Saturday, 23 February 2008

Hoping the horror of Eduardo end's the stupid tackles that plague our game.

I cant stop thinking about the horror tackle by Taylor. Whether it was intentional or not, it was a bad one. To tackle that high is asking for trouble and lately there has been plenty. Even our own Flamini flew into Nani last week so Arsenal ourselves aren't whiter than white. Is it going to take a career ending challenge to stop these "assaults" on players? I sincerely hope this isn't the case with Eduardo. Not just because he is an Arsenal player but because he could have a brilliant career in front of him. He is a very talented player and if his short career in football is shortened even more then football is worse for it.............I feel so bad for Dudu as I'm sure all the Gooners in the world are and in general, fans of football. I pray that he makes a full recovery from this. I just hope that the seriousness of this will end the stupid flying tackles.


Anonymous said...

Im a ManU Fan but this tackle was so BAD,i hope Eduardo recovers and comes back.

Anonymous said...

Until these tackles are punished properly players will continue to kick. As Wenger says some other teams employ a "kick Arsenal" strategy and he has feared this happening for a long time.

I do not agree that Taylor should never play again, necessarily but I do agree that he should not play for as long as Eduardo is out, and lets hope it is not forever.

There is nothing wrong with the physical game and Arsenal have shown this season they are capable of dealing with that side of the game, but a line has to be drawn under a fair physical challange and something that is career threatening. A three match ban and a red card? I think anyone can see the inbalance in this case.

Get well soon Dudu.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the photo of Taylors boot as it hit Eduardos shin?

Truly disgusting and how anyone can defend someone who done this makes me sick.

Goons_with_Guns said...

What goes around will come around.

Like Sunderland went down after Dan Smith's tackle on Diaby, I'm looking forward to Birmingham to go down.

The team will regroup and win the title for Eduardo.

My best and most fortunate wishes to you, Dudu: get well soon.

Arthur the Gooner said...

Good article and comments infact, I still have tears in my eyes because his life hangs on the line here and his career is his life.

He's only 25 years old and he started to really fit into PL and life here in England. I can not stress that my heart is with him and his family.

Taylor should certainly be punished and not just a 3 match ban, that would be to light.

Anonymous said...

CALLING ALL TRUE GUNNERS. Taylor smirking must not be brushed under the carpet by the mainstream media. Email the Sunday newspapers with the following picture of him grinning

Surely with enough pressure at least one of the papers would print it, instead of just talking about an 'unfortunate accident' caused by someone who is 'not like that.'

Get well Dudu we'll do all we can for you. I know you're a strong character, you've overcome adversity in the past in your career and you can do the same again. In the meantime lets get him a Championship medal and make sure that filth Taylor does NOT get away with it

Summerspur said...

i feel for the lad. looked like he was settling in well. he will come back though, not as a bad a break as say on a joint, knee or ankle for instance.

in your heart of hearts lads and lasses who do you want to win today, surely not the chavs?

northbank said...

As you say wrighty The Arsenal players have made tackles like that as well as players in every other club. i have see all the pics but haven't seen the film footage so i won't call for Taylors head just yet but i think the FA need to punish any player who goes in with his foot 2ft over the ball, and not with a 3 match ban more like the season.
Just hope Eduardo can recover and one day play again.
As for your question Summerspud not to worried who wins just hoping chelsea don't make it to negative, but guess they will keep it very tight. think you have a good chance.

Faizan said...

well I am a manchester united fan but I do wish Eduardo recovers as as soon as possible people who enjoy seeing players getting injure are just vicious.

brummie said...

All this talk about taylor is rubbish, that photo is just a miniscule moment and i don't think he was smiling about it. arsenal players have made many bad challenges, (martin keown?), and these things just happen occasionally. everyone feels for a player when this happens but if the boot was on the other foot you'd defend your players in the same way. No arsenal players made a big scene about the challenge when it happened. eduardo's studs dug in and his leg went, its horriffic but it happens.

Anonymous said...

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