Thursday, 10 July 2008

Our Danish delight

Without doubt Nicklas Bendtner is a special talent. Tall and powerful but with an elegant touch, the Danish star has a bright future ahead of him.

He may not have played as much as he would have liked last season but it was a good learning curve for him. Lets not forget it was his debut Premiership season, he impressed me with his performances and I expect a more prominent role for him this coming season.

He can seem very arrogant, but don't see this as being cocky. It's this self-belief that takes players to the highest level and I can see Nicklas being one of the best strikers in Europe if he works hard at his game and listens to Le Boss.

Afterall, Wenger is by far the best manager in the world at making stars so Nicklas is at the right club and has the right man to listen to.

I can see Nicklas making a big impact this coming season with Arsenal and also Denmark. I think he is ready to deal with the Premiership and ready to score some important goals.

I'm very happy that he will be wearing the Arsenal shirt and hope he will for many more years!

For excellent coverage of Bendtner see the Nicklas Bendtner news site on my blog roll.

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Anonymous said...


Terje said...

Agree with you there Wrighty, I even think he can be better than Adeb****! He has something to do on his finishing and positioning, but his first touch passing and movement on the ball are better than the other striker.

Anonymous said...

I hope adebayor leaves, i think nick will prove himself to be more than an adequate replacement

Anonymous said...

Have to disagree at this moment in time he shows signs of possible great vpotential BUT he is far too greedy often misses a killer pass for a certain goal and has a go himself. His ego is too big . IF Arsene can cure him of this major fault then Maybe he can make it as a top striker

Personal view get rid of Ade never really rated him 30 goals ok but how many misses and how many offsides , he shud have had 60 with the service he gets.

my choice buy santa cruz play RVP or Eduardo up with him, and Theo and Carlos on the wings use Nick as an impact player and lets see how he gets on

GOONA said...




Anonymous said...

I think his selfish play is in part down to his place in the striking rankings at the club. By mainly operating from the bench and in the cups he will have had the aim of making an impression probably above helping the team - a shame, but to be expected.

Wenger must decide if he would prefer a team player in Bendtner but promote him to a more prominent role in the first team, or a more selfish bit-player.

Spike said...

I think Bendy has the potential to be a top player, I would be a bit concerned if he was seen as our main striker with RvP, but he deserves to play more games than last season and I think he will.

Anonymous said...

As soon as he is any good and becomes a first team regular he will be off.. Sorry Wrighty he just seeme the type already.

Anonymous said...

if bendtner has a good season he will leave just like everyone else. other top clubs will come in and offer them more money that we will not match. this will go on for years i fear.
what we need is USHMANOV to take us over so that atleast we can compete with keeping our players even if Wenger does not want to spend big.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmh...not too sure abt that one. Dont get me wrong Bendtner has got very good potential but nowadays in football thats f**kall! I rlly think his attitude wont help him at all especially after the issues he had with not one or two players but majority of the squad. I mean have you guys forgotten the liverpool champs lge game? the adebayor fight? the fact only theo celebrated his goals with him?

As for adebayor I agree with the service he got last season he should have scored 60 (really he shld have!) but arent you guys fed up of waiting for a player to develop and when he shows signs he's off to ACf**kinmilan?!We look like the new Ajax!30 mill for him sounds sweet! (esp as he costs an initial fee of 4.5 mil) but it wld be good to see him stay and see what we can do with a fat squad. Bendtner stl needs more experience and also a prayer for his attitude, the danish delight still needs a bit of cream in my opinion....stay strong gooners!

Its not wenger's fault and fans need to be patient aswell (i knw we have been for 3 yrs)

That said

Spike said...

Anon 19;32.

Mr dein, why the anonymity? You are hardly a shrinking violet are you?

I mean, it MUST be Mahogany Dave saying that BOLLOCKS, coz no true Gooner would spout such purile, simplistic crap.


That Russian c*nt rapist is NOT the answer.

Oh diddums the media have portrayed Arsenal as a club in crisis as per fucking usual and media fed sheep lap it up.


Russ said...

I'm still not sure about Nik and don't seem him as our main striker every week. I suppose we'll know how good he is this time next year!

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with you, I think Bendtner is going to be world class and will take over from Ade sooner or later, so I'm as happy as Bendtner must be if we get rid of the big african for a shit load of money. As one John Doe negatively said before that he is too ego to pass, I can't follow that as I have seen him make alot of great build up passes and also some assist, off course he has to be try his own luck sometimes if he is close to goal, as he is a striker.

Dutch Master said...

i think Nick is almost the model Arsenal youngster He's done everything we've asked of him so far. He proved himself on loan and has come back and shown he can cut it with the big boys.

And he is loyal every time he's linked with a move away he has been quick to rubbish it.

