Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I'm feeling a real positive vibe about OUR club

The return of Eduardo and the arrival of Arshavin have really uplifted spirits at Arsenal. And in perfect time too.

To see Eduardo even play again is a joy to behold. The effect it could have on the club could be massive.

Arshavin signing for the club, combined with Eduardo's comeback, couldn't have arrived at a better time. We Gooners needed a lift, we got it with these two.

Add Rosicky coming back to the fold, Cesc and Theo returning from injury, there are exciting times ahead.

A top three finish is very achievable. As is winning the Champions League or FA Cup. I really believe it.

A couple of posts ago I wrote that someone was going to get a hiding soon and it could ignite our season. We gave Cardiff a hiding and I honestly believe we will begin to start smashing teams now and go on a long winning streak.

I'm starting to look at the rest of the campaign with a real feel good factor. I'm feeling positive that we can achieve something this season.

Keep it Goonerish...............


Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly. I just hope that AW will strengthen the midfield (defensively) and the defence in the summer - we are more than sufficient at t'other end of the pitch (even without Bendtner AND Adebayor - I really hope that they both go). Joe Hart or Ben Foster would also go down well with me.


Top Gun said...

Totally agree Wrighty.

There could be a silver lining to end all the doom and gloom!

Wrighty7 said...

Nice one Adam.


#1Goona said...

Really enjoy your blog Wrighty7. Keep up the tidy work.

Anonymous said...

yes we need to smash the next 7 prem games and hope that the villa start to mess up.

so glad to see Dudu back and i have a sneaky feeling that Arsharvin is gonna be a dynamo!


Anonymous said...

Good post!

Keep it positive!

Anonymous said...

dont need hart or foster. almunia has been a very solid keeper all season. we dont need more defensive players. we have conceded 2 goals in 7 games or something. arsenal are on the up though! arsenal only win stuff on the back of a run. we're undefeated in 12 games or something. IF this gets to 20 i can see us getting to 30 etc. but until the 20-25 mark we wont win no titles.

Wrighty7 said...

Cheers #1 Goona.

Wrighty7 said...

I think the title is way beyond us.

Manchester United seem on a different level at the moment but Liverpool, Chelsea and Aston Villa are no way better than us.

We will go on a winning streak soon. Villa will drop, I'm sure of that.

I've said the Champions League is ours all season and the FA Cup is beginning to look like it could be ours.

The draw has been kind.

I'd take 3/4 and Champions League/FA Cup.

Spike said...

Yep, proper feel good factor after last night's game!

Eduardo starting was unbeivable, then to score TWICE!!! Effin amazing! Very emotional I bet for him and the other players. Cool!

We played really well, and I hope we see Nasri stay rightside, Vela left and Arshavin comin on at some point on Saturday.

Bendtner did really well last nite and completely disagree with the fella saying he wants him out. WTF?

Anyway, no negativity from me, unlike some, alls good!

Anonymous said...

I couldnt agree more with you wrighty! Liverpool, chelsea and villa are in no way better than us! The return of the injured players is no doubt a boost. I cant wait for theo to come back so that Wenger stops selecting eboue!!
Would love to see an englishman between the sticks and at the back. Micah Richards and Joe Hart would be great additions!Almunia is far from being a top goalkeeper and I dont think Senderos is good enough!!
Up the Arse!!

truth said...

Yep yep yep,agreed Wrighty7 Eduardo's return is like a God-sent for us, when he broke his leg we were 5 points ahead, and now he's back we are 5 points of fourth place. With the imminent return of our injured and AA to come, I see no reason why we should not finish the season on a high.

Anonymous said...

I agree we don't need a new keeper with Fabianski comparable with Hart/Foster but we do need a real CDM to give not just Fabregas the freedom to attack but also our other attackers like Nasri, Rosicky, Arshavin, Walcott, Vela,Van Persie, Eduardo, Bendtner & Adebayor(small squad my a**).
Now Song(while impressing me with how much he has improved) and Denilson(who i believe will just never cut it) are not good enough to protect the back four against teams like Man Utd, Milan & Barcelona who we need to be competing with to really be considered "Great".

Spike said...

With the hopefully imminent return of the injured players, then I would like to see a midfield of;

Nasri/Theo - Cesc - Rosicky - Arshavin/Vela

Yep, I know... NO Song or Denilson! But I think with Rosicky in the centre, Cesc can play a deeper role, he has the intelligence to do it and with that much creativity and movement, we would seriously f*ck teams upo IMO.

Then in the summer, Wenger may well go out and sign a DM and see a few who havent made the grade, either loaned or sold, I suppose.

Fabianski, for me, will turn out to be a top keeper too!

avenell said...

Hi Mr Wright.
Something seemed to change last night. The attitude of the players and the fans.. things are looking up we need to build on this.
Good post mate!

Wrighty7 said...

Things are, fingers crossed, looking up!

