Sunday, 7 March 2010

Mexico Internationals Could Kill Carlos Vela's Arsenal Career

It's not Carlos Vela's fault that he is a Mexican, and I have no doubt that he is fiercely proud to be one, but going away to play for Mexico is having a bad effect on his Arsenal career.

In fact, it could be killing it.

Of course being chosen to play for your country is a fantastic honour, it would be for anyone, and you cannot stop players from doing so. But to me, it appears that Vela plays more for Mexico than he does Arsenal.

He is such a big talent but it's such a bigger shame that we have yet to see the best of Carlos in an Arsenal shirt. We've seen flashes of what he can do, but we haven't seen enough because frankly, he hasn't played enough.

I know that he is young and that Arsene Wenger is easing him into English football but I thoroughly believe that the Arsenal gaffer would use him a lot more if he was actually available!

It seems that when Vela goes on these long trips to play for Mexico he either comes back injured or is suffering from jet-lag and it must be very frustrating for Wenger to consistently not be able to pick Carlos in his squad as a result.

Vela's Arsenal career has been stop-start and you have to feel for the boy because, as promising as he is, he isn't actually getting the chance to have a run in the side and I think its because of the games he plays for Mexico.

The likes of Brazil and Argentina come over to Europe quite a lot to play their international friendly matches. This is mainly because their players are based in Europe so maybe an option for Mexico would be to do the same.

It would certainly help the jet-lag factor!

As frustrating as it is to have yet seen Vela's Arsenal career explode I think we have to have patience with him. I know we've had plenty of patience over the years but in my opinion Carlos Vela is a special case.

This kid will make it and make it big. I really believe that. Wenger has faith and has invested a lot of time with him so I know that Carlos has a great chance at Arsenal.

I only hope that that patience doesn't wear thin because of the fact he never seems available! That may sound stupid but I'd hate to see him shine at another club, because he would.

The question is; How do you deal with it?

Keep it Goonerish.................


LMS said...

Mexico will nt consider it, as long as they play matches in the United States, where they make even more money than they do playing at home. The expat community in the US is huge and they're milking it.

DonMiguel said...

What rubbish. You speak as if he plays for the Mexican team fortnightly. Fact is, hes behind Robin, Dudu and Bentfoot in the pecking order... Go thinlk of something more meaningful to discuss.

Wrighty7 said...

No, I speak of it like it is DonMiguel.

Whenever he plays for Mexico he is never available for Arsenal's next game.

Not only that, I honestly believe he would be pushing those guys you mention a lot harder if it wasn't for jet-lag and the injuries he seems to pick up on international duty.

Anonymous said...

With the arrival of Chamakh and the no-smoke-without-fire Remy rumours, Vela will be sold in the summer/Xmas. He doesn't fit Wenger's new formation.

I think Eduardo's in danger too who looks painfully slow for Arsenal's style.

NikkiB and RVP are his boys and will never be sold. The rest are up for grabs.

And people that call Bendtner - Bentfoot - like the Mug previous need to fuck off and watch cricket.

Wrighty7 said...

Who is Bentfoot?

Anonymous said...

We knew the situation when we bought him, so I doubt that is an issue. He has been more held up by injuries this season than internationals. But he is still young and has plenty of time to make an impression on our first team. His goal against NZ suggests that he is learning to become more physical, which is needed for the EPL as that shoulder charge to get himself in position was impressive.

Lady Arsenal said...

Apparently he comes second in all the sprint tests at the club, behind Theo.

I think he's top quality, but maybe our 4-3-3 is hindering him. His defensive work is suspect so his chances have been limited.

Wenger obviously rates him, let's not talk like he's rotting away in the reserves, he's just not taken his chance yet. I've got faith.

Anonymous said...

terrible post
the guy is a flop, an injury prone fool with no skill

Liferexall said...

