Sunday, 25 April 2010

Disappointing But Maybe Some Perspective Is Needed?

It appears that in the minds of our players the campaign ended when Lionel Messi knocked us out of the Champions League.

Since that hiding Arsenal have been about as much use as a one-legged man at an arse-kicking contest. We have been diabolical.

I've the heard the term 'European hang-over' before, well let's just say that must have been one hell of a piss-up!

After so much promise the way the season has ended has been very, very disappointing. Whilst we are 'pot-less' again I think maybe a little perspective is due.

Let me start by saying that I do not believe that finishing (nearly there) third in the Premiership is a brilliant achievement. To be fair, third place (nearly there) is for losers.

You just don't win trophies for coming third (nearly there) do you?

But cast your mind back to last summer. By rights, according to 'experts' and many others (including some Gooners) Arsenal shouldn't be where we are right now in the league table.

We should be where Liverpool are.

Arsenal wasn't expected to even compete for the Champions League places, let alone the title, so are things really that bad?

If you believed everything you read, heard or saw in the summer of 2009 then Manchester United, Chelsea, Spurs, Manchester City, Liverpool and even Aston Villa should be above us right now.

How many of those mentioned actually are?

The truth is Arsenal are not that far away from becoming the best team in England. By far too. We are the nearly men and that has to be addressed. I think it will be.

Wenger could have strengthened in January but he didn't. Maybe that is what cost us winning the title this season maybe it isn't. What I really feel though is Arsene is ready to spend this summer.

He appears to be hinting at making some signings and while I know we have heard it all in the past I genuinely believe he will strengthen our squad with quality. He needs too, and I reckon he knows that now.

The problem is the likes of those mentioned above will add to their squads making our future tasks even harder. From next season the Premiership will not be a top-four, it will be a top-seven.

I believed that Arsenal would win the title this campaign, I said it last August. I was wrong but so are those who doubted we would even make the Champions League for next season.

So while the season has ended on a disappointing note maybe it hasn't been that bad. As I've said, third isn't something to shout about but it's better than most expected.

A title-challenge is the least I'd expect from Arsenal and until a couple of games ago that is what we had.

Our challenge ended prematurely this year but if Wenger makes the right signings this summer then I'll go out and predict that Arsenal will be Champions next season again even if most will predict the usual doom and gloom that we won't even finish in the top-four.

Keep it Goonerish.................


danz said...

Bollocks wrighty,we are miles behind even when we have our strongest line up available,we need a massive overhaul of this squad and alot of money needs to be spent for us to catch up.

Joppa Road said...

Was looking at my pre-season post and I thought we would do very well. I tend to think though the standard has dropped rather than us go forward. Our defence is awful despite the TV signing.

I think there is a real lack of winners in the team and I think Wenger's tactics in some of the big games has been very poor yet again.

I don't think the Prem will be this weak again - it was a great chance to take the title but we simply were not good enough in the end.

One more season and then surely there has to be change. I don't give two shits about the new stadium, balancing the books etc, I want players who don't mind putting their foot in when they have to and the domestic cups taken seriously.

I want our kit back to proper white sleeves and not the usual BS that Nike give us.

I want us never to look like Spurs when we play away in europe because is sells a few more shirts.

I want our history protected and not just cast aside because we moved stadium.

I want fans to create an atmosphere at the Emirates and not just wait until the team is winning.

I want a proper badge and not the fisher price disgrace we have now.

I want the England flag allowed to be seen in the stadium and not banned because Cyriots and Greeks (or whoever it was) don't get on.

I want a GK who is a winner and not a waiter.

If City do get that champs league spot all the top 3 are in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Good post wrighty. For me I think the players gave it up after the birmingham game. I do agree that we are not that short, a couple of defenders and a little luck with less injuries and next year we will be better. Its been a disappointing year and sometimes tough to be a arsenal supporter but supporting arsenal is for life.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry but if Manchester United had rooney out for the whole season, they would be fucked. Considering the amaount of players that were out injured at crucial points in the season, we have done extremly well.

Anonymous said...

