Saturday, 9 January 2010

Fair play to Everton but we do lack a certain something

A very frustrating afternoon but I don't think that anyone can dispute how well Everton played today. They were the better side for most of the game and are probably disappointed that they didn't come away with all three points.

Arsenal were shit and far from their best. Rightly or wrongly we Gooners are quick to criticize a poor Arsenal performance but Everton deserve credit for nullifying us and playing as well as they did.

Everton came here today very pissed off with the fact we embarrassed them 6-1 on the opening game of the season. On their own turf. They have also come here on the back of a good run. A run that includes a 3-3 draw away to the 'Mighty Chelsea'.

They wanted it today. They wanted it bad. I think for most of the match they wanted it more than we did. Perhaps we were too complacent? We have been guilty of that before this season. Whatever the case you have to at least match effort with effort and we only did that after going 2-1 down.

Of course we missed players through injury but that is no excuse. Everton did too. Also the conditions were bad but the Merseysiders were in the same boat as well.

This was a big chance to put pressure on Manchester United and Chelsea and obviously we missed that opportunity. The performance, the result wasn't the best and both clubs will be smiling but I think we showed character today.

Had that been United or Chelsea pulling a draw from nothing in the last minute I have no doubt that we would be hearing about the grit and determination shown to not lose. That is what I'm taking from today. We showed that determination to not lose. That bodes well despite not getting the result we wanted.

I've no doubt that we will hear we were lucky for scoring two deflected goals either. I'd say that it was about time we had lady luck smile on us. Frank Lampard seems to get enough of her charms.

After today there will be people screaming for Wenger to buy players. I'd agree that 1-2 players could really help us win things this season. In my opinion we need a striker and we need one who can hold the ball up.

We lost the ball so many times when we had it deep in Everton's half and it caused us problems. Arshavin is doing a job for the team at the moment but it is a lot to keep asking him to play in a position that doesn't come natural to him.

Arsenal could really do with a physical presence up-front. I hate to say it but we miss someone like Adebayor who for all his faults, could hold the ball and take pressure off the team or keep it. Not that I want him back!

Well, all in all, not a great day but as I write United are drawing 1-1 with Birmingham so it may seem a little better in 20 minutes or so.

A disappointing result but take nothing away from Everton who played well and restricted us.

We've just got to keep believing because we can win the league.

Leep it Goonerish.............

37 comments: said...

agree wrighty missing the big man upfront (marlon harewood ??? lol) with you though , i like the focus on the effort to get that draw rather than negative on the 2-2.... man utd drew...chelsea will have to play with none of the famed africans we are still on course.... we just need that one win when the others dont win and we do ! once we are top i think we wont let go of it

Anonymous said...

yeah we were missing this spanish bloke in the midfield

Anonymous said...

I think today showed just how much we are going to miss ALEX SONG!!
The centre of midfield look totally disjointed to me and we looked vunerable to the counter attack all through the game. I think this highlights just how much SONG has come on as a player! I think we may need to look at getting someone on loan while he is away at the ACN because the is nobody at the club who can play his role!

Anonymous said...

definitely agree,felt like we were playing with 9players. arshavin cannot be played as a central striker anymore, thought eduardo carried more threat should be playing centrally..
Aaron Ramsey was poor, general play was really poor, the game was there to be grabbed and unfortunately he is not ready yet,the goals lately have been misleading on his general performance.
I thought a game like that we miss bedtner or some one like him,a bit of power up front, althoug we scored 2 that was not the problem but our defence suffured from the effort to get them, nasri up front? he spent more time round our box than evertons, Rosicky looked really good.

Anonymous said...

Hit it on the head. We missed Alex Song. Diaby was too busy defending, poor Denilson just doesn't have the strength, he just bounced off players. I think we now realize how important he is to our side.

AfriX said...

Yep we really miss Song & Cesc, Song for physical strength protecting the back 4, Cesc for craft attacking the opposition's back 4. Almunia for a captain was abysmal bar the Vaughn 1 on 1 save, he doesn't inspire any confidence, Armand Traore also had a nightmare, anyway despite not playing well we didn't lose which says abt the team's belief!

Top-Gunner said...

We could have been better today, but to come back like we did, twice in one game shows how much character the team is developing to grind out the results. Im just Hoping denilson is not seriously injured, we need that like a hole in the head.

AmericanGunnerX said...

badly need someone in the box at the end of crosses...!! without a classic center forward we are taking a big risk.. i hope u buy wegner!

Anonymous said...

Charactor is a great atribute and I love Arsenal to bits but they aint winning anything with this team, okay they will be in the mix but not winners.

