Thursday, 22 April 2010

Sometimes I Wish Arsene Wenger DID Go To Real Madrid

I can understand people questioning Arsene Wenger, I really can, but what I don't understand is people calling for his head and demanding that he is replaced.

Of course Wenger isn't the only man in the world capable of managing Arsenal Football Club but you have to concede that the next bloke in charge will have a massive job on his hands.

Arsene's eventual replacement has got to be the right man. It has to be thought out.

Who out there at the moment would you suggest Wenger pass the managerial baton too? I can think of a couple but they are not available.

Josep Guardiola is my personal favourite, and I think in the future it's a possibility, but if Wenger went tomorrow then the Spaniard wouldn't be an option.

For now we are 'stuck' with Arsene Wenger and I'm pleased. Despite the lack of silverware at the club I still feel he is the right man for the job.

Yes, the last few years have been frustrating and Arsene has got questions to answer but I can't join the queue of people demanding he be sacked.

The media don't help. They constantly remind us Gooners, and everybody else, that we haven't won a thing since the Stone Age.

I think a few Arsenal fans, and this is no insult, have been taken in by the media-spin. Although it's been a difficult time I find the way the media treat us disgusting.

It seems to me the media have taken great delight in dividing Arsenal supporters. I wish it worked the other way and united us but that's life.

You don't hear that Liverpool haven't won a thing since 2006, only a year less than our last trophy, do you? Why not?

Sometimes I wish that Arsene Wenger DID go to Real Madrid when they courted him last season. I think a few people would realise that 'you don't realise what you have got until it's gone' or 'the grass isn't always greener on the other side'.

I include Gooners and the media in that.

I think sometimes we Gooners forget that we already have one of the best managers in the world at our club and the media forget what a fantastic man Wenger is.

In our case we have to realise that if Arsene Wenger were available he would easily be the most-sought after manager in the world. No doubts.

The media have to realise that Wenger never ducks a press conference or a question unlike the 'favoured' Alex Ferguson. So why do they try to mug him off?

It's obvious the financial situation (because of the new stadium) at Arsenal has restricted Arsene Wenger. I think he has been throwing hints that the restrictions could finally be lifted.

He wasn't tight before the stadium was built so I expect to see investment this summer.

I think Wenger has done a tremendous job trying to compete with limited funds over the years compared to the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and even Spurs. Not forgetting Manchester City's new found wealth.

Could Fergie, Mourinho or Benitez have done same? I doubt it.

Arsene Wenger is a brilliant manager. Of course he has his faults but had he gone Real Madrid we would have suffered.

Wenger is suffering for Arsenal Football Club. The future of Arsenal is secure because he sacrificed himself for the good of the club.

I think he deserves a chance to have a go at managing Arsenal without financial restriction. And it looks like those times are just around the corner.

Keep it Goonerish...................


Ben said...

Agreed !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

One thing people tend to overlook is the fact that we'll miss Arsene's ability to scout more than his managerial/coaching. It's unlikely, but the best of both worlds would be if he could take over that role exclusively when he decides to hand over the managerial reigns.

bigkez said...

ok fair enough well thought out article, how long are we talking here...1 more season? or 3-4 years of re building? for me it has to be 1 more year. it is our longest run with no silverware for 20 years!!

Anonymous said...

Gus Hiddink would have done the job brilliantly. For sure!

rich_g00ner said...

finally a sensible perspective! keep up the goodwork!! cant wait to see what the reactionary blogs write when we finally win some silverware next season!!

GOONER P said...


Anonymous said...

why does wenger get credit for scouting..... his scouts do it ffs!!!
but anyway good article he is the right man for the club

Anonymous said...

Fergie would have done a hell of a lot better job of making sure this team was up for the challenge. many times this year I have witnessed this team be half-hearted and spineless, (yes the last 15 mins of Wigan for example) I do not believe that Fergie would ever let a team of his lack that kind of discipline and focus. I hate the red nosed bastard but he does shape win or die trying mentality in players...Can the same be said for Wenger? Me thinks this team while talented is way too soft.

