Saturday, 19 February 2011

Arshavin's Goal Was Better Than Rooney's

I'm not taking anything away from Wayne Rooney here. His goal (despite flying in off his shin) against Manchester City was a marvellous one.

Sky Sports certainly thought it was. Since the goal I must have seen it replayed more times than Rooney has banged call girls.

However, despite the media having a gangbang over it, I still think that Andrei Arshavin's one against Barcelona the other night was better.

Call me biased, call me a twat, I don't care. As Paul Merson would say, Arshavin's goal was a 'worldy'.

I've heard that Rooney's was special because it happened in the Manchester derby. The most important derby since 1345. Well, given the circumstances, I agree with that. It was special.

The game was neck and neck, mano el mano and needed something out of the ordinary to win the game. Rooney provided the finish and United won. Well done.

I'd argue that Arsenal's second against Barcelona was more important and the game far more bigger than the Manchester derby though.

According to most people this Barcelona side are the greatest team on planet Earth. Some even say that they are the greatest team in the universe. Ever.

Like others I really rate this Barca team too and I have to say that their gaffer, Pep Guardiola, is a wonder. In fact, I'd love him to take over us when Arsene Wenger leaves the club.

Because of all this it was vital that we took something to the Camp Nou and because of our fantastic winner we will do.

The way we took Barcelona apart to score that goal was nothing short of magical. We cut them open more than a surgeon performing a heart bypass.

The ITV commentator (a right tool) said it was a Barcelona goal scored by Arsenal. Wrong. It was an Arsenal goal scored by Arsenal and not only that, it was better than Rooney's.

The importance of it is unrivalled, the execution was more deadly than Saddam Hussein's, and the whole build-up and finish didn't rely on one ounce of fortune.

It was football, and Arsenal, at its purest.

Had it come from Barcelona or, dare I say, Manchester United, people would have gone into a orgasm frenzy of epic proportions.

Rooney's strike, albeit brilliant, could have ended up on planet Mars. It didn't and was a great goal.

Arshavin's goal, at the end of a move tearing the best team in the world a new arsehole, was better. Much better.

Keep It Goonerish............


Anonymous said...

"Sky Sports certainly thought it was. Since the goal I must have seen it replayed more times than Rooney has banged call girls."

Wrighty7 at his best! Reading your jokes makes my day.

Anonymous said...

Dont agree. Rooneys was better mate.

Anonymous said...

An overhead fluke (that even the granny shagger admitted ends up in the stands 9 out of 10 ten times) versus a team goal that ripped to pieces the so-called best team ever? Arshavin every time,

Anonymous said...

Only a blinkered manU fan would disagree.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Arshavin's goal was better.... But Cashley's penalty miss was even better! :-D

Danny said...

finally someone who agrees with me, i have been going round saying this since wednesday night, it was even better than the argentina goal v mexico at the world cup in '06, unbelieveable and in the biggest game of the season too. pure brilliance! Hell even Merson said it today and the rest of the twats basically laughed at him!
Going a bit of topic here mate, but liking the new page layout haha :)

roh_top_gun said...

I tend to agree with you Wrighty... I felt Arsha's finish was way better... But it would be naive to mock at people who think rooney's was better... Lots of people tend to have a greater attraction for a goal of individual brilliance rather than top-notch passing and teamwork... But Arsha's goal over Rooney's for me, any day... Having said tat, seein Anelka and cashley fuck up their PKs made my day...

Savage said...

I'm hearing over and over in the Gooner world that people get goosebumps just thinking about Arshavin's goal. I've watched that clip many, many times now.

One of the things that annoys me about the Rooney goal is the fact that it came off a deflection. That wrong-footed the defence, giving Rooney an unnatural space to deliver from. Right from the first time I saw that replay, the element of deflection diluted the goal.

There was no such dilution in the Arsenal effort. It was pure, untampered genius, against a much bigger team and a far more historic occasion.

Wrighty7 said...

@Anon 18:16; Thanks mate! I do try.

@Danny; Great minds think alike! Ha ha. Cheers for the comment on the design. I did it all by myself today! I'm a big boy now! Ha ha

@roh_top_gun; I agree mate. Individual goals do attract more attention.

Anonymous said...

