Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Imagine the impact?

Whilst it can feel safe and secure having familiarity surrounding you, sometimes a little change can be good. It's a bit like me. I love a Coors Light and a Silk Cut. Sometimes though I can get a little wild and have a Peroni and a Benson and Hedges Silver. Its just the way I am.

Today I've read, and I can read, that Dennis Bergkamp has claimed Arsene Wenger wants him back at Arsenal. Not in a playing sense as the experienced striker we all want, that would be silly, but to join the coaching set-up.

What are you waiting for Dennis??!!

Of course Dennis Bergkamp is currently at Ajax, as the youth team coach. Ajax, like Arsenal, will always have a big place in Bergkamp's heart and the Ajax fans may love the Dutchman but I doubt that they love him like we Gooners do!

That's why I'm calling for 'God' to come back home now. Imagine the impact that bringing the Ice-Man back into the fold would have at the club? Not only would it raise the players but it would raise us Gooners too.

Over at Le Grove the guys talk about the impact the likes of Arshavin and Vermaelen have made with Arsenal. I totally agree. Of course as players they have an influence on and off the field but imagine the influence of someone like Dennis Bergkamp on this squad. The man has been there, done that and done it some more.

An Arsenal legend, if these players couldn't learn from him then who could they possibly learn from?

A change behind the scenes may do Arsenal some good too. It's been pretty much the same set-up for a while now and the arrival of someone like Dennis Bergkamp would freshen things up a little.

Bergkamp has said that he and Arsene Wenger share the same vision, that's great because we Gooners have become accustomed to a very familiar type of football nowadays. What Bergkamp will bring is different ideas and that will only benefit our boys.

Ajax churn out player after player of quality who play football the right way. Arsenal do too. The next step up for Bergkamp at this stage of his career would be to join Arsenal sooner rather than later.

It makes sense. Come home 'God!'

Keep it Goonerish................


Adam said...

Couldn't agree more. While we're at it, let's get Martin Keown back too.

Anonymous said...

Dennis is my idol, a true gentleman of the game a selfless player but when he scores he lets the world know how special he is. He is all class, and there could be nothing better for our club than to bring the Iceman in as soon as we could possibly could.

Jonny said...

Great shout!

Having read his comments about how similar he and wenger are i can only assume it would be a match made in heaven!

My only question would be what role he would take within the club... i think its safe to say that Primorac and Pat Rice will have stay in thier roles untill they decide to leave/retire. So would Dennis be happy with just a coaching role?

The question of where Dennis would fit in is even more difficult when you consider how well Steve Bould and Banfield are doing in coaching our Youth/Reserve Teams

Anonymous said...

Fitting people in is always a problem, but for that reason we missed out on Seaman as goalkeeping coach . Look where that left us.

Anonymous said...

I hope gooners are not dreaming of him as a future manager! The guy does not fly and that hurt us quite a bit in Europe during his time. So what would he do as manager - give half-time team talk over Skype? Come on.

Anonymous said...

A £12m bid for Edin Dzeko has been placed tonight by Arsenal for a Jan 1st transfer. You heard it here first.

Vertino said...

Anon 22:34 okay mate.

bringing bergkamp's not a bad idea and Keown as well. The latter did a decent job anyway. I'm kinda sick of some of our players drooling whenever Henry is around. They shouldn't forget we had other players we drooled about also, albeit for different reasons.I say bring them back!

karem said...

AAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO get him wenger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what do u guyz think????? he is on a free soon lets get him !!!! he will not cost much but he is the shit !!!

Anonymous said...

When speculating on what Wenger may or may not do in the transfer market, before the who, why and where’s, the first thing to do is take a look at his history. On numerous occasions he has resisted calls to get out the cheque book and instead, although not always, let someone already in the squad blossom and fill the position. Fabregas / Vieira, Song / Flamini, Clichy / Cole are the obvious ones. Anelka / Henry would provide an outnumbered but legitimate counter argument. This leads me to think that calls for a new goalkeeper for example are at least 12 months premature.

If Wenger finally agrees with the majority of Arsenal fans and gives Almunia the elbow then he is likely to give Fabianski at least a few months to copper fasten his place as our No.1. Should that go horribly wrong then maybe he would look to the transfer market in January 2011 to fill the void. He may also decide that by then Wojciech Szczęsny or Vito Mannone are mature enough to warrant an extended run of games between the sticks. That would put any potential purchase a further few months into the distance.

Buying a centre forward would at the moment seem a priority but again don’t be surprised if this doesn’t happen in January. Considering the boxes that this player would have to tick (Champions League eligibility, Arsenal quality, experienced, big in stature, low wage demands and low, if any, transfer fee) it would be a lot easier to find someone suitable in the summer and rely on Bendtner going injury free for the rest of the season along with Vela and Eduardo getting up to speed with more game time.

Our other perceived weakness is our over reliance on Gallas and Vermaelen at centre back. God forbid should one of them get a long-term injury then we are relying on Silvestre or Song to step into the breach and neither of those two covered themselves in glory against City last week in the Carling Cup.

Although you shouldn’t judge or condemn a player on one performance in Silvestre’s case it is a damning verdict built up over a lot longer. Philippe Senderos is of course still on our books but seems to have disappeared from Wengers radar while Johann Djourou will be lucky to see any game time this season and Hazard Nordveit while plying his trade in the Bundesliga is being deployed by Nuremburg as a defensive midfielder.

While like everyone else I would love to see Wenger splash the cash and shore up our goalkeeping, defence and forward unit it is with more hope than expectancy that we face the next transfer window. A more realistic hope would be that Wenger finds a way of integrating our existing talent into a formation that removes the need to constantly remind ourselves of how much better things would be if Robin van Persie was still out there. The sad fact is that van Persie is never likely to go a full season without an injury lay-off and its probably best that we see such brilliant players as Robin and Rosicky as a bonus when we have them as opposed to a blow to the team when we lose them.

There is a certain team on Merseyside preparing for our visit next Sunday and I would be confident that had their manager a chance he would trade Arshavin, Vela and Eduardo for Voronin, Lucas and Kyrgiakos. Things might have been better at the Emirates from time to time but they have rarely been worse at Anfield.

It’s all relevant. Keep the faith.

lp said...

Dennis, pls come back WE NEED YOU...

Anonymous said...

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