Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Wrighty7 And Derek McGovern-The Replies (Read For The Good Of Arsenal!)

Had you read my blog earlier you would have seen an e-mail that I had sent to Derek McGovern (betting expert) in response to an article he had written in the Daily Mirror today.

The link to the earlier blog is here. It would make sense to read it.

Despite my doubts, he did reply, and for that I thank him.

It seems that many Gooners wrote him an e-mail. Well done! I have an e-mail that one Arsenal fan sent Mr McGovern and the reply to his.

I won't reveal the Gooners name, he is welcome to reveal himself in the comments section.

I'd like to say thanks for passing it on to me mate, you know who you are.

Anyway, here are the replies.

Derek McGovern to Wrighty7;

Campbell first. His reactions were not those of someone sickened by the grisly injury to a team-mate. They were the reactions of a man who wanted the perpetrator (however innocent) punished.
Shawcross's 'previous' is irrelevant. If someone defends himself against a nutter in the pub, should he be found guilty of assault just because somewhere in his past he has had something similar happen to him? I notice that though Arsenal fans have been quick to bring up the Jeffers injury, not one holds Shawcross accountable. To be honest I have not seen that tackle on Jeffers so cannot comment but I have seen the one on Ramsey countless times. It was hard but 100 per cent fair. Were you not blinkered, you would say the same.
I would be interested if someone could point me in the direction of Jeffers' comments on the challenge. And I find it strange that no-one has yet heard Ramsey's view.
If you seriously believe Wenger was not attacking Shawcross, then there really is no point in continuing this correspondence.
Sky's decision not to show the tackle was unforgivable. A major news story and they ducked out. So Wenger was allowed to trash-talk a player with no fear of challenge.
By the way, of course I have sympathy for Ramsey. I thought that went without saying.
All the best

Wrighty7 to Derek McGovern;


Thanks for your reply. It is appreciated.

How can you say that about Sol Campbell's reaction? To me, he seemed maddened and distraught at his team-mate having his leg snapped in half! How would you react? Make the man a cup of tea?

And why wouldn't he want the perpetrator punished? It was disgraceful.

You say Shawcross's 'previous' is irrelevant. I say different mate. We are talking about a man who has done this type of thing before and he is 22 years old. If you broke someones leg once in a whole career that is bad enough but to break two players legs and almost a third at his age?! He has maybe another 13 years ahead of him, how many careers or legs is he going to threaten?

(I've actually seen another horrible tackle by him when he was on loan to Belgian club Antwerp.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JImCLHKXTOs

What I can't understand is how you guys in the media are trying to paint Shawcross as this 'whiter than white' character when he has smashed numerous legs and when William Gallas (admittedly it was bad and Wenger apologised) tackled the Bolton player (Davies?) a few weeks back he was vilified! I'd honestly have thought Gallas might as well have killed someone.

The difference in the tackles were unreal. Look at them again, you will see that Gallas goes to block in a 50/50 challenge (Davies actually lunges) and in the Shawcross tackle Ryan does the lunge in a reckless uncontrollable way and you say it wasn't even a foul?! It was bound to hurt because it was out of control and full of intent!

Regardless of what you 'believe' Wenger has not 'assaulted' Shawcross's character, just the tackle. As I've said he doesn't mention the players name once. But that is far from the point. If you want to talk about trash-talking how about Tony Pulis trash-talking Wenger?

Also I don't remember Pulis actually saying sorry for the tackle but I remember Wenger saying sorry for Gallas's. And whose player broke a leg?

You say Wenger has been unchallenged because of Sky's lack of coverage. Nonsense mate! Look at the likes of yourselves with newspaper columns! A lot of you guys can't wait to have a go at Arsene Wenger or anything Arsenal related.

What I can't believe is how you are all backing Ryan Shawcross like he is some kind of victim. Who is the real victim here? Shawcross or Ramsey?

By the way, I've taken my blinkered glasses off and I still see the same reckless, out-of-control, career threatening challenge by Shawcross. Nothing has changed in my view. Maybe I need to change opticians as I've heard a rumour that Wenger uses the same one as I do.

You find it interesting that no-one has heard Ramsey's view? I must remind you he is in hospital at the moment Derek. I find it even more interesting that Ryan Shawcross has yet to say anything.

Of course I believe that you have sympathy for Aaron Ramsey, I've never doubted that but I can't believe is your reaction to the situation. I honestly thought that you were better than that.

All the best,


Derek McGovern to Wrighty7;

we will have to agree to differ. But if you think Shawcross's tackle was worse than the Gallas display of thuggery, then I suggest you follow another sport
all the best

Wrighty7 to Derek McGovern;


Then maybe I have to follow another sport because whilst (as I've admitted) Gallas's tackle was horrible, Shawcross is the only thug I see. Who has broken the most legs?

All the best.


So there you have it! As I've said I'm thankful to Derek for replying because I truly believed he wouldn't.

However after reading his response it doesn't change my views on his column. For me it shows a clear anti-Arsenal feeling.

At the beginning of the season Derek tipped Arsenal to finish out of the top four, perhaps this is the reason he dislikes Arsenal?

Anyhow, he has a lost a reader in me. And I'm pretty sure that a lot of Gooners are feeling the same way.

Keep it Goonerish.................


Gooner Pete said...

"By the way, I've taken my blinkered glasses off and I still see the same reckless, out-of-control, career threatening challenge by Shawcross. Nothing has changed in my view. Maybe I need to change opticians as I've heard a rumour that Wenger uses the same one as I do."


Anonymous said...

excuse my language wrighty7 but i would just like to say: Fuck Derek McGovern and all those like him

Anonymous said...


You have gone up tenfold in my estimation mate. Well done.

Always thought you were OK, now I really like you.

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe what that dipstick said about Campbell in his reply.


Anonymous said...

its just embarrassing lol

IMRAN said...

what a prick ..he still doesnt even think it was a foul??!!! shawcross doesnt even touch the ball for starters and he went flying in and connected so high up ramsey leg and still he didnt even think it was a foul and dangerous.

id stopped buying the mirror a while ago. and now im even more glad i did.

well done wrighty id love to hear what sol campbell would say when asked about his article??!!! wouldnt that be great to have big sol have a word and put this dickhead straight!!!!

Anonymous said...

The thing that annoys me is McGovern is more interested in what he "thinks", not knows what Campbell is thinking, as this is more important than the tackle? How is that? What Campbell is thinking only he knows, you cannot tell by just looking at him, fuckin geez man, how did you get that job (in the Mirror), we'd all be locked up for a wrong "face". The tackle was reckless otherwise we would not be here now talking about it, media more concerned with Arsenals manager and surrounding players than the way Shawcross "tackles"

Devraj said...

Is Derek some kinda psycho cunt. Can't belive he has the balls to say such things!!

Anonymous said...

wrighty7, good post and blog and the fact that you are keeping the horrendous tackle in the limelight shows you care about the club and Arron.but mcgovern is an idiot and you would of been better off not inviting him on to your blog. just ignore the fool

Anonymous said...

thats crazy.

You know what would be best for Arsenal Wrighty...

Wenger should leave Arsenal with all the foreign players and leave it in the hands of pure blooded englishmen.

