Sunday, 18 April 2010

I Think Arsene Wenger Will Get Tough This Summer

The defeat to Wigan was only a few hours ago but I'm already seeing the 'Wenger out' brigade in full force.

Don't get me wrong, I'm frustrated too. The performance today was limper than Pele's todger and even more embarrassing than seeing your Father dancing at a family wedding.

To lose after leading two-nil with only ten minutes left felt like Mike Tyson had taken a run-up and punched you fully in your face. It hurt. Badly.

Yes the defeat was painful, but sacking Wenger isn't the answer. I honestly believe that despite the lack of silverware he is still the right man for Arsenal Football Club.

It's easy to say 'Bring in Jose Mourinho' and the like but life isn't that straight forward. It isn't Championship Manager.

That's not to say that aren't people out there who could do a job for Arsenal. Josep Guardiola for example................

Anyhow I have a theory that Arsene Wenger is at the end of his tether with this bunch of players. At the beginning of February I wrote this. I stand by that.

I think its the end of the road for some of this squad. Game over. Finito.

Wenger has hinted at signings this Summer and although he has said the same in the past I actually think he means it this time.

I expect some investment in the team. None of this 'killing players' bollocks. Wenger is pissed and I actually feel that he is going to be ruthless.

In my opinion he put a lot of faith into the current crop and now feels let-down. I don't blame him really.

I'm more than willing to give Arsene more time. I don't believe he is the be-all and end-all to Arsenal but he hasn't 'lost it'.

Mark my words. This Summer we will see changes at Arsenal. For the better.

Keep it Goonerish...........


Rocky4Life said...

Top post, its good to see some positive views on our season, today was like a kick in the guts but changes are coming!

oliver said...

I hope so too. I do not think we can make wholesale changes, but we need to have more competition for places than we currently do. Many of the players that started today deserve no better than a place on the bench. We need more strength in depth than we have and need some accountability - the likes of Diaby and Denilson half-a** their way through matches and keep their places the following week. When this continues, fiascoes like today are inevitable. Drop some players and they may actually work hard to improve. Continue to protect them and tell us they are not starting due to a "wrist injury" and nothing will change.

David said...

I will defend Wenger’s buying policy and the constraints he has to abide by. However, he lets himself down by allowing his sides to coast in games: no forward momentum, sloppy passes, players caught in posession, poor marking, lazy tracking back.

Until the mentality of the side alters no signings will not make a scrap of difference. At 2-0 today Man U and the Chavs would have driven forward and won 4-0. Too many times we coast, portray all the shocking drawbacks I have listed and the result is we get punished.

Wigan should have scored 6 goals in the second half against a team that coasted. I can’t defend Wenger on the way he instills such lazy habits in his players. They play better when behind and when level in games – that is a crime in football senses.

Barney.. said...

Very much disappointed after all the expectations..and definitely the team has taken Wengers confidence in them for granted and finally have let him down..Wenger is a great Manager and cant see Arsenal without him.. Sacking him is as stupid as giving away Fabregas and RVP for free..

Anonymous said...

You are right mate, i also think he has had it with this lot. we'll see a couple of players leaving and those who stay will be made to really earn their wages.

Anonymous said...

Ok...but why give losers like Rosicky and Diaby new contracts. They may be talented but they won't win us titles and silverware.

Anonymous said...

It's always next season isn't it.

Let me give you the next few months of wenger speak so we can all be ready for wenger bulls**t bingo

we will sign world class players
we will sign players if they are available
we can't compete with Man U/Chelsea, Man City, Scunthorpe etc
our priorty is to keep the team together
if we buy players now we'll stunt the growth of our youngsters
I believe in this team

of course lets not forget the classic and my personal favorite.... our injured players will be like new signings

of course we'll let 3 players go and as soon as the transfer window closes we'll get the we were looking to buy Kaka, Villa etc etc etc.

why do you guys fall for the same crap every year?

Anonymous said...

you forgot:

"judge me at the end of the season"

GMR said...

I think you're wrong. He has admitted himself he's undecided whether he'll stay on at Arsenal after next season yet he always feels immense loyalty to the players he signs, therefore he won't bring several players in and then leave the following summer, because he'd feel too guilty. In other words he'll see this project through with maybe a couple of signings, (Chamakh clearly being one of them), and decide whether to walk next summer.

Murt said...

Always great to hear your opinion wrighty! Still though i can't imagine wholesale changes but definitely 2-3 coming in

Anonymous said...

hope diaby goes...complete waste of space....