Anonymous said...

Could Fergie keep United in the top four with limited funds?

Anonymous said...

Also who's idea was it to keep Almunia in goal and not change him? Wenger. Who's idea was it not to buy a striker in january? I'm not saying he is a bad coach, he is the most talented we have ever had, but he is also the most stubborn we have ever had and that must count for a big negative, when we fans know without a doubt that if we took care of those two things above we would have won the league this year. This is a valid point.

Anonymous said...

I think Fergie would have done so, I do. He is not as talented as Wenger is but he has the mentality of a winner more than any coach I have seen. This is not me saying I like the guy, but stone cold fact from where I sit.

LMan said...

I go through mood swings with Wenger. Sometimes I want him gone, other times I appreciate what he has done.

In truth, most of the problems are caused by the mixed messages that come out the club. We hear the club has money, but we never buy. Wenger says we'll buy a world class player and again we never buy. The club should learn a thing or two about setting expectations.

The 'we have no money argument doesn't really wash,' yes we do. We don't have Man City money but if we wanted to buy then we have the cash.

I disagree with Wenger not being tight.. when was the last time fans were camped outside the stadium waiting to get a glimpse of a world class big name signing? Look at the buzz and excitement Man U or Man C fans get with their signings. Just for once I'd like to get really excited, and I mean really excited over a player we signed. Is that too much to ask?

Anonymous said...

@LMAN- Arshavin, last year.

Anonymous said...

In this fast moving footballl world ,you have to improvise/innovate. You may have won yesterdays battle but tommorow's war will be different.
Arsene tried to change Arsenal from the pre 2004 era. He forgot the players were of a different breed physically.
Today's gunners maybe more technical but size wise were of the smaller build. That I believe is the reason for the spate of injuries.
Assuming he had gone to RM, I am convinced he won't last fifteen matches with his pretty soccer.The RM board expect results from day one.
Yeah he maybe a great loss were he to move. The next manager will discard his soccer in poetic beauty and play to win which I believe is what the fans want.

Anonymous said...

I believe we haven't played amazing football (bar Blackburn home this year) since the team of 2007

LMan said...


Arshavin was an excellent signing Not sure if I'd put him in the league of camping outside the emirates in a Kaka/Ronaldinho type of way.

j.w said...

i feel sorry for arsene. he reminds me of my own dad. can't be told anything and way too stubborn. even if the answer to the problems is hitting him on the head, he'll still ignore it if he didn't come up with it.

all this would have never happened if he brought rvp on at 2-0 with 15 minutes to go. my grandad could have worked out that was the right thing to do. still, i love arsene and i think that he needs to pull his thumb out of his arse and buy some players now. if not, he's going to be gone at the end of next season without a doubt.

just to add to your point about liverpool, they haven't won the league for 20 years for fucks sake! we've won it 4 times since then.

but anyways, the truth of the matter is, the press love piling the pressure on "the frenchie". he's as easy a target as they come. he's got no friends in management who stick up for him, because they are too busy ganging up on him and telling their players that "arsenal don't like it up 'em".

pardew/o'neill/pulis/mccarthey/brown/ferguson/allardyce/redknapp/owen coyle/mark hughes (remember him? lol) have all had sly/not so sly digs at him in some way shape or form. can you not see the pattern emerging? they are all british. coincidence? nope.

the sad thing is, who was the first and ONLY manager to come out in defense of rafa benitez? arsene. where's fucking steve bruce or when you need him? look at what arsene has done to help that guy (djourou, bendtner, larrson, muamba, palacios ect). owen coyle cunted arsene off, yet he still loaned him wilshere.

in fact, when you look at the foreign managers, they all have a much bigger respect towards wenger. zola/martinez/guardiola ect have all spoken very highly of him.

the only foreign managers to have any sort of fallout with him are mourinho and martin jol. i'm pretty sure the latter kissed and made up straight afterwards. as for jose, the man is a media whore and he knows what he's doing. do you think it was a coincidence he tapped up ashley cole? fuck no. that was just purposely cause tension between the two clubs. he knew the way to beat arsenal was to get the press on his side and make arsene out to be "mr voyeur". i can't believe some arsenal fans want this cunt as our next manager.

