Monday, 31 October 2011

Gooners = United (But For How Long?)

What a Van-tastic weekend!

Smashing Chelsea easier than a plate was absolutely brilliant.

I am still buzzing more than a Bumble bee high on speed and its not only the result that made me that way.

Scrolling round the Arsenal interweb since the Stamford Bridge massacre I have found that Gooners seem to be really, really happy.

So much so, we even appear to be getting along!

Now, for me, this is one of the best things that could have happened since the invention of pornography.

These days I am so used to seeing Gooners being as divided as a mathematicians dream come true that it shocked me to see fans united.

The terms AKB's, D&G's. ABC's and whatever else Arsenal supporters can be labelled with went out the window.

For the time being the bickering has disappeared like a David Copperfield illusion and hopefully it can remain that way for a long time.

Seeing the disharmony develop amongst Gooners in recent times has been John Terryble to witness.

There have been arguments, blatant disregard, cussing, and at times no respect shown whatsoever between fellow Arsenal fans.

This saddens me as much as suffering from SAD so to view a little bit of that spilt being closed by a deserved victory over Chelsea makes me happy.

I am not that naive to know that people can't always get on well. There will always be a difference of opinion and I'm fine if that is portrayed in the right way.

But perhaps now we can move in the right direction.

We all want what is best for Arsenal Football Club, our club, and Gooners uniting will become a huge stepping stone for good things to happen.

I've loved seeing the happiness spread faster than Wayne Rooney smearing chocolate sauce all over a sprawling naked OAP's body amongst us this weekend.

And I would love it even more if this feel-good factor could remain. For ever.

I can dream can't I?

Keep It Goonerish....


Anonymous said...

we have seen this before though. turn the corner type of performance only to be left with another destructive loss soon after
now even the players are starting to talk up their game again, like last year's 'four competitions' crap

Anonymous said...

I am sooooo bored with comments like the 1st responce to this blog, Really dont know why people bother. Sort it out son!!

Wrighty spot on. I can't help thinking if Gooners were as vocal at the emirates as they are at spouting negative shit at the end of blogs then we might have won something over the last 6 years!!! (apologies to those who do go and SUPPORT their team)

visionary said...

wrighty, lots of good things have happened 2 unite us. physically we are better prepared for the scrap and if you want some we got the boys who will stand up and be counted, and we have a better leader of the team this year also.
players like almunia, clichy and denilson were absolutely nowhere near worthy of wearing the arsenal shirt. yes mistakes are made that could be addressed with a proper defensive coach, but we have abandoned the tippy tappy football thank god, and become more direct. arsenal supporters are no fools and they had every right 2 be up in arms, but for now there is hope

Anonymous said...

Strange how fickle some supporters can be jumping on and off the preverbial bandwagon more often than a meth addict.

The truth is Arsenal was always going to struggle early in the season after losing so many players late in the summer transfer window. Barca and ManC both dragged their feet with the decisions to agree terms with arsenal on the sales of Cesc and Nasri respectively.

That left a small window of time to buy cover. That BFG (Merts) and Arteta need time, as does Gervinho and Santos. We are now seeing what could of been at the beginning of the season had the trade business been concluded in time for preseason training.

The loss of Vermaelen, Wishere and Sagna was huge for us, but with the former back now I think the defence will solidify. Santos needs fitness and I think he will become world class.

I do however agree that Arsenal need to invest in a specialist defence coach. Bould or Adams could fit that need.

We have a good run of matches between now and Xmas and if the players can just remove the negative start from their minds and find belief in each other we can really push back into top 4 by xmas.

Stay solid and remember a real arsenal supporter never deserts or disses his or lose.

Anonymous said...

We have beaten a big team only to lose to a lowly team eg Hull,WBA,etc.,before.
Wenger must beat Albion and indeed follow up with wins in all other games. If not it could be just a flash in the pan as in previous seasons.

Anonymous said...

You're still so negative even though we are currently going through some nice form!