kind, that I've ever heard.

A month ago he was saying that this Arsenal squad was the best in the league! The link is here.

It's simply a case of money.

Nasri's head has been turned by huge wage offers elsewhere because his agent has whored him around more than the P.I.M.P that is Snoop Dogg.

I can understand him thinking of the salary he could earn at a club like Manchester City but wouldn't it be refreshing if he turned his back on those riches?

That said he wouldn't be going skint at Arsenal would he?

It will be hard for Nasri to remain at the club.

He hasn't exactly endeared himself to the Gooner faithful but I'd say that maybe that is down to bad advice from his agent.

Nasri has alienated some Gooners just as much as ET alienated Elllllliott.

If he stays, and I'm sure that Wenger can persuade him too, it will take more than a six month cameo to win over those who doubt him.

There is loads of speculation but lets see what happens after Wenger has spoken to him.

Keep It Goonerish......


Anonymous said...

Nice work Wrighty. Wouldn't bother me if he did leave TBH. Isn't a patch on Bobby P!

Anonymous said...

I want Wenger out so bad. The guy has ruiend Arsenal forever. magic? what the last 6yrs?
Pathetic...deserves the sack

Anonymous said...

Wrighty I know you are very pro Wenger but his magic has gone.

I can't wait for the day he leaves

Mark said...

I see Wengers magic. I remember the past. Where would we be now had we stayed with Bruce Rioch.

Wrighty7 said...

Come on I'm not that pro-Wenger!

I recognise his faults and have highlighted on here many a time.

I just try to keep balance and I'm firmly in the middle whilst many Gooners appear to be either pro-Wenger or totally against him.

(nothing wrong with that I must add, everyone has different opinions)

Anonymous said...

Saw him "chillin" with Dein on that sexy boat, They MUST have been cooking up somthing,!!! He didnt look worried AT ALL.

Anonymous said...

seriously if nasri wants to leave f rid of him now b4 he can bring down the dressing room any lower no one bigger than club

skeeter said...

Its a sticky pickle we live in now days, whare the Big Swingin Dicks can dictate the potential earnings of the favoured few. Them being Man City, chelsea and Man u. we cannot compete with their wage packages / contracts. It saddens to me to see that rather losing the dead wood from our midfield, we shall lose the nucleus of quality we could have built on. sigh...

1nil2thearsenal said...

maybe we should all just do what he said and not believe everything we hear in the media..its funny how we all know the media are out to get arsenal and are full of shite but we still believe every word they churn out. nasri could be a grubby little mercenary..or he could just be another arsenal name tarnished by the media. lets decide when something concrete happens

Doc (Chicago gooners) said...

Honest work wrighty,if fabregas goes do u think nasri will replace his position or will wenger replace nasri's spot.also what are the chances of both players going.wenger gave us the invincibles,for that alone I will always give wenger my support.

Anonymous said...

Wenger forever. Let's not get carried away and support our club, as difficult as it may be. Wenger cares and thinks wisely before reacting to media and rumours. I'm sure he'll make vital signings. Lets not be shallow and reflect prospectively and perspectively. Arsenal and Wenger forever. Nigunner.

Anonymous said...

Arsene will rise next season like a phoenix from the flames!

Fuck everyone of you armchair mugs who've never been to a game and judge the best manager in the history of this club.

In 30 years of going to every single home game and 70% of away games, Wenger has delivered the most exciting brilliant football we have ever seen, and the developed the greatest players this club has ever produced.

And you know what else?
Arsenal will win the Champions League next season.
Only Barcelona could've stopped us the last 2 years and unfortunately they did. But we're gonna win it next season and you idiotic moronic haters will have to stick to watching porn online instead of writing your imbecilic rants.

Nasri, Fabregas, Denilson, Clichy can all fuck right off. Wear the shirt & love it or fuck off. Support the club & love it or fuck off!

Anonymous said...

Who do you suggest arsenal replace wenger with?
The guy has kept the club competing in the champions league and top 4 spot since moving to the emirates.
Change of financial strategy was needed... The stadium does not pay for itself...
Yes he has made some mistakes, but allow him to correct them. We have been through the transition without period now without dropping out of the "elite" top 4 for cryin out loud. How many managers do you know that can keep a club running on a shoestring budget and stil remain at the top. "hatchet" 'arry redknapp would have took us into administration if he was in charge, along with may other mindless spending managers.
We are not a bad side, not "great" anymore sadly at the moment but cut the man some slack and be grateful because i kid you not.... If he walked now, we'd be shafted as a club.
Lets see what he has on store, be patient and stop listening to the media bullsh*t.
Wenger may be stubborn but hes not stupid. He knows he now has to reinforce the squad, so trust him to do it.
We have turned the corner financially, good times are ahead i can feel it!
C'mon nows the time to unite and back our own in the face of adversity.... Negativity is like a disease!