Anonymous said...

The reactions of some gooners to every defeat this seaon, has worried me more about their own mental health than anything to do with Arsenal or the manager, TBH.

The team have progressed this season, but all that has been lost due to the defeats we have suffered, dont get me wrong, the defeat at Wigan was sickening, but to be in contention for the title with all the shit we have suffered with injuries and poor form is what has kept me optimisitc for next season; along with the promise of new faces!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd be surprised if anyone wants Morinho as our next manager, the man doesn't have the class to enter the door.

Anonymous said...

I wish Wenger would have pissed off to MADRID last year. He would have be fired by now, and caught out as a fraud of a coach with no tactical knowledge. Give me maureen any day

Wenger should have ben told, coach properly and stop looking after the Arsenal finances. They have a CEO to do that

Anonymous said...

wrighty give me a break arsene only person who can manage Arsenal, what a weird and stupid thing to say.
Unless other people are given the chance you cannot say that, your acting like wenger is god which infact he is not.

the matter of fact is wenger persisted with a project which he insisted will provial, so we gooner gave him the chance, and rightly so, but that prohect is dragging on and on and now he wants another year he should realised it failed, move on.

Anonymous said...

I would take Hiddink over Mourinho any day. Arsenal are too good for Mourinho and any gooner that wants him should take a good hard look at themselves.

Anonymous said...

anon@ 23;00

Yep, you are exactly the kind of media fed sheep wrighty is talkin about.

Anonymous said...

Mourinho could take us far with limited finance, but with severe baggage - in the mind games infamy/cheating/gamesmanship dept. Wenger has been brilliant, he says the financial shackles are off. To his credit; he never told us they were on - imagine what fun the press would have with with that?

Shit news sells! thats the name of the game. Man U get it with the glaziers etc. what we have to admit is: Fergie is a great manager... also a horibble shitbag, but he knows his job...

good blog Wrighty!


Anonymous said...

another rubbish post. on the pitch, wenger has been a crap coach for the last 5 years. his tactics (or lack of them) in major games have been embarrasing. his player recruitment has been poor - small non-scoring, non-tackling, non-shooting players with no pace throughout the team. players who cant tackle or cross a ball.crab - sideways football. passing for sake of passing rather than winning. his philosophy is all wrong. Dont patronise us by saying we have been taken in by the media. many of us spotted these problems many years ago.
off the pitch he has been the right man for the club cos he oversaw the transition to Emirates.

PTangYangKipperBang said...

Fergie does things like buy Berbatov for 31 mill and Veron for 27. He spent 27 mill on Rooney at 18, they could just gamble because they have great income. Any 1 of those errors could've done AFC a lot of harm. Fantastic manager but often with large money. Don't know if he could've steered Arsenal as Wenger has.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that Wrighty!

harrison said...

wrighty another great article you never fail to reach the point
another brilliant article

Anonymous said...

Most of the critical points here miss the main point - that almost everything that has gone wrong can be laid at the feet of gambles with players that have not yet paid title winning dividends - Diaby, Bendtner, Eduardo, Rosicky, Vela, Senderos, (Flamini and Hleb, too, and Adebarndoor) and Almunia, for instance. He and Fabianski both are gambles that are not paying off. But they were taken because of the financial situation and b/c Arsene gambles, whereas Mourinho does not anymore, but Mourinho has the financial backing to buy proven players in most every position and he man manages like a drill sargeant. However, Wenger's gambles are gambles that have clearly paid off in terms of keeping us in the champion's league and getting us through these lean years. THIS IS A MASSIVE ACCOMPLISHMENT. Look at our finances and tell me anything different and you don't know dick. Sorry to shout. But it's so simple it's boring and has been for yonks. How far can this budget built squad of unproven youthful talent take us this year? Same question, slightly different answer. AW never in his wildest dreams thought these players would win trophies. He's probably surprised they have come kind of close. There is very little new under the sun with this club since 2005. Most major shifts occur outside the club and it's just a question as to whether we can stay in the top four spots or not. Fergie gambles, Wenger gambles. Ranieiri gambles. Mourinho plays percentages.

