Monday, 27 February 2012

El Clásico Has Nothing On The North London Derby

El Clasico is regarded round the world as the biggest rivalry in football and is also renowned as the most exciting fixture shown before our very eyes.

Now I completely agree about the rivalry. It probably just shades the Glasgow derby. Just. 

But the most exciting? I disagree with that notion almost as much as that 11th pint I had last night disagreeing with my head this morning.

The most exciting game in football, round the whole wide world, and maybe even the universe, is the North London derby. 

Forgive me for sounding as deluded as the average Spud for saying such a thing but I won't apologise for sharing it with you.

This game has absolutely everything. Every time.

When was the last time you watched a North London derby and was bored? I think it is actually impossible to be bored during this match. Even the neutrals love it.

I think there has been at least a million goals scored between the two teams (that's just in the last five head-to-heads) and in recent times there have been more come-backs than a Take That tour.

After yesterday I have no finger nails left on my right-hand left due to chewing them off.

And I'm sure the missus is happy, because I can't physically speak after dropping the 'C' Bomb on Gareth 'Harry was out on' Bale at least 20 times in 4 seconds when he dived to win their penalty.

Credit must go to both teams for always making this game a fixture to remember. I don't want to give S*urs any credit but I have to because they contribute to this game too.

Barcelona v Real Madrid is the biggest game in football ever seen in my stinking existence but give me a North  London derby any day of the week.

El Norte de Londres derby es la mejor!

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sonny s said...

Ian, you're a legend, and you bleed our colors. Couldn't be more proud to have you as a Gunner Gooner!


geoafrogooner said...

i think R7 is having a game of his life,theo can be striker that he wants to be with the sublime finishs like the ones in the derby,RVP can play in the was great to see goals being spread across the team.TV5 needs to raise his game otherwise the whole team was superb.

Anonymous said...

Well, its only becoming exciting since the spuds have become good - for the majority of the Prem, its been a walkover and the games against ManU have been far more exciting and important.

But to spank them and burst their bubble like that was beautiful. Could be 4 points behind them next weekend. It will be hilarious to take 3rd spot off them - and probably the greatest summer if the Chavs nick 4th off them and dump them into the Europa Cup!

Anonymous said...

El Classico is considered the biggest rivalry because there is no other football match worth watching in Spain. La Liga is a two team league. The others just makes up the numbers. At the rate these two teams gobble up allthe cash, leaving crumbs for the rest, I won't be surprise the ECB and IMF will be called in to bail the Liga out.

Anonymous said...

Clasico is less important in world football as one of the sides spend the entire game diving and play acting and the others relatiate by kicking them for real.

Let's hope Pepe kicks the shit out of Messi in the next one.

Bale would fit in a treat at the Camp Nou!

Anonymous said...

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