Tuesday, 20 July 2010

F*ck You Martin Taylor!

Well done Martin Taylor you big fucking sop.

I don't give a shit that Taylor was 'devastated' or 'didn't mean to hurt Eduardo' because he isn't 'that type of player'.

Talk is cheap.

The biggest fact is that lanky lump has single-handily ruined Eduardo's Arsenal career.

By all accounts Eduardo, our little Crozillian, is set to leave the Arse and I think that it is a real shame.

It's been clear for a while that Premiership football has become too much for Eduardo ever since he had his leg busted.

To be fair, its even amazing that he came back into football after suffering that 'assault' from a talentless wanker who without doubt was told to get stuck into Arsenal because 'they don't like it up 'em'.

See, that's the attitude mugs like Ryan Shawcross and Martin Taylor have. Get stuck in and break some fucking bones.

I don't actually mind sides getting stuck in, what I do mind is career-threatening tackles that players like Eduardo and Aaron Ramsey have suffered.

What makes me laugh is the World Cup final commentary team, people like Alan Hansen, going mental at Holland being more than brutal and not agreeing with it. That's fair enough.

But the same wankers like Hansen sit on Match Of The Day and watch teams kick the shit out of Arsenal week-in week-out and say its the only way to play against us.

Sure, a bit of rough is fine but damn right GBH is not. If Eduardo suffered that tackle on the street Taylor would be looking at 5 years eating porridge.

Because of this twat Arsenal are seeing a talented player leave the club and English football.

I reckon had Eduardo not suffered that injury he would have become the Premierships leading scorer within two seasons. That's how highly I rated him.

I'm gutted he is leaving us but to be fair it's probably best for Eduardo.

Get a fresh start and put the nightmare of English football behind him.

I'll always look out for Eduardo, a class act and a class player, and I wish him well.

I hope he score 30 goals next season.

Keep it Goonerish..........


Anonymous said...

couldn't agree more with you!! On all points!!!

Anonymous said...

what an idiot!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Second that!

Anonymous said...

It is sad if he does leave. I would add an extra big F*ck You to the FA. After Aaron Ramsey got his leg snapped in two I wrote them a lengthy email expressing my concern about ongoing over-the-top challenges that go unpunished week after week in the Premiership. Any honest football fan would admit that if the Eduardo and Ramsey challenges happened in any other league in the world, Taylor and Shawcross would face bans longer than 3 games. In their email reply to me, the FA made a point that they would not take further action on these types of challenges. As much as I hate Taylor and Shawcross, I think the FA is the one to blame for being a spineless pack of pricks.

Anonymous said...

and a big fuck you to the pundits who were in total, apoplectic meltdown after the Celtic CL game

I'm afraid that had a massive effect on Dudu's psyche.

Anonymous said...

If he's capable, according to you, of scoring 30 goals next season then Taylor obviously did not ruin his career and why the fuck are we selling him. Look at the bigger picture for once ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. Eduardo should be a lesson to English football but sadly he will only be remembered for talent & bravery by Arsenal fans.

The reason England don't produce any talented players is because players with no technique are taught to kick better ones. English football doesn't deserve any better .I wonder which of our squad will be out for a year after one of these tackles again next season. It WILL happen.
And as you say Hansen and the rest of the w@ankers in English football punditry will trot out the same old sh1t about them not being that kind of player. Sickening.

But all the best to Eduardo, he truly deserves it after the disgusting way ENglish football has treated him


Anonymous said...


he literally buried Eduardo's whole career with that shameless tackle.

it's like cutting off Picasso's fingers. all of em. and what did this prick got?

a red card? 3 match ban? fuck it.

hoping the very best for Eduardo..it's a real shame he's leaving. go wild out there, man.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

So we all forget his poor scoring record before his injury then? Revisionism again, or more accurately another big money Arsene signing gone wrong.

Anonymous said...

