Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Well Surely That Argument Is Finally Killed Off?

How people can say that Wayne Rooney is the best footballer on the planet while Lionel Messi is around is beyond me.

That little Argentinian git has more talent in his little toe-nail than Rooney has in his whole body. The boy is unbelievable, as we found out tonight.

Don't get me wrong, I'm gutted we are out of the Champions League. I honestly believed that we would beat Barcelona but sometimes you have to give praise when its due, even if it hurts to say it.

We Gooners have just seen the greatest player in this generation and in my opinion a player who will surpass even the likes of Pele and Diego Maradona as the best footballer of all-time.

Well that's enough of my Messi arse-licking. I'm sure Andy Gray and the media will do more than enough of that.

What of Arsenal? I just hope we can pick ourselves up for the rest of the Premiership campaign.

This season we have shown good character when needed and holy shit we need some of that now.

We have just over a week until our next game, against those wankers from down the road, and the gap in games could go either way.

Sometimes you need to play straight away to get over a result like tonight's but obviously we won't be. A weeks rest will either do us good or it could fester in the players minds.

I think the result won't be too damaging. The players know that they have just come up against a cracking side who have an even more cracking player in their ranks.

If anything tonight should spur them on.

As I've said, it's disappointing to lose but it's no disgrace to be beaten by who we have just lost too.

The way Barca have played over two-legs would have seen them knock any club out.

I genuinely hope that Barcelona win the trophy now. They play the right way and Arsenal could learn a lot from them.

We play a similar way but I think that they are better without the ball. The hard-work and pressure they put on opponents is quite amazing.

For now let's get behind the boys in our final push for the Premiership title. We can do it and we have to believe it.

Keep it Goonerish.............


Boris _ said...

I agree with you about Messi but
we gave them 2 cheap goals-and let me clear this correctly SILVESTRE gave Messi tonight 2 asists.
I knew it from the start that we will lose cos I saw Silvestre in the lineup.
I am now looking forward to the summer ,to see with who are we going to bolster our defence.

Chrispy said...

Wrighty, you talk a load of pants some of the time but tonight you are spot on, m8.
I'm off to down a load of cough mixture to knock me out and prevent nightmares. Tomorrow's another day and I can't wait to give the Spuds a good pasteing in their own backyard.

Anonymous said...

Damn right wrighty!
Thought we did ok the first 20 minutes, but how do you want to survive with silvestre in a game of this magnitude, with a player from outta space?? You just can't call any superlative that match that guy with the number 10, incredible! But as always, we think what might have been... When's that freekin curse of injuries going to stop? Come On Arsenal, make us proud and beat the spuds and go on to win the precious league title!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a good effort considering the number of players we were missing.

Messi is brilliant... maybe the premier league and media will get off Rooney's ballsack for a couple of weeks.

Lets hope one or two of Gallas, Sol, Song, RVP, Arshavin arfe back for the spuds.

Marko said...

Boris, if you want to know who will bolster our defence, you don't have to wait until the summer.
I can tell you right now. It is this promising young Swiss defender.
His name is Johan InDjorou.

barney said...

I think we played wonderful football..probably the best we have played this whole season over the two legs..but we just ran across a team that does our job better than us.. If we play the rest of the premier league matches like how we played agains't Barca, we will win them all..dead sure of it..

Boris _ said...

Marko, hahaha I dont think Djourou is up for the task, if he is by now so affected by injuries his knee i guess by his age... I dont think so.
Samba from Blackburn is an interesting choice. And for me the best German Golkeeper Manuel Neuer.
That is a preety good start for me :)

Anonymous said...

I just want to see us learn from these experiences and get better. That should start with defending. Everyone praises Barca for the way they win the ball back, high up the pitch, but surely that can be coached into players?? Players like Messi are born with their skill but closing down is just coaching, so we could get to be as good as them at that - in fact, we started the season against Everton playing like that and scored 6 but it soon faded away.

Anonymous said...

With Silvestre, Campbell, Gallas and Senderos all coming to the ends of their contracts in the summer, and Djorou needing a season to get back into his game, that really only leaves us with Vermaelen in central defence.

He'll probably draft in a youngster like Nordtveidt, fair enough, but if Wenger doesn't buy two proper cebtral defenders this summer, he is incompetent and should be relieved of his control of transfers.

We can't keep stumbling into the business end of the season putting out makeshift defences with geriatric players to face the likes of Messi.

Are we serious about challenging or what?

Anonymous said...

Barca weren't THAT much better than us...I felt they were there for the taking...certainly we had 4 or 5 clear cut chances to score after our goal. A more focused Arsenal side would have buried those chances. And Messi was class but at least three of his goals were avoidable. More composed, focused defending would have stopped Messi's 1st, 2nd and 4th. None of their other players looked a threat at all.

Anonymous said...

I want us to go back there next year. Barca are there for the taking. We will win at the Nou Camp under Wenger I'm sure of it.

Goons_with_Guns said...

Summer Bargain Basement sale at Arsenal FC!

A. Diaby
T. Rosicky
P. Senderos
M. Silvestre
M. Alumnia
L. Fabianski

Also for sale:

A. Wenger

Please Real Madrid, buy Wenger at a cut rate price because he ignores our FA and League Cups and because he can puts his f**king French past-it players, in which he places Country before Club, to your Mob of a club!

Last chance Saloon before we send them off to the Landfill!

Thanks for looking!

Anonymous said...

