Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Tony Pulis Set To Unleash The Kraken!

I'm slightly perturbed by Tony Pulis. In fact, I'm a little more than freaked out.

Usually the man takes every chance possible in his stinking existence to have a pop at Arsenal. Today he kind of gives us a little gee-up.

To say I'm surprised is an understatement and I've come to the conclusion that he has either taken a whack on his head or he has fallen out with his posse.

Alex Ferguson, Phil Brown and Sam Allardyce will be disgusted and sickened that Pulis has given Arsenal a compliment.

I wouldn't be shocked in the slightest if they threw him out of their gang forever. He has some serious sucking up to do.

Rule Number One in their crew is to hate and try to dig out Arsenal or Arsene Wenger at every opportunity given.

What the Stoke City manager has said in the link above is blasphemy of the worst kind. The 'c-word' has nothing on this.

I expect a Tony Pulis backlash after the game tomorrow night.

Fergie would have been on the phone and will demand an apology of biblical proportions.

Not only that, he will want Pulis to pull out the big guns and verbally, if not physically, attack Arsenal in the most outrageous way ever.

In the next 48 hours I predict that Tony Pulis will unleash the Kraken of all slagging offs. And even Perseus will be shocked by it.

Keep It Goonerish........


Anonymous said...


Danny said...

Very Odd for the old cap wearing, glasses donning little arse kisser Pulis to compliment our great club, he won't be saying it after the game once we have given his team a battering! That'll be no doubt after some of there dirty bastards have given Cesc and co. a 'battering'on the pitch :/

Wrighty7 said...

I think there could be batterings than in the chippie Danny!

Anonymous said...

Love the headline, really made me laugh, that and the spuds losing again!

Danny said...

i would say theres 'Mes que un chance' of that happening mate to be fair, especially if they have that thug Shawcross playing, the stats stand up for themselves though... Stoke committed 6 fouls at old trafford... SIX! they will be that many on us in the first 5 minutes at the emirates you can guarantee!

Anonymous said...

I hate the bastard and the Thug Shawcross even more,

Anonymous said...

You guys do realise Tony Pubic has made Shawcross the captain ?

Reward for a career of maiming.


Wrighty7 said...


Now Pulis IS having a pop mate!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back more regularly Wrighty

Anonymous said...

For those going tomorrow I hope you give Shawcross a "warm" welcome.

Keep up the good work Wrighty.


Anonymous said...

Pulis is a cunt.
Nothing more to say really.
Oh wait...
Shawcross is an even bigger cunt.
Yep, that;s it.

Anonymous said...

U FORGOT MARK HUGHES AND the NEWCASTLE MANAGER amongst the gang of idiots led by Sir Alex the lochness monster!

simon_mw said...

brilliant. absolutley brilliant.

Anonymous said...

When Stoke get a throw in we should leave 3 or 4 players up front this will put those c**ts on the back foot as they cant send all the big defenders up and it might even give Chesny more room to come and collect the ball:

we didn’t forget what Blackburn did to us in the 2005 FA Cup semi
brutally trying to injure both Cesc and RVP, Savage with a knee high lunge, Todd with a late unbelievably vicious elbow (his speciality)

We got our own back and put them to the sword at the Grove
my favourite was RVP balancing the ball on his foot and shifting it to Fab who started doing kickups by the cornerflag
when Savage steamed in he nutmegged him cut inside and set up the 6th (yes even the Flamster scored!)

that’s the kind of humiliation I want to see tonight
kickups and nutmegs, losing count of goals scored
Savage was a barbie doll being played with by a pitbull that night
that same level of shame I expect Stoke to be feeling tonight

to misquote Frankenstein (saw it on Monday)
for when I see Shawcross I feel the bile rise in my throat
and it tastes like Satans bile

I want Stoke humiliated, violated, immolated, defenestrated and haruspicated
light them up with goals
throw them out the window down toward the relegation zone
I want to read the future in those scumbags footballing entrails
relegation for them
glory for us

I’m seriously more fired up about this than the beer CupFinal

tommigooner said...

Wrighty -good piece once again mate. But slightly
different matter- sort your wallpaper out geez - it's distracting go back to the old version and keep it simple! Sorry mate I'm a designer..

Anonymous said...

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