It's a good point, Wrighty. I myself have thought about this on a couple of occasions. Thing is that I cannot even name one Mexican player that has gone to achieve big things in an European outfit. There was a guy called Borgetti and he went to Bolton for a brief period, but it didn't work out for him. He's their country's top goalscorer and no doubt a clinical striker, but he never took off in England. It's also true that there are a lot more young and talented Mexicans nowadays and there's no doubt that most of them are going to play in Europe at some stage of their carrers. At the moment, the problem stands and it doesn't seem as there is an easy solution to it. Maybe if it becomes a more mass issue in days to come, something will be done to prevent it. Vela is extremely talented and it would be a shame if his country becomes the sole obstacle depriving him from an illustrious Arsenal career. It really is a worry, but I hope one day it will be just a good point to have been made in the past.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 19.01 I doubt if the arrival of Chamakh, if it happens means any one will depart. Chamakh and Bendtner are more alike in their qualities and if anything he is good cover in case of the absence of a tall target man type. Vela is more of a deputy for Eduardo as he can play on the left of a 4-3-3 as he did for Osasuna with the addition of pace and good finishing when on form. It's not like all our players are likely to remain fit throughout the season as we know to our cost, so the more variety we have, the better. If by some miracle we have more players fit, it gives us the opportunity to play a less junior side in the domestic cups.

Arsenal&Arsene said...

Wrighty, I agree mate. I was watching 'Carlos Vela's' goal on Youtube early against 'New Zealand'... and am thinking to myself. Why can't they just play in Europe... Because no disrespect to Walcott. I believe Vela is wayyyy better in terms of quality. I just hope he has a longggg career with Arsenal. Because it will hurt me to see him play for another top team and make it!

As for Bendtner as much as I dislike him. He is a player that can you can Hate for 89 minutes of football... then he scores a header in the 90min.

As for Eduardo, I still believe in him... even though some have lost confidence in him.


Wrighty7 said...


I actually think he could benefit from the 4-3-3 because in my opinion he seems a natural winger.

I remember him roasting Sergio Ramos in a game when he played there. He was brilliant.

Wrighty7 said...


I think you maybe right mate. It may take a bigger influx of Mexicans into Europe before they consider playing internationals other here.

Wrighty7 said...


That's my worry too!

I think you are right, Vela has more qualities than Theo.

As for Nikki B, he has really bucked up. I think he will become a very good player.

He just has to work on his finishing!

Anonymous said...

Like Theo, I think people sometimes forget just how young Carlos is. That hat trick against Sheffield Utd shows quality and variety in his finishing. He just needs a run in the team and I think he has plenty to offer.

Smudger said...

I agree that European friendlies for Mexico would be far better for Vela's Arsenal chances. The lad has huge potential but unfortunately he's not going to break into the team and fulfill it under the current circumstances.

With a number of Mexico's big players - dos Santos, Guardado, Marquez - all playing in Europe, you would've thought the Mexican FA would've looked into this by now if they wanted to.

I think Carlos would work perfectly in Arsenal's 4-3-3, and I really hope next year is a big year for Carlos. A year playing regularly on loan in the Premier League could be a useful move, especially with the seemingly imminent arrival of Chamakh which would push him further down the pecking order.

He's going to have a top career, I just hope it's with the Arsenal.

Lady Arsenal said...

Agreed. He has great wing potential. Wenger obviously doesn't think he's quite ready, given how many times he's played.

He can fly, has quick feet, and is calm in front of goal. Maybe he's not strong enough yet to face PL full-backs. I'd really like to hear the honest thoughts of the manager. You're right about the injuries though. I think that's more bad luck than the fact he's Mexican.

Wrighty7 said...

Ha ha Lady Gooner.

I mean he seems to pick up more injuries on international duty!

Anonymous said...

hi wrighty

nt that gd at blogging r u

bye wrighty

Anonymous said...

you seem to have forgotten so soon we once had a certain Gilberto Silva who never played the next game after an int. week

Real Social Dad said...

next year w7 next year

Stroller said...

