Monday, 11 February 2008

I wonder if Freddie feels the same way now?.........

Looking at the League table today and seeing Arsenal clear at the top with a game in hand I wonder if Freddie Ljungberg looks back at his comments he made when leaving the club with a hint of embarrassment. Now I hope that no Gooners will get offended or think I'm having a major pop at a player who served Arsenal so well, but it's something I have chatted about with friends and they tend to agree.

Freddie was and still is an Arsenal hero. He signed in 1998 for the Gunners and was an instant hero with the fans after lobbing the third goal against ManUSA on his debut for the club. He endeared himself further to us Gooners with his red stripe dyed through his hair and the superb form he showed in the 2001/02 in which he almost single handedly guided us to the double. He was at the club for almost a decade but I can't help but feel he was a little bitter when leaving the club. I think it was obvious that his time at the club had ran it's course, he was constantly injured and not producing good football and it was best in the interests of both parties that he left. However he delivered a parting shot that was totally unexpected and unneeded if you ask me.

The Swede said: "Two years ago, when I signed my last contract, we talked a lot about the future and whether we were going to be bringing in a lot of big players.
"There were always clubs wanting to buy me every summer and I always stayed loyal - I wanted to do it with Arsenal.
"But this summer if felt like the end, unfortunately."
Arsenal claimed that despite building a new stadium we were going to stay top in England and top in Europe. For me, that really hasn't happened.
You definitely need experience.
"The Premiership is the most difficult league in Europe to win. Of course you need youth as well to have the willingness and the hunger. But you need experience to lead the young people."
"It was a difficult decision but when Thierry Henry left, it felt like the end,"

For these comments I pose the question. I wonder if Freddie feels the same now? He even spoke of West Ham posing a serious threat to Arsenal. At the time he was rapped by several people including ex-Arsenal team mates and ex-Arsenal players, who said that he was the one missing out. Even Thierry Henry said it was strange for Freddie to say these things. But six months on he has to eat his words. To say the club lacked ambition was out of order and Arsenal are proving him wrong.

After the weekend's football we are in a fantastic place right now. To be have the chance to go 5 points clear is something we cannot afford to slip up on. If we don't win tonight then the results of ManUSA and Chelski will mean nothing. All season we have had the doubters on our backs and we have the chance to shut them up, yes even you Freddie. We're the title favourites now. It's in our hands to take this opportunity and prove everyone wrong. And I think we will as do all the Gooners out there.

Keep it Goonerish...................


The Rooster said...

Do you think Freddie wants you to lose tonight? of course not.
I dare say Freddie regrets what he said if he said it at all.
Life goes on and i hope he does for us Hammers 1/10 of what he did for Arsenal.

Len said...

It was for sure some strange comments he made when he left, but at that time we didn´t perform very well on the field. Last season we lacked quality for competing on the "highest level" and there wasn´t any chance for us to reach the final stage in Europe neither. All the things we missed last season has more or less exploded this year instead.

I can understand what Freddie meant, we didn´t buy any stars like all our rivals, we just hoped for the best! And Wenger is for sure a magic worker, the perfect one, but sometimes you want some fresch air, a young superstar like Micah Richards would be the answer to all my wishes.

Anyhow, today there is only one way, 3 points against Blackburn and a nice lead. Keep the finger crossed for the Flamster and a new longterm contract, would be a disaster to loose both Lassanda and Mathieu.

Peace mates

Jon said...

Freddie is a true legend, an Arsenal hero and all the best wishes to him! Really hopes he continues his good streak in West Ham, if he stays healthy he can be a true leader in his new team, always pushes the limits and gives it all for the team!

Anonymous said...

,,,,I think Ljungberg served Arsenal well and was just a bit bitter when the club wanted him to leave. The club are certainly proving him wrong about his "lack of ambition claims though, those comments have left him with egg on his face.

Anonymous said...

all gooners are cunts - past and present

Dolan said...

'all gooners are cunts - past and present'.....another deadbeat yid mong i see.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely unnaccpetable comments. Since the 01-02 season Freddie's decline has been absolutely remarcable. Other than the away win at Real, Freddie played almost three seasons during which he seemed completely out of place.

He had totally lost his pace and appeared almost a shadow of his old self. Seeing him play for fouls and look out of sorts was almost a tragic sight.

I was even amazed that Wenger kept hope in Freddie for as long as he did. Also signing him for a 65K a week deal seemed wrong. Particularly considering that he already looked to be steadily declining.

I thing that his frustration was mostly born out of his own dissapointment with his own performances. It is hard to admit that you no longer have the ability you used to have.

However, as was the case with Thierry, his best lay behind him and he was not only not improving the team, but keeping out hungrier and, most importantly, younger and better players.

A good servant indeed, but I support Arsenal. Not Thierry or Freddie, and it was clear that this was done for the best of the team.

The results speak for themselves.

Still, you'd wish to see a bit more humility and respect for the organisation that made you the player you are and gave you the best years of your career. This goes for both Freddie and Thierry, who surely owe Arsenal more than Arsenal owe them!!!

Wrighty7 said...

Theres been some great comments on here......