Thursday, 7 January 2010

A player who could add variety and depth to the squad; shame really

Since Arsene Wenger has admitted he is in the hunt for a striker we have been linked with almost every single forward in the world of football.

From Carlton Cole to Louis Saha, you name them, we've been linked to them. Le Grove talk of two more names you can add to the list.

A striker is definitely needed. Let's be honest, Robin van Persie is out for the season, Bendtner is struggling, Eduardo (the poor little sod) will probably continue to get niggles, Arshavin can't continue up top for the entire rest of the season, Walcott isn't trusted there yet and Vela is still developing.

Whilst we need a forward I'd argue that we could do with another player to add some more depth to an already talented squad.

The player I had in mind could cover a variety of positions, already plays in the Premiership, could be available, is talented, admired by Wenger and has been linked with us for several years already.

Vincent Kompany

The Belgian international can play in the defensive midfield role, full-back and centre back.

Whilst Alex Song is at the African Cup of Nations, Denilson will probably fill the void left by the him in the holding role of Arsenal's midfield. I have no qualms with that really but I do worry if Gallas or Vermaelen were to suffer an injury. Or even Denilson.

Wenger loves a player who can give variety to the side and with Kompany able to that he could be a good addition to the squad. He could easily slot into defence or midfield comfortably allowing Wenger the chance to rest players like Gallas, Vermaelen, Sagna or even Denilson.

Kompany has fallen down the pecking order at Manchester City, especially in midfield. He has the likes of De Jong, Ireland and Barry ahead of him there and with the new arrival of Roberto Mancini at the club who knows what the future holds for him.

It's also believed that Mancini is keen to bring Patrick Vieira to Manchester. If that is the case then surely Kompany will fall even further down in the Italian manager's thoughts. It seems that Kompany quite likes Mancini (going by this interview) and has done a job in defence for him but when the likes of Lescott return from injury, things may not seem so rosy.

Wenger has said that it would be difficult to buy players from Manchester City but maybe players on the fringes of the first team wouldn't be so hard to sign. I'd put Kompany in that category at City. Hardly the players fault, more down to the fact that City are intent on buying big names and want to become the new 'Galaticos'.

A big plus would be his availability in the Champions League. That is not the most important thing in Arsene Wenger's mind but nevertheless it gives the transfer an even more glamorous look.

In the past Arsene Wenger has admitted an interest in Kompany but the time was never right to bring him to Arsenal. Maybe the time could be right now?

Alex Song has been one of our best players this season and has come on leaps and bounds but who knows what type of condition he will be in when he gets back from Africa. It may take a few weeks for him to recover from what will be an exhausting tournament. He may come back as fresh as a daisy but what is clear is that he has played an awful lot of games this campaign and he could suffer from burn-out. Kompany can allow Wenger to rotate the squad, especially in midfield.

The Belgian signed a new contract at Manchester City in October 2009 but these days contracts aren't really worth the paper they are written on. If a player fancies a move, then nine times out of ten he will get one as Arsenal have found out in recent years.

Who knows whether Kompany is on Wenger's radar? He has been in the past, that is for certain, but I don't think that Le Boss is really considering signing anything other than a striker at the moment.

I think that is a shame because someone like Vincent Kompany could really thrive at Arsenal and it would give Arsenal a lot more squad depth in our pursuit for all three trophies. I'm also confident that Kompany, given the chance, would move to Arsenal.

You never know though with Arsene! He could be working on a transfer as we speak.

Keep it Goonerish...............


Sam_India said...

And he is international buddies with Vermaelen which could only help.

How old is he ?

Anonymous said...

I love the idea, but I think it is pure fantasy that we could pry anyone from ManCity - ever. They's have to take a wage cut to come, and that's not likely unless they are extremely dissatisfied. Apart from Kompany, Santa Cruz is down the pecking order also, and he'd be a great striker for us, but again, the weekly wage would blow Arsenal's salary structure out of the water.

goonerrez said...

This is not really a criticism of you, but I find these types of articles absolutely pointless. Whilst it is good to perhaps analyse potential signings, it is a fruitless exercise where we haven't even been linked with the player. It's not as if Wenger is reading the blogs and will think 'ah that's a great idea, I'll put a bid in for Kompany'. Nothing will come of your article. I agree it is good to debate and see who can do a job for us, but surely this is a much more worthwhile exercise when there is actually some substance to a player potentially joining us - e.g. Lacina Traore.

Otherwise you are just as bad as Myles Parmer who wrote an article about why we should sign Rodallega. Ok - I agree with many of his points, but the key point surely is that neither Wenger nor nobody else with the power to implement the transfer will ever read the article.

gazzap said...

Isn't Kompany currently playing every week for Man City at centre back covering for injuries? point is if he is their 3rd of 4th choice centre back, they are never going to let him go. would be a usfeful player to us but it wont happen.

Wrighty7 said...

He is 23 Sam_India mate.

Wrighty7 said...

I know what you mean Goonerrez.

To be honest I didn't know whether to write the post but its something that has been on my mind since Mancini took over at City and since they have been linked with Vieira.

Anonymous said...