Arsene could only have 'improved' the squad in January if the players he needed were available. In a world cup year they were not, so I hardly think you can hold that against him. How many quality players actually moved in January?

As for 3rd place being a failure, it's relative to where we were expected to be and also bearing in mind the level of injuries to key players that we have had to deal with. I would say it is an improvement on last season and therefore not to be scoffed at. There are many teams below us, who spend way more than we do, who would be glad to be in our position, so perspective is definitely called for.

danz said...

And by the way,finishing 3rd is still not a dead cert for us.

Anonymous said...

If memory serves the last time we lost a match when we had our first choice 11 out was the 06 CL final. RVP alone was a huge loss to us this year let alone all the others.
Chelsea can attest to what he did to them last season.
Some you win some you lose but a threadbare squad can compete on 4 fronts and pushing for the cups may have cost us the CL spot.
AW's job has been very difficult and he has taken the flak for the board who keep the keys to the vault but dont allow him access regardless of what they say.

There can be no doubt however that he will be given serious bucks to spend this summer because if they dont give him the readies they know that they lose him.
It is that simple.

I'm am pretty sure that he is sick of all the criticism from fans and media when he isnt allowed spend a fraction of the money that he has helped make for the club.
We profitted 30 mil on transfers last summer. You think Wenger wouldnt like a David Villa or karim Benzema in his side? Of course he fucking would. He just doesnt have the option and having to bring the club in line with the new UEFA's financial rules havent helped even though we are the benchmark in the sport.

Bring on the summer and since it is a world cup year the business will be done early.

This time next year Man City and Chelsea will be headed into court with UEFA over CL admission being denied and everybody will be heaping praise on our set up conveniently forgetting the sacrifices that were made and the intense criticism levelled suffered by AW to achieve it.

You cant have it every fuckin way.

Look at Liverpool. Bought Torres for monster money pay 6 figure sums for wages and now they are fucked and I do mean proper fucked. They are never getting back in the CL.

Those who complain need a better overview beyond their own chilish tantrums. Football is huge business now and there is more at stake than trophies. The next five years will bring a fucking cull the like of which has never been seen before. Debt and UEFA are going burn football in England and after the dust has settled we will see who is on fucking top.


Anonymous said...

Annon 18:33

Spot on post mate.
There's the big picture and then the biggest picture and you've summed it up beautifully.

I'm voting for you on May the 6th;)

Joppa Road said...

Anon 19:22

Where is your proof of this huge cull? You honestly think that the clubs are not more powerful than UEFA? Do me a favour. As for them banning the likes of City, Chelsea, Madrid, Milan - well if you think that is going to happen then you are an even bigger fool than you make out on here.

You convieniently forget that we charge the some of the highest prices in world sport to attend. You talk about balancing the books being more important yet its not just the board who say money is available - Wenger does too. Or are they both lying? If so then its a case of the club treating fans (who happen to pay the highest prices in world sport) like children. If the club was to say look bear with us this is the way its going to be for a while then I think they average supporter may be a little more accepting as they dig deep to go to games.

I am sure Arsene is a very good business man but the fact remains that mistakes are being made on a tactical level - does that not worry you? The club seem to lack players who lack that X factor as in being natural winners. There is no plan B. Doesn't any of this bother you either? The fact that Wenger treats the FA Cup with distain now.

You say football is a huge business. Well done, we didn't know that.

Your argument is not beyond question so don't write as if its gospel because it clearly isn't.

pauly h said...

im very happy coming 3rd and getting to the last 8 of the c league , that is a good effort totally pissed off that we threw the fa and league cups for no good reason , to win one or both of the cups would have meant we had a very good season and something to show for it , the very sad thing is he will chuck them both next year as well .all very ugly

PTangYangKipperBang said...

The problem was that we had the whole spine ripped out. For some games we were playing like a Chelsea without Cech, Carvalho, Terry, Essien, Lampard and Dogbreath. How well would they've done I wonder?

Danish Gooner said...