Joppa Road said...

yep, lets just stay cool but if we can win the next few games then who knows. Gallas has been like a rock recently but the player who has caught my eye is Song. Really taking his chance at the moment and its good to see.

I am not convinced on Almunia, Denilson or Bendtner but things are def looking up. It amazing how much more cheerful I am in general when Arsenal are winning.

Come on you Gunners.

Wrighty7 said...

Hello Avenell,

Totally agree mate. The whole club has been boosted!

bobby said...

as long as eboue is not bought in again! if he is bought back into the team i give up, it was actually the youngsters who came in that put a spark into the team

i.e the carling cup boyd, they are hungry for the ball well done to vela, dudu (part of last years calring cup team and in my opinion a far better striker than ade- i can rely on him to put away a chance ade i can rely on holding the ball up and passing it to eboue every time he can) Bendnter and gibbs !, bischoff looked a good player too...ramsey will come good too.... i dont see a fuutre for song at arsenal and denislson needs a years loan out and he will be brillaint , he is one year behind being a true first teamer

Anonymous said...

Nice one Wrighty. Itd be great if we could get Yaya in for the summer.I think he would be a great signing for us & fill that much needed DM post. I know Arshavin is goina be aces!! All the signs are there that he is goina be something else & do great.One thing to say "Welcome back Eduardo, great to see you back in the mighty gunners shirt again"


Anonymous said...

for me our only weakness is a defensive midfielder. Song is a good tackler as shown last night, but his passing is not good enough and he is a defender. Speaking of defence Toure and gallas are both back at their best, more notably Toure who last night i thought played his best game for us in about a year since he came back from the african nations tournament, great blog wrighty


Anonymous said...

get have to rid of the dicks who claim to be suppoters who start leaving 20 minutes before the end and we are laughing. who are these people .. were do they come from .. how do they get tickets.. if your one of those people and are reading this .. fuk off u waste of a ticket and space

Anonymous said...

What formations do yal think we should play now? very exciting choices vela arshavin and the rest fit.pity it takes two to do a one man job in midfeild.

Spike said...


I'd go with what we had last night, more or less;

Nasri wide right, Vela (or Arshavin) left Song & Denilson in the middle (until Cesc % Diaby are fit) and RvP and Eduardo uptop.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling positive too wrighty, vela and eduardo in for eboue and ade and we looked like a different team, fast penetrative football the like of which we havn't seen for a while. Not gonna get too excited though till I see a few more games like cardiff were pretty shit.
Still its looking good the defense tightened up and we're gonna have so many more attacking options in the next few week.

Mr T

Wrighty7 said...

Its great to see such positivity coming from Gooners!

Lets have it!

Anonymous said...

I'm already betting with my friends that Arsenal will win ever game no less than 4-0, this Arsenal team can destroy Man Utd or Barcelona.
With the players that are available right now, we could win against most teams, we just needs Clichy to be back at his best and the team looks unstoppable.
My midfield for the next game would be:
Nasri Arshavine Song(Denilson) Vela
But when every one is back, we will be more unpredictable and stronger than anyone can handle.
Oh Saturday isn't coming quickly enough for me.

Vertino Aleci said...

the performance against cardiff was extremely enjoyable, the first for a long time! maybe the last i enjoyed was when we had that 20 minute spell at villa.

dave jones said his boys let themselves down, maybe but I think it was more about how our boys mainly vela and eduardo took it to them!

I firmly believe that our BEST team (no major injuries) will always beat ANY team. results against utd (who were tipped to thrash us) and chelsea etc shows this.

Still think our defense is slightly weaker compared to say utd but it is more of a mental thing, which is improving all the time..our result at spurs when down to 10 men shows that.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be down case after a great win, but it was only Cardiff. Cardiff are not EPL or CL standards. Even their manager said they player crap.

I have to agree I feel better with a good win under our belts but we have to have a couple more displays of the same standard and quick.

Manure are in a different class at the moment, but the other three are there to be taken. I just hope AW has the faith to keep Edu and Vela in the team and not go for the boring midfield formation that has lacked speed and flair in recent weeks.

With the injured players slowly coming back we should have some hunger amongst the team which should mean no eboue and hopefully a change of heart in Adebayor!

Anonymous said...

Vela and Edu on the same pitch change the team.

I understand that Bendtner can be frustrating, but he's scored some good goals and I really like his movement the last few games. He's coming back for the ball and sprinting into space at speed, and he doesn't mind laying off to someone else. He can create and he can head in the ball. Sure he's missed some sitters, but he's young and think of what he'll do in the future when he catches his snap.

With Bendtner, Ade, Gallas and now Edu, we've got a whole new option for breaking teams down. With Vela and Arshavin, and soon Walcott, we can break teams down the wings and put those balls in the box for those guys to score.

Song or Denilson are both young and not dominating midfielders. While Song seems lumbering at times I think that's more a result of his stride than his actual workrate. He's getting better and better. He sprays a few errant passes still, but I think he'll get that under control soon. As for Denilson, he's got an engine and I think he's a fine option. He's also had leadership responsibilities at lower levels, so I expect big things.

