Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Wrighty7: Cesc Fabregas So Determined To Leave Arsenal He Would Be Willing To Move To Accrington Stanley

Accrington Stanley, who are they?


But I know for a FACT that Cesc would go there just to get out of his Arsenal 'hell'.

If I make things up like this more often do you think I could get a job as a 'journalist' with Sky Sports?

I only ask because their Spanish 'expert' Graham Hunter, aka Sloth from the Goonies, seems to love inventing stories and I'm sure he is highly paid for the privilege.

His most recent fairy-tale is that Cesc is soooo determined to leave Arsenal he would join Manchester City.

Even a deaf and blind Dalmatian with herpes could tell you that Fabregas would only leave Arsenal to join his boyhood club FC Barcelona.

Where does Sloth, I mean Hunter, get these ideas from?

I mean, do they just randomly pop into his egg head and the likes of Sky and Talksport fall for it?

Apparently he is well respected but I'm sorry, making stories up more fictional than Bugs Bunny doesn't make me respect him.

In my opinion he spouts more shit than an arsehole and I just can't take him seriously.

In fact, I believe he should change his name by deed poll to Graham Cunter. Because he is a massive c-word.

He is always trying to come out with these 'Spanish' exclusives.

Only last month Cunter was adament that Cesc made it 'absolutely clear he wants to go Barcelona".

What will it be next month? That paella is made mainly from rice?

Maybe I'm being a little harsh on the man. For all I know he might have been dropped on his head as a child and these 'illusons' just appear before him.

What I do know is that every transfer window since 1652 Graham Hunter has said that Cesc Fabregas is leaving Arsenal.

Of course I don't doubt that one day that will happen (and Cesc will join Barca NOT Man City) and Hunter can rejoice in his brilliant prediction that no one else predicted.

But is there any chance he could tone down the make believe stories please?

Otherwise Sky will drop the Revista De La Liga show and instead have the 'Graham Hunter Fibbing But Lets Show It Anyway Show'.

And I would cancel my Sky subscription if that happened.

Keep It Goonerish......


scottpuffin said...

I spoke to an ex-Arsenal player today, and he said that Fabregas is definitely off next week.
The same guy told me that Clichy wanted to sign a new contract, but Wenger was having none of it.
He also told me that Sol Campbell is an absolute weirdo!
I know that sounds like that sort of rumour you hear on Football Transfer Rumours, by my mates mums hairdresser, who is good friends with an Arsenal steward, etc. But that's the gossip I had today.

Sid said...

All Hunter is, is another Barca fed hack. he just tows their party line, spouting their propoganda. he has no onsight into what cesc, or any other player wants.

ScootP I am sure your source is being honest, just that he is basing it on hearsay ydude. Unless Barca stop pissing around and actually come back with a decent offer, Cesc is staying for another season. And considering how barca have just spunked £30m on a fancy dan I cant that happening.

y2jerikool said...

i think us all as a group of arsenal supporters should bombard sky and talksport and threaten if they keep this cunt hunter on the pay roll i hate the cunt have done for the last four years him guillm bolloxa xavi and inesta should just fuck off and mind there business barca loving scum should be done for tapping fabregas up my campaign is still running guys the one from last year
more members welcome to spread the word
laters gooners

Anonymous said...

Usually like Hunter but he lost his marbles today, and claimed innocence about the Xavi comments. Two years ago fine, last year, fine, now, it's a piss take.

It's laughable that Cesc is in some sort of emotional pain. He just wants it sorted quickly like the rest of us. He would have made it abundantly clear if he was in such anguish.

As for the Man City stuff, please.

scottpuffin said...

Sid, I totally agree mate. I'm only spreading the word :) I hope it's not true.
I'm not sure where he got his information from to be honest, but he does still stay in touch with a lot of the Arsenal boys.

Anonymous said...

Scott, like everything else going on with the gunners these days I'll only believe it when I see it. Because apparently Alvarez was in the bag but now he's in Italy...