Bollocks,now is not time for calculated thinking it is time for one massive knee jerk reaction.During last pre season everyone bar Wenger knew the squad needed an overhaul after another dreadful demolition by Manure and Chelsea what did he do,sign Vermaelen and noone else,how dimwitted as a maanger can you get ?? You witnessed beforehand two seasons going down in flames because of injuries and then you cripple the squad even more by selling 2,letting 2 go out on loan and only signing 1 that is a big fat minus 3.Then you have the audacity to claim that the squad is strong enough even though Gibbs and Djourou were out of the squad even before the season took off that is a massive minus 5 on a squad that is treadbare and fragile.Furthermore this pl season has been crap Chelsea and Manure are great but the rest is complete dross and that includes us,it is beyond comprehension that we couldnt put teams like burnley,sunderland and other also rans to the sword,it is not as Wenger proclaims because the Pl is strong it is because we are weak,mentally,physically and tactically.Wenger out is the right knee jerk reaction otherwise it will be another season of pointless sideways passing without any end product and calamity defending combined with the odd slaughter of some rubbish journeyman team.

PTangYangKipperBang said...

Couldn't disagree more DaneGoon. That would be like really throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Too radical. At this high level it would never work. Wenger has changed things so dramatically during his, and Arsenals, Most Successful Period. His leaving must be well thought out. Players like Fabregas and others are here because of him and may leave. A dramatic, hasty exit by Wenger would cause us problems. Plus, he's a fuckin genius and has great integrity towards the club.

Anonymous said...

While I'm not as pessimistic as danz and Danish Gooner, I don't feel as if we're that close to being the best team in England. Let's face it, we played pretty poorly against the top teams this year, i.e. Chelsea, Manure, Barca. I think we are clearly a step below the best teams in the PL and Europe. We were in the title chase due to Chelsea and Manure dropping points, not because we were playing awesome.

As for Wenger spending money...I'll believe it when I see it. I'm not expecting him to sign Davis Silva, Ribery, and Buffon, but gives us something more than Silvestre and Campbell. Though in fairness, Campbell was a good signing. We want to believe that Wenger will spend, but deep down inside, we all know when Sept. 1 rolls around, Wenger is going to have a press conference talking about how he wanted player X, but wasn't willing to spend X amount.

All I know is that if we don't have a new keeper next year, Wenger needs to have his head examined. Anyone with half a brain can see that our first team keepers are at best Championship quality.

Anonymous said...

Joppa road I suppose time will tell all regardingmy post which seems to have offended you.
However what offends me is when I hear whining "fans" complain about how expensive we are.

You see you are operating from the perspective of a dissatisfied customer unhappy with the Arsenal product whereas I am an Arsenal supporter so come rain or shine in good times and bad I get behing the team and the manager and I appreciate what I have as a supporter.

your type disgust me. The unwelcome byproduct of concentrated success and 20,000 extra stadium seats. Your kind dont remember ahta a dry Trophy spell really is. You most likely don't even remember football pre-premiership era.

Your lack of appreciation for what we have shames our club. You should probably try switching to man city. If anybody can use money for a quick fix it is them.
peace out.

Joppa Road said...

Anon you are a fool.

If you want to talk ticket prices I am more than happy to do so. I am currently writing a piece on the comparison with the Bundesliga where the average price is around £15.

I have probably been an Arsenal fan a lot longer than you having supported them since 1982 when we were an average side at best. You may remember Liverpool, Spurs and Everton being the superior teams around this time. My son is named after a famous Arsenal manager, I like to think the club has my support.

You argument is that because you are an Arsenal supporter you cannot question anything Wenger does because it amounts to being unloyal and a traitor. Luckily in we live in a democracy.

I question what Wenger has done over the last 5 seasons and I question the stance the club has decided to take. That doesn't mean I don't care about the club, I just happen to disagree with a lot of what you say and have a different opinion.

I think what pretty much sums you up is when you refer to Arsenal as a "Product".....there lies the problem.

Joppa Road said...
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Anonymous said...