That's why England will never win world cup.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 21:48,

That is bullshit. Before that horrific tackle, Eduardo was averaging a goal every two games, and after a slow start to his Arsenal career, was looking like our best finisher since Ian Wright. His brace in the Carling Cup against Blackburn, quality Prem goals against City and West Ham, among others, were testament to his incredible skills as a goalscorer. Were it not for the injury, he would have been a 25-goal a season striker by the 2008/2009 season.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you all overreacting? Martin Taylor apologised and that should be good enough. Eduardo can still play, just that it is elsewhere now.

Wrighty7 said...

"If he's capable, according to you, of scoring 30 goals next season then Taylor obviously did not ruin his career and why the fuck are we selling him. Look at the bigger picture for once ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££"

Never said he would score 30 goals next season matey.

Anonymous said...

Really sad news for the Arsenal. I hope he gets to come back to play against us at The Emirates so we can show our real appreciation for the fella.
Good luck Eduardo

Anonymous said...

i feel bad for eduardo he made a valliant attempt at a comeback. its a shame that these talantless twats can ruin a career and receive no punishment. they should receive at least a one year ban

Anonymous said...

I fully agree. taylor is typical of the attitude against those "foreigners" at Arsenal who don't like it up 'em. Had that happened to rooney a few weeks before the world cup wonder what people would say.

As for the geezer who said taylor apologised I have to say are you buzzing?!

The FA are a disgrace

Anonymous said...

I fully agree. taylor is typical of the attitude against those "foreigners" at Arsenal who don't like it up 'em. Had that happened to rooney a few weeks before the world cup wonder what people would say.

As for the geezer who said taylor apologised I have to say are you buzzing?!

The FA are a disgrace

Joppa Road said...

Didn't we do all this a couple of years ago?

Next up another post on Barca :)

Anonymous said...

As an overseas Gooner, I do believe that SO MANY foreign stars left the EPL of fear of such injureis. SAD.

Anonymous said...

u too cock head,
wenger bucks your kids

Anonymous said...

Taylor never apologised.
However the real culprit was McCleish who gave bonehead Taylor his orders that day.
Until we get rid of backward coaches like McCleish, Allardyce,Pulis, McCarthy, English football will regrettably remain in the dark ages. 44 years and counting.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. THUG Taylor has never apologised or been in contact with Dudu, Arsenal or anyone connected with The Mighty Arsenal. Anyone who says he has is peddling apologist bullshit. So sad to see Eddy go, but who can blame him when the team tactics for the opposition when facing The Mighty Arsenal are; break their legs, kick them where it hurts, if that don't work work. break their legs. The Mighty Arsenal are the future of football, making it the beautiful game. Unfortunately, Sam Allardyce and his like are still knuckle scraping neantherdals. Jaygooner EIE

Anonymous said...

The only way this will change is if we go to places like Stoke and someone like there long throw twat gets his leg broke thus ending their fucking season and getting them relgated. Ditto Birmingham Ditto Blackburn.

Lose your skill player suffer the consequences, we will take the 3 match ban and Champions League football.
When Viera was around this did not happen, time for soemone to step up.

Anonymous said...

At the time of the "Tackle" Arsenal were neck and neck in a title race with another team who is managed by one of Alex McLeash's best friends. Hmmm......

Anonymous said...

Gutted for Eddie. Could have gone on to be an Arsenal legend. One of the few players you hope goes on to be a success after leaving.

Anonymous said...

Well said I totally agree mate, Eduardo was class all round and didnt deserve any of what he got from taylor or the media. I would love to wish him well in whatever he does and i am dissapointed he feels he needs to leave the club. I will always be a fan of his wherever he goes.

also Eduardo said himself he never spoke to taylor after the challenege let alone received an apology. leads me to believe taylor was just doing what he was told to do and didnt give a shit he nearly ended another mans career.

Jimi Abdullah said...

eduardo is just not good enough for premier league. very reflective.. hrmm.

