Thursday, 7 February 2008

Diego MaraGOONER and Capellos first England game....Bothered

I was reading an old newspaper today while waiting to collect some glass for work when out popped the sensational headline of;


By all accounts Diego Maradona aka "Cheating Bastard" is a self-proclaimed Gooner!!! And he almost signed for us when he was 19. He was full of praise for the Gunners,

"They play beautiful football. They break quickly-they defend and attack as one. I am a fan of Arsenal when I am in England."

"When I was 19 they tried to buy me and another player from Argentinos Juniors-around the time Ricky Villa and Ossie Ardiles signed for the Scum....."

"But it didn't happen. I sometimes wonder what might have happened."

Well he didn't actually say the Scum, but due to the interviewed being terminated 16 times until he finally said Tottenham he was forced to give in....

It's great to hear one of the greatest footballers of all time saying these kind things about our club......It shows how worldwide our football has become and this is great for the club....Expect a large Argentinan fanbase as a result from these comments from Diego.

Last night England's reign under Fabio Capello began.... I'm really not that bothered. I suppose in truth I'm a plastic England fan. I only support the country in the actual tournaments, and the meaningless friendly games we play just bore me. I'm fed up with England...They always deliver false promises, and are NOT as good as the many of the English public and the players think they are.

Arsenal are my passion and if I had a choice then I would choose Arsenal doing well over England anyday. And before anyone starts to cane me with comments along the lines of...."It's only because Arsenal have no English players" DONT. It bores me. Arsenal have no obligation to England, only Arsenal itself...

Don't get me wrong, I would love England to do well. But it's not gonna happen and it's hard to support players that you hate week in week out and then have to cheer them on. How can you scream obsenities at Rooney when he wears a ManUSA shirt and then cheer him when he scores for England??? It goe's against everything!!

Anyway rant over,,,, dunno why I just went on one about England. After all.I'm Goonerish.....

So Keep it Goonerish...............

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