Saturday, 5 March 2011

Bottle-Jobs, Too Reliant On RVP And Cesc, Just Plain Unlucky?

........Or a combination of all three?

I feel very proud and privileged to be a Gooner but at times it can be so frustrating.

I don't know what would be more frustrating, watching that game today, or pulling Kelly Brook on a drunken night out and then being too pissed to get it up.

Probably an equal footing.

All I know is we dropped some very impotent, sorry IMPORTANT, points today and I hope it doesn't cost us at the end of the season.

It's been said that Arsenal have less bottle than Audley Harrison but I don't know if that is the case.

We do rely on Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie a lot but I believe that any club would miss players of that quality.

Perhaps we miss Cesc more than RVP. I know Robin scores loads of goals when he isn't at the doctors but this system we play is built around our skipper and when he isn't involved we can lack creativity.

Why on Earth Arsene Wenger doesn't put Samir Nasri in the middle when Cesc is missing I'll never know. Surely that could go someway to solving that problem?

But then we do know that Arsene can do things a little differently at times.

That said I think its difficult to blame the gaffer for today. We battered Sunderland and at times I thought Arsenal were playing a sausage.

We didn't have the little bit of luck needed. We did everything but score and I honestly believe we wouldn't have scored in a brothel. Unless Wayne Rooney signed for us.

Andrey Arshavin had a goal disallowed and that was a liberty. It was never offside. Cheers Anthony Taylor. You minge.

I suppose it was just one of those days that do your head in but why do we seem to get them more than any other club? Are we cursed? Did we upset a Gypsy who supports Manchester United?

Again it's another day when the opposition 'keeper gets the M.O.M award and I often wonder if these goalies save their best for Arsenal. Like they get some kind of special 'played well against Arsenal' award at the end of the season.

A little bit of credit must go to Sunderland. They came for a point and they earned it.

So all in all, like every Gooner in the universe, I'm very disappointed but lets try and remain positive. There is a long way to go yet and we are still very much involved in a title race.

Keep It Goonerish.............


Anonymous said...

Fair report, more to do with Sunderland's resilience and shocking refereeing than any lack of effort on our part.

Arshavin should have had a penalty as well as the ruled out goal.

Anonymous said...

A well written and objective report. I didn't think they played badly at all (barring denilson) and showed plenty of heart. Unfortunately it was not meant to be due to less than perfect finishing and the gimps in black. Plenty to play for yet. Let the negative cooments begin....

Anonymous said...


goonermichael said...

Thank god for Wrighty

Anonymous said...

It cannot be a coincidence that everytime a oppertunity arises we NEVER take it!!

Yes, the two big decisions didnt go our way today but the first half display was shite! If we put as much effort in during the first half as we did the 2nd half then those decisions wouldn't of mattered.

Do you really think Man Utd would of done what we have done today? NO! is the answer and that is why they will be Champions come May and we will not!

By the end of next Saturday we will be out of all 4 competitions and it will be the same old close yet SO FAR!

And next season without Cesc we will going backwards FAST!


Rohan said...

Good one wrighty7. hope you're doing fine.

Completely agree. very well written

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ChimpSteve said...

Main problem was we played with 9.5 men for a half. Denilson, as ever, a waste of space; while Diaby's modus operandi is sublime to the ridiculous.

Soon as Chamkah came on, the urgency and impetus began.

Keep the faith.

Anonymous said...

'It cannot be a coincidence that everytime a oppertunity arises we NEVER take it!!'

or is it just a coincidence that everytime an opportunity arises, Wenger starts Diaby and Denilson?