We're not even talking about Cesc or Rosicky coming back yet. Or what this team is going to look like next year. Yes, it was only Cardiff. But the team just play a whole different game with speed.

lp said...

Mr Wrighty, all i can say is, "GO ARSENAL, YOU BEAUTY!"

Anonymous said...

Arsenal v Sunderland
Arsenal v Fulham
West Brom v Arsenal
Arsenal v Blackburn
Newcastle v Arsenal
Arsenal v Man City
Wigan v Arsenal
Liverpool v Arsenal
Arsenal v Middlesbrough
Portsmouth v Arsenal
Arsenal v Chelsea
Man Utd v Arsenal
Arsenal v Stoke

Not a bad run in for us, the first seven are very winnable fixtures, especially with the returns of Fabregas, Walcott, Eduardo and Rosicky on the horizon as well as the addition of Arshavin (Rosicky? Don’t people ever try to learn from history any more? - MC). A point or victories at Liverpool and Man Utd and at home to Chelsea aren’t beyond reason as our performances against these teams have been pretty impressive recently. Wins at home against Boro and Stoke should be fairly routine, although wins against the ‘lesser’ teams have been our Achilles heel in the past few years.

However, with our midfield coming back, defence looking solid and the strikers seeming to have rediscovered their scoring touch in the 4-0 victory, these games could fair better for the Arsenal. All we need now is for Villa to lose their luck and a good cup run and maybe a reasonable go at the Champions League which I feel we have a good chance of getting pretty far in, then the season should be some what of a success. A lot of shoulds in there though but one can hope.

Anonymous said...

I’d just like to elaborate a little more on Bendtner though. Some will feel he missed too many and be upset with him. Not me though. And I’ll tell you why.

First of all, he was putting himself in the positions you want your front-man to be in, unlike Adebayor of course, who thinks he’s as good as Ronaldinho, and can just float about anywhere and get a goal.
Second, he was making use of himself by gelling together with Vela and Eduardo and sharing responsibility up front, which made us all the more threatening. It was because he was being marked by a couple of Cardiff defenders all the time, that Eduardo and Vela were finding space to work into (as well as Vela and Eduardo’s individual intelligence and skill to make space for themselves).
Third, he was actually taking his chances as best he could. He was hitting the target on most occasions, with either the keeper making great saves, or the post coming in the way, or him being inches wide. What more could you ask for. If it had been Adebayor, he’d not be hitting the target at all. He’d miss so horribly and send it so far wide that you’d want to throw a tomato at him. Adebayor needs twice as many chances as Bendtner does to score. And Adebayor finds it harder to take shots on goal or to make something happen, whereas Bendtner does it slightly better. He gets into better positions which helps him take shots on goal, or pass it to a team-mate and continue the forward movement. Adebayor just can’t seem to create anything for himself. And some of that might have to do with the fact that he’s such a tall guy that he’s not very quick in situations where speed is the key, when you’re up against 2 or 3 defenders in very tight spaces. Bendtner is slightly quicker.

Anonymous said...

I agree and I am so glad we starting to look good. I flew all the way to England from SA in September/October only to watch us loose in the league to Hull and it has been a bumpy ride since. I couldnt agree more that we need and have received a lift. However one thing does bother me. A lot of people seem to bash bendtner but he is only 21 and playing better and better each game. Give him a break

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand some of you so called fans, Man U beat Derby 4:1 and they are able to win all 4 trophies, we beat Cardiff and our own fans saying it was just Cardiff. Where lies Cardiff and Derby? Stop those stupid talks , Chelsea beat Watford 3:1, Please let us support the team and we will move forward. This is my team for saturday

Sagna Gallas Djourou Clichy

Nasri Denilson Song Arshavin(if fit) Vela

Van Persie(auto.) Eduardo

Stringfellow Hawke said...

Roll on, Roma!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous you have 12 players there matey!!! I agree except i'd expect it will be Toure instead of Djourou

CescGod said...

After Bendtners quality performance of Monday, can't believe people cant recognize the guys potential. He's gonna be immense for us, for someone well built his style is unusual. For the people saying we need a defensive midfielder, why? We dont need one. Is someone like De Rossi gonna transform 0-0's into 1-0's? Hmm, can't see it happening. Anyways, keep the faith Gooners, we are back! Turn over to channel Five to see the beginning of the end of Villa's season ;)

Anonymous said...

Gallas and Toure looking solid never change a good thing! Aluumia not good enough, Fabianski hot on his heels an looking good everytime i see him.Denilson will become world class next season,this being his first,hes done a very good job.Song has impressed me lately he's putting work in an doing very well both are coming on.Edu back with a bang! things looking good nice 1 wrighty.

the purist said...

great post wrighty7, as always - you're a genius mate!