Kompany plays reguarly for City. You might as well write about us signing Vidic...

Anonymous said...


Gunner Pete said...

Kompany has several players ahead of him in midfield, and is probably 4 choice centre back at City. Hardly plays regularly.

Gunner Pete said...

Fringe players like Michael Johnson and Vincent Kompany might also be given a start against Arsenal.

Anonymous said...

Silly article really. We were linked with him 3/4 years back and AW had him watched and decided not to follow it up. He has not been very good a Citeh and don't think he is a player for us.

1979gooner said...

kompany has been distinctly average for city

i don't see what he'd add to our squad in all honesty

Wrighty said...

Nothing wrong with stuff like this - it's just pub banter, except you can remember it because it's posted online and not lost in a drunken haze...

Aniruddh said...

Le grove is real anti arsenal blog

Chinmay said...

Do u really think he will buy some experience? I hope so.

Since we have such tight fixture list, does it not make sense to buy couple of players at least? What say?

alxluc said...

was all the talk he(kompany) was coming to us the other summer mostly paper. but to be honest i think wenger didnt like him.
Looks like theres a fire sale going on at pompey why not Papa bouba Diop there was talk wenger was gona take him of fulham before he left for 'arry rev at pompey. And another target that came to me out the blue as a striker is Robbie Keane not playing a great deal at spurs. but i think could play wenger ball well, good feet average turn of pace, can play all alone top.

Wrighty7 said...


I think that Le Grove is a misunderstood blog really. It's far from anti-Arsenal.

Every Arsenal blogger has their own opinion and that has to be respected really.

That's the beauty of having so many Arsenal blogs, there is so many different views for many different tastes!

Wrighty7 said...


Who knows who Wenger will buy. He may not.

I suggest just keeping calm and taking it every day as it comes.

Anonymous said...

hello just remember man city are a small club he would jump at the chance to join us deep down everyone nos city will mess it up somehow manci will get the sack and they will be the new chelsea getting a new manger every season we can offer chanpions leage footballand hes not on and massive wages like some of the nobs at city {adebayor}
so why wouldnt he join us?

p.s wrighty love the artical

Anonymous said...

i agree a utility player would be just what we need and provides the value for money wenger craves. kompany would be good, if he doesnt break into the 1st team our squad is so injury prone and he is so versatile we could probably keep him happy! also what about veloso? apparantly hes goin for 10mish and can play cm and cb, wenger has been interested in the past....

jimmy said...

really good article! and though i dont see us getting kompany, a player in the same mould would be absolutely fantastic! a player who could easily slot into either dm or cb position would cream my pants some. its jus what we need for a bit of depth + the striker were all on about and weve got depth all over the pitch

goonerrez said...

Sorry, I think I was maybe a bit harsh earlier. I certainly respect your blog, your opinions and the creative way you write things. Make no mistake I am a big fan of this site - I prefer reading the opinions of fans who are totally committed to the Arsenal and Wenger, and are willing to show the requisite fight, passion & support even in the bad times. This is something you certainly show!

Anonymous said...

said it before and say it again, Veloso can fill both positions.

I'll always support Arsenal totallt but why cant we critise Wenger. There was a club before him and there'll be one long after he leaves. He does make mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Long live Le Grove

Wrighty7 said...


I didn't take offence to your comment mate. Far from it buddy!

You don't have to apoligize.

Top-Gunner said...

first of good article, ive been a fan of him for a few years and always thought he'd be good for us,
however even is he's available why would he come to us? at city he's 3rd/4th choice and with us he'd still be behind Verm @ Gallas making him 3rd choice, that being said the thought of having him around to fill in for V or Gallas is more reasuring than the idea of silvestre or sendros, i would like it if we got him, but i don't see it.

Anonymous said...

Funny people are talking about Le Grove. I wrote to them and told them they were negative and it attracts a lot of negative people. I have now filtered from NewsNow so I don't have to drawn in by the headlines. I like a variety of opinion, not necessarily agreeing with mine. I don't agree with everything you say, but do a lot of the time.

We are football supporters and all have our own views.

Keep it varied!

Wrighty7 said...

Can people please refrain from having a pop at Le Grove, or any other blog, on here please.

Anonymous said...

i luv le-grove. The posters are great and i dont have any problem with the opinions which are honest. Some blogs are a bit wordy, but le-grove is quite funny.

WC said...

Wenger had the chance to sign Kompany back when he was at Hamburg and didn't. Wenger's not the type of person to pass on someone and then go back for them.

nicholas said...

I like this idea a lot, even if it has little basis in reality, however, I don't understand why you people are so harsh on this blog. If you don't like it, don't read it.

Real Social Dad said...

On Kompany's performace tonight bet your glad wenger never brought him to The Arsenal now!
Although didn't watch match did keep my eye on some live updates have some quotes:

quotes from the match man s*ity v blackburn

Blackburn are offering next to nothing going forward 4-5-1 Big Sam
parked the Bus.

An awful error from Kompany, who pushes Given's pass straight to Pederson and he takes it and curls onr in.

More uncertainty at the back from City as KOMPANY and Given contrive to concede a corner. Against better oppo they'd have been punished.

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