See, if you had not bought all these foreign players, I would not even have known about you guys...

I knew the nature of the majority of your population though... The problem is not the media Wrighty...the problem is that they have to write things to please their readers....

I wont comment on its rightness cause thats your country, you run it like you want.

Anonymous said...

Wrighty its slags like him that advocate the old great british tradition of they dont like it up em fuck him he's a loser? should have asked him if he would rather pay money to watch shawcross and his cavemans tackles or some one with the skill and flair of Aaron Ramsey.would have shut the prick up in no time at all
keep up the good work mate!!

Tyler said...

Wrighty, I officially fucking love you.

Lets be honest though, some journo who prints his thoughts (no matter how bias/wrong) for a LIVING - is hardly going to back down and admit (to an Arsenal fan - who is always going to take a more defensive stance) that he is mistaken.

There is no doubt that he CLEARLY was working in his own interest to take a "different" view on the widely accepted disgrace that Stoke/Shawcross were on the day - to try and set himself apart from the regular journalist!

I think its commendable that you got any correspondence with him at all, and congratulate you on that. These are the kind of blogs that Gooners want to read - I believe I can say that on behalf of fellow supporters with confidence.

Keep it up - and when we win the league, post him a french flag with a pair of glasses stitched onto it.

Until tomorrow x

Anonymous said...

like i said on the last blog i think he must be on a windup - i just cant associate his views with any sort of logic or sence

Anonymous said...

Also hasn't the press release of "he's not that sort of player" been issued virtually verbatim 3 other times he has done this, lets count how many times Pulis and Stoke re-release the same old shit next time it happens (and it will happen, not necessarily to Arsenal)

Anonymous said...

imagine if rooney, lampard, or gerrard was tackled and had his leg broken by a foreign player. the english media would be in a frenzy. watching all this play out from the states is interesting. never new so many brits were such a xenophobic bunch.

Anonymous said...

hahahaaha...next time, Wrighty pass me some of this 'meat' so i devour! Thanks for holding down the Arsenal fort!

ds goon said...

truly wrighty 7 mate good on you for fighting the good fight.
this muppet is clearly just a xenophobic deluded bleeding cunt and/or a spud if he thinks he is in the right here. fuck him and the worthless shitrag he writes for.
that bit about the shawcross tackle not comparable to billy's 'display of thuggery'? ha says it all doesn't it? shameful

Lady Arsenal said...

Oh dear, I'm not sure you won that argument, wrighty!

Am I the only person who saw Tony Pulis calling Cesc 'a foreign cunt' after the boy put his finger up to his lips? It's pretty easy to make out. That's a pretty outrageous thing to be saying in 2010. What a pathetic little man.

Anonymous said...

derek just sounds like a guy who knows he is in the worng but someone has the gun to his head, really sad

Tyler Goona said...

Wrighty, I officially fucking love you.

Lets be honest though, some journo who prints his thoughts (no matter how bias/wrong) for a LIVING - is hardly going to back down and admit (to an Arsenal fan - who is always going to take a more defensive stance) that he is mistaken.

There is no doubt that he CLEARLY was working in his own interest to take a "different" view on the widely accepted disgrace that Stoke/Shawcross were on the day - to try and set himself apart from the regular journalist!

I think its commendable that you got any correspondence with him at all, and congratulate you on that. These are the kind of blogs that Gooners want to read - I believe I can say that on behalf of fellow supporters with confidence.

Keep it up - and when we win the league, post him a french flag with a pair of glasses stitched onto it.

Anonymous said...

Wrigty who the f£ck is Derek McGovern?

what has he contirbuted to the game?

Sweet FA

His opinions are worth less than the shit rag he writes in.

Fcuk the media - their all complicit in thier blatant agenda

Anonymous said...

he writes a toilet rag, he is using scandal to sell an article, just dont rise to it

Anonymous said...

he is battling it out with stan collymore for sports journalist of the year, he has to get a bit of a frenzy on his article somehow

Lady Arsenal said...

Read this guys:

28 Feb 2010, 11:24PM

OK, having waited the entire weekend for a thread, it looks like we'll have to use this one.

No malice in the tackle? No, not the malice of a player who intends to break an opponent's leg, but definitely the malice of one who, egged on by his manager, the pundits and fans, is happy to risk it.

This sort of malice is endemic to English football, but it is veiled in euphemisms so you don't have to notice it's there. It's OK to 'get physical' with Arsenal (euphemism for kick them) because, 'if you let them play they'll walk all over you' (euphemism for win by means of superior skill). In fact kicking Arsenal - indeed any side with skilful foreign players - is more than OK; it's a positive virtue since it ensures the Birmingham's, the Blackburns and the Stokes can continue to thrive. Imagine if they were penalised for dangerous and incompetent tackles, imagine if they had to rely on foreign eccentricities like scoring from open play: they'd be relegated, God forbid, and the quintessential Englishness of the Premier League would be lost.

'Get in their faces! It's a man's game! They don't like it up 'em, the wimpish foreigners who play tippy-tappy pretty football and dive their way to success!' No malice? Look at the language. 'Pretty' equates Arsenal with women or possibly gays (bad things to be); diving is something the honest English don't do. It's language that oozes with hatred - a hatred that's a close relative of the xenophobia and homophobia, which are pervasive in English football as well. Truth is, the English don't value what they quaintly refer to as 'technical' skill. Craft, creativity? They're an incitement to violence. It's the non-technical skills, the up-for-it, incompetent challenges that shatter leg bones - but only every now and again, stop whining you wimps! - that are fondly regarded in England.

Sky didn't show the tackle lest its precious viewers sick up their burgers. Shame the Arsenal players can't be similarly spared the unpleasant sight of splintered bones protruding through the skin. Shame that three times in four years they've have had to see a team-mate's foot virtually severed from his ankle, so that the Premiership's brave, gritty underdogs can continue to pick up the points. Shame that Diaby and Eduardo were out for over a year and still haven't recovered their former fitness and skill. Shame for young Aaron Ramsey, but never mind, as Stan Collymore assures us, he'll come back better and stronger. Really, Shawcross, a gentle giant - just look at his tears! - has almost done him a favour. Yes, the tears, the piteous suffering of the unfortunate defender - that's what we are shown; not the pain, the blood, the confidence destroyed, the ruined career, the years lost from the game.

So happily there's nothing amiss and it can be business as usual - till the next time Alan Green needs to tell us there was no malice intended because the defender 'isn't that sort of player' and the victim, 'who was a bit quick for him', has really no one to blame but himself. An unfortunate accident, just one of those things. Well, three actually on Arsenal players alone, but who's counting. Not the media, that's for sure. Nor the fans who rejoiced to see the whining Wenger and his diving foreigners getting their just desserts yet again.

'Cheating, cheating Arsenal,' the Stoke fans sang when Ramsey was carried to the ambulance, 'You've only got one leg!' No, no malice at all.

Gerard said...