Anonymous said...

List of fuckers in BPL
1. FA / McCleish, Allardyce,Pulis, McCarthy
2. Mother Fucker "Taylor" Hope you broke your leg soon.
3. Stoke
4. Hull City (good they are out)
5. Shawcross Hope you break your leg soon.

No wonder why England perform badly in WC.
McCleish, Allardyce,Pulis, McCarthy (no woder you're never a good manager & I pray for you to fail in your life)

Forever Gunner & Eduardo and Ramsey Fan in Singapore

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a shame to have to let Edu leave. I like this guy. He was definitely better than average player. But I dare say that the leg-breaking incident had hampered his confidence and game. All the best to Edu in his new environment!

Anonymous said...

when wilshere got his leg broken, then english people, media & pundits will start condemn such acts. until someone important for england suffers, they'll keep turn blind eyes on that.

Anonymous said...

We all know why so many Arsenal players get hurt, the managers send them out saying, "we cannot beat them at football, so hurt them".

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say ....
Why is the twat called 'Joppa' always on here slagging off the post? FUCK OFF TO ANOTHER SITE YOU CYNICAL CUNT!!!

Anonymous said...

lol this again???

No news i guess.

Maybe a barca post soon?

Manda said...

Sad to see talent wasted... Hope Rooney gets mothered badly......And Martin Taylor must be burnt on a stake, that basterd

Anonymous said...

If I'm Taylor, my personal life will SUCK BIG time now because there's so many Arsenal fan cursing me everyday. How can your life be good. Another regular JAIL bird

Anonymous said...

Funny how Van Persie defends the Dutch for their dirty tactics by claiming if they played the spanish at their own passing game they would surely lose, but he'd be the first to criticise the smaller sides doing the same to Arsenal.

Arsenal players, management and fans need to realise that football can be played in different ways with varying tactics. If you can't handle it then you're just not good enough. UTD and Chelsea seem to play lovely football without being bullied.

Stop being stop moaning babies.

Joppa Road said...

Is this the way the season is going to be? Arsenal fans moaning before it has even started.

Fkin bunch of pussies.

Anonymous said...

Well said. And to all those morons bragging on about how such physicality is a traditional part of the English game - well just consider how it well it has served you over the past 50 years.
The national team has won Eff-All, looks years behind every other country technically; can't retain possession or control a ball... but hey we can still break legs! Fantastic! Until the English wise up to the fact that football has moved on from the troglodyte, macho-driven attitudes of the 80s, the national team will continue to be the laughing stock of the world.

Anonymous said...

F*ck off sp*ds!!! Should you lot not be worrying about the Euro coefficient rather than trolling Arsenal sites?

Good luck and all the best to Dudu. When you return to Ashburton Grove we will be singing your name.

Joppa Road said...

EPL is still the best league in the world to watch is it not?

Counter that argument wankchops.

ian said...

it's sad to see dudu leave, but i think it's much more sadder seeing him losing his confidence after missing sitters after sitters...

a 1-year loan deal will do him & arsenal good. but a 6mil transfer to shanthak can revive dudu's confidence and career, and good for arsenal.

all the best dudu – scorer of the MOST OUTRAGES VOLLEYED GOAL i've ever seen

Anonymous said...

I said all the FA council have no balls. For all you know the thugs in the epl are encouraged to hurt gunner players and if possible put them out of action for good.
Things will stay the same until a kin of the FA council members is gravely hurt. Then and only then will action be taken.
Btw the thugs in the epl are very cunning and will tackle in such a way as to seriously hurt the opposing player. Let's hope the refs will contrive to severely punish the thugs .Add more lenghty bans and then England will be a force in world football. If not England will just become a mediocre team.
FA you have been warned.

Anonymous said...

Fuckin hypocrites. When Vieira and Petit you used to play for you, you were a dirty side picking up red cards every other game.

