Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Halla Madrid!

I don't mind banter. In fact I indulge in a friendly bit of banter daily.

What Carlos Puyol and Gerard Pique did to Cesc Fabregas was not banter.

What they did was cuntish and showed a distinct lack of respect to Arsenal Football Club, Fabregas personally and the rest of the Spanish squad who do not play for Barcelona.

I don't give a fuck if they had each drunk 7 pints of San Miguel, 2 litres of Sangria, 3 glasses of Chinchon and were pissed out of their brainless skulls. There is no excuse for such arrogance.

Apparently it was a prank.

Excluding Pepe Reina, I'm sure the non-Barcelona playing members of the Spanish squad found it hilarious that their moment, their moment of World Cup triumph, had turned into a BarcaFest.

Yet again.

I hope Joan Capdevila is so pissed at the antics that he cuts off Puyol's hair in his sleep tonight. And his fucking cock.

These Barcelona people really do believe that their shit doesn't stink don't they?

The audacity they have shown over the summer in their pursuit/kidnapping of Cesc has been unreal. They have more front than Brighton. The total disregard shown to Arsenal is unbelievable.

I'm sure I read something earlier in the summer that Barcelona would 'respect' us.

Respect? They wouldn't know what the word meant even if it smacked them round the chops with a tooth-pick.

Also I've seen people have a little pop at Cesc Fabregas over this incident. Personally I think that is a bit unfair.

It's clear he didn't know what was coming. It's very clear he was embarrassed by the whole thing.

If I was Fabregas I'd have punched Puyol in his curly mop and pulled on Pique's beard but I'm not Fabregas am I?

You can tell by his reaction he didn't really know what to do. He wanted to get the shirt off quickly but you can tell he kind of wanted to laugh it off.

What I do know is that it must have been a very awkward moment for Cesc and I feel for him. A great moment in his life was ruined by a pair of arrogant toss-fucks.

How much more of this blatant tapping-up are FIFA/UEFA going to allow? It's becoming outrageous and the more FIFA/UEFA allow it to go on the more Barcelona will do it!

Again and again.

Despite hating Jose Mourinho I really hope that Real Madrid win La Liga next season and I'd love it if he began to tap-up the likes of Messi and co.

Teach those Barca cocks a thing or two!

Keep it Goonerish............


Anonymous said...

Of all the Arsenal blogs I read, you and I appear he only ones willing to let loose the profanity.

No better time than when it's regarding those fucking douchebags from Catalonia.

It's high-time Fifa grew a pair of testicles and did something about their approach and blatant tapping up.

Medfly said...

@Jay-Jay I guess you don't read Arseblog.

breezy said...

"I hope Joan Capdevila is so pissed at the antics that he cuts off Puyol's hair in his sleep tonight. And his fucking cock"

The only problem is that Capdevila won't find anything when he pulls Puyol's pants down.

I've never seen anything like this before, even madrid had more dignity when going after Ronaldo, and that's saying something!!!

BTW everyone seems to think FIFA should do something, is this not within UEFA's jurisdiction?

Joppa Road said...

What I want to know is when the fuck are Arsenal FC going to come out and say something FFS.

£80M or else fuck off Barca you cunts. Something along those line would do for starters.

FIFA can fuck off too.

Deano said...

look I no it was a prank but lets get real there must of been a lot of talk about cesc going to barca in the spain camp..

Because he honestly musnt of made it clear to those fuckers that he wanted to stay with us or else they wouldn of done it..

He must of felt akward but I bet a little inside he loved it I wouldn blame him but what a slap in the face it is to us gooners..

It doesn feel to good!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"A great moment in his life was ruined by a pair of arrogant toss-fucks"

Sums it all up!! Mother Fucking Barcelona!! CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"A great moment in his life was ruined by a pair of arrogant toss-fucks"
Sums it all up!! Mother fucking Barcelona Cunts!!

Wrighty7 said...

Make you fucking right Jay-Jay!

I have linked you to the blog mate.

Deano said...

Exactly joppa we may grow a set of balls for this one and show we are not the little bitch of a club that everyone seems to think we are!!!

If this was manure old blue nose would be fraughting at the nostrels....

Anonymous said...

Madafakers, Fuck off Iniesta, Pujol,Pique and the other sick FUCKS from Catalonia!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Superb post. Iniesta carried on the arrogance of the barcacuntulunyans earlier today, geefully lapped up by SkynotSportsNews. But of course it is not tapping up. The idiot ladyboy Sandra Rosell flies to South Africa for a "take it or leave it" summit with Wenger and Gavidis. The Arsenal contingent refused to even talk to him. But thats not tapping up. Every person connected with barcacuntulunya, including the soon to be unemployed ticket office flunky blabs on about Cesc and his Barca DNA. But that surely isnt tapping up? When that "more than a joke" club goes tits up, and it will, The Mighty Arsenal might employ the same tactics to go after Messi and Keita. In those circumstances, FIFA and UEFA and the piss poor FA would be on our Mighty Club with with fines, transfer bans and point deductions. The beautiful game? It can be. but only if you bow to the whims of Blatter and Platini and basically suck Satans cock (with homage to Bill Hicks). Jaygooner

Danish Gooner said...