Anonymous said...


I will defend Wenger’s buying policy and the constraints he has to abide by

just what constraints are you referring too?

I'm assuming you know that:

that we posted record profits

that the board have always stated there is money to spend
that the accounts show we have lots of cash
that we paid off near £100 million off our loan last year

so what constraints other than those imposed by wenger himself are you referring too?

Anonymous said...

Wrighty, i hear you, but he claimed on arsenal .com to have never said almunia was his number 1, so who the heck has been in goal and vice captain for the last 3 years?? i think wenger is losing his marbles, that game today was hilarious, and when it went to 2-1 it was predictable we wouldnt win as well

Anonymous said...

i think it was the wrong type of grass today. i want diaby out. never seen a more shameful performance by an arsenal player in 40 years. walked through the whole match pulling out of tackles, never tracking back. sunbathing most of the match. a total cowardly disgrace. fuck off and steal some other clubs money you yellow loser

arsenalred said...

Do you really believe this or is it
that you want it to happen?
When has Arsene ever got tough? All we have heard is that he got quiet annoyed at Anfield.
I don't think it's in his nature and how many more seasons do we hope & pray only to get kicked in the Bollocks. Arsene Out is a very big call but what else is there ?

Anonymous said...

Let's hope so mate, let's hope so...

danish gooner said...

Hope springs eternal.But when you cant motivate young players you might ask a reasonable question,are you the right man for the job ?????

Anonymous said...

Not out but he needs someone next to him who is prepared to kick these lazy kunts into fighting for wins instead of this Harlem Globetrotter sh!te.

Anonymous said...

I will be gutted if we don't sign a new keeper in the summer, I don't care if Almunia or Fabianski stay, as long as neither is close to being first choice. We also need at least one (two if we lose Gallas) centre backs. Some cover for Song would be nice too.

We could do with losing some of the current squad too, both our keepers for example. I wouldn't be too gutted if Diaby or Rosicky went. Although I am genuinely gutted for him, I think Eduardo will be on his way. He was looking great before 'that' tackle, but he doesn't look anything like the player he was now. It might not be a popular choice, but I'd let Arshavin go too, if we can recoup what we spent. He reminds me a bit of Le Tissier, moments of brilliance, but zero workrate.

Ryan said...

i didn see the match thank god
who was the captain??

Niyi(london) said...

I desperately hope you are right as this perpetual sleepless night can go on! I am always on his side but I am sick of everything about Arsenal tonight. All my children are down, sleepless and restless as usual and he he is NOT feeling seeing it our way.
The goalkeeper and defensive issue has been glaring for over two years but he is just too selfish and arrogant to see others point of view. I luv him but this let down is as bad as 2001/2 Champions League lost to Valencia (2nd leg quarter final). I couldn't sleep or get the loss out of my system for two weeks!
I am tired and we need to replace about five players at least. Nasri, Diaby,Fabiansky,Almunia,Sylvester, Vela and Theo are not hungry and consistent enough to be wearing Arsenal shirt.
He gave us good football but he is taking it away with persistent stubbornness and loyalty to these bunch of losers.

JonJon said...

oi oi wrighty

i dont want him sacked...he deserves more than that for what hes would be better if he walked away...

dont sign a new deal..walk away next year and let someone else have a go

and hes said for the past 5 years he'll make changes and buy quality and go for it..but thats just to sell the season tickets...

once the renewels are completed we'll see a couple of 16 yr olds a freebie and an unknown and he wont have spent more than 10 mill...

i fear the old master has lost his touch..and its time for a change

i love wenger, i just rather he admitted he was wrong and certain players from his nursery arent good enough and he'll replace them..but he wont..we'll see them all next year..

time for a more season..let him honor his contract..he deserves that much..but after that we try to get guardiola..

oliver said...

Ryan, Sol wore the armband today.

Anonymous said...


I kind of agree, not keen on giving him 1 more year but would like guardiola for sure.

incidentally saw you on culturedleftfoot today. what a bunch of tossers

Carlito said...

Top blog, I always love reading your stuff. You're passionate and almost always spot-on. Are you on twitter?

JonJon said...

yeah anon they hard to debate with

dont really make much sense..

i think we owe wenger to let him see out his contract..

when he was building the invincibles he could have gone to madrid but he didnt he stayed...

let him honour his contract we owe him that much

but yeah guardiolas the man...

tactics discpline workrate killer instinct a real winner

i cant see a guardiola team losing 3-2 to wigan

i cant see a manger like guardiola sit and watch almunia denilson and diaby for years and years...

hes too ruthless..and thats what we need

Dragooner said...

