Monday, 5 July 2010

This Could Be His Year

Although I was gutted for Theo Walcott missing out on an England World Cup squad place I think in hindsight it is probably a good thing he wasn't involved.

Arsenal are that hated by the English media I have no doubt that had Theo gone he would have taken the blame for England's demise. Even if he didn't play a single stinking minute.

Sure, Walcott would have been devastated at missing out, especially when it seemed so sure he was going to be included, but the way England performed means he can prove a lot of people wrong.

After the season he had with Arsenal he didn't deserve to go to South Africa anyway. I know injuries disrupted his campaign but he struggled to show his potential when he played.

People have raised doubts about Theo Walcott and his ability. I admit I've questioned him at times although I try my best to get behind him because I want him to do so well.

He needs to prove those people, and myself, wrong.

This is a massive year for Theo Walcott. He is still young but this could be a make or break season for him.

I think he could be ready to finally explode at last.

If players like Lionel Messi rate him and managers like Arsene Wenger do then there must be something special there.

It's easy to criticise Walcott. He is an easy target but I really do believe he will have a great season for Arsenal and will get himself back into the England fold sooner rather than later.

This could be his year.

Keep it Goonerish...........


DB said...

As long as we all get behind him and the rest of the team it could be our year and not just theo's.

As long as we have Eboue we have hope

GOAB said...

Theo confuses me, i see such potential but he seems to have no clue sometimes.I hold faith in the idea that soon he will realise what to do once he gets past defenders.Maybe time to move him up front?

Either way im looking forward to a new season, come gunners.

Good read as always Wrighty

flame said... wrighty he's not a winger and never will be,with signings like chamakh and kocielny it will never be our year again.

DB said...

woohoo First for once :)

As long as we have Eboue we have hope

flame said...

as long as we have eboue we will be a joke

GOAB said...

Eboue has shown something lacking in the modern day Arsenal.......... heart.

You got to love him, plus he makes me smile with his antics

Anonymous said...

He certainly is a likeable kid and I am glad he didn't go as you say Wrighty, he would have been made a scapegoat. If he can work on his decision making and get a bit more fire in his belly he could be a heck of a player. Injury free season will help, but it's important us Gooners give him the chance as his confidence must be shattered.

It's down to him now but he's at our great club and the ability is there.

DB said...


Dont diss Eboue, he may not be the greatest player but if we had 10 other players with his attitude we would be champions. Give credit where credit is due. Eb's has turned his game around since people probably like you booed him at the Grove

Anonymous said...

Don't know about Walcott - but I think chamakh is gonna be an absolute monster this season. This guy is a proper front man, an absolute giant in the air, rapier fast over 10 yards and a great assist giver. Watch him be the surprise package in the Prem this season.

flame said...

to damn wright i booed him,his antics at the time were a disgrace he soon got the message tho,he should join the circus if he wants to be a clown.

flame said...

Don't know about Walcott - but I think chamakh is gonna be an absolute monster this season. This guy is a proper front man, an absolute giant in the air, rapier fast over 10 yards and a great assist giver. Watch him be the surprise package in the Prem this season.

not gonna happen

Anonymous said...

Negative 'flame' Twat should fuck off and read another blog methinks

Anonymous said...

It has really stunned me that the anti-Arsenal British media havent turned Messi's comments about Theo to imply he was talking about himself lol. I cheered as though we had scored when the news broke Theo had been cut from the final 23 of that shower of crocked ageing chavs spuds and bin dippers. Theo would have been blamed for Green's blunder, for sure. Jaygooner

Anonymous said...

If Theo can gain some confidence
& have an injury free spell he will
become an awesome player.

Gooner Dean said...

Not to sure about walcott wrighty I think this will have to be his season.
He really has to prove this season that he has a football brain and do the right thing I think personaly he wont do anything special this year but I would like him to prove us all wrong and take not bein picked for england as a way of showing everyone he should hav bein there..Im also suprised that there hasnt bein any transfer speculation about AA23 so maybe now he can stop talkin about other clubs and put his head down for the arsenal and we see the best of him this year.

Anonymous said...

Nice post Wrighty, I'm hopeful that everything is going to click with Theo - I still think a few months with Thierry would have done him the world of good. He doesn't seem to know how to deal with his pace and I'm sure that could be taught to him really easily.

If he can stay fit and not get shoved out of the game I'm sure Arsene is going to give him a fair chance with lots of games.

Anonymous said...

you mug , so you are a so called gooner who goes around booing your own players, thinking it has no bearing on the rest of the side. never mind he was just returning afte an injury lay off blinkered idiot dont bother going to any more games! next time you boo a gooner you deserve to be struck by lightning !

Dan88AFC said...

We gotta use him like we used Henry I think! Remember the old Henry and Bergkamp days? Pass it to Dennis, he'd go round someone then slot a perfect ball through the eye of a needle and Henry's pace would leave him with a simple finish! I think we gotta sometimes use Theo and Robin in that way! Especially in the big games where the opposition play a higher line than the rest of those dirty northern pricks! Either way man, I love Theo, he can frustrate but I keep it in and just stay positive! He will make it and you watch man, this will be his year!!! THEO!!! THEO!!! THEO!!! THEO!!!

Anonymous said...

Merida's a cunt. Seen the shit he's been saying?

gunman said...

Merida is a very talented young man who came to London to join a BIG club like Arsenal, but the loss of his mum's apron tails, the colder climate and an English speaking city left this little man depressed. He failed to show his massive potential on the pitch and ran home with his tail between his legs the first chance he had.

And now that you got to go back to Spain, to the club you support you diss Arsenal?...Shame on you Fran!

Some day you will kick yourself for being so weak minded and wasting a golden opportunity to develop into a outright super star under the guidance of Mr Wenger.

Addios and good riddence muchachos..!

Johnny said...

Theo was all set to play centre forward in the Carling Cup until Liam Ridgewell cut him down with a awful tackle.

By the time Theo was back from that knee injury, Arsenal were already out of the Carling Cup.

drew10 said...

I think Theo is a brilliant player, he is inconsistent as are all players of his age but because of who he is he has enormous pressure on him.

Nobody can tell me he wouldn't have performed better than Lennon, Wright-Philips or even Rooney at the World Cup.

I am sure Wenger will use that to get the best from Theo this season.

We need to get behind our players and actually support them!

Oh and Flame, you are on the wrong blog mate you want to be over at Le Groan with all the other idiot so-called Arsenal fans.

Anonymous said...

Venger has had him playing out of position from day one! He's a striker by trade