Monday, 21 February 2011

I'm Manuel Almunia...Get Me Out Of Here!

Poor old Manuel Almunia really looks like he has had enough doesn't he?

He looks about as interested in playing for Arsenal as Elton John would be in a threesome with Megan Fox and Cheryl Cole and about as nervous as a virgin in the same situation.

To be fair who could blame him?

The Spaniard has never been a favourite with Gooners but even the most battle-hardened Almunia hater would admit that he was badly treated by Arsenal last summer.

Essentially he was hung out to dry, like my delicates, by a very public Arsenal chase for Fulham 'keeper Mark Schwarzer.

How Wenger could ever have expected Almunia to be at his best (no matter how bad that is) after being undermined like this I will never know.

Manuel has been like a dead-man walking ever since. I've seen more life in a tramps vest.

Arsene wanted a new number one and that was more obvious than Peter Crouch at a midget convention. He should have let Almunia go then.

Instead we have a keeper licking his wounds, someone who doesn't want to be here.

Despite Gooners reservations over him, he didn't need deserve this treatment because by all accounts Manuel Almunia is a nice guy.

He should have been allowed a dignified exit.

Keep It Goonerish..............


Anonymous said...

You ill?

Yes I feel really sorry for this poor man who is only paid 2M a year by arsenal to do all that hard work.

Pathetic post that 100% does not capture the mood.

There is a fucking recession on, most people are broke... and you want us to feel sorry for a multi millionaire plucked from nowhere to be an arsenal player 8 years ago?

Get out more.

w12mcee said...

thank god we didnt get schwarzer. cheerz 2 chezney for the next 2 decades!

Anonymous said...

Right on, Wrighty7, at least someone has the decency to stand up for Almunia, a good guy by all accounts and a Arsenal player who never complained despite intense provocations from Lehman and humiliation from management and the 'fans.' Almunia was a very decent 'reflex' goalie who saved Arsenal's bacon a number of times, but he did often falter when he had too much time to think. I'd like to know how many goalkeepers were better in the Premier League a couple of seasons ago - Cech? Van der Saar? Please. That said, still bitterly rue the last quarter of an hour of a game in Paris in the spring of 2006...

Jekyll said...

I think the reason Wenger didn't sell Almunia last summer or this Jan is because no one else is willing to match the wages he is on at Arsenal.

We shouldn't feel too sorry for him, he's had several years of playing at a level above his natural abilities and earning far more money than he ever would at his proper level of mid to lower table Spanish club.

He and his family are set up for life; when he retires he won't be feeling too traumatised by his time at Arsenal.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine this donkey at any of the other big clubs in Europe making mistake after mistake but keeping his place and getting the manager's backing? This CLOWN has repeatedly snatched victories away from arsenal and cost us TWO titles and a Champions League trophy (plus another Champs League final with his abhorrent display at home to ManU)

He must never wear the shirt again!

He had ONE save to make yesterday. ONE save. ONE shot. And he let it go under him like the DONKEY he is! Can you imagine how Arshavin and Song felt after busting a gut for 90mins on top of their schedule to see this CLOWN do nothing for 88minutes and then do that?!


Anonymous said...

"Almunia was a very decent 'reflex' goalie who saved Arsenal's bacon a number of times" ....

When exactly did he save our 'bacon' a number of times? I recall one decent game v ManUre in the Champions League but then he fucked it all up in the return leg letting a Ronaldo free-kick from the Hollowy road line go in at his near post.

He is shit. Was always shit. His final Prem game v West Brom is how we'll always remember him. Useless!

Anonymous said...

That goal he let in from the O's show he has no future at the club. As for all the comments saying he is a good shot stopper, wht is a goalies job!

Anonymous said...

This is football though, it happens every day. He isn't good enough, simple as.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

anon 22:28 says it all bang on.

Anonymous said...

Must agree with wrighty - as much as I am not a fan of Almunia, while he dons the Arsenal shirt, I will cheer him on and support the guy. Booing our own players - that's for the chavs down at Chelski

Ryan said...

Almunia is a worthless tit. He should never play professional football again! Come on UEFA! Wtf is going on? Get this turd out of europe! Manuel, go try cricket wiketkeeping or something..a wicket is in front of you. Not behind. U can get used to that.

Anonymous said...

NICE GUY?? Is that a talent or what? That's the "skill" all premier league teams should look for to play in their teams then. Goodbye Barton, Nolan, etc... You pay a player to perform on the field or to be a nice guy??

Anonymous said...

What a lot of moronic Arseholes - if Almunia does have to play again then he has not going to be particularly motivated with all these Arseholes on his back.

Anonymous said...

Btw - well done Wrighty for not being sheep and having some guts unlike all those Arseholes

Anonymous said...

Meh, Almunia might have gotten a lot of abuse, but Lehman before him got the exact same treatment by Wenger. And in my opinion even harsher as he was a fan favorite, an Arsenal hero, yet unceremoniously dumped for big AlMoney after he made a couple of mistakes. Further, Almunia has been given every chance under the sun and then some to prove his quality, which unfortunately for him, he does not possess.

Anonymous said...

Anon 00:01 & 03, well, almunia's paid to perform, and and very high wages at that. Criticisms against are not levelled based on just a few games but OVER 7-8 YEARS! That's totally a long long time, and he's been found wanting. It's fair to say that fans have been patient; he's got many chances to redeem himself. If fans are wrong about him, would you suggest we keep almunia and ship Szcscesny out instead? Why then was wenger looking at Schwarzer? Wasnt that a good hint that almunia's not good enough? Arsehole? Take a good look in the mirror and you'll see one.

Anonymous said...

we gave him more chances than a whore in paris.

weedonald said...

I like him as a person since he showed respect and patience and did have a few good seasons more or less BUT that said, ask yourself how much we could have won if two things had happened between 2005-2010:

1)RVP,Cesc and Walcott had not been injured so often and
2)Szcezsny had been in nets instead of Almunia?

Right, we would have won a lot more trophies and titles as Almunia lost us at least 50% of the dropped points over 5 years. The other 50% were due to great players getting legs broken, stupid injuries and so on. we owe him respect but that's it...we have all the keepers we'll ever need and Szcezsny is already starting to be a legend at the Arsenal and he's only 20!!!

Anonymous said...

Alumina is not worth for a side who has title hopes, he is not the one for arsenal.

Arsene Wenger loves some gr8 players like Alumina, Denilson, Squillaci..
some times its too difficult to understand the mentality of the Mr Wenger, cheap buys and low wages has one problem, some times you get it right, most of the times not.
some moronic Arsehole wrote, people get on back of alumina, go
#!2&% & die u @&*^%.

Anonymous said...

Almunia is a true legend,he lacks confidence otherwise he is better than seaman & Lehman put together!!! Almunia please hit form and show all these haters

Anonymous said...

He's had more than enough time, he was our number for while seasons FFS! And people now complain that we didn't give "poor Almunia a chance"?

He cost us so many points over the years. He broke our hearts so many times by undoing almost single handedly what our good attack achieves at the other end of the pitch.
I have so many examples of his blunders I wouldn't even know where to begin! And this guy has been the Arsenal FC number one for yeaaaars!
After all these years, time to say farewell Manuel.

8 inch knob said...

100% agree with Anon @ 22.28

Anonymous said...

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