Ian here, a gooner living in swansea. Watching the boys play today made me question how little i get paid for doing a horrible job really well, and how some of the arsenal team have the best possible job in the world- get paid millions for it, and do it so so poorly. Talk about rubbing millions of loyal, hardworking fans faces in the proverbial shite. How on earth can diaby be starting today after his dissapearing act at white shart lane? Walcott looks like he is soiling himself every time he gets the ball! Silvestre.. where do we start. I watched my 'unbeatables' dvd last night and the football we played back then was phenomenal, titans all over the park. The contrast with todays squad is nothing short of epic. I love Wenger, i believe that he reinvigorated our fine club and made us a true european giant. BUT, i am concerned with the wenger that has materialised over the last three years, the refusal to acknowledge major problems- keepers, lack of experience etc etc. The full backing of players that seriously underperform regularly, and most of all the serious strategical flaws in our game these days, today being an example (van persie's 88th minute introduction when fran had been introduced ten minutes or so prior!?) as a loyal gooner of 20 years now, i can honestly say i am worried. The psychological issue with our squad is increasing alarmingly, we dont have the belief we can do it, you can see it as we play - passing the ball about thirty yards out, nice turn here, a backwards pass there and so on. Something needs to happen and all i can see having an affect is wielding the axe over this squad big time, not ignoring their obvious talents these are in my opinion the players we need to rid ourselves of to get this squad up and running again. Diaby, Denilson, Silvestre (i would pay for this) Merida (gone?). Please arsenal lets turn this around and soon, i dont want to feel the pain my liverpool supporting brother feels everyday.

Doublegooner said...

Wenger's buying record over the last four years is awful.

Sagna - £7m(?) just about a success
Sylvestre - £750k - FFS
Rosicky - £7/9m - failure
Nasri -£12 - failure so far
Walcott -£12m failure so far
Diaby - £5m - No value so far
Adebayor -£9m - Profit only
Eduardo - £10m - Mitigating circunstances
Vela - £? - Whats the point !
Denilson £? - Enough said
Almunia £?- FFS
Fabianski £?- Worse than FFS.
Eboue £3m? - Limited value so far

Song - £? - Now Maturing - possible future success
Ramsey - £5m Def a future success if recovers
TV - £9m - Success
AA - £15m Success so far

How many trust him to buy what we need to to win trophies ??

JonJon said...

ian your comment was excellent..

certain players arent good frustrates the hell out of me when i see 2 or 3 players running there sox of for the cause and the rest just strolling

we have too many showponys..too many players who dont have any bottle and are just happy to show off their tricks and flicks refusing to put in the dirty work and pick up a great wage for doing it

its wengers fault really..he likes his players to play with freedom on the pitch but it just teaches lack of discipline...hes spent the last few years rewarding new contracts and giving constant 1st team starts to the poor performers...

almunia has made cock up after cock up and yet he gets to wear the armband in some games...its disrespectful to the fans..

wenger has also installed a culture at the club were the domestic trophies mean nothing to him..he uses them as experiments to blood his young players but all hes doing is saying its ok to lose..

wengers philosphies have become contradictory..he wants his players to show the winning mentality but the culture he has created defies this as he breeds a losers culture..

Anonymous said...

Wrighty I would get Gus Hiddink,

Anonymous said...

All this buying issues promises by Wenger & the board is just a campaign of selling season tickets & get nothing in returns.Wenger will mention more than 10 players then he will start his delaying tactics before you know it,he only manage to sign 1 player & window is closed.Fools can trust the board n Wenger bt no me.

Anonymous said...

the problem is that arsene does not stick it to his players like other top rated coaches. I agree that he actually hurts his players developing by worrying about stunting their growth etc etc… he needs to give them a good thrashing and the threat of losing their place in the team altogether. The philosophy must change. Defense must be a priority. Credit Rosicky for running his injured butt off today.. also Nasri..the guy needs to get tough…his facial expressions are one of fear and confusion. He had no ideas against the spurs and today he didnt do much better…ditto with Diaby. I like Both players.. i love when they are on their game but it is this mentality of not busting their lungs out there that is hurting arsenal. All I have to say is look at 35 year old Sol… this guy was running his socks off…he knows what it like to win at arsenal and what it takes. I knew that off loading all our veterans years ago would lead to this.. there needs to be a good mix of young and old. the entire youth experiement and excuse is over. these primadonnas have had enough time together to take out a low level team like wigan.

defense, mature signings, and accountability of the manager and poor performing players is what is needed

Anonymous said...

i hope arsene, or peter hill wood reads all the blogs n forum of arsenal!!...

dey shud for 1ce realize wat v supporters feel!!

