Saturday, 7 February 2009

Forget Tottenham's position, lets deal with ours!

Whilst it is funny to see Tottenham in relegation trouble I'd advise Gooners to forget about them and concentrate on our season. Obviously Arsenal are in much better shape than Tottenham but the fact is we are in fifth place and playing catch up for a Champions League place. Both clubs appear to be underachieving.

The rest of the season is so important for Arsenal. So now is the time for every Gooner to pull together and get behind the team for the final part of the campaign. In Andrey Arshavin we have a signing we have been asking for, lets hope he can be a catalyst for better things at Arsenal.

Tomorrow will be a difficult game. Arsene Wenger has a fantastic record against Tottenham despite it being their cup final. Lets hope that record continues, I think it will. I've no doubt that there will some very hairy moments but I'm confident we will come away without defeat.

North-London derbies are so difficult to predict. A point away from home is usually a good one. After todays results I think we need more than a point tomorrow. It has become a must-win game. We can't drop many more points and expect to preserve our top four status.

Bearing that in mind, and the fact Tottenham will come at us, I'm sure of an Arsenal victory. Adebayor has great scoring form against Tottenham and he is due a goal. In fact I believe this whole Arsenal team are due goals! It's been a while since we gave someone a hiding and surely a big win is just around the corner.

Robin van Persie is crucial to Arsenal at the moment and has really stepped up to the plate since Cesc Fabregas' injury. At times it seems he is single-handingly dragging Arsenal through the season. The Boy Wonder has matured so much this season. It clear that he has always had so much talent, the problem was the niggling injurys he always picked up. Hopefully he is over the niggles now and will be fit for the remainder of the season, we need him.

I'm confident Arsenal will finish in the top four. It's going to be tight getting there but we will. The season starts now. Lets begin it with a victory over Tottenham tomorrow.

Keep it Goonerish.........


CarInsuranceTips said...

well with villa winning and 8 points clear pressures on for us really. I think if we play with desire we'd win comfortably 2mrw. We need a strong performance from our better players.

I think weng will go with alex song and ramsey in the middle with denilson on the right.

Rahul Iyer said...

spot on wrighty.. I really feel we have a convincing win tomorrow then we will hv our confidence back. That is all we need.

Rahul Iyer said...

Adebayor has to score tomorrow. He is long due

fab said...

i really hope we win because we dont want villa to open up a big gap because they at the moment look like they can scrape a win against any team, i got a funny feeling they will come 2nd this season, i think they are on the up whereas chelsea and liverpool are on the way down, lets hope we dont muck and everton end up in champions league next season....tomorrow is a big game, pressure is on us bearing in mind chelsea and villa have played and liverpool will have played too, can our youngsters handle the pressure, i really dont know...o jus something i wanted to point out, i dont know if this is just me but it seems like we absolutely crap when it comes to taking a throw in..

Anonymous said...

I think it's chelsea we are chasing now lads

Al said...

Spot on Wrighty

Im really hoping tommorow is a turning point in our season 3 points is a must. Im only concerned with us now fuck the spuds, scousers, chavs and villa, We need to put a run together the others will drop points.


Anonymous said...

As much I will enjoy a win against the spuds tomorrow i am not very optimistic. I expect defeat and Keane scoring against us. Our midfield will not be up for the war at WHL.

Anonymous said...

Our midfield ain't great, but i'd take Denilson and Song over Tom Hundredstone and Mordic the stick insect any day

Russ said...

On paper we should win but I'm not so sure. They will come at us from the off as usual and I just hope we don't concede a soft early goal and put ourselves under pressure. Annoys me the way they always raise their game against us yet are shite against lesser teams. I hope Wenger doesn't play Song or Eboue tomorrow. I think it would be a mistake to play Arshavin too although it's unlikely he would start a game of this importance. I'll go for 2-2.

Anonymous said...

42 points to play for and Villa are due a dodgy spell, saying that its Chelsea who are having theirs now, we may catch them in coming weeks.

Joppa Road said...

Depsite the Arshavin buy I think we are still short in a few areas so I am a little worried about tomorrows match. Having said that we have played well in the big matches this season. I think back to the 2nd half performance against Chelsea where Song was a monster in the midfield.

There are a few players,Denilson, Bendtner, Alumunia, Diaby, Song, Eboue who I don't think the are good enough. When I say that I mean that I don't think the team can afford to have all of them playing at once. But that is the situation we find ourselves in.

I personally don't think Villa will slip up. I think the title is done and dusted but all four teams above us are catchable. Liverpool have to be the luckiest team of the season. How many games have they won late when playing bad!

Lets get behind the team tomorrow and win this one.