Wrighty, I totally agree with all you have said, but as an Irish Arsenal supporter of >40 years there is a few thing I have learned as an observer of you English folk
English folk NEVER criticize your own no matter what, Swawcross is English and now has been named in your National team. Martin Taylor is also English and dare we criticize him all he did was break the leg of the guy who denied us a place in Euro. championship.
Gallas is French and don't we all love to hate the French,(including us Irish) - that French dude who tell us we can't play football what we invented the bloody game.
Until the Arsenal squad is once more made up of true blue English types and we have a true Brit manager with handlebar tash don't expect anything but this s*ite from the gutter press.

Geoffrey D. Wessel said...

Of course the media has an anti-Arsenal bias, and of course everyone's lining up to defend Shawcross. Hell, he gets named to the England squad after the match!

It's not anti-Arsenal bias at this point, it's persecution, flat out.

--- Geoffrey D. Wessel
Gunner in Indianapolis

Anonymous said...

Tony Pulis is an unreconstructed neanderthal. That's pretty obvious. Do Stoke deserve better? Probably. Do I care? No.

Anonymous said...

Institutional Xenephobia.

So deeply ingrained that they do it without even realising they are practicing it.

look at the amount of articles written with "Feel soory for ryan shawcross" in them and the amount for ramsey.

543 articles with "feel sorry for Shawcross"

10 articles with "feel sorry for Ramsey"

wonder how many "feel sorry for" articles he would have got if he was french black african that got injured or that did the injury!


Anonymous said...

This is a man whose sole achievement in life up to mid age is a piss poor little column buried where no one will ever find it.., its little wonder that he is bitter and jealous.

He could live a hundred years and still never come close to matching a man like Arsene Wenger in terms of integrity or achievement.

He has to make ridiculously offensive comments to even let people know he exists.
Quite simply, fuck him. The guy is a loser.

Chris Redmond said...

Fair play, Wrighty, I'm glad you had the last word on that prick McGovern. My feelings towards his article have been well articulated by the other comments. I officially despise the media, pure and utter sanctimonious toads, and to idiots like all of Sky, BBC, ESPN, and every single tabloid and glorified red-tops such as the Mail and the Express, did they ever stop to consider that the "well 'ard" English football culture has led to zero success for England in nearly 50 years, and technically accomplished sides like Spain and Barcelona have proven that genuine footballing talent ultimately leads to success on the pitch? If this English trend continues as it is, guaranteed there will be a massive dip in quality in the Premier League as the years go by. The best overseas talent will have no intention of coming to England with neanderthals like Shawcross and Martin Taylor doing the rounds. In a few short years England will be vastly inferior to Spain and even maybe France and Germany if this trend continues. As an Arsenal fan, I am incredibly proud of our culture and playing style. The best way to shut up twats like McGovern, Macari, Collymore, Cascarino, et al, will be to win the title at the end of the season.

Love your blog by the way, it is easily my favourite, delighted to join up! :)

Anonymous said...

Del boy would never back down & change his mind...

I'm still angry about the tackle, Shawcross's previous and MOTD's "Ramsey was just too quick" - they said this when Eduardo was felled too.
Can no one come out and have the guts to say it was a disgusting challenge, too hard, too reckless??

For a really good summation listen to Alan Davies' podcast this week "It's Up For Grabs Now" available on iTunes etc. right on the money Alan

Gunners The Stunners said...


That Derek guy is a low life cunt. He will write whatever bullshit he can to keep him in that job. He tipped us to finish outside top 4 back in August and look at us, we're on course to become champions and that irks him day and night. It shows how little knowledge he has about football. Maybe, he should follow another sport cos he doesn't know a fuck about football.

If he replies you again, ask him just one question,

'What would have been his take on the Shaw-on-Aaron tackle, had WAYNE ROONEY been on the receiving end and snapped his leg?'

Joppa Road said...

He just showed himself to be even more of a cunt than we first thought - love it.

Vieira4 said...


Anonymous said...

Great email wrighty, nothing is gonna change this derek mcgovern's mind is it. i've re-read and re-watch wenger's interview again and again. I still see no quotes of where wenger was calling shawcross a dirty player or judging him. the journalist are probably seeing things and are itching to call wenger a moaner by turning around his comments and making up new ones in their heads where wenger was insulting shawcross. blinkers my arse!!

he only called that one tackle a horrendous one and rightly so. the broken leg is enough proof. And having words like 'le plot' in their column thinking it is funny.

They can try to potray shawcross as an angel who loves bunnies all they want but if they cannot admit that one tackle is mistimed, reckless, and too strong then it's them who have to take their arsenal is a moaning club glasses off.

Everytime this leg break incident happen, arsenal are the ones to blame. I really hope wenger will stop talking to the media and just never talk about this incident ever again to them. Even if wenger said 'shawcross is an honest player", the media will see it as a hidden agenda and come up with "wenger should apologize to shawcross for his comment" column.

mrswoo said...

Shawcross broke Franny Jeffers ankle in 2007 and also put Adebayor out for 3 weeks in 2008 - don't tell me he's whiter than white.

Look at the expression on his face before Aaron hits the ground.

Anonymous said...

Derek Mc Govern and his ilk (such as the woman beater Collymore) have achieved a bit fat zero in their lives and eke out a living writing crap for a crummy rag which is likely to go bust some time soon.

And as for his comments on Cambell. How many legs has Sol broken in his 15 years as a defender? Compare this with the 2 broken legs Shawcross has managed in his 3 years as a hacker. And yet this low life gin soaked journo scum complains about Sol?

Honestly, he is not even worth the effort.

Anonymous said...

"You find it interesting that no-one has heard Ramsey's view? I must remind you he is in hospital at the moment Derek. I find it even more interesting that Ryan Shawcross has yet to say anything."

Sorry would be a good start!

Anonymous said...

Its a pity that someone like Mc 'govern' will be or is someones dad and husband.With that xenophobic attitude,his 'govern'ance will create hitler kids only this time with extreme ills.Its really a pity we are creating idiots that are pulling us behind when we try to progress.,

VanGooner said...

Wrighty I do read you on a regular basis but somehow I never go to post a comment on your posts, mainly because of a lack of time. But after reading this whole saga I must salute you. Your approach and clarity on this matter is outstanding, your initiative to challenge the cunt is for respect and I like how are you spreading the word about the animosity that the media breeds towards Arsenal and Wenger. I find it enjoyable to read a constructive rant and even though I'm not from England I can feel that there's an increasing anger in most of the Arsenal fans, especially in England. Again, I love and support Arsenal to death and I value how you do it. F***k I have to visit London this summer! :) Cheers!

arsenalred said...

Did anyone see the footage shown on the news now website on Saturday night? It was taken on someones mobile phone and it had a you tube logo from a site call"OH MY GOD" it was shot from the same side as the sky footage but showed a good close up that clearly showed how far SHAWCROSS went over the ball.
I find it very mysterious that this footage has been removed. Check for yourselves. Type in lahlaju or OMG! watch Aaron ramsey injury.
Could it have been taken by a Stoke supporter as it was from the main stand?...and have they stopped it being shown?

Anonymous said...

"If someone defends himself against a nutter in the pub, should he be found guilty of assault just because somewhere in his past he has had something similar happen to him?"