Anonymous said...

I think Arsenal needs to toughen up. Maybe sign Ryan Shawcross

Anonymous said...

Disappointin loss. And, more importantly, a wake up call to the Boss that some of his players are not cut out for the chase. It is in games like this that he will assess which of his team has the heart. I hope he will make some changes for next season.
Sagna, Diaby, Goalkeepers, Rosicky and to some extent Nasri and Bendtner are cause for concern, whether their heart are big enough.

Anonymous said...

I say get an Italian who specializes in defence to drill the gunners in the basics of defending.Problem is these gunners have been imbued with the attacking instinct by Arsene that they have forgotten how to defend.
You let the old guys at the back,Silvester and Campbell,cover and it is no wonder the wigan guys were able to smash in three goals.
I think Fergie must be laughing to the bank for having sold Silvester.
The red faced seldom or never sells any competent player to a rival.he is doing what Arsene is doing.

arsenal-champions said...

Thank God for people like you Wrighty, i am sick to death of this anti wenger brigade, so many blogs out there are of the same nature, i cant stand the lot of them, yours is a refreshing change, you actually think before typing, agree with everything you said

Anonymous said...

It's not just about AW's spending. The failure over the past few seasons are a lot to do with poor tactics. Lack of Plan B. Poor defensive capability. We desperately need a defensive coach to help the team. I for one do not believe AW will bring in many new players as too many supporters seem to be hoping for. I have supported Arsenal since 1978. I am not a glory hunter. I have seen barren spells before. I predict more players leaving (Cesc, Merida, Silvestre, Eduardo etc) than new players in.

Anonymous said...

Sack the gaffer and bring in a nanny.

Kevin Rowe said...

Great post - I think it's the attitude of the players and not the quality sometimes. Although Wenger seems to be seething an will ditch the 3 or 4 players in the squad who are just not good enough. If he doesn't ditch them, he will @ least replace them so they are limited to a handful of games in the season

Gooner said...

We need more pace in our squad, our only quick player attacking wise is Walcott. Pace scares defences and offers us a plan B of getting in behind, not just popping the ball around the box. I think Angel Di Maria would be a great acquistion! He has pace and flare and is a talented footballer. I'd like to see Igor Akinfeev bought in as the number one or Manuel Neur, both have class, i'd probly prefer the German as he would be able to command the back four better. A centre back with some height, maybe Subotic, havent seen too much of him but everyones banging on about him. And then a big, solid defensiv/box to box midfielder, Moussa Sissoko has been a name thrown in the air and I have seen this boy a few times and he is certainly a powerhouse.

Anonymous said...

I don't want Wenger out but I do hold him responsible for the loss.
We were 2-0 up but were looking far from comfortable and we were toothless in attack. Just like the 70mins against Spurs before RvP came on. I was screaming for VanPersie to be brought on at 70mins. If he had come on we would have scored the 3rd goal and killed off the tie or even if he hadn't scored we would at least have caused them more problems and not invited them at us!

I had a feeling they would score and we all know at 2-1 the momentum is with the last team to score.

Yes we had a lot of injuries, yes to important players but that doesn't excuse what happened. The Wenger of 6-9 years ago would have thrown on RvP & Vela at 2-0 up to kill the game off. It seems he has become scared or naieve.

He said after the game he never thought it was over but if that was true why did he leave RvP warming up for 30mins instead of throwing him on for 25mins? He must have thought we had the 3 points secure and was saving him for Man City! So HE thought the game was won, HE got complacent! He invited pressure by taking off Theo and not bringing on Vela or RvP. And where was Eduardo? If he was hoping not to use RvP and he doesn't trust Vela to even come on when we're 2-0 up why didn't he have Eduardo on the bench?

Something is wrong with our manager. Maybe the constant criticism is finally getting to him?

That said I believe he will have learned a harsh lesson and next season will basically be his final chance. If we don't win something and win it in style I doubt he will sign a new contract becuase he will have lost it.

Joppa Road said...

Its a tough one to weigh up - is this season. I for one dont really think we have gone forward, I just happen to think the standard has dropped in the EPL - our performances in Europe bear that out.