Anonymous said...

Arsene tries to play soccer his way and expect other teams to follow. Some do and the result is spectacular. Barcelona effectively
put Arsene in his place.His problem is he doesn't bother about defence.As a result Messi was given free reign and smashed four goals.
Against Inter,Messi wasn't given a sniff and isolated . From a very dangerous player he was reduced to annoynymous player.Mourino is a shrewd guy and will play anti soccer in the second leg.I expect Messi will be heavily marked and Inter will play on the break.If Inter scores first,Barca will be forced to attack,attack.Then they will be exposed to the counter from Inter.
Here Inter are different from the gunners. They attack swiftly and don't engaged in a million or thousand pass game. They go straight for the goal.
Yes Arsene has won many honours but until he shores up the defence and other problem areas ,the gunners will continue to lose to the red faced and Chelsea.
In a way i'm glad the gunners were beaten by Barca.Otherwise going to the the sf will mask the weaknesses in the team and give a false sense of achievement and Arsene will think the gunners have arrived.

Anonymous said...

Wrighty. Where do you find some of these mongs? Seamy end of Park Road I suspect.
Maybe what we should do is put a big pair of handles around the stadium (new) and the training ground. Colour them silver and say there's our silverware. For a side written off before the start of the season as not being good enough to finish top 6 plus the injuries received, we don't do a bad job. Gf60

Anonymous said...

While wrighty did make some valid points, just some points that people need to be reminded of.

1. When people say that Wenger was limited by financial reasons, that is only partly true. We've had funds to spend on players since 2008. That's two seasons ago, furthermore the profit brought by the sales of guys like toure, adebayor would have given Wenger enough to spend. So STOP saying as if Wenger was financially hand-cuffed. He made the choice of not spending and has to face the consequence of that.

2. The argument that Chelsea, Man Utd, Man City have all spent massive loads of cash, and yet can't guarantee trophys/results is utter rubbish. We keep priding ourselves on the fact that we have spent relatively little and yet qualify for the champions league. Then why do arsenal have the 3rd highest wage bill in the league? Finances is not only limited to transfer fees, but the bulk actually is based on players' salaries. So now tell me, chelsea and man united has shown returns on their financial outlay by winning trophies.... what has arsenal shown? And remember, it is wenger who was made the decision on contracts and renewal of contracts...... is it a good return on the club's investments?

3. We talk about champions league qualification as success, while I will admit that it is a form of achievement to qualify for the champions league year in year out.... shouldn't a club of arsenal's stature being aiming for winning trophies? Shouldn't that be the ultimate aim for any football club?

4. We also mentioned about Wenger's ability to spot talent. Now tell me, how many young players over the past 5 years that have been spotted by Wenger and then trained and developed into a truly great footballer? off my head.... only one and he was not truly developed by wenger by at the barcelona academy - Fabregas..... diaby? denilson? song? vela? merida? Walcott? have they improved or are they considered great? I seriously doubt that. Would any of the above mentioned names start in the 1st eleven for any of the top 8 premier league teams? I doubt that.... So is wenger a good developer of talent? Yes. Great? Not at all...

There are many other points that i wish to put down, but just felt that these were a few to bring up for the consideration for the pro-wenger group.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Arsene is a fine manager with g00d intentions but a failing squad and probably a failing philosophy, namely to build a young squad. im not saying he should forget about signing untested young talent, im saying he should mix up the stew a little by chopping in some footballing veterans that will lead our forward lines and solidify our backlines. our attack is not sufficiently intimidating in bendtner and persie and when we play giants like manu and barca our attack is dwarfed by their seasoned and experienced strikers. we also need a xavi like player next to fabregas, one that is seasoned and has got european experience.

Anonymous said...