Also you play when on Gallas nearly breaks a Hull City player's leg but like Arsene, you all suffer from blindness.

Should have gone to specsavers. You stupid twats.

Anonymous said...

Another hate-filled article from an Arsenal blogger. Ohh you ruined our player, Barca are forcing Cesc away.

Real world translation? Injuries are a reality of football. Cesc wants to leave Barca.

Stop moaning and learn how to do deal with it. A little like Spain against van persie's Holland.

Joppa Road said...

Well said comment above. About time Arsenal grew some balls and put some big tackles in themselves.

Arsenal fans - they get fkin worst.

The media hates us - boo hoo

The refs don't protect us - boo hoo

Barca want our captain (who has said he wants to go) - boo hoo

Teams target us by being physical - boo hoo.

Get over yourselves and grow some balls ffs.

Anonymous said...

Martin Taylor, Ryan Shawcross.... you are both utter cun**. Hansen, Lineker and all you other twats who condone such tackles against Arsenal players, you are utter cun** too. Good luck Eduardo, I hope you have the career you deserve.

Anonymous said...

I know this must seem like swearing in church, but I'd rather see Eduardo stay than Fabregas.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more with the article. Eduardo looked like the best finisher since Wrighty and I was looking forward to him and RVP forming a great partnership. That f.cking donkey ruined Dudu's career at Arsenal and I don't care if he felt bad, he shouldn't be playing, because he's not good enough to play properly.

I blame the managers for picking these sorts of players and winding them up before games....wankers.

Imagine if an Arsenal player broke someones leg, the pundits would not let it go and there wouldn't be any sympathy for the Arsenal player. We have had 3 leg breaks in two years Diaby, Eduardo & Ramsey...that can't be right.

Anonymous said...

I second that...what if Taylor broke Rooney's leg??

Tut tut FA - double standards, one rule for Arsenal, another rule for everyone else!!

Anonymous said...

The thing is now it is how many seasons since we won a trophy and we are continually being promised this team in 'x' (insert usually 2 or 3) years will be able to beat anyone, when it simply is not the case.

Now he has sold a player at a loss of 10Million!!!!

We need a trophy this season, big time Arsene. Two years ago you said this team, in 3 years would be able to beat anyone. The time has now come to beat other teams and show that we can compete against the likes of Barca, Man U and Chelski.

DKD said...

u just pluck the words outta my head man .its sickening to see eduardo go .he symbolised arsenals spirit .best of luck dudu and if u ever play against us at the grove you ll get a welcome as good as th14.

Anonymous said...

very very sad to say that the injury ruined him, mentally. And ruined our season.

Disgusting, and it happened again with Ramsey

Good luck to Eduardo, a true gent with Arsenal class.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Dudu, it;s sad to see you go. But when when you read the venemous evil jealous crap on an Arsenal blog (don't the spuds have a site?) I do not blame the man. The pricks in the FA, Match of the Dsy, Sky, and the rest of the anti football media, will one day come to their senses. By then it will be too late. Fat Sam will be England manager, Shawcross will be Player of the Year, THUG Taylor will be Sportsman of the Year, the grounds will be empty and football in this country will be destroyed. And to the idiot who said that Veieira and Petit dished it out, ermmm how many legs did they break? They got sent off and booked due to xenephobia. Jaygooner

Breezy said...

To the morons saying Arsenal fans are moaning etc well FUCK YOU MORONS, this is an Arsenal Blog... the clue is in the name of the dumb shits.

Anyway I really feel for Eddy, as pointed out he was threathening to become one of the Premier League's top marksmen, before that barbarian taylor got hold of him.

Good Bye and Good Luck Eddy

Trunks said...

that what an say when i c the news about DoDo i say f*uck taylor ;(

DoDo can be the best in EBL and better than that beg roony

we will miss u DoDo :(

thnx wrighty u are the best man

Joppa Road said...