I don't want Wenger to go but I think he has played a shocker where tactics/selections are concerned these last few seasons i.e. Chelsea cup semi, Barca 1st Leg, Man U at least 3 times spring to mind. Even not going for the kill yesterday.

This 4-5-1 with Bendtner on his own infuriates me. Bendtner needs help up there - he isn't good enough to play that role on his own. Whats that I hear? He has score 9 in 11 or whatever it is. Come on guys the way Arsenal play any front man could score that amount. Are you telling me Carlton Cole, Zamora, Bent or Carroll wouldn't have tapped those goals in?

I'm watching the game yesterday and Im thinking Walcott is crying out to be played down the centre - am I the only one who sees it? RVP & Walcot as a front two is scary.

The GK situation is fkin beyond the joke. For a few seasons now I have been saying the same things. Yes Almunia will save the odd pen against a weaker team, but in the really important games he nearly always drops a clanger. Not just my words, Lehman's too. Why is it that when Lehman made a couple of mistakes he was dropped for the season yet Almunia gets chance after fkin chance. As for Fabianski, he is just poor.

These selections are not the players fault - its Wenger's. When I compare the squad we had in 2005 to now it makes me sad. And whats it been all for? A concrete 60,000 stadium. Whilst I agree we needed a bigger stadium you have to ask at what cost.

I have to admit the AKB brigade are beginning to grate on my nerves with their book balancing arguments and we're too good to accept anyones money. What BS.

Are you telling me if Arsenal ever did get into financial trouble they wouldn't be bailed out within a couple of days? Of course the would. The club needs investment. Get Dein back and get the job done.

cantona4life said...

hahahahahahahahahahagahahahaha you useless idiots as if you were gonna win the league with the likes of almunia fabianski campbell silvestre diaby denilson bendtner

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Diaby HAS to STAY!
His partnership with Song will be BETTER than Vieira & Petit!

Almunia - Cunt
Denilson - below average
Fabianski - poor
Eduardo - poor
Mannone - below average
Silvestre - well below average
Gallas - already gone
Merida - already gone

All these players should/will not wear the shirt again

Goalkeeper - big experience. Not Loris or Hart, but a 30year old+ like Sebastien Frey who will come in like Lehmann for 3 years and be outstanding until Scezney is ready to step in and take his position as No.1 for the next ten years.

Centre-half - Rumours of Cahil (much better than Hagerland) are probably true. With Sol & Djourou and Song versatility that should be enough.

Midfield - another enforcer needed. We've too much flair not enough steel.

Striker - Chamakh is a done deal. If Vela stays no other striker will be bought.

That's it.
4 players, no more no less.
:Probably signed pre-world cup as is Wenger's way to avoid the risk of price increase if they have a good tournament.

Anonymous said...

Diaby HAS to STAY!
His partnership with Song will be BETTER than Vieira & Petit!

Almunia - Cunt
Denilson - below average
Fabianski - poor
Eduardo - poor
Mannone - below average
Silvestre - well below average
Gallas - already gone
Merida - already gone

All these players should/will not wear the shirt again

Goalkeeper - big experience. Not Loris or Hart, but a 30year old+ like Sebastien Frey who will come in like Lehmann for 3 years and be outstanding until Scezney is ready to step in and take his position as No.1 for the next ten years.

Centre-half - Rumours of Cahil (much better than Hagerland) are probably true. With Sol & Djourou and Song versatility that should be enough.

Midfield - another enforcer needed. We've too much flair not enough steel.

Striker - Chamakh is a done deal. If Vela stays no other striker will be bought.

That's it.
4 players, no more no less.
:Probably signed pre-world cup as is Wenger's way to avoid the risk of price increase if they have a good tournament.

Anonymous said...

I think the article is right. Wenger has shown all his players a lot of faith, and they have no replied in a positive manner. After a disgraceful loss of focus and work rate, the team let in 3 cheap goals. The first and the last was a defencive blunder, the second was a goalie error. The gunners seem to have a curse on thei goalkeepers. Lehman in his last season, Almunia and Fabianski in all their seasons at Arsenal. The result is nevertheless painful and shocking. Maybe it's time for Wenger to stop babying the players and show them some wrath. At Chelsea and United players are put on the bench for half a season if they as much as put a pass wrong one game, yet Almunia continues in goal even thought me makes one mistake per game that costs Arsenal points or at least goal difference. I would make the players run 50 miles as a punishment for that dreadful comeback Wigan was allowed... Run until you all puke, then watch the gametape... No more babying and praising, time to tell them how it should be, and if they are not doing it, then simply find someone who will! The only players that seem to repay Wenger faith are Cesc, Vermaelen and van Persie. The rest don't seem to care at all... Time for Diaby to do his part, consistency. And players should understand that mistakes like that (the whole team in the last 10 minutes) are not acceptable and will be punished!

