Friday, 18 December 2009

Wenger you fool! Phil Brown and Tony Pulis achieve their season's targets and Le Boss to Manchester City?

Here we go again. The usual suspects are coming out in force to have a pop at Arsene Wenger. There is nothing new there really is there?

The lame-brain dimbalow's like Phil Brown and Tony Pulis were just biding their time and now they have achieved their season's target and it aint even Christmas yet!

And I'm not talking about avoiding relegation either. No, their campaign target is to have a go at Arsene Wenger because amongst the BHWB* it is the most popular thing to do.

The likes of Mark Hughes, Tony Pulis, Fat Sam Allardyce, Harry Redknapp and Phil Brown can't wait to get the claws out and dig them deep into Arsene Wenger's back. I can imagine them all having a lovely cup of British tea discussing when is the best time to strike.

Mark Hughes had a go during the game against Manchester City and did after the match too, while Tony Pulis and Phil Brown have opened their gates over Wenger's comments about fixture congestion and weakened sides. As it happens, Fat Sam aint said anything yet but I can imagine him shit-stirring the others into doing his dirty work.

Harry Redknapp? That baggy-eyed bastard can't even control his players. Here

What Pulis and Brown do not understand is that Arsene Wenger is a very clever man and he has reason's for coming out with such a barbed comment. He spoke about fixture congestion and weakened side's because he knew that it would cause a reaction; thus taking the attention of the fact we only drew at Burnley.

It's called taking the heat off your team!

Of course we can't expect the slightly dim for not realising this. But then again Phil Brown isn't the brightest spark is he? Too many sunbeds have frazzled his brain. Phil would rather hit the head-lines for the wrong reasons. He loves the lime-light and if his team suffers then so be it. Remember his half-time talk on the pitch? That just embarrassed professional football players and put his name in lights.

Tony Pulis? I think he is just trying to follow the British trend that the likes of Fat Sam, Brown and Hughes have set. In case Pulis' case, he is new to the BHWB and is just trying to fit in. Brown served his apprenticeship under the leader Fat Sam, Hughes likewise with Fergie. Fergie has retired from the BHWB.

These donuts should just concentrate on their own.

Also I read today that Manchester City have targeted Arsene Wenger. That would make him even less popular amongst the BHWB! Imagine Wenger taking one of their jobs!

Could you seriously see Arsene Wenger at Manchester City? He turned down Real Madrid for crying out loud. Not only that, Wenger has always spoken about morals and he believes that the way City are doing things is immoral.

I don't really care how Manchester City do things really. They have money so they spend it, they have every right to spend it. But could you imagine Wenger at City?

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan - 'Arsene, you have billions to spend. Why don't you use it?'

Wenger - 'Because it is immoral and I believe in this young team.'

Nuff said.

*BHWB-British Hate Wenger Brigade

Keep it Goonerish........................


GMR said...

Pulis & Brown would stick their noses in, after all it suits them if teams like Wolves throw away points seen as both their teams are more than likely going to be fighting a relegation battle. I wonder if they'll be so happy to mouth off if come the last day of the season one of them goes down because a top club fields a youth team & loses to one of their rivals.

Wrighty7 said...

Great GMR!

Anonymous said...

One thing you have omitted to mention- who is the unofficial leader of this gang? well who else but SAF- the main beneficiary of Wolves rolling over and fielding a reserve team. All of these managers apart from MH this year are manure feeder clubs.
AW is the only manager who cares about the game itself- all these other managers care about is themselves.

Wrighty7 said...

I have pointed out Ferguson; He's retired.

Anonymous said...

Same Old Wenger always moaning,fixtures and wolves reserve team this time, may i point out that your the kings at fielding your reserves but its ok for arsenal and as for the fixtures we would have benefited from our game at home against fulham, had it not been postponed do we moan no, Wenger just loves to moan to deflect the fact that your team is poor, last year it was Stoke that were trying to deliberately injure your players, but it was a certain van Persie that was sent off the problem you have at Aresnal is your team is wrapped in cotton wool and you ain't got any fight if it were down to Wenger he'd have football as a non contact sport , if that's what you want to see then i suggest that you switch to playing basketball cause you might win some titles doing that with that bag of shit Bentner up front look forward to beating you again at the Brit, oh Wenger don't F**k with Pulis you heard what he did to Beattie he'd make mince meat out of you yer french Tart. PULIS IS GOD.

Va Cong said...

reserve side is used in carling cup; reached finals last few years.
when has arsenal used a reserve side when playing premiere league? champions league already won so why not rest players? is wolves playing champions league? Fa cup? etc. rest what players? ass licking shit holes.

Anonymous said...

Its a sad world when we actually care what any manager says.Lets just watch the football and let it do the talking.Grow up please.
SCFC fan

NashIsArsenal said...

I can imagine them all having a lovely cup of British tea discussing when is the best time to strike.

One word.


Anonymous said...

you name mark hughes in that tirade, but he did nothing wrong, it was wenger who acted like an immature girl by storming off because he didnt get his own way.

ps. you should all be concerned with how to stop the mighty villa on dec 27th than complaining about prem managers who have a right to say what they want.

Aniruddh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aniruddh said...

I have to say I usually enjoy your posts but not this one, its how can i put it....bland, it didn't have ur natural metaphorical style and addresses an issue that we all know and have been pretty bored of. On a lighter note have u ever noticed that the first few of the comments are for your judgment but the ones that are posted later are completely against, and near the end they drop down to dissent. cheers

lp said...

hahahaha...Wrighty, you a funny guy...nice one..

Anonymous said...

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Gooners.TV said...

Exclsuive and frank interview with Tony Pulis on the Shawcross tackle, we get to the bottom of the Stoke Managers thinking..

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