Tuesday, 15 December 2009

If Wayne Rooney/Steven Gerrard were foreign they would be hung, drawn and quartered!

If Wayne Rooney was called Wolfgang Roonio or Steven Gerrard was named Staffan Gerard then I should imagine that reactions throughout the English media may have been a little different over the last 10 days or so.

Remember earlier in the season when our very own Eduardo, a foreigner, dived against Celtic? Of course you do, and will for a long time. Probably because the onslaught from the English media became a massive witch-hunt.

Arsene Wenger was criticised for defending Eduardo at the time but looking back you have to make him right. I know Eduardo did go down easy against Celtic, in fact, he dived. The reaction following the incident though was unbelievable.

What I would like to know is, why haven't Rooney and Gerrard suffered the same vicious campaign as Eduardo did? The obvious answer is because both are English and when English players dive then a blind eye is turned.

No wonder Arsene Wenger felt the need to defend Eduardo.

The silence following Gerrard and Rooney's dives over the last 10 days has been deafening. Both incidents have almost been wiped off the face of the earth and the worst thing is both players have previous and yet still nothing is said.

The Eduardo situation was the first time that I have ever seen him do anything like that. People may argue but the fact is Rooney and Gerrard are serial divers. Just type in 'Wayne Rooney diving' or 'Steven Gerrard diving' on YouTube and you will see so much footage.

For a change Rooney was caught out and booked for yet another blatant attempt to con the ref at the weekend. Had he got away with it again I'd have really felt for Aston Villa because we Gooners have been cheated out of games not once, but twice by Wayne Rooney theatrics.

Steven Gerrard will probably feel harshly done by at Anfield against us on Sunday. My immediate reaction was that he dived. Replays show that the Gallas tackle could have gone either way really. Perhaps the ref had the Gerrard dive against Blackburn from the previous week fresh in his mind.

If Theo Walcott, an Arsenal and England player of course, dived and the media failed to pick up on it, like they have with Rooney and Gerrard, then I would question it. The fact is both have got away from a public mullering when really if they were foreign, like Eduardo, they would have been hung, drawn and quartered.

It stinks of hypocrisy and the smell of something else wafts stronger too; Xenophobia.

Keep it Goonerish...................


Vertino said...

and I don't think they've apologized either. Instead they project their anger further towards the ref.

Mike said...

I'm watching the united game and the commentator (I don't know who but blatantly a united fan) outright denied that Rooney dived on the weekend. It's disgraceful. What is worse thought than diving is Gerrard's hypocrisy saying that foreigner's are ruining the premiership with their diving. It's disgusting.

Jason said...

Spot on Wrighty. I wouldn't say that Gerrard dove but was a blatant con. He kicked the ball away sensing the Gallas challenge and there was no chance he could get to it, challenge or not.

Very similar to the penalty Shrek won against us earlier this season. But the granny fucker kicked the ball into the tenth row and went down. Both cases the player had no chance to do anything but play for a penalty.

Rooney got his, and (correctly) Gerrard did not.

I watched the EPL review show on Sunday night. They replayed the Gallas challenge on good ol' Stevie G 3 times wondering why here was no penalty. But in the Manure/Villa highlights they didn't even show the Rooney dive /yellow card. Surprise surprise. How could they? We all know (as Rooney says), the English don't dive. Fucking cowards.

Tony said...

agree 100%. I checked the internet numerous times Sunday to see if anyone had brought up rooneys ridiculous dive in the media and there was very very little. i was disappointed but not surprised.
As i have moved to Canada in recent years i can tell you it has not gone unnoticed by fans here. I have read numerous articles in toronto papers in recent weeks and months about the hypocrisy of the english media concerning diving, with gerrard and rooney being named as high profile divers that consistently get away with it

karem said...

excuse me guyz but lets admit that liverpool desirved a penelty for gerard's foul by gallas it was clear as the sun i dunno how the ref didnt call that am a big arsenal fan but we have 2 say the truth and also rooney aka shrek is a grease bag we have 2 say the truth on that 1 2 !! but gerard desirved a penatly 4 sure!!!!!

terry said...

