Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The Stuff Champions Are Made Of/ Thomas Vermaelen Should Be Arsenal Vice-Captain

Surely now even the non-believers will begin to believe.

This Arsenal side are true title contenders and that win tonight was the stuff that champions are made of.

To win was sweet. To win from two down was even sweeter. To win from two down and then go top of the league is even better than the sweetest of sweeties.

Victory was important tonight but to win and go top of the pile, in those circumstances, will be the biggest confidence boost the club, players and Gooners have had for a long while.

We can do it. And while we are doing it, Cesc Fabregas is becoming an Arsenal legend.

Despite Cesc Fabregas being on the verge of Arsenal legendary status I must add that Thomas Vermaelen is fast becoming my Arsenal hero.

In my opinion the Belgian should be our vice-captain. The impact he has made at Arsenal has been immense. Well done Wenger for bringing him to us.

Keep it Goonerish................


Gooner Peter said...

Great shout on Vermaelen!

We are top of the league say we are top of the league! ;)

Anonymous said...

the verminator zaps everything in sight

Anonymous said...

jesus cesc just get beter and beter,un fucking real

Real Social Dad said...

We shall, We shall not be moved

Pritpal said...

its all about the VERMINATOR! stunning finish yet again!

Anonymous said...

It might be a bit to early to call for the verminator to be vice captain but i like were your going with that, he is def becoming a hero to us all!!!

Top, Top, Top of the league!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm delighted with tonights comeback, the guys showed the sort of determination everyone wants to see from their players. I think i'll keep the champagne on ice for a while though since we've lost yet another midfielder to yet another injury with the hardest run of games i've ever seen just around the corner. It's too early to pop corks but if we can get some of our guys to stay fit I think we have our best chance since we last won it. The real positive is that whoever has had to come in has done a good job. Long may that last!!
Up the Arse!!!

Anonymous said...

1 Arsenal 22 9 1 1 34 11 6 2 3 25 14 34 48
2 Chelsea 21 10 1 0 34 8 5 2 3 18 10 34 48
3 Man Utd 22 9 1 1 27 8 6 1 4 22 11 30 47

Anonymous said...

i loved tony gale berating Gallas for his tackle on cesc equaliser. Well Gallas was never sent off in a semi final cos the ref deemed it. Gale was sent off all are games we win the leagie

j.w said...

i love how gallas is already being condemned. yes is was a bad challenge and on another day could be a red card. however, it was fucking ACCIDENTAL you bunch of sky pricks.

remember martin taylor? eduardo nearly lost his leg, but no, poor martin taylor only deserved a three match ban. all the pundits were giving it the whole "it was a bad challenge, but martin taylor is a pro and an honest professional".

in reality, it just boils down to the fact that he's english, and these sky twats have more chance of actually sharing an agent with him, or meeting him at a football event. whereas with gallas, they can splurt whatever shit they like about how he should look himself in the mirror, knowing they will probably never meet the guy.

what a load of hypocritical bullshit.

Wrighty7 said...

Make you right J.W.

The commentor didn't stop harping on about it for about 10 mins after the goal.


j.w said...

p.s we should have had 3 penalties over the 2 games so i think it's all swings and roundabouts that the foul led to a goal. i'm just pissed off that sky are acting like it was an intentional foul, and showed a replay of it more times than any of our goals.

Wrighty7 said...

If John Terry did what Gallas did would there be an issue with the so-called experts?

Anonymous said...

We are top the league oh we are top the league
What about a cheaky 5 million bid for Kevin Davis? a right pain in the ass but would be a good buy fab fantastic again Diaby not so good this guy plays and great in two games and then crap

Anonymous said...

So what if one of there animals got hurt. What goes around come around

j.w said...

of course not! it would be labeled an honest challenge and totally unintentional. john terry is a role model, an honest pro and the captain of england to boot. he never goes to ground easily when in control of the ball, never shirt pulls and never blocks/pushes trips players on purpose allowing drogba a free goal scoring header.

sometimes i wish that richard keys was on the end of diaby's boot.

Bootoomee said...


First I have to tell you in my very 1st post here that I love the picture on your site. It reminds me of that game I've always looked at Keown differently ever since. Wrighty7, my dear fellow gooner, that was passion and I just love Keown for it!