I don't think that you can put it down to internationals. How many away days are there in a season ? This season he has been largely anonymous in the few appearances he has made, albeit mainly from the bench. His early performances and international pedigree means that he should be able to make an impact when called upon, especially against tired defenders. Hopefully at the next opportunity he will get himself fired up and make a mark.

Mario Zagallo said...

@Liferexall, there is a lot of mexican players, in Primera Liga. Guardado from Deportivo is one being linked with Barcelona. Players that don't take off, it has nothing to do with country ,club or whatever.

Bolton example is a hard one, as even Maradona would struggle to play for them, as they prefer the kind of "thug" players. Ultimately the decision to pick a player rests with the manager.

To be honest Wrighty, I think Arsene have been a little unfair with Vela as they were times when he was the best player in those cup runs, like the one v Liverpool, and yet Arsene never gave him the chance the following weeks.
The reason he made an impact with Osasuna, is because he was playing week in week out. Simple as that. No player can make a impact for whole season playing only 5 and 10 minutes.

At Osasuna he would play for Mexico and come back and the manager would play him anyway and as a winger, sometimes exactly in the same 4-3-3 formation as Arsenal, so the formation or couple of injuries are not an excuse but rather chances that are not being given to him.

Vela not playing has nothing to do with strength and english full-back's rubbish, as this does not fit Arsenal football philosophy.

Walcott have had more injuries than him, doesn't even have half of Vela's technical ability and yet are given more chances. That's the only thing I have to point the finger at Arsene and I reckon now Arsene knows it, as it look like Walcott's technical development has stagnated.

take care

Mario Zagallo

Anonymous said...

wrighty old son - are barcelona not seeing the best of messi? if you research old lionel, you will find that he played ALL EIGHTEEN qualifiers for the mundial - meaning he probably flew to BA and back (and then internal flights in South America) at least 10 times. vela is average - like bendtner and eduardo. this is the problem, not the long haul flights.

Gunnerstoday said...

nice topic, makes a sense from what we've all been trying to focus on since last saturday.

I read somewhere that Vela is not trusted for his defensive attributes. I dunno, against City in the Carling Cup he looked really up for it getting stuck in challenges.

But you know, Vela/Eduardo they're players who thrive when they have another striker in tandem or play in a 4-4-2 system.

I just think that when he is fit, he needs to work hard in training. If he can do that and still can't get games, we should consider sending him out on loan. Getting rid of him so young would come back to haunt us I feel.

messi said...

ok lets just all be honest and real now vela is the best youngest striker in the league. i don't think theres anybody around his age who is anywhere near him when he is playing. two his qualities are incredible its just that he gets injured alot i think honestly and arsene is even trying to get him to put on more strength, as his too weak for a striker in the league. in the 4-3-3 i think any of the wings he can handle perfectly his dribbling, shots and crosses are all excellent so why not. My biggest fear for him is that he doesn't turn to be another reyes and let spain and the bigger clubs brainwash because no doubt at all 2 seasons time there will be alot of interest in him and thats a fact

Anonymous said...

imagine,final day of the season, we need a win to secure the title against fulham, its 1-1 in the 80th minute, the board goes up, were taking off bac sag and pushing eboue further back into defence, on comes carlos vela, fulham win a corner almunia punches the ball clear,it breaks to arshavin, he is facing his own goal so lays it off to alex song who plays a lovely ball over the wing wizard theo's head as he burns up the wing! theo fires the ball across goal... who made it to the far post ????? carlos kickaball arsenal legend just maybe!

m said...

looooool what a comment hope so, very much mate > anonymous 20:50

Anonymous said...