But Wrighty I know what you're getting at, that cunt really gets to me, more than the sight of Gareth "Overpaid, Over-Rated" Barry in an England shirt ahead of Scott Parker!
But it's just the same with that Gollem Bollock fella, you know the actually Spanish one with the EastEnders Beppe style facial muff who goes on like he is paid by Real Madrid, I remember two seasons ago during their whirlwind transfer dealings during the summer he said, "Not this year, but next year Cesc will be playing for Madrid... Etc etc"

It's actually ludicrous that the reported bids being made are lower than Torres, Carroll, and that Electric Sanchez fella Farca are also interested in, to be honest if I was in Cesc's shoes I'd say, in front of a T.V crew "Sandro, Pep, if you really want me, show ME as well as my parent club how much you want me." Right now it's just looking like he'd be a commodity for them, not a necessity like the way they are acting desperate, because if he would be a necessity they would be going balls out for him and not Sanchez.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I never really liked the Alvarez choice!

Anonymous said...

Fuck the Spanish press and Graham hunter. All they ever do is try to ram the real and barca agendas down people's throat, it's sickening. I mean, really, I could never have guessed cesc would want to go to barca; which is for him effectively like playing for his national team him being catalunian and all. We neither need telling nor reminding the only people that need telling anything are those jokers in Spain and that is, Cesc is OUR player and if you want to buy him that's £40mil please, NOT £27mil, some pocket fluff and a couple of odd buttons! tw*ts!!

NorthBankJay said...

Wrighty your not being harsh Hunter is a CUNT! and so is Xavi, they mat be a great football team but they act like a bunch of spoilt kids

Anonymous said...

Hunter said last week, that he has heard, on good authority, that Cesc was not returning to the Arsenal after his holidays ,but was infact going on strike.

The man is a fool.

Top-GuNNer said...

Good article, Good point, The Guy is a Massive Cunt as is xavi and most of the Barca camp to be honest. Their pursuit of our captain has been disgraceful, outrageous and unprofessional. Also they just spent 33 mil on Sanchez apparently.

Yeh Cesc that's how much they need you....

Anonymous said...

been reading blogs for a while now, and this is my first comment maybe my last.............But I hope Graham fucking hunter chokes on some paella because that man is a bullshit spewing wanker.

Jekyll said...

Let's face it, the best thing for AFC would be if Wenger left and we had a new dawn. A scary thought I knnow for those that have only known Arsenal under Wenger but believe me, we would continue.

Anonymous said...

If Fab does not leave Arsenal this summer, he will stay till the end of hos career; maybe play a last season at Barca. The reason is that this will be the last chance for Barca to raise a loan to purchase him. With the faltering financial situation in Europe and the likely prospect of the contagion spreadin to Spain, hey would be hard pressed to increase their borrowings, let alone service their current one. long live financial prudence.

Anonymous said...

I love the Arsenal FC! Fab can leave, wenger can, nasri doesn't matter cos I will be there to cheer on the red and white!!!
O used to visit blogs and forums to get arsenal news but it's always made up crap, this year I stayed away for the most part and feel much better wen the season gets closer.
Love u Arsenal FC

Anonymous said...

Great post! I've posted my thoughts about this moran directly on talk sport (not published!) the sooner sky terminates his contract the better for the everyday football fan.

Anonymous said...

Top post. You didn't mention the bit where Cunter said its ok for Barca to tap Cesc up on their official website

Albert Ramsbottom said...

Apparently training with Accrington and the rumour is that he'll be signing this weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I only ask because their Spanish 'expert' Graham Hunter, aka Sloth from the Goonies, seems to love inventing stories and I'm sure he is highly paid for the privilege.
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Anonymous said...

I spoke to an ex-Arsenal player today, and he said that Fabregas is definitely off next week.
The same guy told me that Clichy wanted to sign a new contract, but Wenger was having none of it.
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