Thursday, 1 April 2010

Barcelona? Their 'Balloon-Knots' Went!

Have you ever looked closely at the knot you tie in a balloon after blowing it up? It kind of looks like an arsehole. All puckered up.

Barcelona's arsehole went like night. Hence the term 'their balloon-knots' went.

Yes, for long periods of the game they pissed over us more than that specialist Granny-pisser Wayne Rooney paid to give him a golden shower but despite this, for all that play, the game finished level.

An important lesson learnt. Football is played over 90 minutes, not 65.

Admittedly at times Barcelona were mesmerising to watch. The neutrals and the Spud fans out there must have loved it. Me? My balloon-knot was going.

Josep Guardiola (my future Arsenal manager thank you please) said that the first 45 minutes were the best that Barca have ever played in his whole entire stinking existence as their manager.

I don't think they could play like that again. Ever. Ever again.

That gives me hope. We have seen Barcelona's best, yet we still go into the second-leg at the Camp Nou on level-terms when maybe we shouldn't be.

The last twenty-five minutes from Arsenal were impressive. The shackles were off and the Catalan side looked more shaken than a James Bond Martini.

It seems to me that up until that point Arsenal looked a little taken aback at someone playing them at their own game so well. Although it was anticipated I don't think it the performance from Barcelona was expected to be that good!

It almost as though we believed the hype. We gave them too much respect and I honestly feel that if we took the game to them a lot earlier we would have won the game last night.

I rated our chances and had a tenner on Arsenal to win 2-1. I fancy our chances even more in the second leg than I fancy Shakira and trust me, I fancy that Latin princess. A lot.

We can win in Spain. We did at Madrid and we can do it in Barcelona.

The pendulum has swung in our favour. The belief will surge through the side now we have shown to ourselves that Barcelona are actually made of flesh and blood not whatever Superman was made of.

I think Barcelona will fear us. We never gave up but not only that, they are without their favoured centre-backs.

People will say we have no chance. I beg to differ.

Keep it Goonerish..................


Anonymous said...

As a long term Gunner, I have to admit the chance to progress is very little, but if AW can get the tactic right(I wish)...... I believe the squad will not fear Barca and go all the way for Cesc & Ramsey!!

ola said...

'Ballooon Knots" haha. I agree with you mate. I do think theo should start at the Nou camp tho. They are gonna play marquez and milito and maxwell so theo is gonna destroy them with his pace. If we keep it tight in the first half (0-0), I say we win the game! common you gooners!

Anonymous said...

Brother wrighty I LOVE your optimism and belief in Arsenal, and that's in all honesty. I think as you said that it was unbelievable performance from Barca and below average from Arsenal, so that combination alone made look as if we belonged to different class. However, I don't think that were that average although one must admit that they are better than us. But, with such spirit of 'never die' that the lads has shown us this season we have every reason to be optimistic. I REALLY LOVE YOUR OPNIONS, and REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE THAT PICTURE OF KEOWN SCREAMING IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY, AND CHEATING OF VAN NIL ROY.

Anonymous said...

do you think it is worth holding theo back again so he can run at tired legs

Nav!! said...


Yes, we were outplayed for most of the times. We were made to do lots of defending, and we were lucky. Aluminia showed he is good, and he is bad.
Until next tuesday at least, its not over yet. We can do it.

Things that we should learn from this leg.

1. Barca are as much vulnerable as we are at the back. See how Alves gives away the open ball to bendtner ( who somehow manages to be offside and make a rash of it).

Every time our guys cross the ball to their goal area, they panic more than we did. Alves and Maxwell did okay at the back uptill the time we didnt test them.
And their so called two first choice center backs are out. So what would that mean?
Hit it to the box, and somehow their own defender would gift us the surprise little ticket for semi-finals. (Well we can dream, till tuesday at least.)

2. We need experience, and there is where Campbell would be handy. He knows how to head against barca, and will teach bendtner that.

3. Use the pace against them. They used it with alves for us. And second half we gave a dose of pace to them.

4. Valdes is as vulnerable as Aluminia.

5. Their defense is even more crapy than ours. Let them panic now.

6. Luck is on our side. We have to work to change luck into result.

We can win. Its hard. But YES we can. Remember they concede as easily as they score. So lets score first and we will see who panics first there.

Anonymous said...

WRIGHTY7, love your work mate, cant wait to see cesc limp onto the pitch in the leather thugs hoody and the jeans punching the air in delight after a super 90 by the boys in the nou camp acting like a real goonbag again LMAO

Anonymous said...

Couple of things I'd like to add :

1: Almunia must NOT be captain at the Nou Camp. Of course he will because Wenger doesn't understand what a captain means, but I think Big Sol should wear the armband, crush the fingers of Xavi or whoever is their captain on the night at the handshake and roar on the team. Almunia is as commnading as a wet lettuce on a Steak platter. We need a leader who'll thump his chest and organise everyone at every minute.

2. I don't think Walcott should start. Granted he come on earlier than usual if things are bad, but the starting XI should be :


Joppa Road said...

just a little delluded but I hope you are right.

I think Wenger got the tactics wrong in a big game yet again i.e. Alvez having all the space in the world down the right for most of the match and it was never addressed or playing Gallas and Fab as another example or dropping Song into the back four instead of bring Campbell on. All wrong IMO.

We looked alot better when Denilson and Eboue came on. WTF was Diaby last night? Terrible.

Bendtner to head the winner from an Eboue cross in the 2nd leg.

Long live the Arsenal.

Anonymous said...

i dont think arsene got the tactics wrong, i get the feeling from the frantic arm waving that he wanted the players to get tighter to barca and pressure the ball, also pass it to a player in red while in possesion, i think for the first 45 mins though 6 or seven were guilty of standing back deciding whose shirt they wanted at the final whistle, 2nd half was much better but almunia had his half time rum overdose

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say walcott and In particular denilson were brilliant on wednesay!!! Two players who get a lot of stick but ive always defended these 2 guys and im glad they put in performances to prove me right. I think we will see the same thing from them at nou camp!! Denilsons heart work rate and clever positioning and walcotts blistering pace. Im predicting a win for the boys! Role on the semi finals.


Lord Nacho said...

We have a puncher's chance, it can be done. There is nothing for the boys to lose, no expectations to go out to the camp nou and get a result so go out and play without the handbrake. Go out there and make yourselves Arsenal legends...
I would like to see a line up of:
sagna campbell vermaelen clichy
diaby nasri
eboue bendtner rosicky

subs: fabianski denilson walcott vela eduardo traore

look to bring walcott on at 65 min if needing to chance the game. Bring off sagna and move eboue back.

Anonymous said...

BRING ON BARCA!! we are gonna win 1-0 or 2-0!! We can teach Barca a lesson next Tuesday!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha, yeah right scumbags, barca will rape u 4-1

Anonymous said...

since 14 years wenger is trying to copy barcelona footballl...ALWAYS FAILED..and barcelona showed them what beautiful football is...barca did without alves in cl final and still managed to kill manU...u r blind if u havent seen how barca dominated u...20 minutes and it would have been 4-0...and that wasnt penalty,neither red card...wenger and u know that u will suffer so hard your assholes will sore all your life...u were so lucky in the first leg...

Anonymous said...