It continually disgusts me that a large section of our supporters are too retarded to understand the financial side of our club.
What is worse though is that many completely lack gratitude for our continued position within the league.
Liverpool supporters would understand this gravely about now. We have acquired alot of new fans(not supporters) since AW's arrival but they have no sense of historical perspective and no class for the most part. They talk about value for money so really they are not supporters but customers who insist upon instant gratification for their buck and dont care if their quick fix destabilises the club.

They can fuck the fuck off. whiney-ass fktards who boo our own players and live only for complaining and playing Xbox manager games.
Thick cunts the lot of them.

The day Arsene Wenger leaves our club will be the darkest in our modern history.
I wish for all those calling for his head to die of rectal cancer.....very slowly.

Joppa Road said...

anon. I am beginning to think that Wenger is kind of like a relationship with a girl who you have been with for a long time but neither of you can bring yourself to end it for fear of the unknown!

I think he is the best manager we have had but I worry now that finally he may have taken us as far as he can. Be because of financial restraints or just plain old stubborness I don't know.

What I do know is that since moving to the new stadium the club as a whole seems to lack a little less class than it had at Highbury. I do know that Wenger makes awful team selections and tactical mistakes far more regularly than he used, especially in the big games. I do know that he has a disgraceful attitude towards the domestic cups. Not me being anti Wenger, these are facts.

I also think but shit, look at all these injuries. Without half of them surely we would have the title and everyone would be saying how great Wenger is.

But then again we looked to have the league wrapped up in 2008 and Wenger blew it. So who is to blame?

I think no matter how hard all these questions are to answer the buck has to stop with the manager. You cannot charge the highest prices in world football and then mug the fans off.

Bring Dein in, bring investment in, make a few tweaks (IMO all that is needed) and give Wenger the cash he needs to strengthen. We all know what a good manager he is, lets see it.

But in no way is he the only man for Arsenal. The club will live on long after he has gone.

Anonymous said...

KIV what happened to Charlton; 10th was not good enough for their fans so they had Curbishley resign. Now look where they are.

Joppa Road said...

because Arsenal and Charlton are of the same stature aren't they? (no offence Charlton). And Curbs is on a par with Wenger.


Anonymous said...

What's so good about Guardiola? He inherited a good team. Also, he'd never come to Arsenal. And he's a tapping up scumbag. End of.

Anonymous said...

Two things I rate Wenger for are identifying potential and using his great intellect to perplex the fragile minds of most supporters (playing mind games and then smiling to himself)

It really amazes me how wenger has been able to repeatedly lie to us!! In regards to signings and has while he pleases those who he thinks are important! (The players and the board) he makes sure there pockets are bulging so they'll be happy!!

And all this wenger has spent makes me laugh!! He buys 15year olds all the time for 1.5 mill- 2.5mill!! (Walcott will cost 12mil)!! Given cost 5mill, vidic was 12mill!! How much was reina, cech? There has been relatively cheap players out there!! Have you forgot!! Wenger said it would KILL his young signings!!

He let pires go so not to KILL reyes!! Flamini go (for free) as not to kill diarra! Let sol go, so he wouldn't KILL senderos!! Told us we had 3 world class keepers (lehmann told us he they r far from world class)

We also forget wenger was an unknown when he first arrived so all this there aint no one out there is rubbish!! I'd take the bloody croatian manager! Plus he inherited a great defense so he's defensive tactical awareness was not exposed!!
Then he got an england CB in his prime for free!! (Times have changed and that won't ever happen again

And in regards to fergy and mourinho, they can be cunts but they are winners!! How much has mourinho spent at inter? He got sneijder on sale! And etoo plus a load of cash for ibrahimovic!! Sounds kinda saavy to me!! Difference is he makes his sides fighters and inbeds a win or die trying mentally and of course has great world class tactics!! Like guss like a load of managers out there!!

Ben said...

Have a look at net spending over the last five years, we're twentieth below Burnley and Hull, over the whole course of the premiership we are in the middle , 11th I think.

