Monday, 7 December 2009

I hope Steve Gerrard stays on his feet this Sunday!

Let me start by saying that this isn't a pop at Steve Gerrard! In my honest stinking opinion I reckon that he is the England national team's best player by far. Frank Lampard? Wayne Rooney? They couldn't lace Gerrard's boots.

But doesn't he go down a little easy??

Now Liverpool supporters will say 'What a cheek!' especially when there was the Eduardo incident earlier this season. Liverpool themselves have had the same with N'Gog. Pretty embarrassing for both clubs I might add.

But back to Gerrard, against Blackburn he went down very easily again. He does it quite regularly in fact. I've seen a You-Tube clip and I have to say that the Liverpool skipper goes down easier than Paris Hilton.

If he was from Southern Europe, played in the Premiership and did this as often as he does then he would be classed as a diver. If he was from Southern Europe, played in Southern Europe and did this as often as he does he would be seen as clever.

The fact is he is plays in the Premiership, goes down often but this is often overlooked because he is English. Pure and simple. The Match of the Day presenters laughed off what he did against Blackburn. Is this fair?

My concern is that he does the same against us at Anfield on Sunday because I have no doubt that the referee will give a penalty. It happened in the Champions League with Ryan Babal.

This a massive game for us and Liverpool. Despite people saying both clubs are out of the title race I disagree. Both are still in the race.

I just hope that another massive Anfield match between us isn't decided another dodgy penalty decision.

Keep it Goonerish.................


PerryG said...

He's gone down countless times, looking at the referee before he even hits the floor. Because he's English, we hear nothing about it other than the 'clever play' to win a penalty. When Eduardo goes down to avoid a certain collision however...

Anonymous said...

Must be honest: if it wasn't for Stevie Gerrard I don't think Benitez would be in a job. He won the Champions league and the FA cup almost on his own. Champions league during the course of the game, he played 3 or 4 different positions all brilliantly. Against West Ham he scored two vital goals, one to keep them in the game, and one to win it!

Top player, can't understand a fucking word he say's and yes he does go down to easy! Let him stay down on Sunday and kick Torres on the way down.


Anonymous said...

It's not what pple say that will decide the destiny of the title, so stop giving credit they dont deserve. thats why the league is played over a whole season.there will be ups and downs for each and every team dont worry. relax.

as for gerrard, his excellent footballing does not excuse his behaviour v blackburn - that was pathetic- far worse than the hugely publicised eduardo incident.

Anonymous said...

too true..hope arsenal players stay on their feet too..doubt wenger will sign an entire new team in january if rest of the first team players get injured..

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Gerrard will take a dive in front of the Kop and get a penalty, he can`t help himself, it is a tradition against Arsenal that he just has to do every match.

Danish Gooner said...

You can stake your balls there will be controversy on Sunday.

Jonathan said...

Hopefully the referee will have last weekend's dive fresh in his mind WHEN Gerrard tries it on Sunday.

With some luck he will go out for a mid-week beer and the DJ will refuse to play Phil Collins...

Trennon said...

hahaha. Of course the twat will dive, along with Ngog and Babel. Those fukkers deserve all the bad luck they are having. The darlings of the english comentators and MOTD!
Personally I hope in the 99th minute of the match after the fourth official indicated 1 minute of extra time, Eduardo headbuts Carragher to win the ball, passes to Cesc wgo then returns the ball to a mile offside Eduardo, who stamps on the keeper who gets two hands on the ball, picks it up and then throws the ball into the net. Arsenal win 1-0!!

mordor said...

trennon..fuckin funny mate..would love it if that happens..kind of praying it happens..would be a sight to behold..hahaha..

Juan Carlos said...

I agree.
Its not a matter of If, more of When gerrard will try and cheat for a PK on sunday.

Will be a tough game. Remember, Liverpool are basically a "Cup Final" team.

Look how they have performed vs united,everton, and now us on sunday.

Also, it seems that tw@t benitez has been aiming for this game as the return of torres and aquilanis introduction. I think he reckons arsenal are abit soft and it won't be much of a risk. I hope whoever gets the chance Steam rolls through that aqua boy.

goonemichael said...

Rooney's the same cheating filth

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Wrighty.

I watch arsenal matches with french commentary sometimes and it gives you a different perspective.

Like the Chelsea - Man City match the other day. Two players collide in a 50-50 challenge, commentator says " Of course the ref will award the free kick to the English player because he feels the English players is more hurt as he feels the pain more. It is a natural human reaction"

I suggested the other day that these type of reaction are but normal in such situations. We need to take stock of the situation and adopt some affirmative action for English players. At first sight it makes no sense but the long term economic justifications cannot be ignored. More English players in our squad mean we get those 50-50 decisions, we get those penalties which seemingly are never blown. Above all however, we rally the media around us compared to their current stand and as well as our own supporters. Look at how they go crazy when Walcott gets the ball. They would not leave early.

Anonymous said...

he aint more important for england than Rooney

he never turns up when we really need him


Anonymous said...

I'll never forget his lack of effort against croatia at wembley when we got beat 3-2


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