Excuse the grammar... Iphones are not the best for typing.

ctc said...

If Nasri goes we'll be right and royally fucked.

Nasri won't sign a thing until he sees who Wenger signs. Why would he.

Get on your bike Wenger.

Anonymous said...

look everyone keep the faith and the signings will literally flood in and even nasri or fab or them both might stay so please come on lets just keep the faith .Barcelona might not even get to our valuation of fabregas.Things happen in life in ways you could never imagine so just hope for the best.

Anonymous said...

wrighty, been lovin your blog for year's mate! but you are pro Wenger !!! He's a great manager that needs to spend some money he's not david moyes, it's there but wont spend it why ?

Anonymous said...

Let Wenger work his charm. Frankly most fans don't trust him anymore. we all know at most clubs,he would have been fired.
When the gunners need decent defenders,he gets two crocks,Campbell and Silvester and epects to win against Barcelona.
If he doesn't change his philosophy and the gunners can't compete next season,I expect him to be axed.
No one is bigger than the club. The red faced would have been axed if he hand not won a trophy inside three years.

Danish Gooner said...

Wenger is finished as a top manager.....period !!

Anonymous said...

I'm going 2 b honest,wenger duz wat wenger wants.which other manager do u kno goes 6 trophyless seasons usin the same philosophy without getting fired?,goes 2 seasons with wads o cash in the bank without making a big name signing(even wen they r begging 2 kum 2 the emirates)?we lost alverez 2 inter coz o 1.7 million quid,last year twaz schwartzer coz o 2 million.nw with ths type o buying nd subsequent 'exodus'-tru o false,im nt looking forward 2 being a gooner nxt season.wenger cn stuff his charm in the a... 4 ol i care if he duz not get two decent defenders,two high value midfielders nd a striker.....p.s fabregas aint leaving,that im certainly not worried about(unless barca sell villa,thatz the only way they can afford him)

Anonymous said...

sorry but the link actually says
“We have improved so much. If the boss adds some good players, I really believe a trophy will be won.”

Solz said...

To the Anonymous fags criticizing Wenger up at the top.

Before Wenger took over Arsenal 16 years had passed since Arsenal had won silverware. The club has been in a turbulent time with the moving from Highbury to the Emirates, and haven't had a lot of money to spend on signings.

Name ONE manager who could have held Arsenal at the level they have been at with so little money available. And he's lost his magic? Be a bit patient and show some respect. Arsenal have been so very close to winning silverware many seasons, with a team that averages an age of 23.

I know "close" is not enough, I feel the intense need for Arsenal to win something too. But really, we' re almost there, and the squad that we have now have gained so much experience last season, if they just hold on and let Wenger bring in a few backups, we'll be good to go.

I hope Fabregas and Nasri stays, but I don't expect them to.

If they do leave, I trust Wenger to do what he can with the means he has available. This can very well turn out to be his final test at Arsenal, but on the other hand, it can be a test that proves his greatness.

Anonymous said...

"Before Wenger took over Arsenal 16 years had passed since Arsenal had won silverware."

Stop talking out of your dumb ass. Wenger took over in 1996, Arsenal won the title in 91 and the FA Cup in 93 and the League Cup in 93, and the Cup Winners Cup in 94.

Typical prick who who thinks Arsenal didn't exist before Wenger. When in fact, on trophies, Arsenal were the second biggest club in the country behind only Liverpool.

Anonymous said...

Don't become Chav scum, or Tott scum. Yes Arsenal and Wenger have become a little dissapointing, but please let us not swoop to their level by throwing buckets of abuse sounding like bunch of inept, uneducated grunting pugs.

Leave that to the Stamford flies and the Tottenham swines...

Everything we do and stand for should be done with grace.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't understand all you "Gooner Fans". Wenger has done an amazing job with the club. Remove him? Who in the world is going to manage the team then? You guys who are suggesting it? Then we might as well pack our bags and support Tottenham now. Its just across your roads anyway.