To their credit the Mail just published this article with Rooney and Gerrards names at the top.


Anonymous said...

Actually Karem, watch the move again and you will notice that before the Gerrard Dive when the ball went out to the right to Torres he was offside.So I guess things do even themselves out in the end.

Anonymous said...

if gerrard wasnt such a divin twat he would have got that penalty,it was disgraceful when he ran into song and just stopped play demandin a free kick, any player who can fly to ground but spin round and be makin eye contact with both hands out askin for a pk before they have even hit the deck should be sent off,rooney is the master at this

Jason said...

The sole reason why Eduardo was slaughtered so much is down to one person, Clive Tyldesley. He spent the whole game going on and on and on about it. Everyone else just followed like sheep.He made sarcastic remarks all night. Probably because MUITV were forced show Arsenal instead of Man Utd as they had already qualified.

Anonymous said...


Sometimes you talk utter shite and sometimes you make some sense. Today is a bit of both.

I agree with the main point behind the article and its a fact that all english players get better treatment from both the commentators and officials.

The point about gerrard is bollocks. Gerrard has dived in the past however the Gallas tackle was a 100% stone wall fucking pen. I fucking hate when fans cant see past their bias. It makes fuck all difference if Gerrard could or couldnt get the ball, if a player doesnt even have the ball but is tripped on purpose its a foul. As for wankers saying he played for it, thats part of the game enticing a challange from an opponent.

Cunts that havent ever kicked a ball and wankers that cant see past their bias, the worlds full of em.


Juan Carlos said...

Wrighty, mate..

Don't you Realize what is going on here?

Fifa and UEFA are all against England. You see, they are currently allowing Gerrard and rooney no attention when it comes to there serial diving, however, and i can guarantee you this, when the World cup arrives, and gerrard or rooney dive, they WILL get a red card.

England will then crash out due to the absences of gerrard and rooney, and the english media can go bonkers on being "cheated" out of winning the cup.

I can see it now. England Is just preparing itself for when it fails in S. Africa so they need an excuse and someone else to blame.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Wrighty!

Seems the media does not want Arsenal to win the PL again..

Some of the campaigns since 2006 have been hard to believe and had a bearing on how the team fell apart in 2006. It affected not only morale but also made referee decisions go against us.

I do not expect WEnger to come out against that as even when Marseilles cheated and bought 2 French leagues robbing his Monaco, he chose to be dignified and not respond.

Fans need to stand up however. If the club means something to us, the blogs must become more powerful.

Imagine if something like that were to happen across the pond...
1. Supporters club would sue media in court
2. Supporters clubs would start petitions and boycott campaigns against targeted media

We need to help the club more than we do at the moment. Have blacklists of Guys like Cascarino & co. Some people on BBc are also shit as you know.

Anonymous said...

BNT, your comment is shit. Webb saw that he was going for the foul, he started falling before making contact with Gallas.

Maybe if the cunt had stayed on his feet, he would have won a pen...but cheaters do not prosper forever..

I loved the piece when he was backing into Song to get a foul..Song withdrew leaving him embarassed.

I watch the matches often with french commentary and it gives you a different perspective

Example in Chelsea Vs Manc city I think, commentator after a 50-50 challenge says...Of course the ref will give it to the English player, it is a natural human reaction, he will think that the English player is more hurt than he is."

This also applies for fans. I can certainly tell you that if it happened in my country, I would have perhaps a feeling of belonging to the player of my country....an unfair feeling, which needs to be kicked out of football anywhere it is.

I am even advocating that Arsenal should hire a couple of English players as an affirmative action just for the media to lay off... the impact of media basing and its impact on referees not giving us pens for so many weeks should not be underestimated.

If we become average with some players, but still win then so be it.