Defo need a target up front everton can easily nullify a team that has to pass its way into the net (so annoying).

Denilson a decent player but belongs in an mid table side midfield not a champion winners team.

They had a chance today to climb near the top and Everton wanted it... if that doesnt spell problem I dont know what does.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this post wrighty, you weren't sugar coating anything but managed it in a rational non slit wrist-ing way.

not only was that game crying out for cesc but it was more importantly crying out for SONG. the only defensive minded and strong midfield we have who although lacks pace always manage to stop counter attacks and cover gallas and vermaelen. I guess losing one of them is ok, but losing them both at once is never going to work. it was hard seeing denilson got bullied of the ball. Just a gentle swift of fellaini's(dirty fouling c*nt) hair and he is down.

But wenger needs to buy. And no, we are not asking for 50 mil worth of players. Just 2 will do. But i reckon it will be so hard to buy a defender as no good center half would want to move and be 3rd choice on a world cup year. No way. But a central striker is a must.

Boris Godunov said...

Determination, will and spirit don't get you draws at home to a lesser opposition. I would call it a bullshit performance. Lack of creativity, sharpness, vision and hangover cost us big tonight. One of those countless pathetic performances from the last season reborn. The whole team needs a kick in the ass. The ever desired magic wand of signing one or two players will not do the trick in this situation. "Disgraceful Effort" should've been the name of the article, provided one can call it an effort. We need more quality, but who doesn't? Shit.

joe said...

wenger must buy if we are going to challenge any trophies we watched the match hope the injuries were minor

go gunners go

Anonymous said...

We need width, everytime we get the ball wide we cut into a mass of players and try threading the ball through the eye of a needle. We missed a Walcott today, but I'd like to see us buy Dzeko (a good ariel target ad well as having good feet) and a left sided Winger like Capo at Seville. We need to mix our play up, teams are getting to grips with us again. Get the cheque book out Wenger

Anonymous said...

We did lack firepower today and that is directly linked to not having target man to hit with the ball with others joining the attack even more worrying for me is we look shaky at the back, not particular the defenders per say but the midfield cover.

I heard Wenger is looking to take Flamini back on loan until the end of the season but I think it would be a brilliant signing... together with Song they would found a excllent shield for the back line and both have great ball winning abilities...

My team with song fab and bentener back

Todays back four and GK

song & flamini in front

with three ahead arshivin fabregas and narsi (walcott, nasri, vela & ramsey would be competing) with Nicky up front

Anonymous said...

u can have all thew width in the world but if there's no one inside the penalty area attacking it your wasting your time

keith said...

Its quite simple we need a strong center forward who holds the ball up because the ball keeps comming back when played up there and how bad is Almunia we must drop him he is a rubbish keeper

lp said...

I agree. How about a loan for Mario Balotelli till the end of the season as Le boss keep saying that he doesn't want to spend big money for striker as we still have RvP, Bendtner, Vela and Dudu because if Mario come on loan he could help us on domestic games. He's the type of player that imo we need atm.

But i still believe we are going to win the title this year. It is going to be close with Chavski but we're up there..

Come on Gooners

Anonymous said...

We do lack - A LOT OF THINGS !
First of all - we need a powerful striker ! It's just sad to know that we depend on Bendtner's recovery.If he can make him self available soon,we won't buy.If he can't - we'll buy some cheap crap.Honestly,I don't know which option makes me wanna cry more.Wenger thinks he can buy someone like Dzeko ot Villa for 10 million pounds.Mister,those times are a decade behind you.
Second - a (holding) midfielder.People are laughing at us for playing Denilson and Ramsey.Those kids get knocked around all the time.What can they do against someone like Essien ?! He eats kids like that for dinner.
Third - centre back.I'm affraid to even think what kinda mess would we become if,god forbid,Tommy or Bill get injured ! It would be a disaster !
And fourth (which can wait till summer) - we need a top class goalkeeper.We are the only top class team without one.It's time to fix that.

Anonymous said...

Anon 21.18
Having Width doesn't just mean putting the ball in the box, it stretches teams, it draws players out from the centre of the always crowded centre of the pitch.
Sometimes putting balls into the box is all you need ie Eduardo V West Ham last week

Anonymous said...

Diaby was our best player,we need a GK urgently and why the fock diddnt we get Veira?

Anonymous said...

I really hope that after today's game Wenger will see the need to buy a Striker and a DM? Even if Bendtner comes back to the team he could get injured again and that takes us back to square one. Vela and Edoador still have a lot to do before being the strikers that can make much impact in games like today.
For DM, even when Song eventually gets back,we still need cover there. Looks like Denilson will be out for a while.
My suggestion is; Campbell, DM & Striker.