Anonymous said...

About time someone had some sense.

I am a lifelong Arsenal fan and have supported them for over 40 years! However, though I believe we are nearly but not quite, if Arsenal start the new season with just 1 addition, then I will be pissed.

Anonymous said...

The problem is the team simply dont undertsnad the basic rules of defending. It makes you think what they spend their time doing in training

Anonymous said...

Arsenal Excuse No.1: Injuries

Palacios, King, Lennon, Kranjkar, Woodgate, Corluka out. Smashed Arsenal and Chelsea

Arsenal Excuse No.2: Inexperienced young squad

Spurs average age in derby less than Arsenal

Danny Rose DEBUT.

Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale > Walnutts

Thank you. good night

Poirot can solve it said...

I now firmly believe its time for Arsene to hold his hands up and publicly admit some of his faith in the ability of our squad has not come to fruitition for 2 years now we have lost every important game and if we are honest its only our record against the weaker teams that has disguised the fact that we are not as good as we are made out to be by the so called pundits. The quality of the premier has been really poor this season and to continually rely on late goals against poor teams should send out a stark warning to the management.Only Arsene knows how much money is really available but last year after the loss to Utd in Europe he was definately going to strenghten only to change his mind with the tried and tested it will hinder the youngsters statement, will the same scenario happen again who knows but he is kidding if he thinks players like Fabianski, Denilson,Diaby,Vela will be better in a years time they are nowhere near good enough when it really matters and for Arsenal to progress and be in contention we need the players who can do it when it matters and not those who turn it on in October at home to rubbish when the pressure is not on. Like everyone else i would like a clear out but its not going to happen but surely now Arsene has to look at the balance of the team the lack of size,the lack of confidence in the really big games,and why suddenly are we picking up so many injuries,now that Thomas V is out that every player has now been injured for some point of the season is that unlucky or is the training regime to blame. Yesterday summed it up for me when with the first corner the ball went straight through our six yard box below head height our goalkeeper is an accident waiting to happen and defensively now we are average at the very least and even though he wont admit it big powerful but technically limited players cant wait to fill their boots against us.
I know probably none of this will happen but everyone is entitled to his or her opinion and for me to be able to compete on a more level playing field against the stronger teams both in Europe and the premiership some of the below needs to happen.


A top class new number one is an absolute must with Vito as number 2,Almunia and Fab are not good enough when it really matters


We need some height and pace especially at the very heart the full backs are still to gung ho for me and too often now top teams are happy to pick us off on the counter attack We need at least 2 top class centre backs and depending on whether Johan D comes back i would expect us to release Silvestre , Senderos , and either Gallas or Sol.


You cant rely just on Fab and Nasri every game. Song for me still does not read a game properly at the real top level and given that i dont rate eithe Diaby or Denilson we must get someone a top defensive midfielder to help bring the best out of Song mavbe not next season but in due course.


Who is a winger and who is not. Given that Chamakah Robin and Bendtner are all good in the air i believe a top winger is needed who can cross a ball consistently, our full backs are poor crossers and given Theo is not the best of crossers either makes this position a priority in the summer.


Ok we have scored lots of goals this season but without Robin the quality when it really mattered was sadly missing allowing for the fact that 3 of the 4 strikers you need will be those already mentioned we need to a new fox in the box to provide the variety. Sadly it has been obvious for a while that both Eduardo and Vela are too lightweight for the premiership and i would expect at least one or both to be sold this summer.

To sum up Arsene has a lot of work to do and make some big descisions and be honest to admit he got it wrong in some area's but with each year he gets more stubborn so for the time being i am not holding my breath.

juan carlos alcocer said...

why are these pathetic spurs fans coming to an ARSENAL blog and leaving insults and stupid comments?

whats even more hilarious is they chose to be "anonymous", lol.

pathetic. move on, go celebrate your 4th spot so you can get knocked out by some romanian or czech team in the qualifiers.

Gordonramsey said...

Arsenal Excuse No.1: Injuries

Palacios, King, Lennon, Kranjkar, Woodgate, Corluka out. Smashed Arsenal and Chelsea

Arsenal Excuse No.2: Inexperienced young squad

Spurs average age in derby less than Arsenal

Danny Rose DEBUT.

Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale > Walnutts

Thank you. good night

hellomr wenbge said...

Arsenal Excuse No.1: Injuries

Palacios, King, Lennon, Kranjkar, Woodgate, Corluka out. Smashed Arsenal and Chelsea

Arsenal Excuse No.2: Inexperienced young squad

Spurs average age in derby less than Arsenal

Danny Rose DEBUT.

Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale > Walnutts

Thank you. good night

Gordonramsey said...

at least you got little willy walnutts for nothing. It would be really embarrassing to have paid big money for him

we paid 1m for lennon.

Bale was expensive though, but I guess he was worth it.

Fabianski said...

Sorry everyone, I'm a CUNT. I'll turn the lights off on my way out. After all I deserve to be plying my trade in the Blue Square Premier

Anonymous said...

Hi all, it's Fabianski here. Sorry for my balls up, I'm a CUNT. I'll switch the lights off on my way out, and sign for a team in the Blue Square Premier division, which is where I deserve to play

Manuel said...

Hi all, Manuel here, ditto!

clivecaruana_12 said...

Perfect Post !! Just 3 players needed ( GK , Central Defender and Striker ) and offload silvestre and fabianski on loan so he can have experience ! Then next season hope that we dont have many long term injuries like this year and we are up to win the title !

Anonymous said...

to the Spud talking about injuries - King played 90mins against Arsenal you donut - and Krankjaer, Woodgate, Corluka are NOT 1st team players for you - only Lennon and Palacios are.

Enjoy it while you can mug - it took 28 games to bag a win against us and will take double that to get another one. You'll still finish below us, you'll still be inferior, you'll be still be a joke - so what are you gloating about??? Twat!

PS - Walcott will go to the World Cup - Lennon won't! Capello knows class, unlike you.

Wrighty7 said...

@Murt- Thanks mate!

@Jon Jon- Oy oy matey! How you doing?

@Carlito- Thanks buddy and I'm not on Twitter mate.

Wrighty7 said...

cheers Arsenal Champions!

Anonymous said...

What if your totally unsupportable theory is wrong and there are few real changes come September 1st? Many of us paying large amounts of money for season tickets don't believe a word of your theory or Arsene's hints at new blood. I think you will find that at season ticket renewal time we get this stuff every year.
Wenger has never put together a decent defence without Vieira in front of it and has never won a single trophy without Bergkamp. Those facts will be sadly unaltered at this time next year.
By the way, I look forward to watching Diaby on Saturday to see if he can continue his record-breaking run. After Barcelona I didn't think he could get worse, but then came his disgraceful performance at Spurs. Astoundingly, he topped even that excresence at Wigan. Can he get worse against Man City? Wenger, of course, leaves him on the pitch no matter how badly he gets.
I hope that you are right Wrighty, but then you did say that we would be champions this year! - Ramgun

Anonymous said...

Players that should be sold
- Fabianski
- Eduardo
- Gallas
- Diaby

Players that should be shot
- Almunia
- Silvestre

Players that should not start
- Denilson
- Eboue
- Campbell (has done more than should ever be asked of him, but at 35, should not start!)

Players that should get 1 more year(note the 1!!!)
- Bendtner
- Vela
- Rosicky
- Walcott

Players that should have to take a lap around london every time they cross a ball and doesn't hit Bendtner in the head
- Rosicky
- Nasri
- Walcott
- Clichy
- Sagna

Players I can no longer remember
- Djou????????

Anonymous said...

Saturday's loss following on from Spurs is the wrong time to draw objective conclusions. Emotions are too raw. You have to take a view over the season as a whole, and while we have had some disappointing results there have been improvements as well. At the start of the season many were saying we would not even make 4th place, yet despite setbacks we were in the title race until the last few games. Providing the side doesn't completely fall away the records will show that we're the 3rd best in the country and in the top 8 of Europe. That's not to say there's room for complacency and every effort must be made this summer to address the shortcomings. We need strong characters through the spine of the team - in goal, central defence and up front. From what I've seen of Chamakh the latter could already be sorted. As for the manager, the irony is that Saturday the away fans were singing "There's only one Arsene Wenger" at 0-2, yet today there are fans calling for his head.

Anonymous said...

why is everybody afraid too change the management? its a no brainer that wenger is j league material, tactically poor and capable of buying idiots and can now only convince the really naive people that he is the best man for the job

Ismat said...