Outclassed by a better team with a better squad and with better players... As much as everyone thinks we have impro ed this year, if it weren't for Chelsea and machester united having an awful season we would be exactly where we would last year... Put simply we have run out of excuses and our pass and move exciting football is done and dusted as for all our co plaining about teAms kcking us we got spanked by a team who does what we do only better... None of our players seem likes they believe they could it tonight and it's no wonder why, our squad is pretty poor... Withouth cesc and song we really are a poor side in top level company, as for arsh and gallas without wong and fanregad gallas does t matter, and Arsh has been pretty
much awful all year... We've been found out against a team who is better at everything than us, but what's more is we haven't given a decent account of ourselves o er the two legs which does bother me more than the manner in which we lost...

Anonymous said...

There will be some who will hammer the team for what they see as a lack of performance, but that's unfair. To ask a team which was not expected to beat Porto, not expected to make the top four, to go to the home of the European Champions without Cesc, Arshavin, VP, Gallas, and Song, and then slate them for losing is simply not acceptable. And, on a personal note, I'd far rather go out to this Barcelona team, than get to the final with three kids, Doris the tea lady, and a lame duck as the only ones able to pull on the shirt just to be destroyed by Man United.

Anonymous said...

If only Diaby had passed right rather than left 60 seconds after the first goal we could have been 2 nil up and then we would see how Barca are like when the shoe is on the other foot.
Alas it was not to be . Wenger was very quick to mention that chance in his post match comments so dont be surprised if Diaby is on his bike in the Summer. Wenger doesn't forgive fatal mistakes in important CL games just ask Robert Pires.

arsenal4ever said...

@ Goons_with_Guns spot on for your comment but Diaby out I dont want see. He was one of the better players tonight. Bendtner should have scored after his good pass!!! Wenger already used his age excuse again. Pathetic cunt!!! Got to RM as you already said!! We need a manager with tactical skills not a stubborn idiot like him!!! Wenger out simple as that!!!!

Mario Zagallo said...

Wrighty, when people talk about world class players in England, you have to put things in perspective; is part of the propaganda. Rooney is a player who have just been putting some goals away this season.

Where was he, when C Ronaldo was there? Nowhere to be seen!Why?

Because the comparison perspective is a different one when you have a World Class player next to you; it makes you look average.

So in my view, is an insult to real World Class like Messi or Ronaldo, to even try to put Rooney in that level. Basic technique and non-existent skill compared to those 2, again propaganda by the English media just as they did with Beckham trying to promote them as skillful players and world class.

He is a good player in what he does for Man U, and a very good player in the actual english lack of talent scenario.

Nothing else!! I wouldn't certainly play him ahead of Van Persie for that matter.

So next time they talk shit about this World Class propaganda thing, don't thing twice, just tell them to get lost.

Nowadays any cat or dog is a World Class Player.

1st leg Bayern v Man U, Andy Gray had the nerve to call Darren Fletcher World Class and same time joker Richard Keys asked him if he thinks Ribery can be called World Class.
All Man U arse lickers.

Tonight we were beaten by the masters, so hands up and praise when is due, without any bitch-hunting that some Arsenal so-called supporters, like to do when we lose, as we can see started doing already.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Senderos, Gallas, Campbell, Silvestre can all leave for free, no problem.

Rosicky, Eduardo, Denilson and Diaby should all be given one more season to show that they can still offer us something.

And Wenger needs to figure out wtf he's doing with Vela.

Anonymous said...

Can i just say...

Bendtner = Star!

Anonymous said...

Might as well just make Fabianki no.1 next year. Wenger likes to give each of his keepers their turn at the jersey. Almunia hasn't been fantastic, he got three years at the top, he's done enough to earn a move to a mid level la liga side. Give Fab his shot with Mannone as sub. If he sucks, give it to Mannone. If he sucks, Chesney will save the day.

Anonymous said...

For any player to score four times means he is either a great player or he is given too much time and space.I would say it's both.Messi was quiet in the first leg but last night he was from a different planet.
In the epl,any dangerous striker is earmarked for special marking. I remeber Henry at times had two/three defenders on his trail. why couldn't a similar plan be executed for Messi. I believe Mourino will have something to shackle Messsi.

Lost Soul said...


I just hope barcelona keep this up against mighty mouth jose. It'd be terrible if he won another cup. I really wonder if barcelona can play as well against an Inter side that wont try to play the game like arsenal did.
Luckily we have a week to recover and I hope we stuff them spurs to celebrate St.Totteringham's day on their turf.

Anonymous said...

Silvestre in the starting line up against barca in CHL decider is an absolute joke.

ok u have injuries but u gotte prepare for that and there is NO WAY Senderos would have been worse than Silvestre.

Wenger ffs stop messing around and go get us a new keeper and then send Silvestre to notts county.

Anonymous said...

Well Surely That Argument Is Finally Killed Off?

What the one that we play like barca - fucking make me laugh.


The one where you know anything about football.

"we can win in spain, we done it in madrid and we can do it again"

You know fuck all about football mate go clean out some bins.


Anonymous said...




scottpuffin said...

Statistically, Fabregas has had a better season then Rooney. People bang on about Rooney, he's doing well in a Man United team where chances come every couple of minutes.

United fans are idiots, and they cannot compare the likes of Messi, or even Ronaldo (as much as I hate to say it), to Rooney. They're on a different planet.

thedarklord said...

Yeah, Rooney will flop with in any other team and any other league..

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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