Bentfoot is Bendtner, Wrighty..hahahah

Anonymous said...

people forget that quite often players are tired after international weekand that should be carlos's chance to take advantage of injurys and tiredness but he is more tired and usually carryin a knock because somehow he plays international football without playin for club,his chance to shine is being blocked because his country are picking him limiting his chances with us when those games after international week are uite often the best chance for a young player low on the pecking order

Anonymous said...

spot on Wrighty...however i feel that Vela's international duties fit very well with Wengers plan for him...he wouldnt have played very much this season anyway...Vela will be given his time to shine next season..but down the line he will have to choose ...and my tip he will be such an important player for the Mexican team that he will be allowed to skip the friendly's much like former great Mexican players have..
so on Vela..he is just where he wants to be..on the rise..:)

i must say Wrighty your blog has become a must for me..keep up the good work...

best regards a Norwegian Gooner

Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to be mentioning the same 3/4 names when listing Mexico's European players. The fact is that most of the Mexican squad and fans unlike Argentina and Brazil are based in the Americas, therefore it makes sense for them to play their internationals across the pond.

Anonymous said...

Stop flirting Lady Gooner and Wrighty7 :P

Anonymous said...

Tosh, how long is the repercussion of jet lag factor, at most 1 week would be way enough time for him to recover. So by this week the Mexico cap effect would be cancel out, and I bet that he still don't start for Arsenal because Arsene said so & not because of airplane ;).cucu

Anonymous said...

I still believe Vela is still very much into Arsene Wenger's plans for Arsenal. Perhaps not now, but very much in the near future. Injuries have hampered and delayed Vela's football career. He is young, good and skilful. Hopefully he will feature more for Arsenal in the future, barring injuries.

Manavendr Singh said...

Hey Wrighty7!
I'm a Gooner from India.
This is my first comment on your blog which I've been following for over a month now. I like it.

I'm a fan of Vela's skills on the ball and his pace but it's frustrating to see so less of him in Arsenal colors. Does Wenger think that the Mexican's still raw, not mature enough for regular 1sst team action? I don't know.

Hope to see him play again ASAP.

AmericanGunnerFan said...

Coming from the US and having seen some of Vela's appearances for Mexico, I think there's some validity to Wrighty7's premise.

There are a couple of things you have to consider about Mexico's internationals: 1.) their home stadium in Mexico City is at extreme altitude-teams that play there are sucking for air in the 2nd half and players not used to the altitude are worn out afterwards; 2.)in response to Mexico's home field advantage, CONCACAF rivals often choose to play their home matches in the most inhospitable conditions they can-Guatemala, Costa Rica and Honduras schedule their home games in hot, humid, tropical cities, the US in cold climates like New England and Columbus, Ohio; 3.) the skill level of many CONCACAF teams is not as high as in Europe or South America and the games are generally slower and rougher, which places more skilled players at greater risk of getting hurt; 4.) Mexico can make more money scheduling friendlies in the US because they draw big crowds and travel costs are lower-many Mexicans have come to the US because they can make more money than in Mexico but support their home team; 5.) regardless of where they play, Mexico's internationals assemble and train in Mexico City and then may have to fly 6-8 hours to play their games, which adds to the wear and tear on them.

Vela is an up-and-coming star for Mexico. The skills he has shown in some of their games have been outstanding. But, that has made him something of a target and he got hurt last summer on international duty. Since that injury, he has been hurt twice more playing for Mexico.

I don't think Vela fully recovered from the second injury and was surprised that he was called up for the recent match where he was hurt again. I think his injuries have definitely hurt his play for Arsenal this season-it has basically been a lost year for him.

Given how angry Wenger was at RvP's injury on and Walcott's as a result of international duty, I think that releasing Vela to play for Mexico could become an issue. Vela recently signed a contract extension, so I think he still fits in Wenger's plans, but Vela can't keep getting hurt as an international if he's going to make the progress that he needs to make to secure a spot in the Arsenal rotation up-front (where I believe he is being groomed to replace Arshavin when the Russian leaves). If Vela can't stay healthy, he will be replaced because his skills will ultimately not blossom or be limited by the injuries.

Darren said...

