Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Arsenal are showing the hunger needed to win the title......It's time to believe..

Last night was a huge test for this Arsenal side. Going into the game knowing that your title rivals had slipped up and all eyes being on you could not have been easy. To get the early goal was crucial for the nerves and we got that with Senderos thumping home from a corner. We started very well and stroked the ball round and I felt that it was just a case of how many we could score!

But around the midway point in the first half Blackburn started to play a little as well and Arsenal couldn't seem to retain the ball well enough to keep the pressure off. But in all honesty although Blackburn started to see alot of the ball, I don't think we were in too much danger.

In the second half it was quite the same as the first with Arsenal not retaining the ball well and Blackburn applying a bit pressure of but not really threatening with much. I think Arsenal could have made the game for comfortable for themselves. Maybe the pressure was getting too us a bit? In fairness we did create alot of chances to put Blackburn away. We had to wait until the final minute to be sure of the 3 points to take us 5 clear and it was a great finish by Adebayor to get the second.

Considering what was at stake for Arsenal in this game, Arsenal responded in the way that they have all season. The mental strength that the Gunners have shown so far this season has been unbeatable. The players were written off time and time again and they are answering the critics everytime. It's almost like at times people want Arsenal to fail, to prove themselves right for doubting us. Whenever this set of remarkabley talented players have been asked a question they have come up with an answer.

People must realise now that this Arsenal team is the real deal. It's there until the end and will fight all the way. Dead is the soft-touch team and reborn a side with a burning hunger to succeed. The hunger is burning inside the players bellys and they will not give in until the critics are answered and Gallas is holding the Premiership trophy high above his head.

And believe me, after the weekend Arsenal have had, it's time to believe. This team believe it and so do us Gooners, and if our dreams come true, for me it will be the sweetest title yet. To shut up the doubters and prove that Arsene Wenger is the Greatest manager on this Earth......

Come on Arsenal!!!!!!

Keep it Goonerish.............


DaveyBoy said...

Arsenal have nothing left to prove to anyone. They have performed exceptionally this season against all the odds and I hope that that they win the title.

They have been a breathe of fresh air this year.

(West Ham fan)

Goonerman said...

Great article, it's bang on. I totally agree that the players are soooooooooo hungery to win the Title this season.

Who would have thought it in the summer? When "God" left some even felt the top four was beyond us. Well, look who's talking now!!!

Great comment by DaveyBoy, thanks mate.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Arsenal deserve to win the league on their football alone

Ryan! said...

I always said Arsenal could win the league this year. Too much was made about Henry and it wasn't that hard to believe that our exceptionally talented squad could take more responsibility without him considering the way they always used to make such a big effort to give him the ball all the time.

I've voted that Arsenal will win the Double this year and I really believe it. We can win any competition but I'd rather not assume we will win all 3, since it's very easy to go out of any of these competitions.

Far more importantly than that we will win the league for me is that Man Utd might lose it! They were, to be fair, the best English team last season so to spend SO much money in the transfer window on already one of the best squads in the world and not win the next season is laughable. Personally I think it's a testament to Arsenal's greatness if we win the league (especially considering that genius professor we all love so much made a profit in the Summer whilst selling one of the best players to ever play in this country) and it's also egg all over the idiots' faces who say 'we need investment and big signings' every year.

I wish such people would fuck off and pay attention to the manager who has repeatedly proved that we DON'T. If retaining some honour in the long run means we'll sacrifice a couple of trophies along the way in the name of not wasting money every Summer than so be it. I'd rather win a little less and have that pride than be like Utd or Chelsea who desperately try and spend anything on anyone who has a reputation.

Ryan! said...

Take for example Malouda.

Don't get me wrong maybe he wouldn't have gotten injured if he'd joined Arsenal, but can anyone really say he would have been worth our £17 odd million?

Exactly what has he done at Chelsea? In the mean time Wenger's faith in Rosicky is bringing us some great combinations between Tommy, Hleb and Cesc and we spent shit all. Why didn't we buy Malouda? Because he wasn't worth spending anything like that much money on considering what we have.

When Tommy can get a run of games going he's great, Hleb can play on either wing and yesterday with Fabregas often on the right we did OK. Walcott's been very inconsistent but is very young and can only improve, Diaby is obviously at heart a CM but he's put in a few encouraging performances on the wing and could potentially get quite a bit better there and we also have some youngster who might be able to offer us something next season like Gibbs. I haven't yet mentioned van Persie either (I have now) who can play on the wings (especially if Wenger wants to keep Eddie up front)...(Notice I don't think Eboue offers us anything :D)

Naturally Vela should be returning to Arsenal in the Summer and if he can play anything like he has in Spain he would add something valuable to our squad.

Not to mention if we buy an established winger it puts Tommy out of the cycle of getting regular games which he really needs to play his best and it would also hugely impair the development of some of our youngsters.

Fickle fans seeking Quaresma take note. That's £17 mill we certainly DON'T need to spend. Learn from Wenger's successes.

Wrighty7 said...

,,Ryan!-fantastic comments and ur spot on in everything u've written mate. I've also believed since the summer that Arsenal could win the title. Its fantastic to see this vibrant young side growing together and mounting a title challenge when hardly anyone gave them a chance in hell......Its makes me hugely proud to be a Gooner....

northbank said...

The title is far from over yet i think monday night could well be the turning point for us this season. We didn't play our normal slick mouth watering football but i think that was manly down to a lack of fit midfield players. but the league is now looking like it could well be ours. and the banter at the game stared to show that the fans truly think that the title will yet gain return to the one team in London!

Can any one remind me where the Yid scum are in the league? isn't this the year of the cocks? I'm still chucking away spuds a big club.....

Forever in our shadow!