Monday, 17 October 2011

Theo Walcott Needs A Fresh Challenge

I look at Theo Walcott and I see a frustrated figure.

To me, he is in danger of becoming as stale as the loaf of bread that's been in my bread bin since 2007. Though he isn't as mouldy.

At the moment Theo doesn't look like he is enjoying his football.

His body language is worse than my French and his face looks like a smacked arse.

Walcott needs a new challenge. Bad.

Not necessarily one away from Arsenal as I have seen written on some websites, but a new one with us.

On the wing he needs to use his footballing brain. Many have said that he lacks one of those though and that the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz has more savvy.

I'm sure Chris Waddle has had a pop at Theo in the past saying 'he doesn't understand the game'.

To be fair I can't understand what Waddle says full-stop and how a man who had the dodgiest hair-cut of all time can say anything I don't know.

So piss off Waddle.

The notion that Walcott has no brain is unfair because I know for a fact that he must have at least 1 brain-cell.

After all, he goes out with Melanie Slade who is an absolute winner.

Walcott is all about instinct. He needs to act and do things without thinking.

Not because he thick, but that is just the player he is.

That's why he needs to be in the box. On the end of things and not trying to create stuff because it usually ends in frustration. Or row Z.

We will see the best of Theo when he plays upfront, getting in behind defences and finishing moves off.

It can be said that Walcott finishes better than Ron Jeremy in a porn-film. I'd like to see him given that chance more often.

His pace would scare the shit out of defenders. Honestly they would resort to wearing nappies.

That should be Theo's new challenge. Not making defenders mess themselves, but playing upfront.

Its down to Arsene Wenger and I'm sure he is just waiting for the right time to move Theo up alongside Robin van Persie.

For me that time needs to be sooner rather than later or Walcott might stagnate.

Keep It Goonerish........


Anonymous said...

Waddle is dead on right though. Walcott is stupid

Anonymous said...

For me Theo is not a natural footballer, and I think he has a very narrow football skill set. Sad to say he's a dud.

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand all the criticism of Theo. End of.

Gaunty73 said...

Well said. Look at the success of the Bergkamp and Wright partnership. Or DB and Anelka or DB and Henry. What is Wenger waiting for??. RVP is the nearest thing I have seen to DB (that turn and chip yeaterday) and it's now or never for Theo to make that move to CF.

Anonymous said...

Theo's a top player. His crossing this season on the whole has been excellent - its just we have no-one with the instincts to be in the right place. Look at his cross for england that Ashley Young scored - no Arsenal player would've been on the end of that.

He deserves a run up front, but I also he think he is effective wide, especially when he cuts in.

To all the Walcott haters - fuck off and stop being brainwashed by the media. No doubt you all believe that Bale is the best player in the world (look at the stats v Theo and see who is more effective, sure ain't monkey-face Bale) and that United have such great strength in depth (have not won a game this season without Rooney starting - one player missing and they dont win, great strength in depth).

Theo will score more goals than Bale, Young, Mata, and Nasri this season. Stick that where the sun dont shine!

visionary said...

wrighty, why not come out and say we should play 4 4 2 and give this system a go, no doubt you are using the old grey matter here to get walcott's career in an arsenal shirt kick started
are you afraid to criticize the 4 3 3 system because by doing that you would criticize wenger???

Anonymous said...






Danny_Boy said...

Another great post.

The Walcott situation is tricky. People say that he's thick and doesnt understand etc but he only has 2 problems: 1)Positioning 2) Final pass.

With positioning he spends most matches as furthest man forward on the wing (hanging by the corner flag)even when the team don't have possession. He's always waiting for the magic pass that plays him in against the last defender, because it's his best chance at scoring. Worked a dozen times last season but he's waiting for a bus that isnt coming: Fabregas is gone and he needs to adapt.

I think he's there because he's too eager for the goals and lacks the confidence to beat the last man head on. You can't blame him for this: he was never a winger to begin with.

And with his final pass I don't think it's about "instinct", I think it's about knowing who wants it, where they are, and how they like it(sorry if that sounds wrong). He's got that with Robin exactly: he always knows where he'll be, where he's going and how he wants to finish it but he doesn't have the connection with anyone else. And to his defence when he looks up to make the pass, more often than not, he doesn't see a man in ready to smash one in. Its normally a box full of defenders with a team mate or two on the edge.

I think it's clearly time to move him central. His heart just isn't in it at the wing and I don't really blame him.

Anonymous said...

Theo is on the wrong job mate.End of.

Paul said...

He is useless. He has gone from being a "future star" to being a has-been, with nothing in between. He will never be a striker: he has zero composure in the box and more generally when under pressure. He is not even a very good winger. He is a good runner though.

Anonymous said...

You people obviously don't go to games or even watch football. Theo is one of the worst wingers ever to play In the premiership. He hides most of the time. Can't get into games, poor first touch, can't play keep ball, can't dribble. If that's what you call an effective winger then I'm Dennis bergkamp.

Danish Gooner said...

Walcott will never be anything more then a one trick pony.Wenger will never give in to players wishes or power,Wenger would rather sell walcott then admit he has played him in a wrong position.

