Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A cold Wednesday night in Burnley? These are the nights that worry me!

Tonight, in my opinion, is a bigger test than Liverpool were on Sunday.

On paper you would say that Liverpool at Anfield would be a harder game than against Burnley at Turf Moor but football is not always that straight forward!

An away game against the likes of Burnley in the cold month of December is one that Arsenal have struggled with in recent years. To prove that we are genuine title contenders, and I believe we are, we have to win tonight.

Nothing other than a win is acceptable. I'm not saying that Arsenal have a divine right to win, and I know for a fact that Burnley will make it extremely uncomfortable, but it is no good getting a fantastic result at Liverpool and losing or drawing tonight because it makes that vital win at Anfield pointless.

Burnley will be up for this. Games against the likes of Arsenal are their cup finals and we have to match their commitment. If we don't then I shudder to think what could happen.

In recent times I've always worried about Arsenal when we face games like the one tonight. We have been vulnerable.

I hope the Arsenal players don't turn up and think that just their very presence is enough to win the game because we have made that mistake in the past and paid for it. We have to want the win and want it bad.

I've backed this squad from the beginning and I thoroughly believe that come the end of the season we will still be challenging for the Premiership crown. Despite title's not being decided in December, tonight will provide a real test to this Arsenal side's title credentials and it's a test we must come through.

Keep it Goonerish..................


Anonymous said...

spot on wrighty! nother other than a win will do tonight! the boys must be fighting for this win coz as u mentioned burnley will not be any pushovers just have a luk at their home record! they even surprised united and all of us by beating them!

i think the team toinght should be


eboue gallas vermaelen silvestre


fabregas diaby

nasri eduardo arshavin

Anonymous said...

haha yeah but this arshavin weather so we've got the upper hand!

Anonymous said...

well 1-1. totally predictable. we should all know by now that a great win one week means absolutely nothing because we are always let down sooner or later thereafter. i don't care about the title race, we aren't in it, not because mathematically we're far behind, but because we are appallingly unreliable. the top teams will drop points to, it's just highly unlikely that they'll throw away half as many as us.

Muneeb said...

That was one of the worst performances ive seen. Fukn frustatin

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is why we’ll never win the league!! We’re not good enough
Why is Wenger worried about getting Silvestre a new deal?
As for Almunia I would feel more secure with a corner flag in goal

Anonymous said...

Now You must be very worried Wrighty7. Sell: Walcott, Diaby, Denilson, Rosicky, Silvester and Almunia (who will buy him) and replace them adequately.

Anonymous said...

^^^^no no no, that's not the reason arsenal wont win the league, it's because Wolves put out the stiffs against Man U. That is the only reason!

Anonymous said...

^^^^no no no, that's not the reason arsenal wont win the league, it's because Wolves put out the stiffs against Man U. That is the only reason!

Anonymous said...

Burnley are clearly using PES's such as anphetamines at home - look at their home and away form.

They chased us down for 90 minutes - since when do Burnley have a fitness advantage over Arsenal or Manchester United for that matter? Their faces were all over the place!

Anyone who knows anything about football can see this... except the media and commentators who dutifully bang on about great spirit and the home crowd raising them up, stoking the fires of the EPL gravy train.


Anonymous said...

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