Wrighty7 the imbecile who wrote this is clearly sick person because of the parallels he makes. OK let me break down his statements. A Nutter attacking = Ramsey; a defender against the nutter's attack = Shawcross. Clearly this Nutter sees the act of aggression of Shwcross as act of defense and the act of Ramsey as an act of aggression; a role reversal or confusion over concepts (moral). Having identified the act of aggresion and the defense against it, therefore, it's, for him, irrelevant to talk about the past actions of Shwcross because simply he didn't offend but just acted in self-defense. In this case whatwas the act of aggresion that Ramsey carried out? The answer could be: playing quick, moving quick, unbelievable scary set of skills considered ACT OF AGGRESSION by the most players, managers, coaches and pundits of the socalled SMOOTHLY PHYSICAL SELF-DEFENSE of English football.

Now its clear that we're two completely different worldviews; one that helds that overly physical reckless TACKLES are act of aggression that should be eradicated from English football; and another paradigm that holds that we're in smoothly hardly physical game that hates quick feet, quick movers sort of players and consider these acts as aggressions that should be punished properly by HARD SMOOTHLY MAYBE INJURING TACKLES. Therefore, in this as this guy told wrighty 'we can only agree to disagre', BUT, nothing more can be done about punishing.

This means WE arse fans are in a minority, and believe me, it fucking hard so fucking hard to convince majority who happen to believe in fucking PERVERTED MORALES. But, we should continue our struggle anyway.

Wrighty7 said...

Thank you all for the comments.

Especially the kind ones. It means a lot.

I'm fed up with the way Arsenal are treated in the media and I think it has gone on for far too long.

Keep sending the e-mails and writing comments, it could make a difference!

ArseAngel Arsene said...

Wrighty "The Legend"

Sorry, I've been a reader for a while now but never Commented.

Your Blog has been elevated. You have become Legend! Fight the Good Fight - In honor of the Great #8 - Arsenal Forever..!!!

To Derek McGovern, Stan Collymore and Tony 'Fuckin' Pulis et al:

"Listen, and understand. That Verminator is out there. He can't be bargained with. He can't be reasoned with. He doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And He absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead."

That is ALL.

deeprising said...

Derek clearly hates Arsenal along with his SkySports buddies. They predicted we would finish outside the top 4. They went ahead and made posters that place Man City in Arsenal's place.

Arsenal are doing a good job of messing their plans. I sincerely believe that people like Derek would hurt themselves if we win the league and that would be even sweeter

Anonymous said...

Honestly, i am not surprised by his comments. As you said, he predicted arsenal will drop out of the top four but not only has the prediction been rubbished, we are about to win the league. As for shawcross, i only see his crying as that of someone saying oh! no, i have done it again and i only felt pity for him. Despite all these, i still feel our prayers should be directed to ramsey for his speedy recovery. As for shawcross, i can bet it that he is going to do it again sooner than later and maybe then people like this looser betting agent will know. UP GUNNERS!!

Karlito Starr said...

i agree with you whole-heartedly Wrighty! i was disgusted when i read his column this morning. As much as people say we are paranoid i honestly feel some people hate Arsenal and have no reasoning behind it.

It was a very stupid challenge full-stop, funny thing is, the Mirror actually printed a freeze frame pic of the tackle and Shawcross has his eyes closed so what exactly was he aiming for???

Much like you i won't be reading his column anymore!

McGovern is a... (i'm sure you know the rest), LONG LIVE THE GUNNERS!

Anonymous said...

Sol Campbel reacted furiously because he had warned the ref in the first half about countless tackles by stoke city thugs that the ref was ignoring.

mcgovern is obviously a simple moronic hater who people should do well to ignore.

the mirror is a worthless paper. with stan collymore as a pundit who would buy such trash?

Anonymous said...

Wrighty, good post and I whole heartedly support every word. I stopped buying the Mirror because of the undoubted anti-Arsenal crap the paper was pumping out daily. It was as stomach turning as Shawcross turning up at your house saying he wanted to marry your daughter!

Anyway, I truly hope all Gooners stop buying this rag and encourage everyone they know to do the same - so the paper loses money and has to get rid of scum like Derek Fucking McGovern (the twat). Get well Aaron and come on you Gooners!

Anonymous said...

he sounds like a proper yid

GMR said...

I notice he didn't mention anything about the other two blatant penalties you questioned him on!! They guy is a moron.

CSUSA said...

Wrighty you are a legend,

I am all for doing a campaign against our racist media on a big scale.

How about creating a standard complaint letter/email that can be copied/pasted or printed.

Lets get ALL Arsenal fans to send it to all media sources...

Bombard them with the email, make them think...

What do you think?

Anonymous said...


im very pleased that you sent this email..to this chap...and if nothing else it brings out the real mr mcgovern...a man without any thoughts of what he put on paper....that fellaf has some serious issues to solve in his personal life...and i wish him luck with that...other than that Wrighty dont waste another thought of the fellaf...he is far and beyond any reason..a villain out on a crusade...and would fit better back in the days...when a mans popularity and selfconfidence is measured in what other thinks..there's not much of a man left...he is just a sorry excuse for a human being who nobody ever will miss...
well well....not understandig that the game has evolved isnt a crime ..its just to sad mcgovern doesnt get it...and shawcross what can i say...its sad that a player who doesnt have any real talent at all makes alot of money being a thug....

Best Regards from a Norwegian follower....

Birkir said...

Wrigthy youre blogs are top class, read them every day.

Totally agree with you on Ramsey's case

Greetings from Iceland

walter said...

I don't comment much on you blog but I really would like to thank you for sharing this with us.
I am a ref and that Derek McGovern is still living in the stoneages when it comes to understanding football rules.

As someone mentionned in the first article that Derek should read the lawbook and try to understand it.

He is like Manuel from Barcelona: He knows nothing. Not on the rules and the guidelines we get as refs.

So in my eyes he is just a sad person who hates the French, Wenger and Arsenal and all it stands for.

He has no clue about the rules and he has just proved it.

I write on another blog and a few months ago I wrote an article and saying that the media hates us. Some people said I was a bit exagerating but since this week I know I was right.

Keep it up Wrighty7.

Anonymous said...

Wrighty, I totally agree with you. Let me just say this. I am from Denmark, and I have always had much respect for the British. But being an Arsenal fan, and seeing how the British press (and many British managers and players) use every possible pretext to express hatred and contempt against Arsenal and Wenger - I just don't get it. And now this case. The victim is quite clearly poor Ramsey, and all we hear about is how good Shawcross is and how bad Wenger is and how weak the Arsenal players are. Weak? Because our players are made of flesh and bones - bones that can and will break when hit hard enough. (Some deluded ManU fans seem to think that Rooney's legs can't break because he is "stronger" than the "weak" Arsenal players".) Again, I don't get it. Maybe it's because I'm from Denmark and don't get the British mentality, but I am almost fresh out of respect for that mentality. Maybe I shouldn't say this, but to me - and I might be wrong - all these anti-Arsenal and anti-Wenger sentiments positively REEK of racism or jingoism or xenophobia. Call it what you want, but is is certainly not something the British should be proud of.

Jamie said...

Haven't read all the comments, but, a broken leg isn't the result of a fair tackle.

Widge Savage said...

Maybe now is the time for someone, such as yourself Wrighty, to write an open letter to ALL the editors about this matter stating that we think it's time these bloodthirsty thugs that produce this bile should be removed permanently. I for one would be only too happy to sign and send a copy. A few thousand of these letters just might make them think.

