Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Fab: Maybe we lack experience

The great news is that Fabregas has insisted that he is happy at Arsenal and is there for the long-term.

"I have not spoken to any media so it's frustrating to read quotes that I have supposedly said about my future. "I have spent the summer relaxing with my family, friends and girlfriend and I return to training with Arsenal tomorrow.

"I think that some people are just trying to make mischief but my intentions are very clear." I am happy here at Arsenal, my future is with Arsenal and the priority is to achieve success and win trophies at Arsenal."

Well said that man!

But he has also warned that Arsenal need to develop a killer instinct if we are to win the title and hinted that it's because we lack the experience of Manchester United.

"We need to learn to kill games off. We play really well and dominate but the ball doesn't go in.

"United have lots of players who are experienced. They won things, know how to get a result, and know how to play in those games which aren't so nice.

"In our team, only Kolo and Gallas have won the Premiership so maybe we lack experience"

I agree with Fabregas. We do need to sign a couple of experienced players and then I truly believe we will be champions.

Maybe he is throwing a little hint to Le Boss, hopefully Le Boss will listen!

Keep it Goonerish...........


Anonymous said...

Hopefully that hint will be heard Wrighty!

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