Friday, 27 February 2009

Its refreshing to see such honesty

I admire Cesc Fabregas even more now I have read his comments about Arsenal's title aspirations.

Its true that football is a funny old game and mathematically Arsenal are still in with a shout for the title but the realistic aim for Arsenal's league campaign is now a top four finish.

I'm used to hearing Arsene Wenger say that the title is still an ambition this season but we Gooners are no fools.

By saying Arsenal can still win the league I understand Wenger is trying to get some belief into the squad and not let their focus drop.

Perhaps he should go a different route and explain that his methods and their inconsistent form have resulted in our current league position and is the real reason for us not competing for the title!

Perhaps he should explain that they, and him, owe the many Gooners who are disappointed with how the season has paned out, an end of season flurry.

Sometimes it better to be honest because it makes people think. William Gallas was brutally honest and ended up losing his captaincy but his comments were true and I'm sure that many in the Arsenal squad took note.

I'd prefer to see honesty and I applaud Fabregas for saying what he said. His comments were spot on and that's why he will be the perfect captain for this team.

What he said makes perfect sense. Arsenal need to focus on a top four finish and the squad is definitely good enough to achieve that.

Keep it Goonerish.......


GoonerPete said...

Spot on Wrighty7.

Fabregas will be a legend at Arsenal.

I'm fed up with Wengers delusional aspect on the game.

I'd have more respect for him is he was more straight with us.

Wrighty7 said...

Gooner Pete,

I wouldn't say Wenger was delusional mate but I understand what you mean!

I think Wenger is just trying to gee up the players into believing the season is far from over.

I agree with this to a point.

Maybe he should explain what is really at stake here and that Arsenal's title for this season is a top four finish.

Anonymous said...

Have you not been listening to Wenger over the past month or two saying: we don't think about the title, only the next game??

dn said...

Either way the goal is the same to win the rest of our games. Whether its top four or the league thats all we have control over

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell,

When was the last time Wenger has said that we can win the title.

He said it for as long as he could and now it is possible he does not say it!

Give him a break.

stu said...

Wenger saying that the title is still a possibility could also work the other way and the players may think he has lost it.

Hope Cesc comes back soon because we need a strong finish to have any chance of 4th.

Anonymous said...

Last week wenger said the title was unrealistic, branding manchester moneybags as untouchable. The only thing we need is our injured players back

DAF said...

Show me a quote from the last two months when Wenger has sais Arsenal can still win the title and I'll wipe your A*se with a £1,000,000 note :)
Get off the guy's back. Please. Get behind the team FFS.

Anonymous said...

Actually you ignorant blogger Wenger basically gave up on the title last week when he said UTD were untouchable this year. Are you up to date on anything?

chris said...

fabregas is a true star and professional, and a future arsenal legend!

what's your prediction for tomorrow? i believe a 2-0 win to be realistic. dont think its going to be a goal galore, based on the recent performances.

i hope the starting XI will be:
bendtner - rvp

this is a game we really should dominate, so i hope that will be the starting midfield. i also hope to see some attacking initiative from the full backs, sagna was good vs roma.

just WIN!

Wrighty7 said...


I reckon we will give someone a hiding soon mate.

The key is an early goal.

Today will be 3-0 to Arsenal. At LEAST!

chris said...

i hope so wrighty.
but bendtner seems to waste too many chances and nasri havent been especially lethal so far. diaby, denilson, eboue and song dont score too often either.
with the injury situation it comes down to rvp to score the goals, and arshavin hopefully!:)
unless we produce a million chances, i dont think a hiding is very probable..

but i hope im wrong and youre right;)