LOL...I think I am going to cry a player who never really did it for Arsenal before his injury and certainly didn't after is leaving.

I actually like the player but maybe just maybe Arsenal need to start being ruthless like this?

Instead of blaming everyone else (like all Arsenal fans do) lets get rough and ruthless ourselves go out and kick some arse.

Anonymous said...

hahaha. It's funny to see the spud troll doesn't have a blog or forum of his own.
Tbh there isn't anything but the issue of a inferiority complex to discuss for a spud fan. Poor spuddies.

Best of luck Eduardo!

Anonymous said...

I, like every Arsenal fan, want to say thank you Eduardo for being a Gunner. I know we can't reverse what happend to you so I just wish you the very best for your future. Hope to see you again so we can give you a proper goodbye.

Eduardo will regain his confidence, I'm sure of that. He had gone through so much even before he joined Arsenal.

As for Taylor: It's time coaches teach youth players to be footballers and how to tackle properly, not encourage them to get stuck in. Look at England's success at international level. Indeed, just finished watching the U-19s. Embarrassing. England should change their football mentality, not Arsenal.

Anonymous said...

Taylor if you're reading this message. I'll curse you for for the rest of your life. Many wishes for your leg to fall into the same as Eddy. Nothing good about you but just to CURSE you & yr FUCKING STUPID BRAINLESS manager

Anonymous said...

a personal view:

It’s makes me both sad and angry that a player of Eddie’s abilty has had his career so adversely affected by a low life thug…a player who having arrived on the heels of TH’s departure had much to prove, who as each game went by began to show his ability, class and his incisiveness in front of goal…one of the quotes that still rings clear after his 2 goals against the bolton thugs on that memorable rain soaked night in the Carling Cup was “He just doesn’t miss does he”, and it was getting to the stage where everyone who watches prem football, was sitting up and taking notice of this small, shy, brilliant striker – as each game went by his confidence and stature were growing, you could see him blossoming in front of the supporters……and he was beginning to form a real strike partnership with Bendtner who also seemed to becoming more of a pivotal player with Eddie in the side….and it looked like Arsenal just might be the surprise of the season…especially having been written off with the departure of the Legend that is Thierry Henry


Well, yes know what happened next.

Taylor may not have intended to dislocate and break Eddie’s ankle – But I sincerely believe he did Intend to ‘foul’ him, (and got it horribly wrong) that attitude that quite a number of talentless, thugs who (dis)grace the prem with their ‘ Ave a bit of that johnny foriegner’ demonstarte wekk in week out, an attitude borne by and from their managers – McLiesh being one of those (and let us not forget in the papers the next day McLiesh tried to make out that he and Taylor had tried to visit Eddie in hospital – no such thing took place – both Mcliesh and Taylor Lied)

And so a player of alarming ability has had his chance to really shine dimmed by a Thug.

A thug who now plie’s his appalling trade at watford (I think), a thug who said in an interview last year…”Eduardo knows where to find me if he ever want’s to discuss what happened”


Anonymous said...

It's a real shame to see him leave, but, as Wrighty said; it's the best thing for him to do. He'll be a big success for Shaktar Donetsk.

You could argue that Diaby might be more willing to tackle had he not suffered a similar fate to Eduardo, and I really hope Ramsey doesn't lose any of that edge he had before fucking Shawcross had him.

The worst thing for me recently has been the hypocrits. Someone breaks an Arsenal player in two and it's "commited". Holland play the same way in a World Cup final and it's a disgrace.


Anonymous said...

OK why do so many of the people on this site need to use all the language. I would like to thank the author and all the other posters that seem to forget that the internet is a open forum and as such children can read the thoughtless abuse. My boys are (age 9 & 11) are really impressed (NOT!!!) If you can't communicate without resorting to foul mouth abuse then don't bother.

Joppa Road said...

perhaps Wrighty can do a Janet and John version of this site for the younger readers.

Anonymous said...

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