Success breeds arrogance.Just look back to the Manure scum during the nineties they were repulsive beyond belief.

Wrighty7 said...

well said JayGooner!

Anonymous said...


Thank's very much, I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Hope we get Assulin on a free, even if we don't actually need him, and turn him into a world beater too.
A pox on them.

Albert Bear said...

'Danish Gooner' - where have you been for the past decade?Manure fans only arrogant in the nineties - they still are!Come to the pub in my village (300 miles from Manchester!) when the Muppets are on TV and experience the hell!

Anonymous said...

@Albert Bear and Danish Gooner. Living in London, the place is awash with Manky manure fans. Its hilarious when these cockney reds try to put on a lancashire accent. And of course, they all know someone who knew someone who was related to someone who might have known someone who saw the busby babes. I know Frankie Fraser but I don't go on about it! OOps just did lol

Anonymous said...

To those people who want see this to have yet another pop at the club they supposedly support, Arsenal have already said that they are not selling at that, as far as they are concerned, is the end of it. Since then the club has not dignified Barcelona's ugly tactics with a response because they do not wish to roll around in the made with such a base, classless club. Arsenal have dealt with the whole situation perfectly and Cesc will be back in training on 2nd of August at London Colney. End of story.

Anonymous said...

I think Pepe Reina is the biggest Cunt of all! At least the others want him to join them at Barca - what the fuck has Reina to do with either Cesc or Barcelona? He needs to fuck off the bald-headed cunt! Let's give him a nice warm welcome on the opening day of the season (us away fans that is). Wanker!

Toby said...

I believe that for fifa/uefa to step in on 'tapping up', the club with the grievance needs to make the complaint. When ManIOU bought Berbashit from scum they paid them to not make a complaint to the f.a, they gratefully accepted.

Anonymous said...

I believe that for fifa/uefa to step in on 'tapping up', the club with the grievance needs to make the complaint. When ManIOU bought Berbashit from scum they paid them to not make a complaint to the f.a, they gratefully accepted.

Toby said...

Sorry if the message comes up a few times I didnt think it posted.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

would call all of the Barca pricks CUNTS but that wouldn't be fair because CUNTS are useful.

We have PRICKQUE wh couldn't make it a Man U, Xavi who can't seem to open his arrogant little mouth without telling us about Cesc DNA, Heart and brain matter - what a complete fucjing cock he is, i really hope everyone of the Barca cunts who have mouthed off tear a cruciate ligament when they are all running round trying to jerk each other off!

MES QUE UN CLUB - more like, more than a bunch of classless, diego fucking cocksucking diegos!

dennil said...

Announcer: [reading] Yes, wherever bicycles are broken, or menaced by International Communism, Bicycle Repair Man is ready! Ready to smash the communists, wipe them up, and shove them off the face of the earth...
Announcer: Mash the dirty red scum! Kick 'em in the teeth where it hurts! Kill! Kill! Kill! Filthy bastards! Commies! I hate 'em, I hate 'em! Aaaah! Aaaah!
Female voice offstage: Norman! Tea's ready!
Announcer: Coming, dear!


Anonymous said...

Well i was wondering what the responce was gonna be like and as i expected very bad and too fucking right and all! my stepmom and sister are spanish and to be honest i was hoping the majority of the spain sqaud would break there kneecaps and loose in the final a very humiliating defeat its just soo disrespectful towards us goonas they should be castrated the lot of em but especially pique and that cunt puyol!

AKFCgooner#7 said...

BarCUNT!! Mes Que Un CUNT!!

Anonymous said...

Nice passionate post Wrighty but let's get real, the barca cunts are normal footballers with normal football brains and pranks and this type of behaviour (not exact obviously) happens across the land every Saturday after a several jugs of beer. Just because they are good enough to play for barca doesn't mean their mentality has, probably less in fact 'cause they missed school since 11! I want them to fuck off too and badly wanted Holland to win (and maybe Real Madrid but Ronaldo successful over there will hurt!) but heyho, I think Cesc will stay and hopefully we' will end our drought. One thing though - I know Barca get people cheap because if a player only wants to go to one club the price lowers but £34m for David Villa? If Arsenal really wanted to keep Cesc they should have boought some of his compatriots playing in the Spanish first 11. Arguing over and couple of mill for Alonso and not spending the dough on Villa and Silva will cost us Cesc. Maybe we should concentrate of bringing a few dutch players to the camp now it's ultimately (next few years) it's too late for a Spanish contigent.

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to explain to all people in last couple of days why I realy hate Spain and wanted Holland and Germany to beat them.

You have summed it all up. I have always thought Gerrad Pique is a prick and now Puyol has joined him.

Also Iniesta's interview were he publicly states Fabregas should sign is very disrespective of us.

As a principle we should never sell Fabregas to them. Infact I would rather he went on a free in 4 years time.

