Saturday, 6 March 2010

Wheres The Support For Our Aaron?

This may be a recurring theme on this blog for the next week or so but things still have to be said.

I still can't believe that the general feeling amongst most in the British media/game is that Stoke City Ryan Shawcross is the victim in this situation!

It's that bad I believe that if you had not heard of the whole situation until today, you would have thought that Shawcross is the one with the broken leg, not Ramsey.

The amount of sympathy towards Shawcross is unreal. We keep hearing about messages of support for him. Well I hope that the same people are giving their support to Ramsey too.

Sir Alex Ferguson delighted in telling us all about his phone call to the Stoke City defender. I just wonder if his reaction would have been the same had it been Wayne Rooney lying in hospital with a busted leg.

If I were in poor Aaron Ramsey's shoes I would be sitting there in disbelief with what I was hearing. But do you expect anything else?

Only in this country would a player breaking a leg be defended.

I've read that Ryan Shawcross has rung Aaron Ramsey, well that is a good start. What I would like to see is a public apology.

If Shawcross came out in the open and said "I'm sorry for breaking Aaron's leg. I didn't mean too, but the tackle was recklessly dangerous and out of control" then I'm sure that it could go a long way to sorting the situation.

He won't though because in his eyes (and it seems most others too) it was 'just an accident' and he did nothing wrong. Well, accidents happen for a reason and when you go into a lunging reckless tackle with your eyes closed, sometimes the result is what happened to Aaron.

I can't believe the amount of stick that Arsene Wenger is getting either. Like he said, it is like facing a tribunal.

I genuinely feel for Arsene Wenger. It must be like talking to brick walls for him.

Why should he have to explain himself? He is the one sitting there with one of this players written off for the long term.

Why shouldn't the likes of Stoke manager Tony Pulis be sat in front of a 'judging media' to explain why he tells his players to 'rough Arsenal up'?

Because, with Ramsey as proof, roughing Arsenal up results in broken legs.

It's said the likes of Stoke play the same way against everyone. Bull-shit!

Tony Pulis, Sam Allardyce and Phil Brown would never instruct their players to 'rough up Manchester United' because Alex Ferguson, the King, would have a hissy fit.

We wouldn't want that would we?

Keep it Goonerish...........


Anonymous said...

Very true Wrighty. What a load of tosh!

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mario indian gooner said...

damn true wrighty.....thats excatli what my status update was on facebook a few days ago.....its ramsey whos broken his leg and this cunt of misery is getin all the fukin symapthy.....its serisly is unreal and i wish i could castrate fergie that lum sum piece of dog shit..... hes happy cos shawcross was 1 of his thugs in the makin and ramsey snubbed his fluke team for us....if that would be rooney he would have probably thrown sum fukin boots at the media and asked that shawcross be executed.....fukin hypocrite....i hate the cocky bastard i hope we win the league and shove a rotten egg in his face.....i cant believe how engalnd and its media are so fukin anti arsenal....people like ryan shawcross should rot in a prison cell.....the cunt has the rag to say hel not change his game even after that tackle.... just goes to show that he didnt give a damn then and he doesnt now....all those tears merely to gain sympathy from the anti arsenal brigade so that they could defend his sorry arse......we need guys like sol campbell out der who r ready to shove a pole in players arse's....cos we r bit to sweet and take all the fukin nonsense


typical english,i cant even watch sky sports news for the last week cause everytime i put it on ders pulis,fergie fuckn every1 saying this and that about shawcross making him out to be a martyr,those clowns on match of the day,football first,sunday supplement,goals on sunday all read off the same page,the english page.if ramsey was english and in the world cup squad i doubt poor shawcross wouldnt be able to go outside such would be the media furore around one of england young stars cut in two,bollocks,wenger gets hounded over his comments(which were spot on)and pulis gets all the support of the media while wengers player lies in hospital with his leg in 2,its disgusting and in a way i think its very racist,fuckn racist media

Anonymous said...

Actually I am fed up with this Wrighty. I watch football to enjoy and Arsenal are a great team.

But its no longer enjoyable now. The attitude of people in your country is sickening. I am glad, I refused to work in London.

You have a massive problem which should be dealth with at grass root level. You will lose foreign players now (remember Hleb leaving after he was clattered against Aston Villa? Reyes against that a supposed footballer called Neville?

Ronaldo complained and left too. You deserve to return 20 years ago in the times of kick and run.

You people are going backwards and the state of your economy on the future will not improve things.

chris said...

spot on

WeGunnerBeKings said...

check these stats out Arsenal are the most fouled team in the premierleague

WeGunnerBeKings said...

wenger said it before the eduardo injury, it was gonna happen, he said it after that incident, how long will it take people to get the message???????????????

Jimi Abdullah said...

Ramsey didn't even have a ball right? He just unfortunate to be on Shawcross way and got kicked.

But still, I'm looking for a public apology from Shawcross. It's a must.

Get well soon Aaron!

superfly said...

Its funny that no one has asked the question WHY is ferguson PERSONALLY callin Shawcross....hmmm I smell tapping up. Why does Fergie have his personal number and why hasn't Pulis commented about this!!!! Surely he should be worried about Fergie trying to lure his defender. I wouldn't be suprised if Fergie makes a bid in the summer

Anonymous said...

Nice post Wrightly. But I am afraid you are beating a dead horse here.

I ask you, what can the media still sell after the TERRY and COLE episodes??

It was a frenzy and all we have proof of is that 'Mass Attention' is depleted and reacts only to juicy untold parts of the story.

They know Aaron broke his leg, old news.
How do you deal with all the finger pointing is much more interessting as we know from Bridge.

Don't count on rights of sympathy, there not coming our way.

We have been title outsiders for 4years running. As long as the media can sell that to our own Gooner supporters we are never treated like serious contenders.


Mario Zagallo said...

It's no surprise the media reaction. If people pay attention, every week there's a negative xenophobic comment about Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. People have to realise this is English media, run by racists and xenophobic cunts. This is a little Welsh nobody for them, so who gives a dam. Since this incident, I've lit it up a candle, praying for some Welsh player to break Wayne Rooney's both legs, and for that granny he used to shag to break his backbone. I would love to see the reaction of the so-called media pundits cockroaches, if he miss the World Cup.

Mario Zagallo