Sunday, 24 February 2008

Some people are just plain sick-How could anyone mock Eduardo?

I'm writing this with anger and I can't believe that some people in this world are sick enough in the head to mock the poor unfortunate Eduardo. It is not funny and I've had two stand up rows about it already. There is a player here who has the potential to be a great. He has his career in front of him and this could be ended by a shocking tackle. Yet some comments made on this blog and people I have spoken too has sickened me. I thank every person who has left a comment giving Eduardo their thoughts and luck, you are brilliant............Maybe I'm too sensitive about the situation? I dont know. I do know that I feel so gutted for Dudu and actually had tear's in my eyes when I saw the pictures and the tackle again. I can't believe it's happened and I just want the news that Eduardo will recover and continue his career...........So all u scum who thinks its funny that a career could be ended, carry on, laugh it up. I just hope that someone close to you don't suffer the same way. As for the true football fans and people who wish Dudu all the luck in the world. Thank you........keep it Goonerish


Arthur The Gooner said...

Spot on Wrighty7

I same as you had tears in my eyes, I had to quickly leave the house after the final whistle and as soon as I got back I went on the net to find out the real damage. I knew it was very bad, even thou they only once showed the replay I saw his foot was not really where it suppose to be.

As soon as I saw the pictures I had tears in my eyes and I was shaking and feeling quiet sick. I couldn't believe it my eyes I think I started watching it again and again hoping it would not as tragic as it did I was hoping to find a stream of light that would tell me there is hope. The more I tried it left me sick to my own bones I feel so bad for Dudu and so worried at this same time. I'm gutted, the game didn't matter to me any more or none of the other games, I didnt even give a toss about Man U beating the magpies.

It's still within me everytime i think of him. So to all of you very intelligent people out there making fun out of it etc do what you like but remember what goes around comes around. Do your selfs a favour as well dont post because you're incapable of writing something worth while reading!

This is also about what Stephen Kelly said about the tackle and how hedefends Taylor which makes me think he's a SCUM worth nothing.

"It was harsh Tiny (Taylor) being sent off. Tiny has gone in and it wasn't a malicious tackle and the reason the ref has sent him off is because he has seen Eduardo has broken his leg"

"Tiny has committed himself. He has gone in with one foot, slid along the ground."

The bloke is obvioulsy fucking blind I saw two feet off the ground in the air, so STEPHEN KELLY if you are reading this you're a biggest SCUM I have ever seen in my life, you have no character no knowledge of what this kind tackling can do. Defending Taylor is not on the cards he knows he fucked up and he fucked up big time, I personally would not want to live with guilt of doing something like this to another player so Taylor use your head and stay out of trouble.


onedavemackay said...

Wrighty7. As a lifelong Spurs supporter I have to say I wish Eduardo a quick and complete recovery.

He's an awesome player.

I think any genuine football supporter would find his injury upsetting.

Rt Hon Sir Cipan Nougat-Tenuk said...

I just can't believe how high that tackle was. Having played myself, I just know that sort of tackle is meant to hurt, not win the ball.

Sports without fair play is just unarmed combat.

I really hope Eduardo makes a miraculous recovery. He's worked so hard and sacrificed so much to get where he is.

Get Well, Dudu!

Top Gun said...

Totally agree.

there are some sick fucks out there and they cant call themselves proper fans.