Friday, 1 February 2008

Arsenal will be the first side to go to Eastlands and beat City in their own backyard.

Manchester City are unbeaten in the league at home this season under Sven and I feel right now is the best time to go there and get a vital victory. The City of Manchester stadium has become a very difficult place to go to this season. Ask Manchester United. Sven seems to have made the place a fortress and to go there has become a very hard task to claim anything from the game.

But recently City seem to be losing that unbreakable hold that they have had this season at the Eastlands. Their first nine home games ended in victory for the Sky Blues but recent home matches against West Ham, Blackburn and Liverpool has seen them lose that great home form slightly. Those matches ended in draws, no discrace to the club but I feel right now is the best time for Arsenal to get all three points.

They were playing sparkling football at the beginning of the season and Sven was being praised for the way his side went out to play the game. They have lost that early season form just like Arsenal did recently. But there are signs that the magic football we played early season will soon be upon us again. At times we tore Newcastle apart in the recent games and also against Fulham.

I think we will have too much for City. We're slowly getting ourselves back into gear and Adebayor is hitting goals for fun. City haven't looked the same side recently and I can really see an Arsenal victory. Without doubt this game will be a huge test for our young Guns's but I can sense the players are up for every game and this is the key. There will battles all over the pitch but the key battles will be won by the Arsenal players as they are the players on form.

Flamini will grab the game by the scuff of the neck and Adebayor could score a couple. I fancy a big win for the Gunners, maybe 2-0 or even 3-0. Call me mad but I'm really that confident of the victory. We have to keep on winning and we will.

Keep it Goonerish........


Top Gun said...

dunno about 3-0 Wrighty! maybe 2-0!
You are mad.

Goonerman said...

I think we will win well as well.
Citeh have been poor lately and Arsenal's form seems to be returning again.

3-1 to the Gunners

1970's gooner said...

you almost got the score right wrighty! and you got ade scoring a couple. Spot on mate.

webeatthescum5-1 said...

erm, I think you'll find Spurs were the 1st side to win at Eastlands this season, we then spanked you 5-1 in the next round HAHAHA cunts

Wrighty7 said...

Erm, ur find I was writing about being the first team to win there in the league....thanx 1970's, nearly got the prediction right...... Well done Goonerman with the scoreline. Hope u had a punt.

webeatthescum5-1 said...

goonerman - a cunt having a punt LOL

Summerspur said...

clichy the best left back in the world?

think those words came back to haunt you yesterday


you probably not herd of him as he is british

Wrighty7 said...

What the chimp lookalike?! Don't get me wrong, Bale is a good player but he isn't a patch on Clichy. I'm sure if you ask anyone neutral to Arsenal or Spurs, 9 out of 10 would rather have Clichy in their ranks. Anyway, I wouldn't get too excited about Bale. In a couple of years when he has served his apprenticeship at Spurs he'll leave for a BIG club.