The transfer business is a tricky deal and look at what has happened with all the big clubs hijacking our potential targets that have come out on media. Don't blame Wenger, crucify the real idiots like Peter Hill Wood and Ivan Gazidis and potentially Stan Kroenke. The Americans KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about soccer other than the sham of their league called the MLS, "Major Lack of Soccer".

Arsene is brilliant, even the other managers realise that but the board is absolutely rubbish. Do your frigging jobs and stop blaming the manager.

Peter Hill Wood and Ivan, I hope your sorry ears are reading this. You guys are a sham and have brought shame to the club. I say bring back David Dein and remove the incumbents.

Anonymous said...

perhaps its also interesting to compare city's signing of dzeko and arsenal's promotion of wilshere to the 1st team...'big signings' are not an automatic solution to anything. and note that th14, pires, ljungberg, vieira, petit, anelka, fabregas, toure, etc were all not great players before they arrived at arsenal. wenger has never really made big signings the way chelsea and man u have. the club has not been dependent on 'big signings' for its success, and i see no reason why it needs them going forward.

Anonymous said...

Wenger's Magic... He'll give Denilson, Rosicky, Squillacci, Almunia, Bendtner another season to prove themselves at Arsenal. The only signings will be Gervinho and Samba

Trennon said...

To all the idiots calling for Wenger to leave, you know nothing about football and you know nothing about Arsenal. If trophies is the one and only thing you care about then go support United. See the bigger picture of what this club is trying to achieve. We cannot compete on a financial level but can you see what we will be doing in ten years time in the transfer market? Yes we want trophies, but Arsenal will become the most dominant force in Europe in a few years time. We are already seeing the beginnings of this project, but we have to be patient and by God we have to start supporting this team and the manager. Why the hell did we have such a poor home record last season? Because of the moaning groaning fans that can only cheer when a goal is scored. Look at the Barca game, United game and Chelsea games at home. Find that passion for every game and try and do the one thing that is so alien to some of you. GET BEHIND THE TEAM!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I bet no-one thought Wenger was shit when we went 49 games unbeaten. You whinging fucks should either show a bit of respect and actually support the team. Or you could just fuck off and be a glory hunter to another team that deserves your bullshit whinging.

BigDaddyGooner said...

I'm pleased to read that not everyone is as gullible as some of the foolish 'fans' iv been listening over the past year.
There is a simple truth: the media men are so bored right now they have to create stories - not facts.
I used to think Sky Sports news was a credible source for football news but iv noticed that they are now playing the same silly games as the tabloids.
How many times can Nasri be leaving? We were told he and Fabregas were 'off' six weeks ago but guess what? They're STILL Arsenal players! Could this be because not everything the media tell us is gospel? Hmmm
Could it just be that Arsene actually is the manager of Arsenal Football Club and actually KNOWS what is happening at the club? Hmmm.
Why are 'die hard Gooners' so quick to dismiss this man as if he's some rookie that is new to the game as opposed to trusting the greatest manager we have ever had?

A sad day for Arsenal would see Fabregas and Nasri leave (especially at the same time) but for Arsene to leave or to be forced out would seriously leave me wondering whether I'd want to be associated with a faction (die hard Gooners) who would treat a legend such as Arsene Wenger in this way.
It's actually disgusting how ungrateful a lot of you guys are, the guy is human and so therefore is not perfect
But believe me' he is the best man for this football club and anyone that demands his exit really cannot have a real knowledge of this sport

In Arsene I will always trust

Trennon said...

Well said. Facts are facts.Nasri and Cesc are still at Arsenal and those are the facts! Everything else is all speculation. Yes we might lose Nasri, but as each day passes I am more and more confident that Cesc will be with us next year. Fact - Barca cannot afford him and don't need him right now. But let Xavi have a bad season and I can promise you right now there will me a 40 million pound offer the moment the transfer window opens. All Barca are doing is whispering in Cesc's ear, keeping him aware that they want him, but they are NOT making the bid that will land him because they don't need him and would prefer to wait another year to get him. Players like Sanches are their priority this window. Worst case scenario is we only lose Nasri, whom we wanted to keep. All the others, Clichy etc... were deemed expendable and no effort was made by Wenger to hang onto them.

Anonymous said...

By the way does that stand for cunt twat cock?

you'll notice that on the badge of the new shirt the crest represents 125 years of history. So no we won't be royally fucked if Nasri leaves or anyone else for that matter.Grow a pair or piss off u mug.

Anonymous said...

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