Jamie said...

...and if it is, we seriously need to review the laws of our game. No gratification can be gained from braking an opponents leg in football. No one can gain footballing qudos by breaking an opponents leg. The beauty from a tackle is disposing an opponent without fouling the opponent, injuring the opponent, breaking their leg. Bobby Moore against Jairzinho in the '70 world cup, on the edge of the area, beauty in the tackle, an art demonstrated.

Clooci.com said...

can i also say Stan collymore on talksport radio yesterday (download the show at 8 or 9pm it was on) waht a complete idiot basically stating even if arsenal win the league we are not worthy champions because we did not beat the top 2 and not only that he went on to say that because man utd and chelsea did not have the finances due to the recession to buy players we were lucky to be where we were or we would not be even in the top 3...... Answer on a postcard....how many games did man utd win from the top 4 last season and who was top of the top 4 table and where did that team finish ???? ..... and as for his other point ...well since we are clearly going down the path of self sufficient nature which i agree with totally and will grit my teeth for a few more years tillw e pay that laon off and then be a totally cash rich club to compete with every player purchase i guess we have to fell sorry that man utd and chelsea could not streghten to buy there 100mil players.... he is such a stupid prat....even said he had everytrhing as a striker and was basically the drogba of his years...BOLLOCK ....woman beater and thats all

Anonymous said...

Why even bother with these nobodies like him? I mean who the fuck is he? Never heard of the cunt and I don't even wanna hear about him ever.

Anonymous said...

if you really want to see a tosser read this espn article.


K. Metz

walter said...

the rules are pretty clear up on this. It is only that refs (in the EPL) dont follow the rules and that pundits really have no clue about the rules.

Every time when I watch MOTD I have the choice : get angry because of the dumb talk or wet my pants from laughing about their dumb comments on the rules.

Anonymous said...

I don't buy that paper, I wasn't even aware that this pus filled knob had a column or even existed. What a disgusting excuse for a human he is. Not satisfied with filling his column with content that Biz would have considered questionable he then tries to defend the shite he writes on this blog.

As Arsenal fans though , we should use this anti-Arsenal rhetoric as a platform to stand behind the club. Lets put any feelings we may have for the directors, manager or even some of the players to the side for the moment and give the club maximum support. Let's show the team we're there for them and give them all the support they need, if only to stuff it down the throats of those ponces in the media by winning the league.

Come on you Gunners!!!

Anonymous said...

Your responses and objectivity make me proud to support the same club as you. I have the utmost respect for you, and that respect becomes tenfold cos you support the Arsenal. Cheers

Anonymous said...

and btw, in my opinion, you handed it to derek!!

Harikrishnan said...

Brilliant!! Wrighty, you the man!! I am going to link this to all the other gooner spots I visit.
Here is another tool we are taking down, he has since deleted my comment. I intend to go in and add it everyday until he takes the article out. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/354228-aaron-ramsey-ryan-shawcross-a-broken-leg-blame-arsene-wenger

Anonymous said...

Nort sure if you guys are aware of McGovern's other job...which i spundit for the betting shops (William Hill)where he provides his `expert' analysis on which teams represent the best odds - it goes without saying that he always expects arsenal to lose away especially up the M6 where arsenal have a record of W7 D3 L2 since 2006/2007 (at Wigan/Stoke/Blackburn/Bolton). He is also a professional scouser who has been waiting for Liverpool / Everton to replace Arsenal in the top 3. A prize twat.

Dan 88 AFC said...

Wrighty mate you are absolutely rocketing in my estimations mate! Sky-f*cking-Arsenal-high mate! I always read your blogs & genuinely look out for you on News Now more than anyone else! But seeing what that Derek wrote really angered me and your responses were spot on! That's why I love this blog! I watched the game at Liverpool St. and was quietly confident about us getting a result, that faided within 7 or 8 minutes but I hung on in there and so did our mighty ARSENAL!!! After that tackle to poor Ramsey I nearly cried, I was beered up but I just though not again! Then when Fabregas slotted home the tightest penalty ever and set Vermaelen up for our third I let out so much relief, joy and frustration! Man I hope we win the league this season, for us, for the players, for Wenger and for Aaron Ramsey, who I wish all the best! Fabregas, Song, Vermaelen, Sol, Gallas, Clichy, to name but a few, will certainly give it a good f*ckin' go!!! And going down in history as the "least deserved" champions will put a huge Arsenal grin on my face! And everyone hating Arsenal makes me love them even more every day and when we DO win something, with Fabregas as our main man, it'll bring about some long awaited SILENCE!!!! From those anti-Arsenal c*nts and those w*nkers down the road!!! So yea, Wrighty, thanks again for all your quality blogs and I'd love to buy you a pint if ever your down the Twelve Pins! RRREEEDDD AARRRMMMYYYY!!!

All the best, Dan!

nn said...

the mc govern aeshole is a liverpool supporter and is so jealous of the football we serve up week in week out while he has to watch the anti football borefeast called liverpool every week. never hear him talking about the biggest diving cheat in world football stevie me me gerard

MJBailey said...

Wrighty its great to see somebody take a stand to all of this nonsense from the media, further proof of how bias the media is would be look how long the Eduardo dive incident went on for yet Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney dive week in and week out and not a peep.

i also wanted to add was it just me or did Shawcross look like he was trying to force the tears because watching him as he left the pitch one second he was rubbbing his eyes the next he was fine no tears in sight.

yet another great article

gooner_b11 said...

Wrighty i've just read the e-mail correspondance between you and derek mcgovern, and i'm so sorry you had to receive that. But let that be a lesson to you and anyonece else who didn't know that this country is ignorant to the beautifull fame. to them, what we are doing is like a telling a father/mother that the way they've raised their child all these years is wrong....they don't want to hear it! and they won't hear of it. where as in europe especially latin countries, the school of thought would be the other way....(it's like i'm a big christian when i say) forgive them, for they don't know any better, the english footballing society has blinded them from knowing any better.

below are some of the earlier comments i made on your site: read them and understand people.

gooner_b11 said...

previous post 1:

what people have to realise is this isn't about INTENT or MALICE! this is about RECKLESSNESS, there needs to be a protocol in place retrospective for recklessness, if i run somebody over with my car and kill them, weather i intended to kill/hurt him isn't the point, i can still go to jail for recklessness, and what we're talking about here is potentially ending another players career or certainly putting it on hold, there needs to be something in place, a 10-15 match ban retrospective according to the outcome WHICH WAS A BROKEN LEG FROM A SHIN HEIGHT TACLKE OF THE TIBULAR AND FIBULAR, PERIOD!....in belgium they gave wittsel of standard liege a 15game ban....WE NEED THAT AS A DETTERENT! the consensus in the premier league from most teams north of birmingham is that arsenal don't like it up em....they don't like the ruff stuff, but 3 of these in 5years is no coincidence, a british player, because of the way he raised as a footballer believes when you tell him to show commitment means to run longer and tackle harder when that isn't the case, if the FA do not protect the premierships top players they'll stop coming over to these shores....and all that will remain are the dan smiths, the taylors and the shawcross's of this world, not malicious players but simply british players.