Anonymous said...

Arsenal missed agreat chance. even the red faced cunt was,I beleive,grimacing.I still believe like Koeman, arsenal overplay. This in my opinion give the defenders chances to regroup and crowd out the lone Arsenal player near the box eg Ramsey
Look at the arsenal gaps when Everton scored the second goal. There were quite a few times after Rosicky's goal of this. Against the top teams it could have been fatal.

Danish Gooner said...

Let us face it.If Arsenal become the champions it is on default nothing else,we put together a couple off decent results and everybody including Wenger screams CHAMPION.It doesnt work that way and he would be good to tone it down a little otherwise he could have eggs on his face come may....again.And for him to suggest we dont need reinforcements,that is laughable and so wrong.

walter said...

Yes I think we missed some players like Cesc, RVP, Bendtner, Song, Clichy. If we have those back we will win.

Anonymous said...

i think Wenger should bring defender and striker , by the way Vermalene can play in place of Song till he comes back . because i don't think there is a good midfielder can play as good as Song now . Do you agree !!

Anonymous said...

Good summary. The only thing you forgot to mention was how woeful we were defensively too. There were some huge gaps at the back which Everton were a bit unlucky not to exploit better. As stated by other posters, we missed Alex Song badly.

Aaron Ramsey looked flimsy out there too. He lost the ball a lot and couldn't compete physically. He's a talented lady but he played very much like a 19 year old a bit out of his depth today.

We really do need a big, physical, mature striker who can hold the ball up, and we need more defensive cover in midfield and a mature, physical presence there too.

Wenger has to spend this month if we have any chance of the squad collecting any medals this season. Were lacking a bit of maturity and physicality as usual.

Anonymous said...

Spot on summary of the game Wrighty, Arsenal have injuries which are obviously playing their part, but so did everton today, Anichebe, Arteta, Distin, Gosling, Hibbert, Jagielka, Rodwell, Yakubu and Yobo.

Anonymous said...

We looked vulnerable without Song.
And no Fabregas means no creator.

We need an Animal to lead the line.
but will never get any of these, so -
£5m for Chamakh will seal the deal now - play him in the Prem and use Bendtner in Champs Lge

Anonymous said...

... Forgot to add that ALMUNIA IS RUBBISH!!!!
What was he doing for Pienaar's goal??? He was on his arse before the guy even took a shot! Talk about making it easy! The chip was shit and would've been a comfortable catch to his chest if he stayed on his feet. GET THIS JOKER OUTTA HERE!!!!

Anonymous said...

If Fabianski played today I'm pretty sure we'd have won, say no more on that matter.

As for striker options, I think Eduardo has lost some pace, which is understandable, but I think The Arsenal can do better than him! So bring someone else in soon rather than later.

Anonymous said...


You're all saying WHO???
Wait and see.
Young - Yes.
Striker - Yes.

Anonymous said...

i dont understand why gooners are crying a river criticising le prof (wenger).did u watch how wigan outplayed the team that is on the summit of the table,and they won.this was evertons day we even managed a point so be patient and dont behave like a wuss who likes quick fixes.

Nicholas said...

I thought Rosicky's (deflected) goal masked a poor performance. He's not a young player but looked exceedingly lightweight and kept getting brushed off the ball. True he's returning - yet again - from injury, but you'd expect him to not lose possession as much as he did. The other two I thought were poor were Traore and Almunia. Just glad that Clichy's gonna be back soon.

Pritpal said...

think that as denilson is out and that we have no real holding midfielder we should play nasri, rosicky and diaby as the 3 man midfield. the reason for this is that they have the experience to get us through the next few games. songs absence really is a blow, we just aren't the same without him. i noticed it against wolves earlier until he came on and now yesterday. maybe wenger will buy a dm now.

Anonymous said...

Why did the biggset player on the pitch Fellaini play so deep in defence for the negative Everton as clearly he should have been using his height to score more goals and win the game for the Toffees after all Osman the smallest player for Everton managed to out jump the useless Gallas and only a defensive slip by Traore allowed Pienaar to score ,absolute rubbish from Moyes who dropped two vital points ?

SUGA3 said...


nice writeup...

what we are lacking is power and a bit of of mean streak - check out my post today ;)

emeka said...

I totally agree with you wrighty- I THINK its a very wise decision selling a losing faith in young players like senderos who can only get better, and replacing them with power house, such as campbell and sylvester, VERY WISE MOVE.

I also totally agree that there arent any young defenders, out there who'll be willing to play behind. gallas and vermy.

AS for SAHA- whatever.