Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Signing Sol is a good move, a bold prediction involving Saha and Senderos

So it's true then. Big Sol is back.

Well, almost.

I've read and heard various opinions from people, including many Gooners, and the response is mixed.

The idea of Sol Campbell coming back appeals to me. Yes, I know that people think that he is loopy and he 'betrayed' us by saying he was going to play abroad only to end up at Portsmouth but lets let bygones be bygones.

Some will be screaming that Arsenal have just taken the cheapest option and that Wenger needed to spend big money.

At the end of the day Campbell knows he is coming to Arsenal to be cover for Vermaelen and Gallas. How many players would have come to the club knowing that?

Of course Sol won't be the same player he was during his first spell with us but he is still Premiership quality and I tell you something, he is certainly a more experienced player than that period. That's the key word, experienced. And that will rub off on his new team mates.

How many times have we heard that Arsenal lack experience?

To have Sol on the bench or the pitch will be a big lift to these boys and I know for a fact, without any disrespect meant, that I would prefer to have Campbell as an option rather than Senderos or Silvestre.

What's more important is that he has a quality missing from most of this squad; he knows what it takes to win the league. That leadership could be crucial for us when the title run-in gets tight and its squeaky bottom time.

He knows the club, knows how it works and won't have trouble settling it in. The move, despite how bizarre it may look, gets a thumbs up from me.

With Campbell's impending arrival, I expect a departure. That's how Arsenal usually work. The player I expect to leave is Phil Senderos. Betcha didn't guess I would say it was him?

Big Phil has wanted to leave for an age and whilst I'd be a little sad to see him go (he seems part of the furniture, kind of antique) it would be best for Arsenal and himself that he moved on.

It's a shame how his Arsenal career has developed really. On his day he could be immense but he is a confidence player and the more games he plays the better his performances. Even if he played well though you always had that nagging doubt that he was about to completely cock something up. Truly a shame.

I've no doubt a move would really resurrect his career but he would have to play for a club that has lesser incentives than Arsenal to flourish. A place where every mistake isn't scrutinised. Everton could be that club.

I like Everton and a club like them is the level of Senderos. Not top level but a good level and a good club. He has been linked to Goodison Park before, almost signing there in the summer but it fell through for some reason.

This is where my bold prediction lies. I reckon, and don't go rushing to the bookies on this, that a move involving Senderos and Evertons Louis Saha could be on the cards. Some kind of swap deal.

Saha is exactly what Wenger looks for in a player. French and injured. All jokes aside Saha is an experienced striker and we lack that. He is quality, there is no doubting that, but somewhat injury-prone.

If Saha could get over his injuries then I'd be all for it but the fact is he still spends as much time on the physios bed as he does on the pitch.

Is Saha what we need?

Keep it Goonerish...............


Anonymous said...

Your bold prediction was already made by at least one national paper last week.

Wrighty7 said...

Sorry I must have missed it. What paper?

Anonymous said...

forget saha, cahill is better

dkgooner said...

Sol - blurghhhhhhhhh
Saha - blurghhhhhhhhh
Totally uninspiring.

Anonymous said...

They now have cover and will not need him now so I think swap off now. (Distin i think at Everton)

Anonymous said...

Totally agree about Sol. He has won league titles and that counts for a lot.
And while Cahill may be a better long term bet than Saha, he's not a free agent in the summer, which Saha is...

Anonymous said...

Like most gooners I'm a bit unsure about Sol coming back, but if it's ok to give Silvestre a chance then why not Sol? At least he was a very good player once, and still might be, Silvestre has always been shit.

Anonymous said...

Distin at Everton cant see the need for them any more.

danish gooner said...

No more signings.

Na-Sei said...

I agree with the Article apart from the Saha part! Saha is NOT what we need! Firstly the boy is INJURY PRONE, Secondly I just don't feel he is good enough for Arsenal, Ive never rated Saha like that, he's a decent player but not for Arsenal. On top of that it's another French boy, I mean how many French players do we need?? If wenger's going to go for French players then go for the top notch French players, I.e Benzema, not a second rate striker who is not even respected in France. Personally I would like to see Dzeko or Even Babel! Wenger should just Put the money on the table for Dzeko and test Werden Bremen and see if they will accept! As for Babel well, I've always liked the boy, he has talent and ability in abundance & I think wenger could use him up front. He has pace he's strong, he has quick feet & I think he could do a job. He's a Arsenal fan and best friends with V.Persie Too which means he wouldn't take long to settle within the squad! Benitez doesn't know what he is doin and NEVER gives him playing time! He could do a job for us!

Anonymous said...

Arsenal action said this 10 days ago.

Anonymous said...