Anonymous said...

Arsene should start employing a 4-4-1-1 system with two deep lying midfielders in Song and Arteta, two widemen in Gervinho and Oxlade Chamberlain, and let Van persie play just behind Walcott. With Park, Chamakh and Arshavin also providing further options in those central attacking roles.

The truth is, Arsenal have heaps of players that can play central and not enough players that thrive purely on the wing.

Anonymous said...

Theo Walcott=Gabby Agbonlahor with better finishing

Anonymous said...

Theo has the following problems

a)Runs too fast without thinking the next move.

b)Really doesnt read the game-he should attackthe box more when therre are crosses from the left.

c)Has to skills when it comes to dribbling-without pace he would be useless.

d)one footed-most ppl in our team are.

e)Cannot play at CF until he knows how to hold a ball with the back to the goal and fend off a couple of defenders, maybe turn and shoot with great strength.he hsa none of the above mentioned skills/abilities.

so unless he becomes more two footed and a decent dribbler, his pace is not much use.

Anonymous said...

Theo Walcott = Agbonlahor with no brain.

Anonymous said...

Theo is an immensely frustrating player, one who can go missing in games, and struggles out wide when effectively marked. However he sits only behind RVP as our most effective player stats wise (goals and assists), so for people to say he is useless or stupid are missing the point.

His pace frightens defenders and he can finish. When we played Barca last season who did they identify as the player they were most worried about? RVP, Arshavin? No it was Theo. Messi called him "one of the most dangerous players I've ever played against". But hey - what does he know about football??

He's not Thierry Henry and he never will be, but that doesn't make him a bad player. I also think he will end up as a central striker, but he isn't strong enough to play as a lone striker, and we don't have the midfield to play 4-4-2, so he'll have to stay where he is for now.

Anonymous said...

Walcott=agbolahor! Are you listening to this bulshit.ths is why our team is lacking confidence because were giving the no reason to BE CONFIDENT! said...

i thnk theo sud be sub instead of 1st XI. He doesn't know hw 2 read game, it plays wel wen he coms as sub. Eg, against barcelona 2010.

Bradster said...

I think we can make Walcott work but he needs alot of practice. Not a dribbler is fine as long as we have players that can support him in a 1-2 pass behind the defence.

Even though I like that he is committed to getting back to help, it'll suit him to have the space to run on the counter attack with say Gervinho who is also quick. So stay outside the box or on the halfway line when we're defending.

I agree his control is not great and finishing needs polishing but he's young still and it can be developed maybe he'll even learn how to hold the ball up.

If Wenger is not going to invest this in Walcott then I think he'll need to look elsewhere because he'll rot on the wing and be overtaken by AOC

AfroGoonieGooner said...

This is what I wrote on Desi Gunner after the Tottenham game...

AfroGoonieGooner says:
October 3, 2011 at 5:54 am

Directed at no individual in particular

I can’t work out why Walcott can’t get love from us. We seem to want to him to be the finished article instantaneously but its just not going to happen. I don’t have a thing for him, I’d just like there to a bit more reason.

He has so many upsides its not funny, the problem is Wenger & the players don’t utilise him effectively. He will never create his own chances he’s just not that player. Theo just needs to be fast, with a good touch and clinical. He doesn’t need to play triangles he doesn’t need to press, he doesn’t need to hold up play that is just complicating a very basic game that he has. Put him between the two CB’s tell him doesn’t need to defend and tell him to make the right run and wait for the through ball. He is the weapon, not the man firing the weapon. The man firing the weapon was Cesc, when Cesc was putting him through on goal countless times. Most sprinters only get faster as they get older so his pace is going no where and not for a while. His finishing has steadily become better every year and he has become stronger every year.

He will be an incredible striker around the age of 27ish. He is a late developer not everyone can be Wilshere, Messi or Cesc. I can understand the impatience because he has been with us for a while but I can assure you if he said he wanted to go everyone would be in for him. I’m not even going to say Wenger knows this, because we all should know its that obvious. He will come good but it may be too much too bare for some of us who are little more short sighted than others. Until then we just have to keep playing him because we would not be able to afford his transfer fee at 26-27.

Also Everyone feel free to post what you were doing between the ages of 18-23. I’d be interested to know if you were at the top of your game at anything let alone the most played sport in the world during that age bracket. Sitting in front of the computer waiting for Jpeg’s to load so you can watch porn doesn’t count :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Waddle, Walcott's an idiot with no football brain. I've never seen a player as anonymous as he is - I swear there's games where he doesn't touch the ball for 1/2 an hour. It's like he just hangs around waiting for a chance and does fuck all in-between. He has to make things happen, but to do that he has to come deep, which is where he really shows his shortcomings.

Anonymous said...

Like you Wrighty I hope Wenger gives Walcott a run as the central he can get it through his thick skull that he's not a good enough footballer to play there.

The only thing hes good (amazing) at is running, and finishing in space - which he gets to do plenty of where he is.

He could do this in the middle but there would be the small problem of him being useless at every other part of the job and it being like playing with ten men. Its an idiotic idea to change our whole system for bad a footballer as him, sorry Wrighty.