Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Fabregas' Shadow Looms Over Arteta

When Cesc Fabregas left us to follow his dream people asked how can you replace him?

No word of a lie, the truth is you can not replace someone like Cesc. He is irreplaceable.

As soon as Mikel Arteta signed for Arsenal it was proclaimed that he would be the man to fill our former skippers boots. And become Tomas Rosicky's new shower buddy.

That is not fair.

Mikel Arteta is Mikel Arteta. Not Cesc Fabregas. Not Fabregas Lite. And he is certainly not a vampire.

The comparisons need to stop because how can Arteta thrive at Arsenal with Cesc's shadow looming over him?

In time Mikel will settle into life with the club. He already looks comfortable in the team and will only get better.

Taking a pay-cut shows how much Arteta wanted to join us. Well that, and the shot-gun Pat Rice was pointing at his head.

He was desperate to play for Arsenal.

That alone makes me believe we should give him room to stamp his own authority on the pitch and not become Cesc 2.

I was very excited when Sky Sports announced that Arteta had beaten the transfer dead-line by 2.9 seconds to sign for Arsenal.

In fact, I was nearly as excited as the time I saw Rihanna posing topless on a tractor in a field.

I think he is that good and I hope that in the future people will stop the Cesc comparisons because he is his own man.

Keep It Goonerish....


Anonymous said...

Naive of people to think Mikel is any kind of cesc replacement wilshere is the new cesc IMO

Danny said...

good to hear from you again Wrighty mate!
Player's are slapped with labels in modern football quicker than you can say 'sign him up Arsene' it's just the way it is mate, look at the way the Ox got labelled as the 'new Walcott' before he had even signed with us, and Wilshere was being lined up as the 'new Gazza' before his mum had even had her first scan! Mikel Arteta is a class act, and will be a cracking signing for us, the way Rosicky is playing at the moment gives the impression that the players are looking to share the responsibility together, to replace Cesc and I suppose you could say Na$ri. It reminds me of when Ronaldo left United, and the season after, Rooney and Nani had the season of their careers so far... be nice to see Andrey get a start on Wednesday night aswell... Good to see Na$ri doing so well for his new club in Europe! ;)

Anonymous said...

your right there as Arteta has so far been shown as a slow and lazy character. He has disappointed me big time.

w12mcee said...

jack was the new n hugely improved denilson, arteta is the new jack, jack will be the new cesc (in his own way of course) arteta is playing deep and i think it'll stay that way with rambo, rosicky and diaby being more suited to support the forwards

Anonymous said...

Usually not a fan of your blog wrighty but I 100% agree. The fans need to get off his back, in fact they need to get off the whole teams back and start supporting, they're making the team too tense and nervous. We know what the fans want but they must realize it's not going to happen. This team will never be as good as any past teams in the past 15-20 years. So what!!! Get behind em.

Wrighty7 said...

Cheers Danny.

Trying to get off my lazy arse and blog more regularly!

Anonymous said...

Wrighty 7...I'am a normally a fan :-)Totally agree, Fabregas was Fabregas, Arteta is Arteta end of. It's the shite press of this country being lazy, everyone is "the new .....", i say an article today saying that the "new Oxlade-Chamberlain" has been indentified, hahaha, i've only seen him play twice and there's a new one already, puts apple to shame!! Vermaelens a far more convincing Vampire
"your right there as Arteta has so far been shown as a slow and lazy character. He has disappointed me big time." don't know who you've been watching mate but it's not Arteta.

Anonymous said...

Jack is not Cesc, Gazza, or Brady (Legend!). Jack is Jack Fucking Wilshere, don't get it twisted!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Wrighty mate. 110%!!

Anonymous said...

Still want a new vieira.