Friday, 11 December 2009

Arsenal AND Liverpool still in it

Neither Arsenal or Liverpool go into this game in the best of form but it has to said that both clubs always seem to react when their backs are against the wall.

Everyman, his dog, uncle, nan and carpet have written both clubs off. Looking at the amount of defeats we and Liverpool have suffered in the league you could understand why they may all have a point. Even the dog.

Okay, Arsenal and Liverpool have lost more times than Manchester United and Chelsea but I don't write either off. It may sound mad, it may sound that I've lost my marbles but in my crazy mind I honestly don't believe that the race is just between United and Chelsea.

The current top two are well beatable and that has been proved already this season. Of course ourselves and Liverpool have proved we are beatable too but I reckon that you could probably allow for 6-7 defeats and still be crowned Premiership champions.

It's so open this campaign and it's only Arsenal and Liverpool's inconsistancy at crucial times that is preventing us both from being closer to the top of the table. We have already gone on a long unbeaten run this season and I see no reason why we can't do it again. Liverpool haven't really been on a run as a such but you know that they are more than capable of stringing together a sequance of unbeaten games.

People will always say Manchester United and Chelsea have the strongest sides on paper. This is another thing that I disagree with. Full strength Arsenal and Liverpool sides can match those two all day long.

I hate to use injuries as an excuse but how can you not when you see the decimated squad that Arsenal have? Sometimes injuries can be dealt with but when it's at such a crucial period of the season and not forgetting the amount we have had to content with, you can understand why we have hit this bad run of form.

Liverpool have suffered too and playing a big part of the season without their two most influencial players in Gerrard and Torres haven't helped their chances. Both are available for Sunday and that's why I reckon that playing Liverpool, right now, is a dangerous time to go to Anfield.

As it happens, I fancy this one to be very tight. I expect Arsenal to play Liverpool off the park as is the case when Arsenal play most sides! My only hope though is that we actually take/create enough chances to win the game. We are always vunerable at the back and with Gerrard and Torres playing you have to say that Liverpool pose a big danger.

There will be goals. Liverpool haven't had the best record at home this season and if Arsenal were flying, like before the last international break, then I would say Liverpool were there for the taking. Le Grove believe there couldn't be a better time to play Liverpool whereas I'm slightly more cautious!

I'm reckoning a score draw is on the cards. I'd take 4-4 and Arshavin to score all eight but I doubt it will be that many this time around.

A point is always regarded as a good result at Anfield and I'd settle for that this weekend. We can build on that and get our season back on track. Liverpool can too.

Keep it Goonerish.....................


Anonymous said...

Liverpool don't have the squad to challenge this season, when Torres and Gerrard are injured they have no adequate replacements. At least Arsenal can call on Arshavin to play up front when they have striking injuries.

Anonymous said...

12 points is only four games. I wouldn't dismiss Arsenal or Liverpool for the title just yet.

Juan Carlos said...

Who cares about Liverpool. They are an average side which defend with 9 and allow there 2 super stars to attack at will and create goals.

Arsenal could win this game, but they will have to focus for 110 minutes and prepare mentally for whatever antics the ref will surely commit.

Does anyone know the ref for sunday?

Juan Carlos said...


the thing that worries me about sunday is that Liverpool are a Cup team.

This is there cup final game, this is the game that buys benitez another month or two. Just the way his victories vs united and everton did.

3 wins out of there last 14 games is Pitiful.

Even wenger would have got the sack if those were his Stats.

But benitez is clever enough to high the FACTS.

Anonymous said...

the ref for Sunday is Ronnie Millsap from Swindon

Vertino said...

Bit of an early post today eh Wrighty

I agree. Looking at the way the season has gone so far, it is too early to rule ourselves and Liverpool out.

We're like what,5-8 points away from Chelsea? And they're gonna lose a few players to the ACN.

Why should either team give up with more than half the season still left. Sounds too defeatist, too soon.

Juan Carlos said...

Howard F*cking Webb is sundays ref!!!

Who else of course!!!

Arsenal 11 vs Liverpools 12. Great!

Football Tips Expert - Wayne said...

Both teams are out of track but Liverpool had a wonderful record to defeat Manchester United at Anfield Stadium in October. So, I will pick Liverpool base on the fact above.

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