Thursday, 16 February 2012

Arsenal Need To Dump Nike

Ted Bundy was executed by the electric chair but I honestly think I was more shocked than him when I saw this monstrosity of a kit that Nike have supposedly designed for Arsenal's 2012/13 campaign.

Now I understand that this 'leaked' design could be faker than Pamela Anderson's fake knockers but, if it is real, are Nike sure?!

I would never associate black with Arsenal, never, but here it looks like we have black socks and black bands going round the arm-sleeves with a black collar.

Forgive me if I am wrong but maybe the person who dressed these mannequins with the strips got mixed up and put the wrong socks on the Arsenal and Manchester United ones. What a dummy.

And what is with the black arm-bands? It looks like someone has died! I mean, I know in recent times Arsenal have seemingly been on the decline but do Nike need to go that far?!

I'm starting to think that a S*urs fan designs Arsenal's kit and is having a right laugh at our expense. It is my only explanation. 

For a long time I have disliked the way Nike make our kit look. I think I have liked one design of theirs since we got a deal with them way back in 1856.

The very least they could do is design three kits and let Gooners vote for their favourite to be worn. That way we might look crap but at least we chose what crap we wanted to wear.

I honestly can't wait until our contract with Nike runs out and I really hope that Adidas compete with them for the honour of designing our kit.

Maybe Arsenal can beg Adidas for forgiveness, after dumping them in the 1990's harsher than Britney finished with Justin, and get a deal going with the three stripes.

Adidas always make a decent strip and if Arsenal are on the decline that much at least we would look good doing so! 

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Anonymous said...

The colours on the sleeve represent the colours of the Iraq flag. Now I know we're looking to branch out the commercial side of the Arsenal brand.. but this is a bit much don't you think?!

Anonymous said...

All these modern shirts deglamourise the teams. Why do people buy them?

Anonymous said...

I think what the kit looks like is the least of our fucking troubles dont you?????? Unbelivably!!!

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOO, not Adidas. Three stripes. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

So true!

The kit doesn't really stand for Arsenal.

The Nike kits are always "ok" but never great. Adidas does a better job in designing.

Anonymous said...

Yea not 3 stripes. eewwww.

Anonymous said...

ADIDAS all the way

Anonymous said...

Yeah the work experience kid at Nike has had a shocker with that one!

Steve Bull said...

Mate, at the rate we are going we'll be lucky to get Primark to sponsor us!

donkatron said...

Maybe Nike are thinking that if the arsenal kit looks like utd's kit then the players may play like utd with a bit of heart and passion in stead of like useless wankers !!

Anonymous said...

i think it's more likely that nike will dump you after last nights performance!

Anonymous said...

quite the over reaction no?

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