Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I Hope Henri Makes It At Arsenal

After Thierry Henry a man with the name Henri will always get my backing to well at the Arsenal.

Not only that, a local boy like Henri Lansbury will get my backing even more than trap 4 in the 12:17 at Crayford dogs.

Lansbury hasn't had many first-team chances at Arsenal.

In fact, he has been loaned out more the dirty magazines I found under my brothers bed when I was 13.

But I hope he has a future with the club. Turning 21 years old tomorrow he certainly has time on his side.

I wish I was 21 again....

Lansbury has been at the club since he was a schoolboy in 1999. I even heard he was a Gooner. So one thing is for certain, he loves the Arsenal.

Every time I've seen him play I have been impressed. Especially since he scored on his full-debut for us against S*urs.

For the England u21's he looks a very decent prospect. I'd go as far as saying I'd rather have him than £16-20m Jordan Henderson.

And that is no joke.

Henri has had some bad hair-cuts in his time but I'll put that down youthful exuberance or just the fact that he let Tomas Rosicky cut it for him.

But I won't hold that against him. He's sorted it out now.

When he returns after his latest loan period away from the club I'd like him to be given the chance to be part of the match-day squad more often.

I think he is good enough to establish himself as squad player.

Especially if Denilson played nearly 100 times for the club.

Keep It Goonerish.....


Anonymous said...

I don't think your the only 1. Be such a waste if he doesn't I have been wanting to see him for the last couple of seasons. Top class talent and we all no wenger rates him highly.

Anonymous said...

He plays with passion,and Arsenal can use that.

octopus said...

Absolutely. If Squillachi, Chamack, that Swiss guy Djorou and,obviously, Denilson, can get minutes on the pitch, Henri should have a chance. I remember him celebrating after scoring against that lot down the road. He knows what it means to play for the Arsenal. Phew, the team lacks passion, makes me wanna break down in tears.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, I like him a lot.
He got heart, passion and a great work rate and seems like he cares about playing. I really hope we see the best of him in the Arsenal shirt, he had a great season at Norwich and some good reviews at west ham.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping Henri makes the grade at Arsenal, lord knows the lad deserves it as he always plays with passion and certain degree of pride, something that at times is missing in our current crop!

Anonymous said...

For him to play, Arsene's French cliche mindset will need to be changed. His priority is always on French players.

Anonymous said...

Ray Parlour v2

Anonymous said...

you will find nothing negative about lansbury he has without doubt the one thing that is
lacking in the team at the moment namely PASSION but we badly need to sign Cahill in January to get some premiership experience back we can't afford to sign players who have to learn the ways of the challenge......note Edu's comments.

PBS said...

He looks quality for sure and really think that if he continues to do well with west ham he'll be involved in the arsenal first team sooner rather then later.... Hope this new batch of youth get us back to where we belong....It was really good seeing ox on the right and Henri on the left for Eng U-21s the other day.

Anonymous said...

100% want him in the side!!!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. He, along with Vela and Bartley, have been messed around too much. I think all three are top quality and should've been given a chance.
This year, I hope Afobe, Chuks, Ozyakup, Ebecilio, Miquel, Boateng and of course Ryo and Chambo get a good chance. They are all quality.