gooner_b11 said...

previous post 2:

unfortuantely england! gave football to the world in it's form and the rest of the world gave england and gift back, over the years especially the latin countries....they re-invented the sport and gave us the beautifull game, england didn't except it! and it never has...we do our thing the rest of the world does theirs! it's why fifa and uefa don't like us in general they are the gate keepers of world football the english fa are the gate keepers of english football, both have had to sacrifice alot such as letting as many foreigners in as it has, but both won't give up their principles.....english football, doesn't want a winter break, doesn't want to put the safe guard in to protect the skilfull players (so the country is brainwashed into thinking leg breaks like this was a mistake) fifa and uefa, wont budge on tv replays and believe's england are trouble makers and so on etc etc....both are ignorant to the other! so now arsene arrived in this country 96 taught arsenal how to play a better brand of football, but it wasn't perfet and no where near where barca or brazil were at at the time, he taught disciplined warriors how to express thenselves and go forward, it worked we won the league FERGIE HATED IT! BUT AT THE SAME TIME ADMIRED IT, fergie and wenger have been copying each other for years....in 2004 finally arsenal reached the promised land a mix and blend of english and european conversation that both the rest of the world and england could talk about. that was the unbeatables, athletes, strength, pace, techinical abilities, directness, power play,and with that it still had what england liked, it could fight, but after 2004 wenger betrayed english football when he changed the style again selling patrick vieira and eventually what has evolved into the fabregas possesion brand of football you see today, it is again europe trying to give england something it doesn't want, as peter hill said once..."we don't want your sort" and no matter weather it's with foreign players or british players, england and it's style of football doesn't want it! because of this england or britain as whole will never win world cups and euro's consistently, but wenger has to go back to what he had in 2004 and forget worrying about re-inventing the game of football in this country, it will never happen that is why arsenal players have had 3leg breaking tackles in the last 5years and nothing's been done each time....WENGER HAS TO NOW PROTECT HIS OWN BEFORE HE LOSES ONE OF HIS OWN, ENGLAND WONT CONFORM TO EUROPES WAY OF THINKING AND EUROPE WONT EITHER, YOU JUST HAVE TO FIND A BLEND

Anonymous said...

Wrighty, I've only just come across your blog and i take my hat off to you mate. Great reposte to that utter scumbag from the mirror.

Im amazed he has the gall to write such utter tripe but then again he writes for the mirror.

One thing ive noticed this incident has doone is to pull all Gooners together for the remainder of the season. Lets all get behind the team for the last few months and win a trophy for Aaron.

I'll look forward to reading your blog in the future. keep up the good work.

emeka said...


gooner_b11 said...

Emeka my brother....don't ever wish this sort of injury on your worst enemy

Anonymous said...

Wrighty if the laws of poetic justice apply. England will get to the qtr finals in South Africa and Shawcross will be the player that gets sent off for a similar challenge leaving a 10 man England team to fight valiantly but go out on penalties after John Terry misses his because he is distracted by the WaGs in the directors box.
It would be genuinely entertaining to see who defended Shawcross then eh?

Given that this is the standard format for how recent England teams depart International Tournaments, it may as well be those two at the centre of the debacle. Sorry for upsetting any England fans but I am an Arsenal fan and fuck international football for all the shit it has caused us.

A mate of mine was in the air during the match and when He landed he rang me for the news on the match. When I told him about the injury to AR he asked me if I thought the FA would take action.

"they already have mate" i said "they gave the bastard an England call-up"

There was a pause at the other end of the line .

"sounds about right" he muttered before hanging up.

The sad part is that is EXACTLY the kind of reaction you would expect from the F ucking A ssholes.

Matthew Wade said...

Frankly the Mirror and the Independent have been massively anti-arsenal compared to all other papers for about 20 years now. The mirror especially focuses on lowest common denominator ignorant malicious claptrap. Almost as if it has to sink below Murdoch's evil empire to get noticed. A disgusting paper, and McGovern has always been a cretin with a mouthpiece to my mind. Your Dad is right. I wouldn't wipe my arse on his inane, jingoistic drivel.

pete said...

wrighty, top blog mate, i dont wana go into what other people have said rightly aswell, but ive known for so long theres been a bias more than that a war on arsenal, its all to do with money man, all these guys media, refs, fa they all mancs,pool and spuds aswell, its all money people, anyway they can do 1, i just wanna say what i was meant to say a few days ago and thats to gael clichy, who rallied us around, had his best game of the season and was absolutely amazing all game, this is the clichy we all know and love, the clichy that we all knew is better than cashley and is one of the best when he performs like that, a big gee up to gael you were awesome mate, up the arse

Anonymous said...

I hope someone does a two footed lunge on shawcross and brakes both his legs and he has to retire! cunt! I just pray that Aaron will get to where he couldve been!

desigooner said...

I actually recorded the match on Sky plus and have watched the footage at least 100 times. Everytime I see it, it makes me feel even more sick. I am thoroughly disgusted when I listen to comments from creeps like Adrian Durham on Talksport or Chris Coleman and his flop manager collegues on 'Between the line'(ESPN). Almost everyone in the media are justifying this kind of senseless violence by saying that if you allow Arsenal to play their kind of football, they will 'mug' you!! You keep hearing expressions like 'getting in their faces', 'be physical' and which basically mean kicking and maiming our players. I also happen to be a registered England Fan. Unfortunately, this time, I will not be cheering England on just because we have the likes of Shawcross, Terry or Cole in the team. Rosiscky is absolutely right when he says that we need protection.

Anonymous said...

derek Mcgovern is nothing better than a dog's ass...twat!

Anonymous said...

First let me wish Ramsey, through your column, a very speedy recovery and total successful rehabilitation to come back stronger for Arsenal.
The shit piece from this McGovern is bias and trash. He has forgotten who is the actual victim. The way this guy said it, Ramsey looked more of the offender. At a young age of 22 Shawcross has broken two legs and very much hurt a third! Yet Capello and the FA rewarded this demon in an English body a call-up to represent England! Don't England have a better defender than Shawcross?? Do they actually wanted him to break more legs in the international games? What kind of an image do these FA officials want to portray England as to the football world? Shame on them! Like so many of us who are questioning, if this ever happens to an English player, say Rooney, Lanpard or Terry, would the FA then do something to prevent or minimise such occurances? Racist mentality!
And of all the nerve, Fergie supported Shawcross just becos he previously came from MU's Academy? And he is proud of Shawcross's 'ability' to break legs? What a prick these guys are!

Sisyfos said...

I chose to e-mail him yesterday too.
I asked how on earth he could be more concerned about words (Wenger's) and gestures (Campbell's) than an actual broken leg. Words and gestures have never broken anyone's leg.

Besides, in a situation where three Arsenal players have suffered a broken leg in less than four years, I could understand why they were upset. How can McGovern expect them to be calm and composed and weigh their words in a situation like that?

I also find it strange that he makes Shawcross the victim, but does not mention Ramsey.

If a driver breaks the leg of a kid driving over the speed limit,and he has broken a leg of a child and left another one badly bruised in similar situations in the past, it suggests it has something to do with his driving style. If he is one of the worst speeders too, his style would be considered reckless, no?