Do not hold your breath. One thing you can depend on is that Wenger will not change his method. His biggest failing is lack of pragmatism. I believed like you that he would change 3 years ago! I remember thinking we can't go on like this, he needs to buy and he didn't. If he does not buy, he at least needs to address the coaching side of the game. Especially the defensive side, too many games we have spent chasing games because we let soft goals and against quality opposition we have been punished. He needs a number 2, if we do not have the money to mkae us hard to beat.

Anonymous said...

I've read some shit on blogs but DoubleGooner saying Arsene's buys are failures is the absolute cherry on the Twat-cake!

Anyone see Arsene's Net spend since the Prem began? It averages about £3m a season!!!! That includes ALL the Invincibles he bought - plus the likes of Fabregas, Arshavin, Vermaelen, Nasri, and YES Diaby. Only the truly idiotic moron cannot see that Diaby is a sensational midfielder who on his day will surpass Vieira.

I like the stuff you write Wrighty - but unfortunately you have a bunch of cunts that then proceed to comment shit and it snowballs because idiots believe what idiots tell them.

We were on the brink of the Prem this year with half a team and no striker. It died in the last 2 games. Just couldn't cope with who we had out. But the leap forward from last year is huge.

I think its in the bag next season with a new goalkeeper, Centre-back, and Chamakh.

and all these cunts can fuck off and support someone else!

Carlito said...

Get on twitter! Huge Arsenal community. It will help to publicise your blog and opinions too. I strongly recommend it!

Anonymous said...

every april and may, we expect arsene to do something

but how many summers we passed?

and how many more sumers we have to wait?

Anonymous said...

Until we buy a new keeper i am giving NO MORE MONEY to arsenal football club. NO MORE KITS OR TICKET RECIEPTS FROM ME!!!!!!

Wenger is making a mockery of all us gooners..........

Anonymous said...

think Ian Wright has is spot on in his sun column today

lloyd said...

Firstly. Thank you for the self-promotion. I missed the Feb article the first time. I enjoyed it and hope you are right...that Wenger has given the squad a 'shape-up or ship-out' notice. But judging from the display at Wigan, I doubt it, or if he did, they didn't take it seriously.

Secondly. I feel sorry for Wenger. Several times a season and very frequently this season, he has gotten it right and the team just hasn't performed. They sometimes don't 'show up'. Why is that? Complacent? Well they get paid whether they play or not. They get paid if they play well or play badly. So what is the incentive for them to perform to their best?

I think wages should have a base and then bonuses for how well they do in training and if they play, how well they play. It needs adjustment for injury and for being available but not the most appropriate tactical pick, etc. But, the players apparently need some incentive besides pride to perform.

It's a pity that there was no 'Arsenal' core until Sol returned to show the kids that the 'Arsenal Way' is to fight on for a better result regardless of the score.

At two-nil up at Wigan we should have been working on improving our goal average and should have been increasingly uncatchable as the match went on, instead we were increasingly vulnerable.

Anonymous said...

My article of why I think there's something very deeply wrong with Arsenal

Nam said...

I feel we have overachieved this season. What right did we have-with the economic investment that's been put in the side-have to come so close to the title? The pundits were right to cast doubt on our credentials to qualify for Europe in the top four spots yet Wenger produced a lot out of a team which others would have struggled to entere UEFA/Europa spots with.

Cascarino, like Wrighty (I'm a bit pissed that Wrighty is with Casca on this) feel that a "new spine2 is needed and a heavy investment. Why? If our current spine was as fit as Chealsea's or Manu's for the periods theirs was fit, we'd have taken the premier league title in March.

We need more depth, but I feel our first team can and will beat any team on the planet so heavy investment was not the answer this season and besides replacing Gallas, Campbell and Silvestre (assuming Gallas doesn't stay) is the only major investment we require (a new keeper should and is not going to be a heavy investment). Song is doing well in the main area of debate from last season and has been a fucking rock.

My two cents:

Diaby, Eduardo, Silvestre, Campbell and Denilson to go (unless Denilson is kept as an attacking option - he can't tackle) and replacements signed. Chamakh is as good as ours and he looks pretty damned good. For now all I want to see is a pair of centre baqcks, one of the highest quality, one dependable centre back to warm bench. One Goalkeeper who can *gulp* make saves. Job done. This season was a fucking triumph and anyone who thinks differently needs a good hard kick in the cunt - ungrateful twats.

Magdalene said...

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