By rights we shouldn't be in the top four let alone challenging for first.
If the lack of spending is Wenger's own choice (unlikely) the you could argue that maybe someone could come in and do better, even then who do you suggest who would be better than Wenger and don't say Mourinho or Guardiola they're not going to come you've more chance of Curbishly or fat Sam, who most of you deserve.
Just to finish my point if the lack of funds is down to the board and not Wenger and he gets replaced then whoever we get will finish outside the top four (Wenger is the only reason many of our better players are still here) and as I said it would be exactly what those ungrateful bastards among us deserve.

Anonymous said...

I think many have bought the line without Wenger we would suffer, These absolutely false any manager who came would give Arsenal new dimension and it in fact easy. job replacing wenger. When Wenger first came he inherited a team who never conceded sifts goals but always managed to score solitary 1-0 nil score in fact it was so predictable that result announcement became a running joke even with Spurs fans to name few.

Now his footballing revolution is something everyone now talk about not his double winnings teams or invincible Season. His policy on completing cutting on players boozing, training regime, dietary and scientific applications in preparing the team was a template copied by whole premier league and some even went further than him etc Bolton who use many methods to keep their players fit in Gym. Whatever Arsenal did everyone copied even His influence went beyond these border.

When he dismantled Tony Adam led team it was so swift hardly Nyone noticed,Sol Campbell,Ashley Cole, Laren and others picked continued in rein vein.

Then after winning only FA cup and Mourinho easily beating Arsenal United with new mega millions, Wenger sold Viera and Stadium project started. He then managed to dismantle by The entire spine with young playerrs. At the same time he seemed to have adopted Ossie Ardile policy of attack being the best defence.

Coupled with big mistake made in Champion League final Wenger has been making major mistake without anyone pointing it out to him .By no one could challenge after David Dein was booted out board. When that happened their was no one to back him against the board. To save his job he had to toe the line and limit his ambition to 4 spot Champion League qualificatins. Despite team needing only few defensive players to win the league outright.

After losing out fours years in a row due to lack defence and midfielder, he then managed to get rid of World class in Jan lehman due to few mistakes. The writing was on the wall and he went out and bough ageing defender from United . By now Arsenal played great attacking football throughout season matching other top team for league. But once the final few games came on view injuries. Lack of experience under pressure,naivety combined with Wenger own blunders meant they begun to lose games in either of last three months.

These has now happened again and despite everyone pointing out lack of quality goalkeeper, defence and holding midfielder he refused to accept it. And his stubborness is incredible to witness and he has created kindergaten enviroment in the emirates. They bottle each tine their is pressure to wins big games,it his filtered down to all players.

Wenger has grown senile and most of his decision are simply out of order. Any good premier league could take over Arsenal and get them over hurdle full stop.

I no longer see any hope I Arsen after Wigan game. It over and no Mount of dressing would heal the wound it was so painful. It funny but we have been defeated last few years line these and now it real bad. Supporting Arsenal us like waiting for the bully to beat you up. Weak and disaster waiting to happen Round every corner.

Good luck with Cuteh game guys, would watch but from now on even if the lost by large score it would not sulfide me at all. At best I see ourselves as mid table team.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Just what I felt like reading. My heart sank seeing the headline thinking, "there goes another good blog down that same old cop-out." Wenger's method has been frustrating since the Invincibles disbanded, but there's no denying it has been the correct method. I despise clubs like Chelsea and City who try and just buy success. Debt is no laughing matter, and it will catch up to those clubs that have so grossly overspent. We have shown solid improvement, and in players like Fabregas, Song, RVP, Vermaelen, Ramsey and the like, there is real potential for a title-winning side that breathes Arsenal and lives for that Red and Whirt jersey.
Keep the faith, Gooners!

Anonymous said...

Most Arsenal fans aknowledge Wenger has been inspirational, sublime and a class act for the this very fine historic football club, and rightly so. He has been as David Dein said many time a miracle worker!

However all good things come to an end. It was not the Arsenal season ticket holders who requested and pushed for club to move stadiums! it was the board and THE MANAGER. We where told that the relocation would make Arsenal football club competive in the transfer market. Well they where wrong and wrong big time. We have been told for several seasons there is money to be spent If Wenger requires it. This statment has been rubbish.

