Tuesday, 19 January 2010

FIFA make sense in a controversial way

I usually can't stand FIFA. They do my bonce in. Especially the President Sepp Blatter. He is a twat.

For once though I think they have done the right thing by Thierry Henry.

Having said that I've often wondered whether FIFA's reaction would have been the same if an England player did what Thierry did against Ireland. But that is irrelevant.

Had Henry been banned for his handball against Ireland I think it would have been awful for football in general. It would have opened up the biggest can of problems that football has ever seen.

Let's get it right, what Henry did against Ireland was wrong but he is no cheat. I fail to remember him cheating once in an Arsenal shirt and that is not using my usual selective memory.

People have said that he touched the ball twice with his hand. Well, he did. But I'd argue with anyone that the first time the ball met his hand was an accident, the second of course he touched the ball into his path.

Yes, he handballed it, and yes, Ireland suffered, but what Henry did was act on instinct. It was never premeditated. It just happened. And it happened very very fast.

Ask yourself, would you have done the same for your country in Henry's shoes? The man is as fair as they come and as far as I'm concerned he did what anyone would do for their country.

If FIFA had banned Henry then every single refereeing decision could be questioned because someone could have got away with something they shouldn't have. Football would be fucked.

Throw-ins, free-kicks, offsides, everything would be scrutinised. Football would become unbearable.

There are always losers in football as a result for something happening like this. Unfortunately it has happened to the Republic of Ireland but these things could happen to anyone.

Thierry Henry is no cheat and some Ireland fans won't agree with me but I thoroughly believe that FIFA have done the right thing for a change.

Keep it Goonerish...........


Anonymous said...

im irish and a big arsenal fan wrighty(im flying in for the game tomorrow nite and again in for the united game)i agree with you 100%.he handled it we got fucked,1 or 2 of my freinds who are also gooners say they wont think of henry as they once did,many debates in the boozer have ensued since with me always being ridiculed for sticking with henry by all my freinds(mostly united and liverpool fasns i might add)my responce to them is always da same,when gerrard dived in champs lge final to get a pen the liverpool fans werent complaining,when rooney goes down every game to try and con the ref the all goe quiet except for me in their ears,eduardo was a victim at the start of this season because the english media hounded on him for getn a pen in game that we won comfortably anyway,henry is and will probably remain my fav player ever,if it was robbie keane who done it we would all be saying well done robbie,you cheated but got away with it,who cares what france think were in world cup and der not

Anonymous said...

Who even cares? Why are people still even talking about this? Ireland were never winning and the infamous handball goal changed very little. Had Ireland scored the second goal (which they needed regardless of France's goal) they would have gone through with no debate.

Anonymous said...

I wish he hadn't done it. I was amazed he did, don't think he done his self any favours running around like a madman afterwards either... very disappointing I.M.O

Arsenal fan

Anonymous said...

peopleforget its just a handball in a build up to a goal, ireland should havemarked gallas better

Anonymous said...

Henry is a sly fox we know that when he took free kicks before the wall is ready. But we must be impressed with his finger-roll pass to himself, I bet he plays basketball well.

Joxer said...

to the anonymous posted who said ireland need to score a second... it was 1-1 on aggregate, you clueless fool. level on away goals too. think before you speak next time.

Summerspur said...

put henry diving into utube then come back and tell me he is not a cheat

legendaire said...


handballs happen about a dozen times every weekend across the world

shall we rip them all apart?

Summerspur said...

the vids on utube are of him diving all over the shop. your author says he has never cheated. he is clearly wrong.

JJ1988 said...

Joxer, it was 1-1 on aggregate yes and level on away goals so it would've gone to ET and penalties.

So if Ireland had scored a second then they would have gone through regardless of the Gallas goal. Either 2-1 on aggregate or 2-2 and on away goals.

That whole thinking before you speak thing you mentioned might be useful for you next time.

lp said...

It's not Henry or the ref fault, it is FIFA because they still not planning to put video tech over the goal line whereas other sport has already done and the result are good.

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Anonymous said...

FIFA have bottled it yet again that is all.

Anonymous said...


Matt said...

firstly let me say that yes FIFA have done the right thing by not punishing H*nry... it would have made a mockery out of football...

but for you to absolve H*nry is absolutely ridiculous..

i can make my peace with the first handball.. that was instinctive...

but the second handball, the finger-roll that set the ball up for himself perfectly was fully intentional.. watch it again.. there can be no doubt..

THEN he had the gall to celebrate like a madman..

THEN, in an attempt to preserve his 'good guy' image, he hugs Richard Dunne in front of the cameras..

THEN, when it was clear that a replay wasn't going to happen, he comes out and says that it should be replayed..

i'm just glad that the myth of Thierry H*nry had been well and truly dis-established.. once a self-obsessed cheat always a self-obsessed cheat..


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Sporty Mad said...