Anonymous said...

for those ppl that think it wasnt a sending off:

"A tackle that endangers the safety of an opponent must be sanctioned as serious foul play...A player who is guilty of serious foul play should be sent off"

Anonymous said...

You lot are seriously deluded and clearly know nothing about football.

The challange was late and clumsy.....which is the same as about 80% of free kicks. Shall we stop slide tackles altogether or something?

Modric - leg broken by Bowyer - nothing in the papers, no Spurs players surrounding the referee, no Spurs fans vilifiying Bowyer.

The only reason this has caused such a fuss is because of the extent of the injury. I feel sorry for the lad, it's a nasty injury but it's an unfortunate one from an clumsy tackle. If anything, Fabregas tackle later in the same game was much worse. Of course, you lot won't remember that though because like Arsene - you probably didn't see it.

Anonymous said...

Re: the Modric - Bowyer incident and players not surrounding the ref. The reason for this is the break was nowhere near as bad: it wasn't not the third such injury experienced by the team in four years;and Spurs do not systematically get kicked off the park every game. Fool

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately people all the papers have their bias...The Sun is a West Ham and Manure paper for instance...

Be prepared, WHEN we win the league for the angle to be - LUCK! Chelsea, Utd threw it away etc.. Injuries to Rio and Essien etc..
John Terry scandal
Modric out for Spurs stopped them...Ade getting shot at stopped City...Liverpools debts. Blah Blah..

Or maybe Im just pessimistic.

Martin Samuel in the Mail on Sunday or the Daily Mail actually wrote a great piece on Sunday or Monday about the tackle and it was pro Arsenal...

Andrew said...

The tackle was definitely reckless. Has any of the major newspapers conducted a poll on how the football fans feel in general about the tackle?

Bloomsbury Gooner said...

Re: Matthew Wade ...spot on!

The Mirror and TalkSport are sick bastards, especially McGovern, Collymore and Brazil.

All their anti-Arsenal campaign only makes me love The Arsenal more!

Anonymous said...


brillian and brilliant!
I am not English.
there's only 1 thing i want to say: people like Derek McGovern/ Tony Phewlis/ Sawcroxx are ruining British/ Britain's image in minds of many fans who are not from Britain, including me.

it's sad isnt it? I cant believe I start to dislike a country in this way.

Anonymous said...

You may want to remind Derek McGovern of Ricardo Fullers comments before the previous visit to Stoke where he basically admits that Stokes tactics is to try and bully Arsenal:

'The Britannia is like a fortress and if we play to our strengths I don't think Arsenal can deal with the aggressive play.

'It's been proved in the past that Chelsea and Bolton have roughed them up and tried to bully them.

'We can also be rough and aggressive when we need to, but we have quality too, so we can mix it up.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1245220/Rough-aggressive-Stoke-ready-oust-Arsenal-says-striker-Ricardo-Fuller.html#ixzz0h6ZSgY2q


Prashant Gandhi said...

What a piece of nasty work this Derek Mcgovern is. He is so transparent about his anti-Arsenal agenda. Fuck him and fuck the likes of him.. they are just too plainly interested in preserving the status quo.

I also find it interesting that people immediately bring Shawcross into picture. Thats entirely missing the point actually. Shawcross is a symptom not the problem. The problem is the English managers' attitude towards football. They have all grown up playing a certain way and are feeling threatened when someone shows a better more beautiful way. Hence, the likes of Allardyce instructing their troops to rough them up.

Anonymous said...

post a picture of him so everyone knows what he looks like

Andrew said...

So Mr McGovern, you haven't seen the Jeffers challenge so really you can't comment. You haven't even mentioned the one on Adebayor. Or the one when Shawcross was playing in Holland. So that's 4 serious challenges from a player who's 22 years old. I don't think even Vinny Jones or Roy Keane had committed that many by 22!

One begins to wonder whether it is pure coincidence that he keeps committing challenges like this.

The press amaze me, it's one thing for Arsenal and quite another for any other team. Particularly if they have English players playing for them, who are treated differently to from foreigners.

Anonymous said...

I've always had the same opinion as your dad on Derk McGovern, although "donut" is a bit polite for him, espescially in light of this.

And he's a betting expert not a football expert, why is he writing opinion pieces anyway? I could go into any pub in the country and hear the boorish ramblings of an ignorant tosser if I wanted to, why is this particular ignorant tosser being paid to shout his from a nationwide platform??

Anonymous said...

After Saturday I was sick angry and sad. Another serious injury, Another year. I was going to declare war on Stoke (yes the whole of stoke).

What added insult to injury was the football commentaries’ 606, MOTD I wanted to scream. If another manager says that the bloke who just broke an Arsenal player is a later day Saint then I will explode.

While physically the player may recover, its takes them longer to mentally have the confidence again. So these injury effect players for a long time.

What I learnt is the following:
• People don’t like and are envious of Arsenal.
• They really don’t like Arsene Wenger, he is French and he brighter than they are

So what should we do:
• Everytime we hear someone being unfair to ring and write to them to protest not on blogs to other Arsenal fans.
• Send evidence of how Arsenal are treated unfairly by referees.

Lastly we have to realise that teams do physically intimidate us and are threatening and we have to match them physically, and lastly everyone wants to see sexy football, but sometimes you have to get down and get dirty.

barney.s said...

Brilliant job mate!! As inspirational as Cesc's leadership in the final 15 minutes of that match! However I think you missed out on one single pivotal point which according to me would prove that, starting from the "Incident" and the aftermath and the entire Wrighty vs Derek McGovern saga, has been anti Arsenal and the proof is that EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE starting for our "beloved" Sir Alex onwards has supported Ryan Shawcross and not one person wants to see or comment in the opposite direction. No one wants to utter one single word to stigmatise poor crying Ryan for the rest of his career for breaking 3+ legs!! That is like one and a half men!! He has almost made a TV sitcom of his own!! By the end of his career he will bee as destructive as the Haiti earthquake or probably more!!

Ramsey, when he comes back from the shock and with an everlasting memory of having his right leg snapped in two and hearing it snapping, will find the world against him for not doing anything but getting his leg broken by a certified THUG!!

Anonymous said...


Let Derek have a look at this slowed down clip and see if he still maintains the same opinion.


Shawcross had no need to go after the ball in such aggressive manner if not heeding their manager's game plan - "get in them faces!"

The ball was getting away from him but it was in Arsenal's half. what was he intending to do, smash the ball into the crowd?

Obviously the lad is not a bright type.

Raif said...

Derek is a utter twat who clealry has shit in his eyes and ears..

well done Wrighty for calling him out mate,

Anonymous said...


well done wrighty7! you destroyed mcgovern's arguement and made him look like the fool that he is. i salute you sir.

オテモヤン said...


Mario Zagallo said...

Wrighty mate, in this short life we don't waste our time with invertebrates like this; they will drag you down to their level and beat you at their own game.

You will never be able to make an ignorant see sense, so don't waste your time, just leave him where he is, scraping for food as a larvae.

Take care

Mario Zagallo

Anonymous said...

made a facebook group tobring that disgrace of an article to a widerr audience, spread the word!


Anonymous said...