Sol for 6 months as cover at CB...
Saha on a short term deal as a part time striker...& Flamini back to sort out the midfield!! Then we're completely sorted & will win the Prem League!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well yes it does sound a deal on the cheap but January you are not going to want players that cant play in the champions league we do need a holding midfield player as denilson is too lightweight i would go for Van bomel sol must have inpressed Wenger in training will bring cover at the back and Saha would be a good bet upfront i would prefer carlton cole though

Danny said...

To get an experienced cb who has played and scored in a champions league final, won 2 premier league titles, 4 fa cups, a league cup and been in the pfa team of the year three times is a bargain!!

Pritpal said...

yep i agree with you on sol campbell but please tell me we're not getting saha. can't bare to see him in the gunners shirt, would rather it be dzeko(unlikely), chamakh or balotelli. i wish adriano would come to us with his no.90 shirt on!

Nic said...

Potentially this is clever, i think we have djorou coming through who i think will be good if he can get over his injuries, he has already proven he can cut with some excellent performance for us (also some not so great... but he is young). He will be back by the summer and hopefully if he can get himsefl fit he will be ready to challenge and sol will probably have retired/moved on.

Anonymous said...

I feel a little bit sorry for Senderos in all of this. When he plays for Switzerland the boy is World Class and that's because in International football teams seem to defend a lot deeper, whereas we play such a line that his lack of pace gets exposed.

Look at John Terry he has only really had 2 or 3 amazing seasons and that was when Chelsea played in more of a tight unit. Look at his performances pre-Mourinho and now under Ancelloti where they play a more open attacking style. Like Senderos his lack of pace is exposed and sometimes he is made to look average.

I believe Senderos would have suited Wenger's first Arsenal team (Dixon, Keown, Adams, Winterburn) because that defence played a lot deeper.

Anonymous said...

Oh forgot to mention Campbell is a good signing. He will provide excellent cover and great experience to the team. Who else is out there and realistically available that could slot in straight away and would be content at being third choice?

Anonymous said...

nothing wrong with Saha in my opinion a decent short term soloution i reckon, get him ont he cheap and he is an expirenced player in thems of the Premiership.

WC said...

Saha is quality and has been since he was at Fulham but we already have a RVP (top quality player who has glass legs), why buy another one?

If Wenger buys a striker it needs to be one that can change the way the team plays. Adebayor could do that, he was a mobile target man and a very different player to RVP.

Sol coming back isn't a terrible thing. He's 35 and is coming as a sub. At the very least he's done more than Senderos and I wouldn't be surprised if he turns out to be better than Silvestre. This is still a band-aid and Wenger needs to strengthen the quality and depth in defense.

Anonymous said...

If Djorou was not on long term injury. If RVP wasnt out for the season.If silvestre had proved himself capable of a punt at CBIf vela had developed fast enough to be a scorer.Then all this would not be happening. campbel is coming as an extra expense becoz silvestre is useless yet gallas and vams need cover while djorou is away in the sick bay. vela is still some way off yet so arsenal only have aprentices in bendter and eduardo - so yes saha might do as a short term cover till the deadly dutch man is back.

Anonymous said...

Pliz tell me this aint quality! WE NEED SAHA ! ! !http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9rfgRmGxcI

Anonymous said...

how can one say Saha isn't quality... he has been everton's top-scorer, he was a former player for ManU, was pretty good playin 4 dem and could've had a better time der if not for injuries... he is an experienced campaigner in the BPL... if quality and xperience is wat we want, den sol n saha r good choices... Certainly...

Anonymous said...

listen we have money in thr bank, lets go get the liverpool ace there skint and we need somone of his ablity and he is a sure bet 4 goals...worth every penny

Trennon said...

Welcome back Sol! These are the type of players that we need! Don't you all see? Not a world class player that is going to be here for 10 years. Just someone who can step in when needed and do a good job for 6 months to a year. If someone said Saha will stay injury free for the rest of the season then I say get him. Get him now!!!

Real Social Dad said...

gd article mate.
looking forward to watch the extend highlights of sol in reserve last night he had a couple of nice touches apparrently.
even set up a chance.
Saha maybe he was great at fulham but failed at manu.

Anonymous said...

saha is the ..you are wright ... he is french and gets injured...just abt perfect

GoonerCB7 said...

My problem with Sol isn't that he might be a bit loopy, or that he moved to Portsmouth after stating that he wanted a fresh challenge abroad. My problem with Sol is that he walked out mid-way through a match when a young and struggling squad needed his experience. Is that the type of leadership we require? Still, I'm sure the boss has his reasons and there's no denying he was quality in his prime.

Anonymous said...

For all the experience nine years at Old Trafford may have given Silvestre, the truth is his best days are some distance behind him, and even in those glory years he never consistently secured a starting berth in the centre of their defence – in fact the seasons he did were some of United’s poorest, so in Silvestre we are far from talking about one of the greats. Senderos meanwhile, having enjoyed success and ridicule in equal measure in an Arsenal shirt in the past, looks to have played his last game for us – being left out of even the Carling Cup team makes that a near certainty – and whilst Djourou has consistently shown great promise in Arsenal colours, he will not be appearing for us in 2009/10.