From what I saw tonight, the current team is showing that passion. You're right buddy, that's the stuff that champions are made of!

On the tackle on the Bolton player, I take Wenger's comment: "Let's compile their tackles and compare them to ours"!

By the way, referee did not see it to and he was right there. It is also his job to "see" it.

Real Social Dad said...

Don't know why you bother watching sky after the match.
The arent football fans there just paid to sit there and talk shit so you keep watching.
Has Tommy Vermaelen got the sweetest left foot since brady?

Danish Gooner said...

And Rooney never falls over.

emeka said...

I must confess- THAT at 2 - 0, i never saw us winning it., though i knew we would equalize. but FABREGAS is now clearly the guy to stopped if you intend to contain the gooners. LOVED ARSHAVIN TODAY.



on the other side, i hope cameroun loses tomorrow.


george said...

they dont like it when the boot is on the other foot(or davis in this case ).i suppose they wont want to borrow Jack now that he is one of a bunch of cheats and dirty tacklers?

Anonymous said...

Before the game I believe Bolton would play the rough stuff though in a more sophisticated way. It was obvious to all BW were all out to stop the gunners .Mc Cann was yellow carded but shd have been sent off for his second offence.
Nevertheless it still early days.
After the games against a resurgent Pool,Chelsea,AV and manure we shall know more .
There is no reason why the gunners can't win the title and prevent the red faced cunt a fourth one.
Tighten the defence and we we ill win it.

j.w said...

see, this is exactly what i mean:

i swear to god the media try to make out we're paranoid, but in reality they really do have it in for us, don't they?

Anonymous said...

Yes Arsenal scored four past BW after two goals down . Don't count on it against Stoke,AV,Pool,Manure and chelsea. For starters these teams will know when to tighten up after being up.
The gunners defence is notorious for leaking goals. I can guarantee that two goals down againt the top two and Pool,the gunners will be hit on the counter by these teams who have lethal forwards.
Against everton it wa s Cahill who set the blues second goal.
The gunners better tighten up at the back and the defenders don't go awol/ball watching. Mark Rooney /drogba tightly and we shall see.

Anonymous said...

no mention of Gallas' horrific challenge in the build up to the equaliser???

Is it allowed when arsenal are being the thugs?


Anonymous said...

This forum is becoming so ridiculous its untrue. I cannot believe how so called Arsenal fans are bemoaning the squad and sledging their own players. Anyone would think that we were languishing in the mire of the relegation zone! Has anybody the sense to glimpse the league table and notice that we are in a position to mount a serious challenge for the Premier League crown? Can anybody see that we have outscored EVERYONE and hold a goal difference matched only by Chelsea? Has anyone the optimism to recognise the ease at which we qualified for the next stage of the Champions League and the favourablility of the draw for the next round. Has anyone noticed that we are still in the FA Cup after Utd and Liverpool were sent packing by lower league opposition. Oh, and to have achieved this whilst operating at a profit (admirable in this current climate, whilst harbouring an injury list longer than any of our rivals (good squad depth) and withstanding the garbage coming out of what I can only assume are very uneducated 'supporters', I think Mr.Wenger deserves a medal. Try and get on with actually supporting your team and its players because frankly your 'we desperatley need to buy', 'Arsene needs to go' and 'Denilson/Diaby/Rosicky/Eduardo is crap' comments are better off rattling around in that empty space between your collective ears.

Anonymous said...

will never forget the very first time I learnt the meaning of optimist and pessimist in primary school. I always remember because it was difficult for me to believe that some people are created to go through life believing that only the worst will happen to them. I cannot even call myself 100% optimist but I can understand optimism. I’m a realistic optimist – i.e. – I believe that the best will happen to me and works towards it but I recognise my limitations and try to minimise them. I also take joy in my achievements, big or small. As I mature and became more exposed to the larger society, I began to see pessimists but I still couldn’t understand pessimism. The Arsenal Doom&Gloomers are some of the world’s worst pessimists. I do not understand them still but I appeal that we treat them like other members of the society with special needs. If AFC wins EPL, CL and FA cup, they will whinge about missing the Carling cup and moan about how it is the greatest trophy ever. Great Doom&Gloomers, I salute you!