Thursday, 26 February 2009

FIFA's '6+5' rule would ruin the English league not Arsenal!

FIFA's '6+5' rule, if allowed in England, would mean that teams must field at least six players who are eligible for England's national team.

Now I've heard a lot of people saying that Arsenal would be knackered if this was the case. Maybe in present times it would affect us but Arsenal aren't the only ones would suffer. I believe the whole English league would suffer as a result.

If this ruling was implemented then football in England would become a shadow of what it is right now. The English Premiership is regarded as the best in Europe, if not the world and like it or not the influx of foreign players has only helped the Premiership become as big as it is today.

People say that English players have suffered as a result of players from over-shores players coming here. I really don't believe that is the case. In my opinion, if anything, the foreign players have helped to improve the standard of football in our country and have raised the standard of English players too.

I'd go as far as saying that we owe a great deal to the influence of these players coming to England. Diet has improved and players now are much better than they were years ago.

I think it is nonsense that English players and England's national team have suffered since the number of foreign players have increased in England. Especially the stuff I've heard that Arsenal are ruining the English game by hardly using any English players.

If an English player is good enough then Arsene Wenger will use him. His passport has no bearing on his chances. That's good enough for me. I couldn't care less if a player was from England or Mexico as long as they do the business for Arsenal.

I've heard that the '6+5' rule would improve the England national team's chances of winning things. I think that is rubbish. England haven't won a thing since 1966. Foreign players really began coming to England in 1995ish so what happened to England from 1966 to 1995 then? Every team had mostly English players in the side and still England won nothing.

The foreign thing is an excuse for our own mediocrity. Having this rule wouldn't improve England's chances of winning things. It would only award mediocre English players who usually wouldn't get in the team. How would that improve England?

The truth hurts and the truth is Arsene Wenger and foreign players have benefited England's league's. Hardly any English people will admit that but its true. We will never admit our own failings and it's easy to blame the influx of foreign players as an excuse.

As I've said people say Arsenal will be ruined. I don't think we will. We have a great crop of young English players coming through and I'm sure the methods they have picked up from Arsenal will be a great benefit to the England national team in the future.

Keep it Goonerish.............


avenell said...

hey wrighty...

I thought it was to do with players coming through our accadamy (our anelka) and not there nationality.

how you doing buddy?

Clear Sleeve said...

Well said. It'll never be allowed anyway. Why don't these idiots try dealing with the real problems in football?

Wrighty7 said...

Hey there Ave,

I thought the same mate but I've read that the ruling only means 6 English and 5 foreign.

I'm good though pal. How are you?

Wrighty7 said...

Clear Sleeve,

Nice one.

While we have the foreigners too blame we will never admit that we aren't really that good mate.

avenell said...

All good mate..

So the price of English players and there wages will go up as they will be in more demand and the clubs will get in more debt.

Just what Blatter/Platini want..

Ole Gunner said...

It's the most stupid idea ever. Why stop there? Why don't we set quotas for graduation in every University. Every graduating set must have 60 percent local nationality.

The final of the 100 metres race at the Olympics must have 30% Asian, 10% European and 15% North American contestants.

Nonsense from a corrupt and morally bankrupt FIFA

Anonymous said...

it is just a conspiracy to stop english teams from conquering the europe. English teams are too strong in europe right now. They want to stop the top players from playing in EPL!!!

Anonymous said...

English clubs conquering Europe only because they had FOREIGN managers (French, Spanish, Dutch etc.) and FOREIGN players (Ronaldho, van Persie, Anelka, Drogba, berbatov).

The only thing English in this whole scenario is the money. A lot of it.

JonJon said...

hey there wrighty

good article, its just fifas corrupt jealous governing bodies tying to create rules to move the balance of power back to the spanish and italian leagues

Anonymous said...

it amuses me when i hear people say that arsenal are in deep shit if this rule goes through...

show me one of the top 4 who would cope with this...

my loserpool supporting mate said arsenal would be relegated if this happened, but non of the other top 4 could field a side og 6 england internationals and still keep the same level of quality

Anonymous said...

afirmative action

chris said...

i dont completely agree with you on this one. the typically best national teams are spain, portugal, italy, netherlands, france, brazil and argentina. i consider only two of those countries to have good leagues (spain and italy) compared to the english one. the main difference, on average, between the spanish, italian and english teams is the economy (and playing style, but that's no point here). when it comes to producing and developing talent, the countries i have listed (except england) are very very good. just look at the top teams out there, every top team has a number of players from some of those countries.

the english clubs have such a good economy that they dont have to rely on producing and developing own talent (eventhough arsenal are quite good at it, most aren't. liverpool and chelsea are excellent examples). and in my opinion this good economy has made the english teams the best in europe, and in the world. if the cl draws allow it, i'm willing to bet that 3 of 4 teams in the semi finals will be english!

so why "waste" many years on a promising talent when they can buy someone really good right now? and fight for silverware right now. in my opinion that has been the trend in england for quite some years now. only exceptional talents (walcott, rooney) will be worth "gambling" on. in this process a lot of talent goes to waste. they dont get the chance on the training field, in competitive matches and no contract renewal.

the results for the english national team speaks for it selves. but i do agree on the diet-thing and good influence wrighty ;)

CescIsGenius said...

FIFA / UEFA didn't have a problem when Milan / Real Madrid were winning Champions League 5 - 10 years ago, but look at their rosters right now:

Real Madrid:
only Casillas, Ramos, Raul are available for the Spanish team that they are starting.

Zambrotta, Maldini, Abbiatti, Pirlo, & Ambrosini are the only Italians who are currently starting

What they don't realize is that this rule would be detrimental to world football. English players would be in higher demand raising their estimated values, further reducing the competitiveness of lower clubs (smaller clubs wouldn't be able to invest in any quality English players w/ the big 4 bidding for every England international)

Bond007 said...