And he got ten goals last season the same as hleb's entire arsenal career

but I don't know if he is ready to lead the line full time

tripster said...

Well said Spike..

I think Bendy is a great header of the ball, and obviously needs more work elsewhere.....but think of Flamster and where you rated him before last season? You just can't tell how it will turn out. I just hope is good for him and us!

sean said...

agree with spike fuck off dein

Anonymous said...

i believe in bendtner and i reckon he will be much better when that prick adebullshit goes

Anonymous said...

@ anon 21:04;
When bendtner decides he wants to leave you wld believe in eduardo and call him the prick bendtcunt rite?! some of u fucks chat abt player loyalty wen u urself dnt give half a crap abt them. Adebayor asking for more money isnt abnormal, if it was you u wld ask for more!! yes the media reports he wants 120k a week, thats just a way of getting 80k a week. The guy earns 35k a week and scored 30 goals, steve sidwell earns more and took a fucking sabbatical last season!! He doesnt want to leave, we want to sell him!!

leon said...

firt all ade is not going anywhere if milan could sign him for 24 million they have already,both wenger and the chaiman have stated that we is not for sale.ade 3 years left on his contract but if did decide that he was unhappy he would for any less 30 million around 45 million euros.

bretna is a powerful player still has long way to go but is only 19 if the kid break, i would say the same type of mold as ade but ade is better, people that he is selfish but to me that s a good thing he is pure out and out striker ,he is not play maker.

i am reading that we should sell ade i completely disagree with that, he brings a mush more physical presence to the table, which is needed when you playing in 5-4-1 formation in termslong balls, there no dought in the past we where guilty of being one dimetional,we have playmakers that can score in amundance but in past we did have players that score in set plays and corners and long anly along the ground and teams court on to that so i think it is important that we have that added dimension.

Anonymous said...

Spike have you been a dicjkhead all your life?
stupid wake up and smell the coffee, if we dont get soem money in behind us we will soon fail to attract the top stars and Wenger is already finding it difficult to get top young talent as everyone else is at it.

as for what you think USHMANOV is is of no concern as no one has ever printed proof of hsi alleged crimes other then a smear campaign just like they had one against abramovich and thaskin or the glazers.
the problem with the English is they are xenophobic when it suits them.
i bet uve never been to an Arsenal match in your life you PLASTIC CUNT
and you want to lecture other fans.
Wenger needs money now just to keep the palyers we have.
next year RVP, CESC, CLICHY AND SANGA COULD be next cos other clubs will offer them more money and like any worker anywhere they will have to go.

Anonymous said...

come on guys, bendtner is not arrogant nor ego. wenger said he is a very confident player. he always believe he can do well and play with positive attitude. apparently his confident personality made people think he arrogant. wenger knows that's not true and believe in him. i do reckons if he start more games than he will score more goals. play him regularly im sure he can score at least 15 goals. after all last season he got 10 and didn't start that many games.

Anonymous said...

keep ade: offer a new contrect 80..
he will score more than 30 this time..for sure ..ade isnt that bad..cum on..
next season ; sell him to madrid for 60$ ..:D
madrid will only buy a player whem he is most expensive ..
at that time bendtner might be ready ...

GoonerG said...

Good piece again Mr Wrightly.

Bentner is good end of story. Think about it this way, Rooney is arrogant and some people say some things. Bentner does the same thing and everyone is up in arms.....ok,anyway. Bentner will be far better this coming season, watch this space.
But fundementally i think The Gunners Should get "on and on" strikers like R. Van Nistelrooi. We dont need creative strikers, thats why our midfield is so talented.

On this i think we should maybe invest in Inter's Ibrohimovic. We need this type of striker at London next season. Its a pity he costs so much, and we all know that Le Boss, does'nt fork out for players.

Wrightly, as per our discussion on the previous blog, Ade is a good and we do need him badly, tall striker but Like C. Ronaldo he has had one super season and the previous seasons were average.
What we need is a good, consistant striker like TH14 or Hakan Suker.

But Ade looks set to leave for Milan and thats upsetting. One thing though, i hope he can adapt because he will be in the thick of it. And lets not forget that Milan fans are not as patient with players as we are.

Lastly, on most sites i see that most gunners are in a panic about players leaving, but we are not the only ones, Chelsea are in a right crisis. Most of their players (Lampard, Essien, Drogba, Maluoda, Terry) are all getting calls from Mr Moriniho. Thats bad, plus not many players are considering playing at Chelsea........

So we may have players leaving but at least, most player want to play for Arsenal and Le Boss just chooses the cream of the crop.

Thanks Wrghtly. Your Ade views did open my eyes. He is good and we need him, but i feel its time Arsenal get another TH14