Wenger always said finishing below 1st was a failure! now he thinks finishing in the top 4 is an achievement!!!! his ambitions have changed! if Arsenal want to be recognised on the World satge as being crediable they have to show the balls prove it! Now Mourinho maybe disliked but there is no getting away that for EVERY big match he is involved in, you have confidence he will produce the goods. Wenger has lost confidence from most fans (which happens in most business models at the end there life spans). Wenger keep telling the fans I believe. I believe Alumina is world class, Sendross is world class etc etc so when you contiually see theses staments fall at the 1st hurdle everytime, you will be scrutinised and cirticised! and deservedly so!

No one should be bigger than Arsenal football club. We should not be afraid of change. Guardiola or Mourinho could both offer renewed optimism with the club and bring back a winning mentality. Not offer long rewarding contracts to players who haven't earnt the right for reward.

Let Weneger go with some dignity which will allow him to be applauded and loved everytime he visits the club. Offer him a position in the board!

But come on we have moved to a big stadium, we have lot's of history behind us. Let's push on and be ambitious. This club has everything in place to be the BEST!! Lets prove it!

That is why (as massively disappointing it is to say) Wenger should step down. A Guardiola or Mourinho is required to take us too the next step.

Lost Soul said...

"Wenger is suffering for Arsenal Football Club. The future of Arsenal is secure because he sacrificed himself for the good of the club."

Silly of me to quote you on your blog, but I really wonder how many other people realize this.

Its also amazing how some people make out Arsene Wenger to be a person who DOESN'T want to spend money on good players who can win him trophies.

Great stuff wrighty. Write more often!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why do some people not look at Chelsea after Mourinho was gone 3 years ago? They bring in World Cup winning coach Scholari, Grant, even Hiddink, with the same team of players more or less, but Chelsea won almost nothing...From this we can see the importance of the coach. If Arsenal bring in a new coach, we have to buy another team--Cesc will be the first to go, perhaps Persie too--or else we wont stand a chance to win anything for a few years.
Personally I would prefer Arsenal to win nothing to playing the Mourinho type of 'dirty' football. Winning a game or a trophy will bring us short team excitement and happiness, but not a legend, not something we will remember for the rest of our lives. Every time Arsenal fails now, I can look back to the Invincible Season and rejoice in the football played then. The 5-3 win over Middlesborough, 4-2 win against Liverpool. Henry's goal against Spurs...etc. Who will remember the Chelsea team Mourinho built who win two PL champions? Any Chelsea game in those two years? We will remember the 1974 Holland team. Who will remember the West German team of 1986? The team of Matthus?
Forget it. Beautiful football ahead of trophies!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wihtout Wenger we'd be another liverpool - we'd have needed to spend 250 million on players over the last 5 years just to keep us where we are with another manager. Instead we have a new stadium and have saved loads of cash on the team. Most teams that build a new stadium go down BIG TIME. Southampton, Bolton, Ipswich, Coventry, Man City the list goes on ALL RELEGATED AFTER BUILDING ONE. Okay we're a class above that list, but at least respect what Wenger has done gooners, cos no one else, and I mean no one, could have kept up competitive and actually made £ in the last 10 years. The future of the club is very very rosy, 3rd biggest in the world apparantly now. I just hope proper funds will be available now for next season. When Wenger does go (whenever that may be) we will need the cash and sh*t loads of it for any other manager to even keep us where we are now, and to Wenger who has sacrifised personal ambition to put the future of our great club first, I can only commend him

Anonymous said...

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ironman 1000 ironman 1000
weider 5000 weider 5000
stamina 1305 stamina 1305
body champ it8070 body champ it8070
stamina 1050 stamina 1050
inmotion e1000 inmotion e1000
nautilus r514 nautilus r514

Olive said...

Arsene is deluded.....i remember he once said this team is the best team he has managed??????

Anonymous said...

I hope, you will find the correct decision.