Regarding the tackle, this is one of the best comments on it I have seen:
Of course it doesnt get the exposure that anti-Wenger comments get but we sort of expect that don't we?

Steve Bull said...

Here's the email I sent to Del Boy McGoven which Wrighty mentions in his blog:

I would like to comment upon your article dated 2/3/10 headed 'Wenger Paranoia is Shaw Embarrassing', but I'm struggling to know where to start as its so far fetched and completely, well, wrong.
Firstly, Wenger had every right to make his comments about Shawcross. All I've heard since the incident is 'poor Shawcross' and 'he's not that type of player' blah blah blah. Well, he IS that type of player, go look up some of his recent incidents and you will see that the young lad is a thug. Stop jumping on the 'Arsene Moaner' bandwagon just for a minute please and look at the facts. And how much have we heard about Ramsey since the incident, bugger all in comparison, and yet this lad's career hangs in the balance.  And yet all the media focus has been on poor Shawcross and Wengers comments.
So poor old innocent Shawcross has a 3 match ban to serve for potentially ending another players career. Alex Song has to serve a 2 match ban for two minor incidents. How does that work? Perhaps you'd like to write about that and find some amusing twist on it.
The fact is, would Shawcross have been let off so lightly by the media if he'd of done the same thing to an English player a month or two before the world cup. No way!  He would have been hounded day and night. He would have the press outside his house day and night. There would be calls for him to be banned from the game for good. Its just another example of complete media hypocrisy.
And I find your comments on Sol's reaction way off. He had just witnessed a team mate suffer a horrendous injury. The players reacted differently, but what do you expect a players first reaction to be when seeing something like that, running over to Shawcross and saying "never mind mate, it wasn’t your fault, hope you get over it soon". Of course not. Seeing someone just break others leg would of course make you sick and angry. So I don’t see how on earth you can judge someone's reaction having just seen that. And for the record, Sol refrained from saying anything else to Shawcross when he saw how visibly upset he was.
And how do you even consider that the last minute penalty decision was a 'sick joke'!  You obviously have not seen the incident but a clear handball inside the area is a foul and therefore a penalty. Not sick. Your comments though in today's Mirror are.
Sky could obviously not show the incident again. Come on Derek, that much is obvious, are you that blind to see that. Kids were watching and it was a sickening incident. 
I am so tired of your pathetic attempts to be funny and continuous biased views against Arsenal FC and Arsene Wenger. I guess your just another one of those media sheep too afraid to speak openly and honestly, remaining happy just to jump on the 'lets get at Arsenal' bandwagon. That is sickening and shameful for someone in your position. You have the freedom of speech, why don’t you chose to use it instead of jumping on and going along with what everyone else is saying.
I'm afraid its people like you, Sky and the rest of the media idiots who uphold the tradition of 'the way to beat Arsenal is to bully them'. Fair enough, but that opinion is now installed within everyone in the game and that’s the why we have had 3 players suffer horrendous injuries in the last four years because that’s foremost in our oppositions minds. No other team has suffered an injury record like that in recent times. It is also my opinion that is why Arsenal suffer so many injuries compared to other teams. Yes, it’s a man's game but brutal tackles are no part of it for any team.

- - - -

Cheers Wrighty!

Oh and if you were wondering, Dave Storry is a footballer cartoon character in the Mirror!

Up the Arse!

lp said...

Wrighty, good stuff mate.
I sort of wish some of egytian defender broke rooney legs in that friendly game last nite and see how those anti-arsenal media reacts.
What a bunch of loser...

Faggy87 said...

As an Aussie supporter of the best team in the world and the purveyors of the Beautiful Game in England, and as a person who is hoping to move to London so that I can make a better life for in which I can start a family, I can only hope I can have neighbours like the support that I have seen on here. I only saw the incident once and while it was a 50-50 challenge, Shawcross should not have had his foot that high and that a red card was the only deserved outcome. I was just glad we showed that we had learnt from 2 yrs past and went on to win the game, not just for Rambo but for the fans as well. As an Arsenal fan I do cop a bit of stick about how we are always whinging and moaning but I dont care and I will always love this club and will never back down from any arguement about being a Gooner. I hope one day to be able to go to The Grove and witness first hand what great support the club has and always will have. I am a Gooner forever and that will never change...

Shaun said...


I always read your column and you have always fought the goof fight for us Gooners!

Fantastic letter to Derek McGovern and he has just shown what an anti-Arsenal, odious knobhead he is

Sol was awesome as were all the lads. Shawcross was reckless, it was a bad foul, end of discussion

You are a legend mate!

Shaun, the Watford Gooner!

Summerspur said...

ip i hope someone breaks your legs, wanker

Nam said...

Follow another sport? Well, we're trying to follow football but some are intent to throw in a bit of UFC for good measure.

I'd recommend everyone watches the video in the article below and note the defence that's offered to Wenger and Ramsey by Patric Barclay in particular. He sums it up.

Shawcross may not have gone out to injure Ramsey, but the loiklihood of injury is increased if a team are asked to go out and rough us up...or if you like 'over commit' as some have euphemised.

I'd also like to add that previous must and does hold relevance. This tells you a lot about a player and if there's previous then there's an opportunity to spot the trend and halt it permenantly or take steps to ensure no one else gets hurt. Ignoring a players past when there is a history is wreckless or even negligent to those who may step on the pitch with the player in the future. I'm not for an instant saying that if there is no history he should get away with it, what I say is if there is history it ought to be considered in addition to any relevant sanctions for the current situation. This is common sense and very fair.

The peon crayoning for the Mirror follows the old stereotypical idiot who sadly and clsearly still exists doing the people of the North no favours at all. I'm thinking especially of the idiocy coughed up by Chris Kamara on Goals on Sunday whom this troglodite from the mirror has carried the meme from almost verbatim.

I don't think the UK public's punditry realise it, but on the whole, they are anti Arsenal and I'm convinced it because if we succeed, they'll have been proven wrong all along and we invalidate "their football". I'm postive they're not conscious of this, but it seems to be true.

People like Barclay, Winter and to a degree Custis need to be supported as they appear to be some of the more intelligent football writers.

Anonymous said...

Does he not feel embarrassed saying this?

"If you seriously believe Wenger was not attacking Shawcross, then there really is no point in continuing this correspondence.
Sky's decision not to show the tackle was unforgivable. A major news story and they ducked out. So Wenger was allowed to trash-talk a player with no fear of challenge."

Does he actually read what Wenger says?

Btw, did no one else see that Pulis said "I don't give tuppence about what Wenger thinks about my players"? Not only does it show a tremendous lack of respect, can he not read/listen as well? When did Wenger criticize Shawcross?

Fortunately for him, he's English.

1979gooner said...


people like mcgovern are not worth the time or the effort,

anyone who writes such utter drivel is clearly the lowest gutter press of them all,

he says it all with his pathetic replies to your letters,

his initial article is awful, indefensible gutter journalism, it contains some of the most biased and completely factually incorrent statements I've seen for quite a while,

scum like mcgovern want the publicity and the links, all publicity is good publicity in their eyes, they write their bile in order to attract readers,

the word c*nt should not be used lightly but it is very suited to people like mcgovern

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