Tuesday, 24 February 2009

We CAN win the Champions League!

Yesterday I was called deluded for believing that we could win the Champions League, well I'm deluded a little bit. But not where Arsenal are concerned.

I've believed all season that this is our year for the Holy Grail and I'm not about to change my mind now.

I know our short-comings. I know that this Arsenal group of players are far from the strongest squad we've had under Wenger but we are Arsenal and for as long as I can remember we have always been at our best as underdogs.

We are big underdogs for the rest of the season and that will suit us. We were underdogs throughout our run to the final in 2006 and this time we will go one better and win the damn thing.

We will have many massive games for the rest of the campaign. You could say every game from now till the end of the season is a cup final. This game against Roma is massive.

This team have reacted to big games all season. We've beaten the "unstoppable" force of Manchester United, we've beaten Chelsea. On our day we can match the elite and be even better.

Our football suits the Champions League. Who keeps the ball better than us in Europe? Maybe Barcelona equal our ball keeping skills but once we find that cutting edge I'm confident in this Arsenal team.

I understand its hard to believe in the squad but its all we have until the end of the season. Yes I know this is Wenger's fault for not strengthening when we needed it but lets wait until the end of the season and then we can judge.

Until then I'm going to try to keep calm. It probably won't last long but I'm going to give it my best shot!

And believe me, Arsenal CAN win the Champions League.

Keep it Goonerish..........



Anonymous said...


Clear Sleeve said...

Yes, we can. But I don't think we will.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what I have been thinking!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha classic!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you dope. now stop smoking da chronic and get your life together son. i is a gooner but this ain't EVER gonna happen. particularly with song playing da sideway pass.

Believer said...

Good posotive post mate, nice to c some arsenal fans still have faith...it was interesting to read wenger say denilson has a massive role to play against roma...i think hes been very good this season although alot of ppl disagree even though the stats show hes been vgood...86% pass completition 2nd to lampard with 90%...think he deserves some credit espically from gooners...dont u think...

King Richard said...

Liverpool proved a few seasons back that you don't need to be a great side to win the Champions League. Just a lucky one! (as United were last year) We have as good a chance as anyone.

Anonymous said...

if we get thru Roma - and it won't be decided tonight whatever the score - we will WIN the Champions League! All injuries back, all out attack, and the Barcelona Revenge in the final.

Spike said...

Too many blobs sites with too many armchair football geniuses, talkin too much psuedo-intellectual bollocks!

What the fuck happened to having high hopes and expectations about the team you're supposed to support??? I dont give a shit if anyone says the squad lacks this player or coz of Song or Denilson, whoever, we cant do eff all!

Thats the attitude of a glory hunter, if every fucker was like that, then every team bar United and the chavs wouldnt have any effin fans and the football league would fold FFS!

These amateur Alan fuckin Hansens do my nut in...fuck off and support the harlem Globe trotters!

Nice work Wrighty7, keep it up fella!

Anonymous said...

blind faith is damaging. it's what keeps the likes of wenger in a job forever.

of course arsenal can win the champions league, they're still in it. poland could win the 2010 world cup too, if they're in it - not very likely they would though. being in it is not enough to justify credible thoughts of winning it.

Anonymous said...

blind faith is damaging. it's what keeps the likes of wenger in a job forever.

of course arsenal can win the champions league, they're still in it. poland could win the 2010 world cup too, if they're in it - not very likely they would though. being in it is not enough to justify credible thoughts of winning it.

Anonymous said...

"blind faith is damaging. it's what keeps the likes of wenger in a job forever."

I hate pricks like this!! Arsenal is a business that makes a profit, that y he is in a job. beleive me the second the club loses money on his decision then he is gone.
Why he seems un-sackable at the moment is;
Apart from wining trophies in every other department he is doing well for the club - its a real shame dickheads kike u cant see that. The fact is man utd have been rich for like 20 yrs now - we only started making (serious) money 2-3 yrs ago but its twats like u that keep comparing us to chelsea and man utd. B4 emirates we were punching well above our weight so show the man some respect u COCKSUCKER!!!