Joppa Road said...

when I said 4 I meant 3 (Liverpool, Chelsea, Villa). Forget Utd they are too good.

gazzap said...

we do need a win and I Think if we do get one, our season will turn around for the better. I can see us then going forward strongly. Lose and we just might get jittery again, not to mention being 8 points behind villa.
I think a draw is probable, but a point wont do us much good. we'd then need to go on one hell of a run to get back in touch even just with Villa.

My worry is that Den and Song will play in the middle and we will lack bite and creativity and dynamism - everything you need in a game like this. Nasri could be best off in the middle with Den behind him, Vela and dare I say Eboue or better Ramsey on the wing.

Mayank said...

the reason wenger doesnt play nasri in the middle is because rvp plays behind the striker n except eboue and arshavin noone can play on the wing and since one isnt match fit and the other is shit nasri will be playin wide with song an denilson in the mid..which is not a bad side..

Joppa Road said...

perhaps now all the people who come on here defending that useless prick Eboue will see why alot of us would be happy to never see him wear and Arsenal shirt again.

Stringfellow Hawke said...

Not all bad. Some real positves to take away from that draw.

Stringfellow Hawke said...

btw - joppa

show me a posting defending eboue?

we all feel the same, lets just deal with it.

Eric S said...

I think we are stuck in 5th position for the season. We still have to go to Anfield and Old Trafford. To catch Aston Villa, they need to lose 3 games more than us in the last 13. I can’t see that happening.

Joppa Road said...

Its just annoying more than anything else. I have a friend who is a sports journalist. I can clearly remember him saying to me about 4 years ago (when things were good) that Wenger's biggest problem is his stubborness. I just shrugged it off at the time thinking to myself who is he to question Wenger. But looking at it now you can see he was 100% correct.

You cannot even say we play particularly attractive football anymore - we simply don't have the players to do it.

Was it me or when Eboue got booked with 10 mins gone did you say 'I bet he gets sent off before long'. His behaviour on the pitch today was absolutely disgraceful yet again. No excuses. Didn't need to get involved in the first incident, it was a nothing free kick get on with the game. Then the petulent kick out - what a fcking little wanker he is. Yet you cant boo him.

Before that Ade went off with a pulled hamstring. I'm thinking to myself well at least thats him gone or a few weeks. Notice the stretcher to carry him off compared to Clichy walking the whole length of the pitch later on in the game. Says it all to me.

My mate turns and says to me (with the camera on Arshavin & Eduardo)which one do you think he will bring on? I reply don't be stupid this is Wenger neither of them. Sure enough its Bendtner. Just how badly some these guys have to play to go down the pecking order is beyond me.

Now we all know that when you have 10 men you all have to work doubly hard as a team. Did any of you see Bendtner closing down around the half way line (remember Henry chasing lost causes and harrasing)well I didn't see Bendtner do it once.

Don't get me started on Denilson. You will tell me he has completed more sideways/backward passes than anyone else in the Prem. Do me a favour.

I feel Wenger's stubborness cost us last year - this year his stubborness along with a horrendous injury list will see us missing out on the Champs League. Lets hope we can hold 5th!

chris said...

that sums it up nicely joppa road.

eboue has been absolute shit all season, but this was a new low.

ade has been so lazy all season, that when he finally makes an effort to run he pulls his hamstring.

to top it off, bendtner is his replacement!

when it comes to denilson, he just isnt good enough is he..? sure he runs in 90mins, makes an effort, but he doesnt have the ability do anything remotely clever with the ball. he sent it straight to the opposition a number of times!

i'm only hoping to qual for the CL, which might mean we have to win it this season.. in the longer run, i just hope we dont lose any of the really good players in the summer transfer window...

Vertino Aleci said...

Joopa Road and Chris,
It was a bit of a surprise to see Bendtner coming on but in all honesty you shouldn't blame Wenger for not putting Arshavin and Eduardo.
1. Arshavin was not even match fit, why was he on the bench..If Arsenal were winning or even losing the game he COULD have been brought on to change the game. Bringing him on when Ade got injured/Eboue got sent off was too early and would have messed him up big time. He could have got injured as well which would be the last thing Wenger wanted.
2. Eduardo, again bringing him on for this game which was played at breakneck speed would not have been the best idea given he was injured in a game like this when he was match fit.

The thing about Eboue is yes, even I could see him getting sent off. What you didn't see is any Arsenal player going to him and I blame Toure for this, fellow Ivorian and Arsenal skipper for not telling him to calm down after he got his first yellow card.

Have written a blog post myself about Arsenal's season would be interesting to see your view on this..have a look if you can :)

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Joppa Road said...

come on Wrighty sort it out. Stop being lazy and post another subject.