So with this in mind, a man with five senior honours to his name in the red and white of Arsenal, with the respect of Arsene Wenger and seemingly the rest of the Arsenal squad, and a level of dedication and professionalism rarely seen in a player of his age, represents a perfect solution to a short term problem – the need for a third choice centre half until Djourou returns.

Unlike Silvestre, we are talking about one of the most talented defenders of his generation, and a man that was the rock on which a double winning team and an invincible side were built. You can argue that at 35 his lack of pace may let him down, you can argue he has shown psychological weakness in the past, you can argue the last veteran defender we bought has been a unreserved flop – and they’re all valid points. But can you find me a better third choice centre half in the Premier Division than the experience, resilience and might of Big Sol? I think you’ll struggle.

Now… Dennis Bergkamp to step in for Van Persie anyone?

Real Social Dad said...


He did walk out during the mid of game gainst westham is a bit odd, but then he did have bit of a horror show.
But look at gallas sit in at birmingham season before last and outburst in the media last season
And now look at gallas.
He's only 2 years old than gallas
and won the fa cup with pompey.
Can only be good for the defence Remember when Keown was back help behind the scences 06 we set a record for minutes not conceding in champions league.

Real Social Dad said...

too right Anom 13 January 2010 10:45

Anonymous said...

With veteran defender Sol Campbell seemingly set to re-sign for Arsenal, skysports.com's James Dall takes a look at the pros and cons of such a deal.


As the majority of Arsenal fans will know, Campbell boasts a wealth of pedigree. At international level, the centre-back has earned 73 caps for England, playing at two World Cups. During his time at Tottenham, Campbell lifted the League Cup in 1999 while at Arsenal he won the Premier League twice and the FA Cup three times. Then at Portsmouth he was again an FA Cup winner in 2008. Few of Arsenal's current crop boast silverware experience, so there is an argument that Campbell's knack for being victorious could help to inspire Arsenal's youngsters while his knowledge of how to last the distance could also be invaluable. Furthermore, Campbell can help pass on his tricks of the trade to the current centre-halves at the club, with Thomas Vermaelen undoubtedly a willing learner at 23-years-old. Arsenal's weakness is defending, so perhaps Campbell can assist here, even during training sessions. Indeed, much credit was given to Martin Keown for his coaching role when Arsenal reached the 2006 Champions League final - a game that Campbell scored in.


Campbell has captained England, Spurs and Pompey - so it is clear managers have seen he has the ability to lead a side. Cesc Fabregas, just 22 years of age, is of course the Gunners' current skipper, and, while of course the Spaniard appears to be doing a fine job, another voice in the dressing room is always welcome. Indeed, giving him the armband could even do more worse than good to Fabregas' game. Maybe one of the reasons Wenger overlooked Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira during this January transfer window was that he envisaged Campbell coming in and doing a similar role of war veteran, telling stories of days gone by, his role for the Invincibles and generally inspiring the group.

Competition for places

Vermaelen and William Gallas are of course Arsenal's current first-choice centre-back pairing, but behind that the Gunners look thin. Johan Djourou is crocked, Philippe Senderos' future appears to lie elsewhere, Mikael Silvestre increases most fans' blood pressure and, while Alex Song can play there, it would be criminal to move one of the club's top performers this season out of position. If Campbell is serious about making a "big, big contribution", then he will need to play. That will mean impressing in training and in turn exerting pressure on Wenger to pick him, which is no bad thing. It would be human nature for Vermaelen or Gallas to become complacent with no real worry of being replaced, so Campbell's mere presence on the substitutes' bench could be beneficial.

Backs against the wall

Campbell's age means no matter how hard he trains his pace is on the decline. However, physically he still looks powerful and therefore he should remain towering in the air. For those games in which Arsenal come up against long ball after long ball, Campbell could play an important role. Even when Arsenal are defending a lead - something they have been suspect at - and their defensive line drops deeper, throwing Campbell on could be an excellent option for Wenger: someone to bark orders at the backline, someone to be no-nonsense.


Campbell is a free agent and reports suggest that he will sign a deal that is performance-related and will last until the end of the season. Wenger is partial to a bargain, and this would be the first time he has re-signed a former player.

It's a World Cup year

Granted, Campbell for England at the 2010 World Cup is an outside chance, however it is fair to say that the state of Fabio Capello's centre of defence at present is iffy. We all know how players tend to up their game in a World Cup year - is it a coincidence that five of the top 10 Premier League goalscorers this term are English? - so therein lies added incentive for Campbell, who surely feels he has a point to prove.