If arshavin had scored rooney's exact goal against spurs, say, and rooney/man utd had scored arsh's exact same goal against barca, then we would be saying arshavin's was better (while the media would no doubt be going on about rooney's goal for the rest of the season).
Personally I think rooney's is better because you just don't see it done often, especially in big games like that. Our goal and arsh's finish in particular was brilliance but we will score similar goals this season, although perhaps not in such big games. Rooney's goal in all likelihood won't be repeated this season in the PL.

Anonymous said...

I loved the goal, it was brilliant team work, all exact precise passes, and lethal finish. All barca defense was cut apart and it looked so easy on the eyes.
But I think Van Persie's goal was better than Roo-hole's. He defied the angle, and cut the goal apart. Wouldnt you rate this one higher higher. First goal was sheer individual brilliance, second was total team fluidity with lethal strike. Both better than that struck in Man Derby. First one instilled the belief in me that we will not be empty handed. Second one got me to climax, I loved it, esp against those Barca-whores.

Iceman Gunner said...

HAHAAAHAHAAA! brilliant article.

I agree with you. Rooney's goal was hit and hope. Anyone can try that and anyone can score it. He was just fortunate that the deflection off the Man Shitty defender positioned the ball nicely for him.

You dont have to be a world class player to score that. a conference player could try that and score. All about getting the lucky deflection.

But Arshavin's timing of the run, the placement, the pass, the way Bendtner drew players to release to Wilshere. It was one end of the pitch to another in a blink of an eye!


Gooneramaan said...

Arshavin scored an overhead goal against Wigan.......remember,

Anonymous said...

I will admit arshavins gola was great but I thought van persies goal was amazing and Rooney was so flukey even though he ment to do it he got lucky with how he hit the ball

Anonymous said...

simply love the way you play with words,that is simply robin van perfect

Phil Trask said...

Hi Wrighty7,
I stumbled across your site yesterday and it has given me great amusement and satisfaction so far. I'm in my bar drinking alone (I'm a squaddie based in Germany), and having a riot reading your blog. I do get to come over and watch The Arsenal whenever I want really, but pick and choose games because of cost, f**k me, I'd be there week in week out if I were in God's country...England. I'm over next week, but shit, do I regret not getting those Barca home tickets. When we equalised, I picked my 8 year old up and danced around my living room, when young Andre hit the winner, my 8 year old picked me up and carried (well tried) me around the living room, absolute quality, just like your blog mate, keep it up.....Phil

SierrA ManiaC said...

I really believe Van Persie's goal was a master at his best. Arshavin's was a football brilliance. To score in such a small gap with others like Bendtner around to make use of any other way, it was a goal for taking and any small mistake would have rendered with choicest of abuses on Persie. He took the risk and got it right. Plenty of times it may be replayed, the fact is that it was one of those moments when the master was at the pinnacle of his brilliance.

Arshavin's goal is one which every team would have a pleasure to think. Its a team effort and it derailed another team that was talking about brilliance.

Whatever be the outcome at Camp Nou, the fact is that Barcelona could never come back from Arshavin's goal at all. They might have tried but they were not in the zone to score at all.

It ought to be in those football manuals of every club.

The only reason why I really believe the EPL people still talk highly of Rooney(I remember Adebayor scoring one such against Villareal I believe)is just because he is English. Briton. Its been the fad of the British press to make heroes off zeroes and end of the day they end up where they belong ZEROES.

Good Examples are Greame Hick. Sorry can't find a football name as I come from a cricket crazy country and been watching football just for the past six seven years.

metalhead said...

I've seen Bergkamp score goals like Rooney's for fun. But it never was rated on the best, perhaps because he was not English! Totally agree with you Arshavin's goal was huge!!!

hlynsson iceland said...

rooneys goal was more skillfull, arshavins goal meant much more...
Rooney= look good goal
Arshavin= important goal.

Anonymous said...

Arshavins everytime. Typical biased British media bigging up that fat useless lucky cunt Rooney. Bit like Gazza ..promised loads but delivered fuck all in the end.

Anonymous said...

Both stunning goals, but very different goals altogether.

I'd say they are incomparable as Rooney's was a superb solo effort, Arsenal's was a team move played out to perfection.

Wrighty7 said...

@Phil Trask

Thanks a lot mate. Means a lot coming from someone like yourself.

Anonymous said...

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