For the person said that he does not fit into Le Prof's new formation is talking crap. Carlos can easily play on the wing ala Theo, and then move into the centre when he learns the game more, he did it Henry, he's doing it with Theo and he'll do it with Carlos.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that Wenger thought Vela was more advanced in his physical development than he has turned out to be. However,he has suffered from injuries badly this year and I cannot think of a time when he has been fully fit this season. OK he has got these injuries playing for Mexico but he does need games and he is getting games playing for his country.
There is a suspicion that he is being played whilst half fit.
Carlos needs a pre-season and to go 6 months without an injury to build up his form. Then we will see what talent he has.

Anonymous said...

I think Carlos Vela is the New Jose Antonio Reyes, Left winger/Forward who will end up playing in the lower end of the spanish league. He looks like he's got talent, but every young player that has been on Arsenals books in the last 5 years has looked full of Talent. Its wether or not he can apply it to the big stage of the premier league. Alot of Premier League stars dont have the ability of Vela, you can see he has class, but the ability to turn that into performances is another thing, Great example: Kevin Davies, half the talent of Vela, but could out perform him all day long, Heart and Desire is what it comes down to and thats some thing Vela doesnt look to have as respectively nor did Reyes, hence the comparison. Good day

Anonymous said...

You know what? I'm sick of all this cr*p about how: 'this player can start on the wing and move up front in a few years, Wenger done it with Henry'! Aint any of you people watched us in the last few years? he's been trying it with walcott and it aint happening and vela has half the pace of theo! Henry was a world class super human player who could do anything he wanted, he probably would've been one of the greatest rightbacks of all time if he'd have played there! Dont be fooled by the start on the wing move to the centre crap cos we all know its cos theres to many forwards who aint good enough to play up front at arsenal!

Anonymous said...

And how comes every player has to be the NEW HENRY, NEW VIERA, NEW BERGKAMP, i'm hearing that Merida is the NEW FABREGAS, fabregas is only 22 for f*ck sake and theres a new one of him already! When we signed Viera was he the 'NEW ....'? no he werent, he's an irreplaceable player! none of this NEW shit

Anonymous said...

i am still waiting for vela to do something in a meaningful match - he as yet to impress me and time is running out for him, even when he has started a premiership game he has been mostly inneffective - at the moment id say sell him.

Anonymous said...

"Whenever he plays for Mexico he is never available for Arsenal's next game".

I have to agree with DonMiguel.

Even with RVP and Bendtner out injured, Dudu with really bad form, Wenger would rather play an injured Arshavin as striker than give Vela a chance.

Vela should have demanded a loan deal in Jan, or asked to leave, because he is damaging his chance of playing well in the WC by just sitting on the bench.

And you have it the wrong way round - with Wenger denying him a game, every time he arrives at the Mexico camp he isn't match fit.

I read an article a few months back saying that the Mexico manager wanted Vela to be released early, for exactly this reason

Anonymous said...

Big deal ! He scored a goal against NZ. I reckon he is just an ordinary toothpaste !

Anonymous said...

Mexican players not successful in Europe, you say? How about Hugo Sanchez, 2nd most prolific scorer in the history of Spanish football?

Anonymous said...

think Tottenham could decide the Championship – looking at the final weeks of the 2009/10 season are shaping up to be fascinating. When was the last time we had 3 teams in serious contention for the Championship at this late a stage in the season AND at the same time saw the battle for 4th, and the final Champions League spot, as congested and wide open as it presently is? And in the middle of it all is Arsenal, much to the disappointment of many in the media.

After losing to Chelsea on 7 February, the media were lightning-quick to write off our chances. I never thought that to be the case. I personally thought that if we could come out of our nightmare run of matches (Villa, Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool) within 6 points of the lead we might even be favorites for the Championship.

Instead we were 9 points behind, a big gap but by no means insurmountable given our run-in. However, even I have been staggered at how quickly the gap has been narrowed again, and in some ways we might indeed have to be considered favorites at this point (although I HATE saying that!!).

If we had a fully fit squad I wouldn’t hesitate to call us favorites. Another assumption made after the Chelsea match was that we would have to win the remainder of our games to be Champions. I didn’t think that was the case then and I certainly don’t think that is the case now. Points will be dropped by everyone. How many points each team will drop is the real question.