People who live outside of England get a very clear picture of what is happening there.

Of course, if this shit continues, i will not renew my subscriptions and will watch Spanish football rather.

Anonymous said...

Always thought Gerrard & Rooney were cunts - but Anon 22:55 is an even bigger cunt. Chill out you mug!

Anonymous said...

The best thing I heard was the dick on talk sport (I can't remember his name but he always talks utter bollocks) saying that Rooney had "showed a bit of class" by accepting his yellow for diving and walking away!!! WTF? AND the week before that said "Gerrard did nothing wrong" because he did'nt appeal for the pen!!! (he did'nt appeal because it was such an embarasing dive and he knew it) but if the ref had wrongly given the penalty Gerrard would of "done well" FFS
I know they talk some shite on talk sport but them comments just took the piss for me!

As for the Gerrard penalty incident against us, I also think this was a dive (and a very clever one may i add) because if you watch Gerrards body movement when the replay is slowed down he deliberately throws his body to the left towards Gallas after losing control of the ball! He got what he deserverd.......F**K ALL!!

Rooney and Gerrard are both DIVING, CHEATING C**TS (possibly the worst offenders in the league, along with Drogba)and there is plenty of evidence to prove this!


Anonymous said...

to be fair, Gerrards was a penalty, Gallas made a right hash of the tackle but I don't care because Stevie G is a mug.

Rooney didn't even get the penalty so it's no big deal.

Diving was brought to our game by the continental players so any criticism levelled at them is fairplay.


Gunner Pete said...

Great post Wrighty.

But Cunt Chops how do you work that out then?


He has done it time after time and yet continuously it is over-looked.

OK, you say its no big deal this time, but it was earlier in the season when he dived against Arsenal or maybe the one in 2004.

Can't forget the one against Villereal either!

Saying that diving was introduced by foreign players so they are 'fairgame' is the simple answer from a typical bigot.

So when Gerrard, Owen and Rooney do it its OK because they are English and the foreign man brought it to England.


Anonymous said...

To Cunt at 10.06

Diving was brought in the English game by continental players.

.... because England was often recognised by its biased media of being fair play?

When did continental players start to come in the English game? Was Petit, Bergkamp, Overmars who taught the English players to dive?

Petit was so stupid that he would not even stop opponents playing freekicks by standing in front of the ball, he would give them the ball in their hands and many times, the opposition scored because of that.

The standard of referee in Englad is a joke in International football...Continental players taught English players they must work harder on controlling the ball..they must not booze (remember Kevin Keegan and the players boozing during WC) Continental players taught the English players how to play with the ball on the ground...not kick and run

I have followed football for long and I can tell the difference that these foreigners have made to the joy of watching my team every week.

From your comments, it does seem, Arsenal is not even your team..u support English players..Y dont u go and support Burnley or some championship crap team.

U r a xenophobic cunt

Anonymous said...

Proof that 99% of you Brits are still cunts with superiority complexes. Gerrard or Rooney dives it's because "he has heart".

Fucking bullshit. This blog post was spot on.

Jonathan said...

Gerrard was flopping all over the place on Sunday... and not just in the box. Each time he got up with tears in his eyes begging for a foul. It was pathetic and reeked of desperation. I definitely think the Balckburn dive was in Webb's mind when he saw Gerrard go down under the Gallas tackle.

Mike - I also saw the MU game and heard the ridiculously biased commentary in Utd's favour. The same can be said for the Tottenham and Chelsea games. The problem is that I think they really believe what they are saying. They are that tunnel visioned. Sad really.

Anonymous said...

you boys need to stop worrying about who's doing what else where and start worrying about that trophy Mr Wenger said you are going to win this year - going out of the rumbelows cup hasn't helped.

it's all too convenient for arsenal fans to call everyone else racist when they have one recognised english player in their squad. It's generally you mugs calling others bigots who are the small minded ones.


Anonymous said...

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