And Wrighty im down with u - NO ONE LIKES US SO FUCK EM ALL MOANIN BITCHES!!!!!

Anonymous said...

And even we get hammered by roma im still supporting my team cause im a gonner through and through - unlike u half hearted cunts moaning on the blogs every fucking day!! give it rest get behind ur team or FUCK right off!!


Anonymous said...

the blogger is a mindless goat and his foul-mouthed followers even more retarded. please go and support spurs, they deserve the likes of you.

Anonymous said...

Nothing would give me a greater kickthan for Arsenal or that matter any other team to win the cl.I am getting tired of the UK press saying the red faced/nosed will sweep all prizes.It would seem he has divine right to win everything.
Well so far he has won ten or eleven matches on the trot. My gut instinct tells he is about to be beaten/draw at inter.No team can win ten or fifteen matches on the trot. That run will have to end somewhere and why not tonite and kick him out.

Spike said...

Well, we are half way there Wrighty7!!!

Come on you gooners!

Diaby and Denilson were fantastic tonite, as was Nasri and the defence!

Good work lads, lets take this onto the Fulham game now!

BTW; what kind of Arsenal supposed fan, would call this blogger a goat and Gooners who AINT pessimistic doomers retarded??

You are obviously one of the late comers, who IMO, are to blame for the eradicating of passionate and lets face it, VOCAL support... getting rid of the working class ethic and ethos of the sport...

Fuck you cunt hole!!!

haha! See what I did there?

Joppa Road said...

bring back the stands now! German league games have a great atmosphere because they allow standing.

As for tonight, I thought we would win and we did. Just disapointed it wasn't by more. For Bendtner to run his mouth off like he does and wear those pink boots he sure cannot back it up. He was truely awful tonight. But Vela made no impact at all so you can see why Wenger started Bendtner.

Diaby was great but so injury prone. Why bring on Song? Made no sense to me. Two side ways players in midfield although Denilson was fantastic tonight. Would of liked to see Ramsey come on for Diaby.

Such a shame Eduardo got injured as I feel he would have got a couple tonight.

Bendtner - get those shooting boots on ffs.

Anonymous said...

To the last IDIOT - and all the other idiots who just bitch all the time, Yes, Bendtner missed a sitter - as have all our forwards ALL season - but he was EXCELLENT tonight. His first touch is still lacking but his link up & passing was first class and a million times more of a team player than Adebayoffside. Slagging him off relentlessly is a joke. When Walcott first joined us he was RUBBISH! but never got booed and always got cheered. NikkiB's had just one full season with us. GET OFF HIS BACK and give this kid a break. Mugs

Alfredo said...

Wrighty I am with you, we CAN win the CL and the FA cup. The formation put forth by Wenger vs Roma was brilliant. We missed some big chances but thats the thing we were CREATING the big chances. Now that we are making them our strikers will hopefully start getting used to putting them in. Call my crazy but I really liked the way Denilson played, he was class through out the game. Look at it this way, with our BIG players coming back, we can only get better.

Anonymous said...

arsenal's failure to take their chances last night could cost them out in Rome. I just find it hard to believe a side consisting of such mediocrity such as Song, Denilson, Bender has what it takes to win the CL.

Real Madrid will win it in my view, 14/1 with betfred, get on before they destroy liverpool tonight


chris said...

excellent display vs roma! too bad we didnt net one or two more, we sure had the chances! but it really pleased me to see that we created alot of chances vs a good team!

call me crazy but i think every player did well last night. eboue and bendtner also. nasri, denilson, v.persie and the defence was absoloutely faboulous!

1-0 is a good result, and i think we will dominate the game at olimpico as well.

hope we will see a display as good as last night vs fulham on saturday!

Anonymous said...

of course arsenal can win the CL but lets face it after performances like sunderland, fulham and stoke, its pretty safe to say unless there is a serious chnage in consistency levels then it aint gonna happen.

silly blogs like this with a 'i told you so' mentality are a bit pointless

also, why do you have a picture of one of the most embarrasing moments in 25 years as an arsenal fan as your banner ??