The game most people are looking at to “decide” the Championship is Chelsea-Man Utd on 3rd April. Sky will certainly build that one up to be a “Championship Decider” as they do. Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard it all before. Let’s assume a draw in that one. If that’s the case then it effectively brings us even with the teams above us. I don’t think Chelsea will win that one, so the only other result I can see is a Utd win, and if that is the case I don’t think Chelsea will last the pace (that is just a feeling I have, there is no rational reason why!). My prediction is a draw however. So what of the other fixtures remaining for each team?

We’ve examined Arsenal’s fixtures in great detail. Most of us would agree that all of our home matches should be wins, with the only tough one being Manchester City’s visit towards the end of the season. A lot will depend on how they are doing in the League at that point. Will that game be essential for them finishing 4th or not? Our away matches are a mixed bag, with Hull, Birmingham, Tottenham, Wigan, and Blackburn presenting us with a selection of potential banana skins. The Spurs match is the one that stands out however.

Chelsea’s matches are just as interesting. Their only tough home match remaining is the visit of Aston Villa. However Chelsea still have trips to Old Trafford (where we already assumed a draw), Anfield, and White Hart Lane to come (as well as Blackburn and Portsmouth – ho hum, six points there).

Anonymous said...

Manchester United have a very interesting run-in as well. They have Spurs, Liverpool, Fulham (a bogey team), and Chelsea to come at home and still have a trip to Manchester City (as well as Sunderland, Blackburn, Bolton and Wolves away – more of those potential banana skins I’d say).

The presence of Tottenham on each schedule, in 3 consecutive weeks in April, is the most interesting part of the run-in as far as I am concerned. We get them first, then Chelsea and finally Manchester United. I’d give the advantage to Manchester United in that case, because when we play them they’ll still be fighting for 4th place, something they may no longer be doing two weeks later. But it could also work the other way as well. Tottenham have Manchester City for their final match of the season, so they will know that even with a poor result or two, they can still make up for it with a strong finish to the season (just as we followed losses to Utd and Chelsea with a win against Liverpool, salvaging that run of games).

One way or another, the 3 weekends from 10 April to 25 April look like they could go a long way towards deciding the Championship. Tottenham may not qualify for the Champions League, but they might just decide the Championship! How scary is that thought???

Queen'sKing said...

Gentlemen. The players whose career is killed by internationals is Van Persie. Carlos Vela sits on the bench at the choosing of Wenger and only him knows why.

Where is Mexico? In Haiti or Scotland? Do the go round the world thrice to get to London? In my FIFA 09 and 10 Vela is my most valuable player. And that is how he shouldbe at Arsenal.

What is killing him is the opportunity to play. Vela is ahead of all of the strikers Wenger has. He has been on the bench for every game this season so I wonder where some of us see the injuries and jetlags.

Come on. Find a better topic. DonMiguel is spot on.

Anonymous said...

... its simple why Mexico's National Team doesn't play in Europe. $$$$ and politics. Now in regards with no Mexican ever doing anything big in a European outfit... Lets get out of the EPL and look at la liga with Hugo Sanchez with 5 "pichichis", one Golden Ball and many more things with Real Madrid. Arguably the problem with getting the mexican players into European leagues would be that Mexican Clubs pay well and the lack of Competition in the CONCACAF has kept the Mexicans contempt. Vela does need more time on the pitch, no doubt that with more time goals will come. He is very young and he just needs time to prove himself again... as he did in winning the U-17 world Cup and winning the Golden Boot with it. More talent will come too... after every would cup there has been an increase in Mexican Players Exporting from Mexico like the just signed "Chicharito" to Manchester United. Vela needs a good off-season and good world cup action and he will shine again.

Wikisoccer said...

Waiting for Vela Action! :)

Go VELA! GO! said...

It can't really work, I suppose like this.

Dawnavzg said...

@Liferexall, I think you maybe right mate. It may take a bigger influx of Mexicans into Europe before they consider playing internationals other here.

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