Yeah good post. It will also mean that all the top teams will get the top english players meaning the top 4 will stay the top 4. Most of the moaning has come from managers outside the top 4 but do they realise they will lose some of there top english players. Wenger currently has young English players coming through so i dont see it as a problem i.e Walcott,Gibbs, simpson etc.

Anonymous said...

good article mate!

Anonymous said...

Hey Wrighty! You have a fan from Malta!
I stand corrected but as far as i Knw the 6+5 rule does not denote natinality but imposes a minimum number of academy-grown players, whatever the nationality. Merida, Frimpong et al would al form part of our "6".
Can anyone confirm?

Arsene Wenger said...

Mate,The real problem lies in the within the F.A.They make under 10 kids move from to 7 a side to 11 as soon as they turn 11.

This is unacceptable as the potential playmakers and technical players suffer.This happens when kids are incouraged to hoof the ball instead of passing it.can you blame them, the pitch is so big at that age the only reasonable way to pass it to each other is kick it as hard as possible.

My little brother who is 11 has quit his team.he has lost the urge to play as his team are constantly losing by a large margin.They were improving steadily in the 7 a side pitches but they are now dominated by bigger kids who are more favoured as they can kick the ball harder thus limiting the importance of technique and passing which is key in europe.

Also how are goalkeepers supposed to keep out the goals when you have the post being almost double your height.

I think the F.A and all the other people within the football sphere are ignorant as the root of the problem lies here not because of some french player moving to an english team.

On average each player gets about 50 touches on the ball,they should be at least getting 1000 touches on the ball in order to become world class in the future.

Joppa Road said...

I agree with you Wrighty on England national team using it as an excuse. Like you say if anything the foreign players have raised the standards no end.

However I miss players who you feel are Arsenal through and through like in the past i.e. Adams, Rocastle etc. I hate it that Arsenal don't have more English players.

I for one wouldn't be against the idea as long as it was the same across the whole of Europe I would be more than happy to see it.

We are an English club we should have English players IMO.

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought...

Do the fans in the ground have to be majority English too?

The fans pay the gate receipts and want to see the best players wherever they come from.

Platini is just so so jealous of the English leagues....

Joppa Road said...

I agree that Platini seems to be very jealous of the EPL, I would still like to see more English players for each club though.

I think it would be a good thing across every club in europe in the long run.

Am I the only one who thinks like this? Seems so.

chris said...


Anonymous said...

While I agree foreign players coming here to play football has fck all to do with why the natioanl team are, at best, shit to average

I also think it shouldn't be allowed for a side to field a complete team of foreign players

The 6+5 rule might be a bit over the top, but something does need to be looked at


Anonymous said...

Some people are confusing the Champions League rule with the 6+5 rule which I think FIFA are proposing for 2012/3 season.

This rule would be interesting to some extent in that you would see teams making long term foreign buys take up English citizenship, which I think Almunia and Arteta for example qualify for or nearly do.

But it would have a crazy impact on transfers especially with set ups like Man c about - who would pay over the top for English players that they wouldn't even play, they would just have to stop other teams having. So if they are gonna introduce something like this it would have to be done hand in hand with a salary and/or transfer cap etc

Additionaly - where do you stop when it comes to ur squad - how many English players do you carry in case of injuries ??!! What would be the rule if you had an injury crisis and physically couldn't field 6 English qualifying players !! People might say that you have to field schoolboys and youth team players, but if this happens, why should fans be forced to fork out to watch would effectively be a substandard product !!

This proposal, whilst potentially interesting is riddled with issues.


Anonymous said...

i think its ridicoules how teams like chelsea and man utd can carry debts over half a billion its just not right i think there should be rules against this instead this 6+5 bollox. i think there should be a rule against debt unless you are in that debt through a staduim or something that will gain profit margains

Once a Gunner Forever a Gunners Forever said...

If the rule goes through, probably in a few years' time, then we can have this squad:

Alumnia (he is eligible to play for England soon)

Sagna Toure Djourou Gibbs

Walcott Randall Fab Wilshere

Simpson Van Persie

English: Alumnia, Gibbs, Walcott, Randall, Wilshere and Simpson

merlin said...

Yer great, foreign owners with crooked money can carry on doing what they want.That's where the insustainable traits took hold.Chelsea and manchester united decided to start fucking up the entire league just so they could fill there trophy cabinet.
Whos ever been on a london bus?
Not Platini because there is not
many english people on them and shall we apply the same rule to public transport and schools maybe.Send them all home if there is'nt enough english.....oh and all those foreign doctors can piss off aswell.
The F.A. wont confront the real problem which is the money because they are all getting minted off it and they are all pussies.

Gooner4Life said...

I'd be surprised if this rule was ever put in place. I'm not 100% sure, but think there is an EU law that states that members of an EU country can work anywhere within the EU. Surely this 6+5 rule would contravene that? I could see it being brought in to apply to South American or African players, but would be surprised if it applied to Europeans.

I think it's a bit of a myth that this rule would improve the England team. Look at Brazil, France, Argentina and Holland, all strong teams, but most of their best players don't play in their domestic leagues. The way to improve our national team is for more of our players to try their luck in other leagues.

Mark Modi said...

Arsenal will never suffer from the rules. Our academy is the best in the country. We have more player coming through from it. The club that will suffer are the club that always spend big to buy player. Maybe if the rules really goes on, we might win the tittle and the club like Manu, Chealsea & Liverpool will struggle. We are more prepare than them with our current crop at the academy. Our youth currently are top of their league. we have a bright future fot the 6+5 ruling.