Yeah I know Arsenal are not that far from becoming a top team ie winning the title.However this has been the case these last few years if not back in 2003.
To refresh the memory,Arsene shd have bought a defender after letting Upson go.He did not when the team was crying out for a defender. Of course it helps if the ref is ou your side.
The red face was playing the same day when three gunners were syced down by Bolton.No action was taken by the ref.As for the red faced ,his goalie pulled down the striker. Being the last defender, he shd have been red carded.But no. To rub salt into the wound he saved the penalty.
If nothing is done ie more kids as opposed to the quality players fans expect,the gunners could struggle for fourth place.
Btw If Chelsea had not won,I will go gunning for the referee.The blues had two clear penalties denied. That's why many refs are hoping and helping the rd faced to win.

Anonymous said...

You must be sick how many 500M stadiums you think we are going to build cuts up a bit of change the side is 100m short of winning, winning the title has only been a goal of fools or dreamers 4 the last 5 years top 4+PL last 8+CL thats been the objective 50M profit in transfers over the last 5 years compered to Wenger spending 50M in 2000 because he had to but its almost over let the good times roll

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


pat said...

the gunners are not that far off - to end up with 3rd and be challenging for top spot 90% of the way considering the horrific injury list is a creditable performance, not heroic and yes there are some issues with some players maybe they are not good enough but I wouldnt dump Wenger - I'm not sure how I feel if the squad isnt shored up at the back especially and I guess we are getting this Chamkh guy - hopefully he transforms into Ronaldo (take your pick which one) when he gets to the Emirates...

Year 8 SSA JB Class 2010 said...

It was all false hope! We were pushing for the title because of MU and Chelski losing unexpectedly and we were beating the lower rung teams. In reality, we did not have the team that can push for league title. You can't win title with players like Diaby, Denilson, Silvestre, Eboue etc. These guys have been with Arsenal for quite a number of seasons and the consistency of their game is laughable.

Con said...

Some say the Board and Wenger have always said there is money available to buy players but havent spent big in the last 5-6 years. Joppa Road says they should of come out and said "look bear with us this is the way its going to be for a while"

Do you really think Arshavin, Nasri, Vermealen, Walcott, Wilshere, Ramsey would of even considered coming to our club if that was said? Be serious. No club is going to come out and say “we are struggling financially, bear with us for a while”

But what Wenger said was also true, if the right player was available at the right price, he would buy. Having said this though, Wenger is not stupid, and will not rush out and buy players if the billionaire owners of other clubs in the market have pushed prices to ridiculous levels and secondly players have to be out of contract or their club has to actually want to sell them. Its as simple as that.

Yes we pay some of the highest prices for our tickets, but we also have one of the best stadiums in Europe. I think you need to get perspective here.

You say, what has Wenger done is the past 5 years? Wenger has done the following:

•Taken our club from a 36,000 capacity 100yr old+ stadium to a state of the art, 60,000+ capacity stadium that will set our club up financially for many years to come, competing with the big boys.

•Reduced our debt from over 450 million pounds to less than 150 million in a few short years (as soon as the last sales of the old Highbury are realised)

•During this lean time has stayed competitive both in the Premier League and CL. (and other competitions)

•Ensured we qualified for CL every season despite our financial weakness.

•Played some of the most outstanding football in the country delighting supporters and non-supporters alike.

Can ManU, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spuds, ManC, Villa claim this? NO!!

Get some perspective gooners!

The only way is up!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

as useful as a one legged man in an arse kicking competition... absolute belter... havent been on here in a while as it doesnt seem to appear in newsnow anymore, but it'll be bookmarked along with the others from now on... as for arsenal and wenger, i think wenger should be given up until the week before the transfer deadline, and if we havent recruited proven quality players, who are going to be first teamers, then he should be moved upstairs or shipped out... or if we find that there is no money available then ill happily continue with arsene, but the noise coming out of the club, both from the board and the manager seems to be that we have plenty of funds and there shouldnt be any problems getting the players we need

Anonymous said...

yet another defeat, still in wenger you blindly trust

Olive said...

We don't just need a few all honesty we need about 5....right through th spine of the team