Saturday, 16 February 2008

This is a chance for the squad to prove themselves-Lets not be negative, lets do this!!! C-mon Arsenal!!

Manchester United away is one of the hardest tasks in football at any given time. When you have as many out injured or missing from the game as we have, it doe's make it just that slightly more harder. But we just have to get on with it and I'm sure the players, whoever plays, will give 100% and us Gooners cannot ask for more than that.

I'm sure the ManUSA players may be confident of victory over such a decimated side and will feel that this game will have an impact on the title race as well. Tevez seems to think so, such as '99 proved. But this is the FA Cup, and things don't always go as planned.

We'll get the usual build up, United too strong, Arsenal above themselves. Don't fall for it. This is a chance for all those Gunners to show what they can do today. They won't have a bigger stage than an 5th round FA Cup game at Old Trafford to play in and I'm sure the players are relishing it.

We're always at our best with our backs against the wall, as we are proving this season when everyone and their dog believed we were finished. Its a game where we're up against it from the off and a win could really set us up for the remainder of the season.

I dont think defeat is the be-all and end-all that some people make it out to be. We've seen how these players react to defeat this season and they react well. So that won't have serious repurcussions if it happens. Although I fancy us to go there and get a result. Whether it's a win, I dont know. But I don't think we're lose today. I'm quitely confident.

Another thing, when the draw was made and some Gooners must have groaned, don't forget that the Manc's and Cockney Manc's and Manc's everywhere would have done the same. They wouldn't have wanted Arsenal at this stage. Believe me....

So lets be positive, get behind the side and later on hopefully I'll posting on here without making too sense (not that I usally do!) after a few drinks to celebrate!!

So keep it Goonerish.......


Big Man said...

I'm right behind Arsenal today, fancy a 2-1 win....

Top Gun said...

Arsenal have always been at their best as the underdog.
Today will prove no different, our squad is talented enough to go Old Trafford and get a win.

C'mon u Gunners!!!!!!!

Arsenal General said...

All we gooners have to do is believe that Arsenal can win this game or at least get a draw n replay back at emirates and beat them there.

Man Utd will be under immense pressure to win this game to turn around their poor form and to avoid 2nd defeat in a row from their top 2 rivals. Plus they are at home too.

So for Arsenal there is less pressure to win and that will be a crucial factor I believe. Arsenal should stop rooney and ronaldo to play their best, then Arsenal will have a great chance to win the game. I hope Wenger plays 4-4-2 to avoid Adebayor alone, which will make Man Utd to attack more.

To stop them to attack more Arsenal should do the same. It will be great to see Ronaldo doing some defending rather than attacking the whole game. Plus I hope Arsenal keep the ball well and work from back to front the way Arsenal does all the time, rather than playing high balls to Ade because they have Vidic and Rio which are good in the air.

I hope some of the 1st team players that will play today perform well and the rest get a good rest ahead of Milan's game.

CL is more important than FA Cup. That is the truth and Wenger will be thinking the same as well.

Paul Pescilido said...

This is all because Gallas was larging it in The Sun. What a c0ck sucker he is and probably Wenger's only mistake this season is giving that arrogant cnut the armband.

Summerspur said...


never mind girls, they never got 5, although could have been 15

another cheat booked for diving. no wonder everyone hates you cheating tossers

northbank said...

Just got back from the game and must say i'm very disapointed. We weren't just beaten today we where made to look very poor.
Looking back at some of your early posts i can now answer some of your questions
1, do Arsenal have the hunger.... No to many players went missing today, i have never been a Eboue fan but he was just lazy today sitting on the halfway line and he should have stayed in africa.
2,do we have the best group strikers in the league...No Bentner did nothing today and without addy we had no attacking threat.
However we do have one thing to be proud of, our fans were great. Even at 3-0 down we where still by far the loudest of the two. And lets hope the final blast of "will be back to win the league" comes to be true.
I just hope that loss today gives the lads the kick up the arse they need, and hopefully a win mid week will put as back on course for a better end to the season.

Yids.... Forever in our shadow.