Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Who Knows?

It's no secret that Arsenal are set to sign the French defender of Polish descent, who has a dogs cousin that comes from Switzerland twice related, Laurent Koscielny.

In fact, according to this, it could even happen today.

Whatever the case I'm sure there will be a few grumbles about the imminent signing of him.

Listen, I know he isn't the big name signing who cost over £20m that most of us seem to want (granted that would be a nice statement of intent!) but lets reserve judgement on him.

I remember when we signed Thomas Vermaelen or when Manchester United brought in Nemanja Vidic and thinking to myself who are they?

Now look at them. Two of the best centre-backs in Europe. And that's no shit.

Since Arsene Wenger has been with us he has always made this type of signing. A relatively unknown player.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Its always a risk.

Koscielny is a risk. There can be no denying that but who knows what impact he will have?

Some of Wenger's risks have ended up being some of the greatest players to grace Premiership history.

Personally I would like someone else to come in at the back too. Someone with Premiership experience.

Ideally it would be great for Sol Campbell to stay but I think he is northward bound to Celtic and who could blame him for wanting to play regular football at his age? He won't get that at Arsenal.

I've seen Phil Jagielka's name bandied about quite a bit. Whether there is substance to that I don't know.

Do I want Jagielka at Arsenal? He's steady and can play in a couple of positions so as a squad player maybe but not as a regular. Do we need another squad player though?

I happen to think that Koscielny will begin as a squad player. Rumours he will be given the number six shirt mean nothing to me.

What good is a shirt number these days? It doesn't reflect the starting eleven.

If my theory is true, and Laurent doesn't begin as a regular, then it means we need a starting partner to Thomas Vermaelen.

I've suggested that Johan Djourou will be that man. Others have rubbished my claims.

Whatever the case, Vermaelen will be number one choice next season and he needs a partner.

My money is on Djourou with Koscielny as back-up.

Unless Wenger signs another centre-back and blows that theory out of the water!

Keep it Goonerish............


AFCPETE said...

Always positive mate. Nice one.

Anonymous said...

Wrighty, with the Joe Cole story dragging on and dragging on that he to will be signing with us. Spurs are normally quick dealers in the Market I'm sure if he'd have agreed a move with anyone else it would have been announced by now?

Pritpal said...

would ideally like to see mertesacker signed as he has the experience and had proved himself on the international stage. would be a great partner for TV, and people are suspect about his pace, but his positioning, from what i've seen at the world cup, is astounding and makes up for the lack of pace.

Wrighty7 said...

I think Joe Cole is on holiday mate.

That's why its dragging.

Anonymous said...

I would prefer Mertesacker and/or Vertonghen, but wouldn't mind somebody like Kjaer, Subotic or Mexes.

Anonymous said...

I think Wenger is an army of mutant cybermen. Koisclieny will be a risk, so would the old Aussie, the injury prone Londoner and Chamach. So was Henry, Paddy V, Van Persie, Arshavin. Looked on FIFA 10 he is rated 70. :(

gooner dean said...

Ye that kjaer looked good I would like to see him or sobotic.
I have a good feeling about this new fella I dont think wenger spends close to 10m on a player for back up I think he will slot in well we were havin the same conversations last year about tommy v.
If he brought in the likes of Ozil or Sweinsteiger I would cream myself I no it wont happen but its gets me exited......:0

Anonymous said...

Cole wouldn't go away without having his future resolved. Spurs would have needed to announce it for the sale of season tickets.

daniel said...

agree with talk about Kjaer, if its a choice between him and Koscielny, who are both available for about 10m, then i would defnitely prefer the dane, would settle in well with bendtner at the emirates too,
tasci also looks a decent player and i have been saying for a couple of years that we should sign him so hopefully that one happens :)

Anonymous said...

Arsenal pricks.....Spurs would need to announce it cos of season tickets.....we too have a waiting list of over 30,000 for season tickets, we dont need to announce a Chelsea reject to sell tickets.....worry about yourselves and the fact that your begging people on your season ticket list to buy them now!!!

Plus with Fab going you need him a hell of alot more than we do next season!

Anonymous said...

Arsenal pricks a? Who's the sad fucking spurs fan on a arsenal blog at 13.24 on a wednesday afternoon. Get a fucking life you sad sad fuck. I picture you in dark bedroom with kfc bargin bucket next to you. What a prick!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

at work actually, laughing at you Arse supporting tossers shitting yourselves about next season.....get back in your box now gooner boy and pray for next year! :)

Anonymous said...

Get back in my box gooner boy, shiting my self about next season? are you serious? Again stop going on arsenal blogs and worrying about what we're saying. Get a fucking life. You should stop wth the smilely faces what are you a fucking 12 yer old.

james said...

cole is not coming to Arsenal idiot

Anonymous said...

soo easy to wind up Gooner prick hahahaha

Anonymous said...

its now on the official website, at last!

Anonymous said...

lol spurs 50 years mate now go and do one

DKD said...
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DKD said...