By that time Barca would be a dead dinesty and we would have Ramsay and the rest of the boys as a ready made replacement.

3 years from Now we will be a bigger team than Barca.

Eliot said...

3 years from Now we will be a bigger team than Barca.

Hi, I'm a gooner for life (international football can suck it), but you really are in a dreamland with this statement.

It's fanciful at best.

If he goes, he goes, he's a good lad.
But if he stays, let's hope we sign in the areas we need, up our tactical game and can truly rival his boyhood team, at least on a game to game basis ... huh?

abhinaba said...

man wat a blog........dis is d only 1 place where we can let loose our burning anger against those dick sucking retards......it's similar to rafa's rotaion ploicy when pique,puyol,xavi,iniesta rotation wise comment of Cesc' Shit barca DNA....

Anonymous said...

Wish I had mind control power at that time. I would make Cesc take that fucking shirt off, use it to wipe his ass and throw to these Barcelona cunts in the face, then put a legendary Red and White shirt on with a kiss on the badge. Period.

Barcelona - More than a bunch of cunts

goonerSG said...

the only reason why they are walking all over us is due to the fact that they see us as a small club compared to their all conquering club. hell, now they have a world cup to boast of, since they think its also barca who won it.

“i have beaten you hands down so who are you to talk terms with me? i am barca, the champions. you arsenal won nothing.”

now they have Villa. and with Messi and Xavi and Co., seriously, we are not exactly ready to seek revenge. Chamakh and Koscielny, together with RVP and Arshavin and Co. must see this arrogance by barca as a life and death revenge. it must be an ager in them about how they see as frivolous. i know clearly that AW is pissed, but he is really squeezed by the balls with his captain’s situation.

i love Fab. and how he puts the club before himself to seek glory with us. but i think we have come to a crossroad. people change and need new things to excite them. and it doesnt help that he’s catalonian. if Fab hasnt been this fabulous, seriously, i think barca would have forgotten he’s one. now that he’s who he is, its all “fabregas flows the same blood”. i personally think that Fab wants to be with barca and playing alongside those superstars speaking the same language. he wants to do it even he knows how it feels to be benched. but all his talk about how he did not say he is leaving or how he loves his club is to prevent anger from Arsenal fans should the deal be dropped. i’m sorry, but its only me. of course, i know that he is very grateful to AW and the fans as well. but he is being held on by his contract and yet he knows who is more likely to give him the CL trophy. but by leaving now, or even just handling in the transfer request, it aint goin to be a TH14 farewell. he will not see teary fans, but more likely to be fisted ones.

the real thwarts are people like Puyol my ass. its getting into their arse how they see themselves above everyone. for once i hope Real will beat the shit out of them and dispose them of the championship. in fact, my only wish apart from winning the league next season is to draw blood from a barca matchup in the CL. there’s no point in angry words when the loudest ones can be heard with a win over them.

so gooners, lets all pray for unity. unity if Fab stays and if he leaves. i think AW still has it when it comes to grooming another star. strip Chelsea of the Champ. leave ManU&C in our wake. tell barca they can really go fly a kite.

Krolik said...

It's not the UEFA or FIFA's fault.. its the management's fault.. AFC management should have reported Barca to the the "authorities" at the start of the world cup that would have taken the air out of their balloon.I'll be rooting for Madrid and Jose throughout..

Krolik said...

We can report Reina to the FA and LFC.. we have to do this.. please AFC management.. have a backbone!!

vijay said...

This saga does Barcelona no earthly good in the long term.

First. Any admiration Arsenal fans may have had for their club has evaporated and won't come back for quite a while. Barcelona are now B*rca (the bastards).

Second. God help these tossers if we get them in the CL anytime soon. This time the reaction won't be 'sod', 'crap', or 'what were the chances' ... it'll be 'yessssss!' and 'this is what you get for tapping-up our kin'.

Third. How long ago was it that the Luis-Figo-to-Real-Madrid-outrage caused B*rca fans to collapse, blubber, and rent their clothing as if one. Sodding hypocrites.

Fourth. There's still no way I could ever support Real Madrid ... Franco's cheating, evil, malicious team ... even against B*rca FC. Best support Espanyol instead.

Anonymous said...

fabregas should have urinated on that ugly barca shirt and used it to strangle pique. (puyol can be strangled with that filthy hair of his). fucks sake i can now genuinely say that if ANY barca player came my way i would do my best to make sure they can never walk again. ARRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH those fucking barca cunts!!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post mate. The title made me laugh big time.

Anonymous said...

You guys pissing on the Spanish players are just jealous. Spanish football > English football. The proof is in the pudding...who currently own both the World Cup AND Euro Cup, huh?

With that said, I agree that i'm surprised at how Barca has tried to chase Fabregas. This is not the normal way that Barca does things. So as you guys are Arsenal fans, I do agree that Barca could've been more gentlemanly about this. I am a Barca fan and not proud of the way they try to pry Fabregas back to the La Liga.

Anonymous said...

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